Is Big Bang's Original Blonde Bummed? When Will the Liars Ditch Ali? Flash-y Prison Break Reunion? And More TV Qs

The Big Bang Theory Original PilotWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Killing, The Big Bang Theory, Pretty Little Liars and Defiance!

1 | How do you think Amanda Walsh — who played the female lead in the original, unaired Big Bang Theory pilot — feels about this week’s $90 million news?

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2 | Why, again, didn’t The Strain’s Dr. Goodweather escalate the epidemic emergency with his bosses upon seeing what Captain Redfern was capable of…?

3 | On a scale of 1 to 10, how badly do you want The Leftovers‘ Garvey and Nora to hook up already?

4 | Maybe we’re rusty on our geography and/or oceanography, but shouldn’t The Last Ship‘s Chandler and Tex have had some concern about, you know, sharks?

5 | Are the “Itsy-Bitsy Spider” “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” Falling Skies promos more frightening than anything happening on Falling Skies itself?

6 | Will Gravity Falls be releasing an album featuring more three-part harmonies featuring Dipper, Grunkle Stan and Mabel?

Teen Wolf7 | Was anyone else wondering when Teen Wolf‘s Malia would find out that Peter Hale is her father?

8 | Switched at Birth fans, isn’t Bay’s choice to follow Emmett to California a bit of a cop-out for her? Is anyone who got into Gallaudet actually going?

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9 | How is The Fosters‘ Jesus so calm about Hayley lying to him and making him miss the dinner he was very excited to attend? And can Girls United be its own show, please?

10 | Will Under the Dome ever revisit the alien/ghost that appeared in the form of Norrie’s mom in Season 1? (Like, wasn’t that a pretty big deal?)

11 | The Killing Spoiler Alert! TVLine reader Cathy writes, “Did no one on the set of The Killing‘s final season The Killinghave a tube of Chapstick for poor Linden? How was Holder not like ‘Yo, Linden, get some Burt’s Bees for those smackers!'” And is anyone else still reeling from the news that Holder and Linden shared a series-ending smooch but it wasn’t caught on tape?!

12 | What else does Pretty Little Liars’ Alison have to do before her friends realize what a terrible person she is?

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13 | For someone who celebrates being alive, isn’t Chasing Life‘s Leo giving up by not having the surgery to remove his tumor? Also, should April’s grandmother have her own web series?

14 | So, Finding Carter finally brings Lori and Carter face-to-face again and she still doesn’t explain why she kidnapped the girl?! (And Carter doesn’t care enough to ask?)

15 | While we appreciate Suits‘ wont to burn through plot, couldn’t Louis’ secret have been kept a bit longer? And how is it that at the end of the episode, Harvey and Louis didn’t run into each other in the hall, while walking to/from each other’s offices?

Taxi Brooklyn16 | Turning to Taxi Brooklyn: Is this top really something a police detective would wear while working her beat? Also: If Leo was completely undressed after bedding the Black Widow, how was his wire picking up their pillow talk?

17 | Why does Mystery Girls insist on saying “detectiving” instead of “investigating”?

18 | How was The Bridge’s Marco able to simply “walk out” of the prison after enduring so elaborate an ordeal to sneak inside?

19 | Wait, could a properly orchestrated Arrow/The Flash crossover actually reunite Prison Break’s T-Bag (aka Clock King), Abruzzi (Vertigo) and Michael “Pretty” Scofield (Captain Cold)?

20 | Despite Zach’s reign of terror on Big Brother this week, did you not feel a little sympathetic when he totally blew the Power of Veto competition?

Defiance21 | Defiance’s Irzu, and Chucky: Separated at birth? Also, can we hope that one of Kenya’s first stops in freedom is a hair salon?

22 | Considering Dominion‘s Claire became pregnant weeks ago, how come she hasn’t been showing any signs of it until now? Also, does anyone in Vega not have father issues?

23 | The instant Rush cast Rachel Nichols as William’s “step-mother,” we were just counting the seconds until they hooked up, right?

24 | Why didn’t The Honorable Woman‘s Nessa chase after the man who handed her the phone in the House of Lords?

25 | Isn’t it about time Playing House got renewed?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!