So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Not-So-Perfect 10

So You Think You Can Dance fans, I have a dilemma.

For much of Wednesday’s Top 10 performance show — which paired each finalist with an All-Star dancer from seasons past — I couldn’t quite decide whether the Top 10 were put at an advantage or disadvantage by dancing with SYTYCD vets.

Take, for example, what I considered tonight’s most entertaining routine: a fun hip-hop number between Jessica Richens and her All-Star companion, Twitch. On her own, Jessica did an excellent job with the fast-paced routine (and started to break away from the idea that she can only excel at jazz and contemporary numbers). But might it be possible that our collective love for Twitch earned Jessica a few accolades she wouldn’t have gotten on her own?

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It happened again and again throughout tonight’s broadcast: During Zack and Amy’s show-closing contemporary — which wins tonight’s award for Dance of the Night — my eyes were really going to Amy, instead of her counterpart who’s actually vying for votes. And Emilio Dosal, though certainly impressive in his hip-hop performance, was just slightly overshadowed by his beast of a partner, Jasmine.

Don’t get me wrong; I love when the All-Stars return to the stage. It reminds us of the incredible talent that SYTYCD has produced throughout the years, and it forces the competing finalists to raise their game. But I can’t help wondering if the All-Stars’ presence has us overestimating just how solid the actual competitors are in their routines.

I know, I know — cue the boos from the studio audience. (At least I didn’t call Ricky “The Hobbit”. How rude, Nigel!)

Some other noteworthy observations before we get to the results:

* While Tara Lipinski is still far and away a more qualified guest judge than other celebrities who’ve sat behind that table, she’s the second consecutive one to overuse meaningless praise like, “I can’t with you,” “I die” and “I’m obsessed with [insert dancer/choreographer name here].” Might I suggest Roget’s Thesaurus as an early Christmas gift for her and Christina Applegate?

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* Major, major props to Jamal Sims for choreographing a killer opening number. (Set to “Bang Bang,” no less, which has gotten me back into the habit of singing into my hairbrush in front of the mirror.)

* Seriously, Nigel called Ricky “The Hobbit,” and it was appalling.

And now, the awards for tonight’s dances:

Zack Everhart and Amy Yakima (Contemporary)

Jacque LeWarne and Chehon Wespi-Tschopp (Contemporary Ballet)

Emilio Dosal (though his All-Star companion, Jasmine Harper, needed no improvement — in fact, she almost made me think twice about the ice cream I ate while recapping. Almost.)

Valerie Rockey and Ade Obayomi (Jazz)

Ricky Ubeda and Lauren Froderman (Jazz)

Casey Askew and Kathryn McCormick (Broadway)

Jessica Richens and Twitch (Hip-Hop)

Tanisha Belnap and Ryan Di Lello (Argentine Tango)

Rudy Abreu and Jenna Johnson (Cha-Cha)

Bridget Whitman and Brandon Bryant (Bollywood Disco)

As for results, Cat took a new (and incredibly nerve-wracking) approach to revealing tonight’s outcome by telling finalists whether or not they were safe immediately after their performance. (Take a couple steps back, Cat — every finalist is looking over your shoulder at that little white card.)



What did you think of tonight’s performances? Take our poll below to vote for your three favorite routines, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the dancers, Tara Lipinski’s guest-judge appearance and eliminations!

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  1. Sara says:

    Rudy’s choreography was so dumbed down for him! He mostly got to stand there and shake his hips while Jenna did all the work! He completely lucked out on that. If he actually had to do more footwork, I think the judges commentary would have been much different.

    • Jen says:

      I agree. I was surprised when the judges praised him so much…I thought Jenna completely outdanced him

      • Terry says:

        He’s such a cheeseball but at least Nigel called him out for the wink, etc. To be fair, the Cha Cha totally showcases the girl so I don’t blame Rudy for tryna get some attention.

        • Mona Cattanach says:

          It’s true that most ballroom dances, except the Paso, showcase the girl. As the male in ballroom it’s Rudy’s job to showcase the girl with great technique of his own and excellent partnering skills, not to call attention to himself by hamming it up so that’s a fail on his part.
          The winner this season will get a part in “On the Town” on Broadway. Can’t imagine the choreographers will be too thrilled if a number calls for the male to showcase the girl and he decides instead to do his own thing and call attention to himself.

    • Mona Cattanach says:

      I agree Sara. I’m not sure what the judges were watching, but on my tv screen, there was no passion or fire in Rudy and Jenna’s routine. I know there are parts of the cha cha that should look sharp, but there should still be some fluidity. To my eye Rudy lacked any fluidity. I have to confess, I was not a fan of Jenna last season. She’s obviously talented and showed that again tonight, but her dancing never connected for me. Her routine with Rudy tonight was the same, she was obviously very talented, he looked like a second rate Dancing With the Stars “celebrity” and the whole routine was rather flat. Have to say I am so over his personality. I literally had to look away when he was acting so asinine during his critique.

      • Em says:

        I agree with all of you. I think Rudy needs to go home next. Although he might have low chances at being in the bottom because somehow he has a flock of screaming girls going after him. Also the whole thing with Jacque is gaining him popularity points.

        • Mona Cattanach says:

          Too true Em. I have nothing against Jacque. I thought her ballet with Chehon was beautiful last night. Of course I am a sucker for ballet on pointe and for Chehon.! But that flock of screaming girls may be keeping Rudy and Jacque around do they can dance together in the finale. Remember season 6 when viewers held on to Ryan Di Lello’s wife Ashleigh, who I never felt was up to his level, just to see the husband and wife dance together in the finale?

      • The Beach says:

        I much prefer Emilio to Rudy…oh well :-(

  2. Ken says:

    Was that a huge tattoo on Lauren’s upper abdomen? What a weird place to get a tattoo especially for a dancer!

  3. LADY_in_MD says:

    Casey really surprised me tonight although I love Emilio I am glad Zack is safe the guys are really great this season I know everyone is all about Ricky but I think every guy really stepped up better than him tonight
    As far as the girls Tanisha was amazing tonight and Jacque was too it’s going to be tough at this point to see anyone go

    • Greg says:

      To be honest, Ricky is actually too technically good for this show, which is why he doesn’t need to win. He is going to be working in dance his whole life. At this rate, the choreographers need to come up with some BETTER material for him. The last few weeks, they have given him fine stuff but he can do so much more and be challenged.

      A mediocre or just slightly above average Ricky routine is like an A+ standing ovation routine for everyone else. That’s just how it is. He really needs to be given something special. But like I said, even if he doesn’t win, he will join the ranks of only a few dancers that have come from this show who are really and truly special.

      • Sandy says:

        I do hope Ricky wins though, because the best dancer (guys) usually doesn’t. Sadly it is for the reason you said… People figure they don’t need to win- so they end up in 2nd place with the crowd favorite crowned the winner.

        If I had to guess who the winner will be, based on history I would have to guess Rudy,

        Just once I would like to see the best dancer also be chosen as “Americas favorite”. I am not sure
        People understand how special his talent is.

        • Colleeeeen says:

          Cheon and Eliana won, best dancers on the show do win. I’m just saying it does happen (but not always). What about Melanie? And Amy? Best dancers of their seasons.

      • Mona Cattanach says:

        Ricky is obviously enormously talented, and though he did well tonight I thought he was out danced by Lauren. Maybe not on the technical side of things, but she sold the performance in a way that I didn’t think he quite matched. It was great to see her back, she always could sell a routine! That roll over thing they did at the end was mind boggling.

        • Em says:

          I always fall in love with the best dancers, not the ones with corny personalities. I really hope Ricky wins because it will be like people actually appreciated his talent. The only time my favorite won was when Melanie won. I would like to see my favorite be everyone else’s favorite too.

      • Kate Young says:

        Ricky is something special – i have been watching all the group routines over and over and he is always such a standout. He can fly. He knows how to ‘hang’ a leap. His extensions are always incredible. Whether he is guaranteed a great career as a dancer should not factor into people’s votes, nor should Nigel’s constant pimping (gees, Nigel – give us a break!

  4. dsrbroadway says:

    Which is the one Tyce choreographed? If ever there was a choreographer who’s been inconsistent and usually on the side of underwhelming, it’s Tyce.

    • kitsunesaru says:

      100% agree. It was Valerie and Ade’s. I know there are some people who can’t stand her an thought she was riding Ricky’s coat tails, I’m fond of her so it’s disappointing she had this number.

      • Mona Cattanach says:

        Agree, Valerie is one of my top two girls, Tanisha is the other, and I cringed when I saw she had a Tyce routine. I thought Valerie performed the mechanics of the routine well, though as much as I hate to say it, I do think she could have been a little more forceful with it.

    • And, oddly enough, he is the most arrogant of all the choreographers. Can’t stand him.

    • CaliGirl says:

      Yes, and his I’m a God attitude is irritating…

  5. Mytake says:

    The lighting for Jacque and Chenons routine was horrible. The glaring spotlight at the beginning obscured the full impact of that amazing move where she moved her legs back. Then the rest of the routine might as well have been shot in someone’s badly lit basement it was so murky :(
    Also have to say Nigel is a flipping idiot. He is so stupid he doesn’t even realize how offensive his comments are.

    • Jane says:

      I agree the lighting was terrible. I get that if you’re in the studio and have a full view of the stage, it’s really cool to be able to see the shadows. If you’re at home where they’re just doing close ups, it looks really bad and dark. I was tempted several times to turn the brightness up on my screen so I could see it better.

    • Mona Cattanach says:

      Absolutely agree on the lighting. I did like that they shot it with one camera. For once we could have actually gotten the feel of a routine, if the lighting had been better. It was a little easier to see Chehon’s legs since he had on white pants, but Jacque’s were lost in the gloom. What a shame on a routine that was probably beautiful, plus it should be a crime to shoot Chehon in less than his full visual glory-just my opinion!

    • Carla Krae says:

      The point of the lighting was to show their shadows. Duh. It looked beautiful. Had no problem seeing it on my TV.

    • Em says:

      I agree with Nigel’s comments this season. First of all, the male dancers need to have “masqulenity” so I think he is a little homophobic to some of the male dancers. Also the comment the Marlene the “you only made it this far because of your looks” was extremely rude and sexist. I might be taking it the wrong way but that’s how it came across to me. Finally why the heck would he call Ricky a hobbit? To me that’s just insulting him when they should be praising his talent.

      • GTS says:

        Gay dancers, and gay people, can be masculine. If they are dancing a piece where they need to seem in love with a girl, it should seem realistic. But yes, Nigel’s comments about the girls and their outfits or beauty are out of line, as well as saying he likes Ricky better with a beard and making short jokes.

      • Kate says:

        Any guy standing next to Cat in heels will look Hobbit like…she is tall. I don’t understand Nigel’s comment either, Ricky was clean shaven one show and Nigel basically told him to bring back the facial hair….

    • GTS says:

      I wouldn’t hate the lighting for a contemporary routine, but when it’s ballet I love to see their feet and full lines, especially because Jacque was on pointe.

    • Kate says:

      Totally agree! The lighting and the camera work could be one of the main reasons why more of the choreographers don’t get Emmys. The directors of the other dancing shows know how to get the best of the dancing. It has always irritated me that So You Think can’t get it right, even after 10 seasons!

  6. Denise says:

    What I liked about tonight’s show is that it felt like we were watching real professional dancers, ’cause we were. The combination of people dancing their own style plus being partnered with someone equally as good and oftentimes better in that style meant that the quality of the performances went way up overall. And even in less-than-popular genres, like the Broadway and the Argentine Tango, they were really well done.

    I’m torn about Valerie. She’s just so darn likeable that I feel like I could never want her to go home. Valerie is a great performer in general and, unlike others, has been out of her element from the start. But I felt that they didn’t challenge her very much (until tonight) and paired her with the best male dancer. At the same time, I don’t understand why others got their style–Emilio with hip hop, Jessica with Jazz, Casey with Broadway (not his style but the choreography was perfectly suited for him, as Nigel said)–and yet neither Valerie nor Zack have gotten tap pieces since their first partnering. Does SYTYCD not have any tappers in their All Star ranks? Because of that unfairness, I did give Valerie one of my votes. But most went to Zack and the remainder to Jacque.

    • Erin2 says:

      What are you talking about Jessica did hip-hop with Twitch!

      • Denise says:

        I did catch that but couldn’t edit it. I was not just thinking of tonight, but of the performances in general. And I’m also remembering Bridget, Brooklyn and Valerie being given more “crunk” hip hop, or whatever you want to call it, and Jessica’s number with Twitch was not that, though they did execute really really well.

        I really think the judges try to control the outcome with the style and choreographers they assign. Anout the fairness bit, Jacque for instance, had a ballet piece choreographed by Travis Wall, who, next to Sonya Tayeh, is the best choreographer on the show. But Valerie has not been given the opportunity to show off in her particular style since her number with Zack, unlike others. So much rides on the style and choreography. Even Valerie had done better, even great, in that number, it would have been overshadowed by the more interesting pieces others were given.

    • Jenny says:

      Last season had 3 tappers, including Aaron (Jasmine’s partner) who came in 2nd for the guys. I don’t know why they don’t bring him back, as he’s amazing. Maybe they’re saving him for a later episode?

  7. For the past two seasons i have refused to watch the show live because I can’t stand the crap that comes out of the mouths of the judges. A 2hr eye rolling cringe fest turns into a 45min solid block of the dancers with that nifty FWD feature on the DVR. I only want to see the amazing dancing, which has been lacking since all the decent choreographers have better things to do. I soooo long for a Mia Michaels piece, though Stacie Tookey is a good substitute unfortunately she is now absent most weeks

    • Denise says:

      I get what you mean. I sometimes mute or turn off the TV when it comes to the judges. I feel embarrassed for the dancers sometimes and think that it’s unnecessary for the judges to play up certain dancers and air their personal preferences. I think they’re trying to send voters a hint.

      • Greg says:

        I did not like the judges comments with Ricky tonight.
        a- the hobbit thing is stupid
        b- nigel being all sarcastic with the “shocking” that Ricky was safe
        c- mary telling him he will always work, as if he doesn’t need the show

        All of this could result in a bottom or even elimination next week and it is stupid.

        • Mytake says:

          Sad, but I completely agree

        • MC says:

          I really don’t think a, b or c will dissuade his fans from voting for him. If anything, they will be more galvanized to vote for him. Honestly, if you’re a fan of Ricky, does it matter if he looks like a hobbit? No, you’re going to vote for him anyway. The very casual viewers won’t even bother to vote. This is much ado about nothing. Also, Nigel knows the exact vote counts and knows that Ricky is already garnering a huge amount of votes. Nigel is just having a little bit of fun. It used to be called playful teasing. Trust me, Nigel knows that Ricky is not going home anytime soon (hence the jovial comments). I will admit that Mary’s comment was a little bizarre, but I can’t imagine that any votes would be affected by that throwaway comment.

          • Denise says:

            Mary’s comment seemed more encouraging than the others. But Nigel’s–in the midst of performances when other dancers are trying to give it their all–his comments could be completely discouraging. We’ll see who stays and who goes soon enough.

      • cynthia fletcher says:

        They must know how many voters vote consistently with judges’ reviews–with so many shows of this type for so many years…who wouldn’t realize that by now? They must use it to mold the finalists into their vision of the most deserving.

    • Sandy says:

      OMG! Ricky and Lauren’s number just aired on the west coast. Can i please ask that they get a choreographer who can take advantage of his abilities!

      Mandy Moore has always seemed to be a poor man’s Mia Michaels to me… And tonight she wasn’t even close!

      This season we really haven’t had any breakout dances that I have remembered for even a week much less longer. I don’t know if they decided not to really push the dancers as hard since they had some injuries in the past… But the magic is a little lacking.

      • GhostWolf says:

        I was also disappointed with Mandy Moore’s number for Ricky. It just seemed so simplistic (while there was supposed difficulty to it) compared to the other performances last night. It didn’t really bring out Ricky’s talents.

      • Mike C. says:

        I agree. I think back on past seasons, of Janine and Jason doing the heart necklace routine by Travis, or Lacey and Danny doing the samba to “Hip Hip, Chin Chin” by Dmitry, or Pasha and Sara doing the crazy west coast swing by Benji. And others. I still watch these on YouTube. I can’t think of a single routine this year I remember. And whatever happened to Wade Robson? His group routines were KILLER, and he vanished along with Mia. I also think it’s odd that some of the best dancers–namely Danny and Sabra–never came back to the show. Maybe it’s time to pull the plug. The choreography now all seems centered around how many lifts you can stuff into a routine. It’s too gymnastic for my tastes anymore.

        • Drew says:

          Wade Robson was probably banished for claiming that Michael Jackson abused him. Whether it was true or not, a lot of people (especially dancers) don’t like people talking badly about that creepy dude who liked to share beds with little boys.

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  9. Babybop says:

    Damn. I loved Bridget. Ricky is the only one that truly impresses me week after week. I can’t even remember half of their names…

    • MC says:

      I’m so glad that Bridget made it to the top ten and will go on tour. The Bollywood/disco number was entertaining and she could have a great career in dance. She is still a work in progress, but she is very talented. Nigel and Tara gave Bridget some nice compliments tonight. It was not a bad way to leave the competition.

  10. Mytake says:

    My comment isn’t showing up and it could be because it’s too long. I’m going to split it and if my original post does show up, I apologize.
    Valerie really needs to go. Far better female dancers than her keep getting sent home and it’s past time her “niceness” and personality trumps actual dancing skill. Tonight again her lesser ability was shown in her noodle arms and hand movements and just general lack of crispness of dance ability. One of the most telling aspects on SYTYCD year after year is when there is a dancer that just isn’t up to the level of the other dancers but for judges reasons they keep pushing them through and the obvious sign that they know the dancer isn’t “good enough” is watching them in the group routines. It first hit me like a ton of bricks when Cyrus was on and it was very clear the judges wanted to advance him while knowing very well he was well below the abilities of the other dancers. During every single group number he was at the very back when there was any kind synccronized or complicated dance sequence happening. That was so it was more difficult to see how he couldn’t compare in ability with the other male dancers. When there were individual type dancing in the group numbers he would be at the front (in turn) because it wasn’t so obvious how outclassed he was. TBC

    • Mytake says:

      I give up! My continuation isn’t showing up now. Basically Valerie is getting the Cyrus special treatment. Watch her in the group numbers where they mostly keep her in the back, all the better to obscure her lack of dance ability.

      • MC says:

        I would be shocked if Valerie wasn’t eliminated next week. She was very average (or even below average) tonight and bad choreography will not save you when other folks are killing it.

        • juliebug04 says:

          Normally I would agree, and personally basing my votes on last night’s performances, Valerie did not garner any votes from me. However, whenever the judges drop those comments, you know the ones that have the subtlety of a sledgehammer, about ‘you may be going home next week’ and comments like that, those tend to get people’s sympathy votes in droves, and that is when the really talented ones go home instead. My personal bottom four from last night would be Valerie, Jacque, Ricky & Casey, with Ricky and Valerie going home.

          Quite frankly, after Valerie and Ricky leave, the talent pool is pretty strong across the remaining dancers. They all have various strengths, but are pretty solid dancers. It’s going to be tough each week from now on and it will suck no matter who leaves…

          • juliebug04 says:

            OMG, I just realized I typed RICKY instead of RUDY. Jiminy crickets! I need more coffee….. Valerie, Jacque, RUDY and Casey with RUDY and Valerie going home. Off to get caffeine boost!

      • Mimi says:

        What? I disagree, it’s not like the judges are the ones keeping them around. Cyrus and Valerie are getting votes from the viewers, it’s not about who’s the better dancer, it’s about who has heart and who gives it their all. Yes, Valerie and Cyrus may not have been the best technical dancers (though on group routines, Valerie has not been in the back) but they have heart, presence and it’s clear they were trying very hard. That is what sells dance. When it’s clear that they love it, when they show they want this… people will vote for them. I don’t know if you remember Alexis and I think it was Daniel, they were in season 9 and both were superb technical dancers, they were even paired together and their first routine was amazing… but they went home after the first week because they did not have a presence. They were boring. When people watch dance,they want to watch heart, not just how good you are. I think that’s also why Ricky is still around, technical dancers may not always make it far because that’s all they are is technical, whereas Ricky is the best technical dancer but he also has heart. Valerie deserves to be there, she has not been riding anyone’s coattails, she has held her own in every style! No one ever does tap unless they are paired with another tap dancer and Valerie has been out of her element ever since the second episode… she deserves to be there. If she does not make it past next week, it’s because America has decided that they no longer want her there. Last night was not good choreography personally, and even though she tried, she could not push through that last night so if that’s her breaking point then okay… but it should not be because she is not good enough.

  11. Jane says:

    I was so annoyed by Ricky’s choreography. Mandy had Lauren and Ricky-two of the best technical dancers in the history of SYTCD and that was it? I feel like these choreographers just don’t ever give Ricky anything that makes him reach or even remotely challenges him.

    I think part of the problem with Valerie’s routine was that ridiculous eye makeup. Her eyes just looked like two black pits the whole routine. Maybe that’s why the judges couldn’t feel the emotion was because they couldn’t see her eyes.

    During the dance with Emilio I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Jasmine. The routine definitely drew your eyes to her. I wished there would have been a way for him to stand out more in that. Her presence was so overpowering. She was gorgeous and amazing don’t get me wrong, the focus just should have been on him.

  12. Ashley says:

    The only girl I’ve connected to this year is Valerie, so I’m not really disappointed in the girl that went home. I am sad that Emilio went home though, as someone that’s been a fan of his with I aM Me. But I’m happy that Zack didn’t go home. I think he has definitely been a dark horse, but I’m concerned about which guy will be going home next week. I think it could finally be the end of Casey’s run, which is a shame, ’cause he’s an amazing dancer. Fretting over Valerie’s chances next week after her lackluster performance. Though I believe this competition is firmly between Ricky and Rudy and has been for awhile.

  13. Luke says:

    The over praising of Ricky went to new extremes, especially considering I thought I saw mistakes. I think he has done some great things, but over all I don’t get all the Ricky love. When Nigel asked, “Why bother opening the envelope? “, I said “Oh, shut up” to my TV. I…just can’t.

    • Erin2 says:

      They did that a couple years ago when Melanie Moore won…. the praising of her was sooo over the top that season even when she had obvious flaws in routines they never pointed them out!!! Now this year they appear to be doing the same with Ricky.. I mean if you aren’t going to critique everyone equally whats the point???

      • Greg says:

        Difference is…Melanie Moore was given contemporary all the dang time, it became ridiculous. At least Ricky has been given nearly every single other style to dance so far. I think all he is missing now is Broadway and that could be next week. He has actually been challenged. And for nearly every routine, excelled. The envelope thing was stupid but I fear it will work against him and not for him. If anything, I thought the judges were over praising a few other contestants tonight that didn’t deserve it. Ricky got his usuall comments, as well as being called a hobbit.

        • Jane says:

          Melanie had hip hop twice, Broadway, Viennese Waltz, Tango, Jazz, Latin Jazz, and Disco in addition to her contemporaries. And her second hip hop was the insane “Little Red in the Hood” routine with Twitch. The difference between her and Ricky is that she actually got routines that challenged her. The contemporary routines she did were insane because the choreography was made to match her level of difficulty.

    • Temperance says:

      Actually, no. Ricky’s been slaying pretty much everything. There have been very few stylistic mistakes, though the costumes haven’t always been terribly flattering. The real key to judging how well that he’ll really do is by examining the group numbers. Ricky has been the primary featured dancer in almost every singly guy’s number (and that’s selected by the chorographers themselves). Travis has had he’s the best dancer that he’s seen in ages, and he’s only 18.

    • Rain388 says:

      LOL, I always fast forward the judges but I stopped to see if he was in the bottom, of course it was just in time to hear Nigel and I also told my tv to “SHUT UP!” I know I’m in the minority but I can’t stand Ricky – I don’t see why everyone thinks he’s so talented. People keep blaming the choreographers for not giving him work up to his “brilliant outstanding capabilities” Really, if he was that fantastic he’d take what he’s given and make it shine. Seriously, the Ricky love and constantly having to see his insane facial expressions every week is really hurting my enjoyment of the show.

      • Mona Cattanach says:

        I have nothing against Ricky, he’s obviously talented and for the most part I find his personality likeable. Though I have to say, I thought he was a little over the top with making faces while Kat read his results this week.
        That said, I agree Rain 388. With his skills Ricky should be able to take whatever he is given and elevate it. I really felt Lauren out danced him and I’m not sure I am seeing him improve week to week like almost all of the other dancers are. True he started way above them, but I think Nigel was on to something when he implies that Casey may be catching up to Ricky.
        I thought it was telling in the practice footage when Ricky said to Lauren, “You’re really going for it aren’t you?” and Mandy answered back, “She won the show, I’m just saying”. It made me wonder if Ricky is resting on his amazing talent and not “really going for it”.
        No matter how good a person is at something, can’t they always get better?

  14. KT says:

    I wish the producers would let Brandon Bryant dance in his actual style! His “O Fortuna” solo is one of the best contemporary solos in the history of this show.

    • juliebug04 says:

      I SO agree with you!!! EVERY TIME he comes back it’s always something to do with disco. While he is WONDERFUL at that, his contemporary dance is brilliant. I guess they have so many contemporary guys as all stars that they don’t use him for that–it’s a shame.

  15. eman says:

    Tonight was the best night so far and I really liked almost every routing, save for Valerie’s and thought Rudy’s was just ok. Outside of that there were some great dances. Sooo glad Napolean and Tabitha were back and both of their routines were fun, engaging and exciting. Jessica completely played her character to the hilt and what a creative hip hop routine.

    Tanisha is my fav of the girls and every week she just owns it, strong, sexy, riveting she was all that and more. In fact I am routing for her to win the whole thing, just really love her.

    Casey is getting better and with Broadway on this show I either love it or hate and I loved this routine, although I have to admit I am bit biased as I love Kathering, but Casey is so powerful and his technique is so good, along with the song and the dance it was fantastic.

    Jacque really impressed me this week and that dance was so graceful, powerful and beautiful it captivated me throughout and it was like two dances at once with the shadows, just lovely.

    Oh sweet Amy how I loved you last year and you just continue to be brilliant. Every week Zach dances outside of his style and every week he impresses me. Beautiful routine, loved the opening and ending just being danced to the sound of rain and Zach and Amy conveyed the emotion.

    Yes Valerie is sweet, yes she is cute, but people she is just not to the level of any of the other dancers. Yes Tyce has had some pretty bad routines but this was not one of them the failure of this routine was Valerie’s inability to take on character and be convincing in the role. Ade killed it and Valerie fell far short. It is time for Valerie to go and for any other woman to leave next week would be a travesty.

    Ricky finally got to dance with someone on his level and I enjoyed the dance overall, but I think Lauren out danced him. Some people are complaining the choreography was not great, but I thought it was fine, it was different and fun. Not every dance had to be an emotionally devastating tsunami. Ricky is very, very good, but he is not perfect.

    For me this week Rudy and Valerie should go.

    • Lana says:

      Tanishia has become my favorite dancer and I didn’t have any favorites including the so called awesome Ricky. However he is good but I loved Zach better this week and Casey. I feel that this year there is not a dancer that I have been frustrated seeing go through next week(ex: Cyrus shouldn’t have beat out so many other superior dancers and that was a frustrating year). I want Tanishia to win but to be honest any of these dancers deserve to win. I kept thinking that Sonya’s last name wasn’t the same as it use to be but I wasn’t sure and then someone here wrote her old last name. I wonder who did she marry?

  16. Temperance says:

    There were only two guys with star quality – Ricky and Emilio. I’m pretty appalled that Emilio was sent home. I was betting on a Ricky, Emilio, Tanisha, and Jessica finale.

  17. I.R.E. says:

    What made the letdown on this show was:

    1.) Jacque ended up in the bottom for the first time, but luckily she was saved for next week!

    2.) Valerie didn’t do well, but she is the only girl contestant safe and never at the bottom so far!

    • violetvaper says:

      keep in mind the votes are based on the previous week’s show, so even if she did not so good this week, it wasn’t a factor.

      next week. however…

  18. Jennifer J says:

    I really like Ricky, he’s got a great personality and his technique is so good. But, he’s getting Lauren Alaina level pimping from the producers. How did that work out for her & American Idol, Nigel?? Oh that’s right, she lost to the Mad Magazine cover boy. on a different note-now I’ll just have to change the channel when Rudy’s on. I’ll miss you, Emilio.

  19. Carla Krae says:

    I liked all the dances. And the all-stars weren’t swaying me to consider the routines differently.

  20. Rudy says:

    I’m really tired of the judges already proclaiming that Ricky is the untouchable winner of the competition. If thats the case then just end the show right now, because all were gonna hear every week is how amazing he is (when after his performance this week he should be in the bottom 2 next week). He’s also been getting kind of annoying (ex. his face when Cat was reading his results).
    I love how the week Tabitha & Napolean come back, we have the 2 best Hip-Hop routines of the season (barring Dave Scott’s w/ Rudy & Tenisha)
    How is Carly gone and Valerie still here?
    Best: Jessica & Twitch
    Worst: Valerie & Ade
    Bottom Four: Valerie, Jacque, Casey, Ricky

    • Eric says:

      You’re crazy if you think Ricky will be in the bottom 4.

      • Rudy says:

        If he isn’t it’s all because of Nigel. Zack is obviously safe after this week and Casey’s not likable enough to not be in the bottom. Rudy is much more likable than Ricky, which is why Nigel probably decided to comment on his personality and claim that Rudy’s “full of himself” (which I don’t think anyone felt that way but him).

        • Eric says:

          Everyone i know that watches it thinks the opposite… the Ricky is more a favorite and that Nigel is right about Rudy. Just becasue you think that Ricky isn’t likeable doesn’t mean America agrees. Just wait and see.

        • Mona Cattanach says:

          You, like all of us, are entitled to your opinion Rudy. However, assuming that all viewers share your opinion is the short cut to frustration. That said, I think you might be surprised to learn how many of us, myself included, agree with Nigel that Rudy is “full of himself” and not that likeable. I’ll go you one further, I find him childish, immature, annoying and increasingly unwatchable.
          I’ve read all the arguments that he is just happy to be on the show and like a puppy that can’t contain his enthusiasm. That’s why we train puppies! Rudy is not the first dancer in the history of the show to be really excited to be on the show, he’s not even the only one this season.
          However, others have learned to express that excitement in less ear splitting and more appropriate, less self aggrandizing ways. In my opinion, which I realize not everyone shares, Rudy would do well to channel that energy, ego, or whatever it is into the actual dance. If he is going to stay, which I fear he is, I would like to see him burn some of that energy improving his technique and partnering skills and learning the difference between expressing joy at being on the show and carrying on like a drunken frat boy at the homecoming game.

          • Rudy says:

            I feel like the Ricky fans are all scared cause they know Zack was amazing this week and when it comes down to likability and personality (both had lackluster performances) Rudy beats Ricky every day. I’m sorry but Ricky is getting more and more annoying every week. I actually was a fan of his early on but it seems like as the competition goes on, his arrogance rises. Currently praying that Ricky (and the girl that rode his popularity to the Top 10 and took Carly’s spot, Valerie) gets sent home in a shocker. Honestly if any guy right now deserves to make it to the end its Zack. He’s about the only person left (maybe Tanisha) who’s constantly performed well and been underrated.

  21. Eric says:

    i miss the photo galleries you posted for each week like last year – easier to remember everything.

    • Terry says:

      Yes, I agree, it’s hard enough for me to remember the current year’s contestants let alone contestants from several years ago. I need pics!

  22. sarah says:

    This week I have to disagree with most the picks for what dances were what!
    I liked Bridget’s Bollywood.
    I like Ballet but was not crazy about Jacque’s dance.
    I did like Zack’s dance but do not think it was the dance of the night.
    I do however agree that Emilio was most improved and Jessica’s dance was fun.
    I think America got it wrong, up until last night Zack was not improving where as Emilio was. So Zack should have gone home. I also think Jacque should have gone home, but she is staying partly because the show keeps playing up her relationship with Rudy.
    I really like Valerie but I think she will be sent home next week! I also like Jessica.

    Next week bottom 4 will be:

    The final 4 will be Rudy, Rickey, Tanisha and Jacque and right now the only one I want to win of those 4 is Ricky!

    • sarah says:

      Sorry I meant Ricky not Rickey

    • Rudy says:

      There’s no way Zack and Jessica are in the Bottom 4 next week

      • Terry says:

        True that! Zack’s routine was incredible and he was so emotionally connected, he ain’t going anywhere. And you’d have to screw up badly to be eliminated after dancing with Twitch, and Jessica did pretty well with that routine, I thought.

  23. MAS says:

    I also wondered for the first time about the All Stars. About 1/2 the dances, I watched them and not the contestant. tWitch has always been my favorite All Star because he consistently makes his partner look good. Jasmine blew me away. I don’t even remember her, but I have no idea what Emilio was doing. Valerie would be my pick for girl to go home. On the guys side, all have their pluses and minuses. Ricky I thought gave the worst performance, but sending him home would be terrible.

  24. J says:

    I also thought the All Stars were completely amazing and it was hard for me to watch the contestants. Jasmine was indeed a Beast. I also agree that the All Stars make the contestants raise their game. So I suppose it’s a win win for everybody. I love this show.

    • Mona Cattanach says:

      Good point J, I also found it hard not to watch the all stars, especially Twitch. HIs ability to do the physical moves he does and inhabit the character, no matter what it is, seems impossible to me-yet he does it over and over again. However, at the same time, I do think most of the dancers really upped their game this week presumably because of the all stars.
      I think it can be hard at times for voters to separate how much they love the all stars from the actual performance of the contestant. I do give the show credit for trying to address that. If I’m recalling right, when they first started using al stars, they stayed with the contestant during the critiques and posting the phone number to vote for that contestant. I always felt that gave the contestants paired with favorite all stars and extra edge.
      At least now, the all stars head back stage in an attempt to put the focus back on the contestants.

  25. I.R.E. says:

    Another letdown on this show’s last night episode is there are no solos for the bottom people.

    I agree with some of you that next Wednesday will be Valerie’s first time to be with the bottom 2 girls.

  26. Jakay says:

    I loved Zack and Amy’s piece (Zach as much as Amy) and Jessica/Twitch, where she was almost as good as he was. But MAN, Twitch acted the heck out of his old man character. He danced the character. Amazing. I also really enjoyed Jacque and Chehon and Casey with Kathryn. Tanisha left me cold. What I could see of Emilio was fine, but Jasmine seemed front and center throughout the piece, Bridget’s number was no showcase for either her or Brandon, Ricky was underwhelming, and Rudy’s constant mugging and general puppy upper demeanor ruined the Cha Cha. And Valerie couldn’t have been more forgettable. Should be bottom four: Ricky, Rudy, Tanisha and Valerie, with Rudy and Valerie out the door. But I think it will be Casey and Zack and Jacque and Valerie, with Casey and Jacque leaving. Ugh.

    Casey has been terrific every week and Zack has definitely grown on me. But I don’t think they can compete with Ricky fever and Rudy pimping. Oh well. Such is life on SYTYCD. They can come back as all stars like my previous non-winning faves like Allison and Jaime and Twitch.

  27. Jamie says:

    I really would like to see Ricky/Jacque in a [real] Hip-Hop routine choreographed by either NappyTabs or Christopher Scott. All the other choreographers on this show (except Dave Scott and Luther Brown) shouldn’t even be allowed to do Hip-Hop routines. Dave Scott and Luther Brown’s routines are either really good or really bad (ex. Skeleton dance).

    P.S. Jasmine was amazing
    P.S.S. Rudy’s hot as ~~~~
    P.S.S.S. Bridget’s annoying as ~~~~
    P.S.S.S. I swear Mary must be drink before she goes on TV
    P.S.S.S. I hated Jenna when she was on the show but now she’s one of my favorites

  28. Lore says:

    Last season the all stars and the competitors together were amazing, they were equally talented, but last night, my eyes went from Jasmine to Amy, to Jenna, to Twitch, to Kathryn, who is, btw my favorite all star ever…

    Last season Aaron and Kathryn, Jasmine and Marko, Jenna and Neal, Tucker and Robert, were superb, i hope next week is better

    • BrazenSongBird says:

      I completely agree with you about Kathryn. The way she inhabits the story and the dance is completely captivating. She’s been my favorite from the caveman number on. And her dance with Chehon was an unexpected treat!

  29. Terry says:

    If I could pick the 2 to go home next week it would be Jacque and Rudy and I fully admit it is partly because I get second hand embarrassment everytime Cat starts ribbing them about their relationship.

  30. Dave says:

    I am completely over Rudy. In my opinion, he’s just annoying now and not that funny anymore. I don’t understand why Cat was laughing so hard when Rudy was safe. It wasn’t funny it was just stupid, in my opinion. I hope he goes home next.

  31. Crys says:

    This season is a bomb. Not da bomb but bombing. The dancers are not that great at all. The judges have yet to even praise the talent this year (we remember in seasons past when they would say “this is the best group so far”) I appreciate they aren’t lying. It’s just a disappointment. Many of them haven’t stood out. Dancing next to the all-stars they look like amateurs. The show continues to give them dances in their genre because they aren’t good enough in other types. I am so afraid FOX is gonna cancel. This is a crucial season and I LOVE this show but I find myself turning it on but NOT watching because I want it to get the ratings. What to do? What to do? (Sorry Tanisha and Ricky, I am not speaking of you)

    • Denise says:

      The judges have said multiple times that this is the best group they’ve had. Nigel said it and Misty said more than one how amazing she thought the guys were this year.

      • Rachel says:

        I conpletely disagree with you Denise. Misty said the guys were great because in comparison to the girls this season, anyone wouls look good. And the judges on every reality competition show say that each new season of contestants is the best they’ve ever had. There’s absolutely no way that you can honestly say this year’s top 8 (Ricky, Tanisha, Rudy, Jacque, Casey, Jessica, Zack, Valerie) can compare to last year’s (Fik-Shun, Amy, Aaron, Jasmine, Paul, Hayley, Tucker, Jenna). Every one of last year’s top 8 contestants had the potential to win the show and I could see any of them returning as an all star in the future. Valerie, Jacque, and Rudy don’t have the talent to win this year. Jessica and Casey have been inconsistent. The only members of the top 10 who are truly top 10 material are Zack, Ricky, and Tanisha (and knowing how this show works at least one of them won’t make the Finale).
        #TeamZach #Team Ricky #TeamTanisha

        • Denise says:

          While I do think that Misty was saying that the guys were of a higher level than in previous seasons, my comment was a response to the comment above mine that the judges didn’t compliment this season’s dancers and say they were better than ever. And the fact is that they did, multiple times. Whether Nigel was fluffing them up or not, he did say it.

          I have not watched this show since Twitch was in the competition, so I have no opinion about whether these dancers are better than those in prior seasons. I can say that from the limited number of YT clips I’ve seen, the choreography in prior seasons definitely seems like it was more interesting and fun. If anything, I’ve been disappointed with how dependent the dancers’ fates are on what choreography they’re given, and it’s been very hit or miss. That, plus the uneven assigning of styles puts some at a disadvantage.

          • Rachel says:

            EXACTLY, if you draw a Travis Wall routine when you’re in the Bottom 3 you’re sure to be saved. Whereas getting an obscure/”less emotional” genre such as Bollywood or Hip-Hop nearly always sends contestants home. I wish the judges would make decisions based on the entire body of work, not just one performance. If that were the case Serge and Carly would have made the Top 10 in place of Jessica and Casey.

    • Mich says:

      I agree, this season isn’t holding my interest at all. I keep looking at this group and thinking “Who could be an all-star?”, and the only option is obviously Ricky. Something needs to change FAST, otherwise this will definitely be the last season.

  32. Olya says:

    At the beginning of the season I actually thought Rudy was a nice guy. Now I can’t stand him. He’s too annoying and I want to punch his face every time he’s listening to the judges. Casey has been a suprise for me. Although he’s shy and quiet, when he dances I connect with him the most. I hope he goes further, and although I don’t think he’ll win this thing, he might actually return as an All-Star soon. His technique is wonderful, and when he dances he acts naturally. I also think that boys have been way stronger this season (it reminds of Season 7, when the remaining Top 6 were all boys except for Lauren, who eventually won)

  33. Alan Dvorkis says:

    Casey was insane tonight. Super athletic He felt the routine. Of course anything done to Liza can not be too bad, but I thought he was the star of the night.

  34. Panda says:

    Put Ricky up with Witney Carson and let’s see if he shines.

  35. Rachel says:

    Last season the girls (Amy, Jasmine, Hayley, Jenna) were amazing and the guys (Aaron, Fik-Shun, Paul, Tucker)
    were also amazing.

    This season sucks in comparison. Half of the Top 10 this season wouldn’t have made it last season (ex. Bridget, Casey, Valerie). I’m also a lot less interested in most of the contestants in general. The only dancers with any personality at all are Rudy, Ricky, Zack, and sometimes Tanisha. No girl from this season can compare to the level the ones last season were at. Ricky’s great but honestly, Aaron and the other guys were much more interesting. During this week’s entire show I kept loving the routines. But as I watched again, I started realizing it was the all-stars I loved, not the actual contestants. The only girl I thought was even close to last season’s level was Carly and now she’s gone because Jessica has more “star-quality” and was suspicously given a Travis Wall routine the week she was in the bottom. I’m done with SYTYCD Season 11.

  36. Maddie says:

    I’m really hoping Zack and Tanisha win, although Ricky is very likely to win…

  37. Pedro says:

    I just don’t get why Tanisha doesn’t get all the praise she deserves… The girl is just perfect at EVERYTHING she dances… I mean, wake up people.
    Jessica for example… you can tell she’s good at contemporary and jazz, but she’ll never beat Tanisha’s performance neither be as great as her dancing ballroom or hip-hop.
    Just give the prize to the best all-around dancer. And this season, for sure Tanisha is the best.

    • Denise says:

      Tanisha plays up the sexiness way too much and I think it costs her and distracts the judges. (Though she has clearly made it far already) She has toned it down in the last few performances. But I do think she is definitely the best female dancer this season, hands down. The more she focuses on the artistry, like in that zombie-ish group routine, and less on how sexually alluring she can be, the better off she will be.

  38. Maddie says:

    I didn’t like Nigel’s comment when Kat was opening Ricky’s result in the envelope. He was all, “OH, what a surprise! Ricky’s safe! By Golly, what a surprise!” I wanted to punch him -_-

  39. maria gorman says:

    I know this post is old, but I am amazed at how low Rudy’s percentage was here. Everybody loves Ricky, but you know what? The kid does the upper right leg extension all the time, and yes it is a good one, but guess what? That is the only thing that stands out for this kid from what I can see, and I would like to ask him to do the same thing with his left leg for a change, bet he can’t. At least not at the extension length he reaches with the right. Now how many girls has “Ricky” thrown around like Rudy has? NONE……that’s right none. The kid dances on his own mostly, only pairing up with the female in an “elegant” way, nothing fierce, never seen him lift up a girl for a good period of time, or throw her around, never. So what is all the dam whaling about his kid? I don’t see it. Not saying he is not a good dancer, but Rudy has certain put in a hell of a lot more work with the girls then any of the men on the show. I was seriously pissed when he was cut. Their is definitely politics behind the scene. I do not believe that was America’s votes, not anymore. So I do not think so highly of the show anymore, and I was an every season watcher, not anymore. I already see who they want to win, Jessica and Ricky, and yeah, Jessica is good, but I felt Tanisha could whip her but for sure. Politics, the winners have already been chosen and are better then the ones that are left, that is the ONLY reason Tanisha and Rudy got cut now. Neither one of them should be gone already. How sad, SYTYCD is now obviously not run by America’s votes. no way.

  40. Gibbi says:

    The show is very intresting

  41. Gibbi says:

    The show is very wonderful