Community's Jim Rash Previews a More 'Outdoorsy' Season 6, Pitches Game of Thrones-Themed Episode

The Greendale gang may want to brush up on their Dothraki.

During an interview last week in TVLine’s Comic-Con suite, Community‘s Jim Rash floated the idea of a Game of Thrones-themed episode in Season 6.

“Maybe we could work that world [into Community],” the actor-writer suggested. “There’s got to be something you can battle for — what’s the throne between [rival schools] City College and Greendale?”

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When the former NBC comedy makes its Yahoo Screen debut later this year, Rash would also like to see the simmering “issues between Dean and Britta” explored. Additionally, he’s thrilled series creator Dan Harmon intends to spend more time in the great outdoors — something that was verboten in recent seasons. “It’s as if there was a wall of security guards going, ‘You cannot step outside of this stage,'” Rash explained. “As soon as you step outside, a million dollars falls out of Hollywood’s pockets.”

Also in the above video: Rash previews his role in Adult Swim’s Scooby-Doo-esque animated series Mike Tyson Mysteries, and fondly recalls the ’80s phenomenon that was…. the Snorks.