Banshee: Season 3 Scoop on Life After [Spoiler], New 'Western' Weaponry, Lucas' 'Delicious' Romance

Where does Banshee go now that Lucas and Carrie have erased Rabbit from their lives?

“That was a challenge for us,” exec producer Jonathan Tropper acknowledged during a Q&A with the show’s cast at TVLine’s Comic-Con interview suite. “We didn’t want the Rabbit threat to stretch out over five or six seasons, but, at the same time, there was something very organic about the Lucas-Carrie-Rabbit [dynamic].”

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Heading into Season 3, Tropper is confident the one-two-punch of Proctor and Chayton will more than fill the show’s Big Bad void. Press PLAY above for more S3 scoop from Team Banshee, including details on the spectacular action sequence that could rival Season 2’s church-based climax, the arrival of Western-themed weaponry (think Arrow), the status of Lucas’ romance with “the delicious Deputy Kelly,” and fresh casting intel (think American Horror Story).

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  1. Silvia says:

    Im so excited for Season 3 of this show. Chayton being back will definitely up the ante. And I’m also looking forward to the continued development of the Lucas x Siobhan relationship. I really love them together. January cannot come soon enough.

    • Candice says:


    • M3rc Nate says:

      100% agree. LOVE this show, such great unique characters, im really shipping Siobhan and Lucas, though he needs to get his act together to deserve her…but still, love this show, cant wait for it to be back on. I think this show and Strike Back are my favorite TV shows.

  2. Ian says:

    Denis O’Hare! AHHHH!!!! And we already know about Meaghan Rath and Afton being a regular (I hope they’re doing a lot more with ADA Allison, she’s tough as hell).

    And I know Carrie’s got her husband and everything, but the way Lucas sleeps with anything that moves (and is female, of course) is just really sordid and skeeves me out. I don’t know. I wish they would stop having Lucas and Carrie circle each other as like the love of each other’s lives or something, but Lucas is off having other relationships at the same time. There’s nothing ever about where he stands on all of that, nor is there ever any path crossing with Carrie knowing. If Deputy Kelly’s supposed to be so special, how’s she going to feel about what Lucas gets up to. It’s all over the place, like they just want for Lucas to be able to shag everything to make the show’s male demo wish they were him, but there’s never any consequence. It’s my only real complaint about this otherwise brilliant show.

    Job’s the other amazing character on this show I hope they’ll give his own storyline. And really looking forward to Geno getting more of a meaty role too. I’m interested to see what he can do as an actor.

    The action and storytelling is always just so captivating with this show though. It’s got it’s own style that sets it apart from anything else on television and I love it.

  3. Coal says:

    Brilliant show, you might mistake it for a show on FX. Kudos to the network.

  4. yurie says:

    Mad props and respect to them for not stretching out the Rabbit storyline over 5-6 seasons and sucking the life out of the show. (Mentalist I’m looking at you)

    • Silvia says:

      Totally agree, that’s the mistake many shows make in milking a certain storyline. I think it was very brave of them to put an end to it earlier rather than later and I think it will pay off for them. At least I hope so. It will give the show a chance to reboot itself in a way without changing the landscape all that much. So many directions that they can now take the Lucas and Carrie characters. It’s exciting.

  5. TraciTV says:

    Season 2 was really a drag. A few episodes where I just Fwd’d thru. Hope season 3 is better. Will give it 2 ep.

  6. dee says:

    I’ve wanted Lucas and Siobhán together since she told him in season one, “when the time comes for you to spend the night, it won’t be to protect me.” So yeah I’m looking forward to seeing what happiness looks like for them before it inevitably goes to pot like everything else in Banshee. Also Job. There is never enough Job!

  7. Diane says:

    Love this show. Glad you gave it more exposure. I tell my friends that it is a great show and no one has heard about it.

  8. Dan Potvin says:

    Job is coming I hope? He is the best part of this show and I don’t see his name ion the cast list for season 3 episodes on IMDB. I sure hope that’s a mistake

    • cat says:

      No Job is not returning. My son was part of the RedBones and I got to meet abunch of the cast all were very nice..

    • John Stanley says:

      Love the show. Found it by accident in boredom one day. Definitely a guy type show. Although my wife does enjoy it. Just enough sex…not overdone. Go for it Cinemax!

  9. R.O.B. says:

    Everyone on this show kicks so much a55 I was almost hoping that JJ Abrahms would have made his life very easy and just cast all the actors from Banshee in the new Star Wars movie. Except then we wouldn’t get more Banshee.

  10. Ian Ford says:

    Bedt TV show by a mile to hit the shores here in England. looking forward to season 3!

  11. DavidSask says:

    I love this show so much and hate waiting for new season!

  12. Ammy says:

    I real love this movie. big up brothers and sisters….

  13. Hazel says:

    I am so excited that there is a Season 3 – Well Done – and please don’t stop there – Hoon Lee is my favourite and I think he makes the show – he s so foul mouthed that he is the humour in the show. The sheriff is the sex and hard knuckled – awesome.

  14. Hoon Lee – well what can I say but AWESOM – he is the humour in the show – The sheriff is the sex and knuckle – such a great show and I am very glad its coming back – can’t wait – please make sure that there is a season 4 5 6 etc xx

  15. Nigel says:

    I can’t wait for serious 3456 we need to make more…what a program

  16. Jake says:

    When does season 3 come out in uk?

  17. Bill Dennis says:

    I’m definitely looking forward to Season 3. Banshee has become one of my favorite shows and it is the type of show that I have to watch live and can’t DVR it.

  18. Oheneba kofi Nti says:

    I jux can’t wait to purchase of a copy of the Banshee Season III.
    I think crime lord Proctor’s release from jail could send ua through episodes od vengeance.
    Jux can’t wait till January 20, 2014.♡♥♡♥♡♥

  19. a kearsley says:

    I’m a new be to banshee Watche’d 1 episode and was hooked Watche’d all series in a week I loved it and need more especially lucas hood aka antony starr xx

  20. Betty Dillinger says:

    Loved The Show From The Beginning.Excellent In Every Way. .The Cast Is Perfect.The Storyline Is Excellent.Keep It Coming.Hooked Since The Beginning.

  21. Cecelia says:

    Absolutely phenomenal serious I have a new favourite its the one time that you actually want the bad good guys to win. Sad Jason woods is out. I hope Lucas Woods goes after Proc in season 3

  22. nikki says:

    Cannot wait for season 3! Please can anyone tell me when it will be on in uk??