Extant Recap: The Unkindest Cut

Extant Season 1 Recap CBS

Molly, John and Ethan have an island getaway in this week’s Extant, but sadly, it is not the all-inclusive respite they so sorely need. Instead of quaffing daiquiris and listening to Jimmy Buffett tunes, Molly loses one kid and undergoes involuntary surgery that (probably?) removes the other.

Sandals, it ain’t.

Read on as we review the major developments in “Shelter.”

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FAMILY VACATION | Molly, John and Ethan ditch their car in a parking lot and charter a boat over to the island where Molly’s estranged father, Quinn, lives. Their plan: Hide out and take a day to determine the baby’s DNA themselves (because astronauts and robotics specialists can just do that?), then proceed from there. But the moment John starts taking a blood sample from his wife’s arm, Faux-cus appears to her and creepily begs, “Don’t let me go.” For once, Molls immediately tells John exactly what’s freaking her out, and he reassures her it’s just a hallucination.

‘TIME IS RUNNING OUT’ | Meanwhile, back at ISEA, Yasumoto’s very bad day begins when he learns that experiments involving the “life-sustaining” goo he’s been working on – and in which he was submerged in the pilot – aren’t going so well. “Time is running out,” he says vaguely/ominously to Director Sparks, who spends the rest of the episode threatening Sam into silence about Molly’s pregnancy (he threatens her mentally imbalanced brother) and putting out a cyber hit on Ethan.

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ETHAN’S MISSING… AGAIN | Speaking of the unsettling little toaster, he bonds with his slightly shifty, recovering alcoholic of a grandfather as the pair skip rocks on the beach. A passerby stops to admire Ethan’s throwing arm, and the guy is so menacing without even trying that there is absolutely no way he’s not an ISEA agent. I mean it’s possible that normal men stand, arms crossed over overdeveloped pecs, and glare evilly at a young child. It’s just not likely.

Grampa Quinn decides to use his android grandson for profit by using him to win bar bets – which is so successful Quinn takes a celebratory shot, thereby falling off the wagon – until Ethan takes the “nobody’s perfect” concept to heart and deliberately throws the game. Quinn turns abusive on the way home and, while he’s out of the car for a moment, an ISEA team swoops in and nabs Ethan.

Molly and John, who are apoplectic when they realize what’s happened, split up to find their son. John manages to get himself arrested when he punches the officer who refuses to search for a non-human (Side note: How come the cop seemed so in the dark in one breath and then declared himself well-informed about androids in the next?) So it’s left to Molly to locate the cuddly little humanich, who’s been deactivated – possibly permanently – by the men in black. When she finds him and picks him up, a helicopter swirls in over them, and the visual makes me miss The X-Files all over again.

SHIP OUTTA LUCK | Molly wakes up, groggy, on some kind of ship. The alien baby is kicking up its usual circles on her belly; it also seems like the spawn gives her the ability to move objects without touching them. That’s how she grabs a nearby hypodermic, stabs it into the neck of one of the biohazard-suited men working on her and then escape from the room. Unfortunately for Molly, she runs directly into an ominous operating room we saw earlier in the episode.

Yasumoto is there, and he watches as Molly is strapped to the table and a laser begins cutting into her abdomen. Hasta la vista, Faux-cus Jr.?

Now it’s your turn. Did you feel like the episode lagged a bit? Didn’t it seem like Louis Gossett Jr. swallowed nearly half of his lines? And were you as surprised as I was that you felt a little bad when Ethan got zapped? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. laurelnev says:

    Okay…I think it’s FINALLY getting better.

    I understand they took Ethan to lure Molly, so they could grab her and extract the weird Olympic circles baby they implanted in space, but WHY kill him? Or can you really kill a humanich? Can they just replace those batteries we saw in the 1st ep to bring Ethan back to life? And where, exactly is Ethan? Last we saw him he was with Molly, while the rest of the family rotted in jail.

    Wonder how Meryl Streep’s daughter is going to feel about the whole shocking Ethan to death thing, and if she will be the one to rush in to bail Molly’s hubby out of jail. Maybe the time change bodes well for the show’s content and direction, (i.e. “darker” stuff is allowed after 10 pm.) And how does keeping Revenge Sensei Dude alive fit into this whole thing?

    • No, they did not kill Ethan. First, one cant – can disable only. Then if you saw the previews, they probably erased his memory and he would not recognize Molly and her husband as parents anymore.

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  3. Man, it’s like the show was going in one direction for the first couple of episodes and then went, “You know what? Lets just have stuff happen and trade in the boring and tired cliches for some of the more fun ones.” Dunno if the show would still have my attention were it not summer, but since it is screw it, I’m invested, and certainly enjoying it more than even a week ago.

  4. dan says:

    This episode moved at a much brisker pace than the last few episodes and it held my attention for the whole hour (actually about 42 minutes thanks to DVR). I can honestly say that I don’t know where the storylines are going; they’re keeping me guessing. I’m glad Molly and the family didn’t escape again because I would’ve been disappointed if this became a weekly cat-and-mouse chase show. What’s up with Sam? I like Camryn Manheim, but I can’t figure out her character (sometimes I think she’s “in on it” and they’re setting us up for a twist, other times I think she is completely naïve about whats going on with the agency). I’m thinking Grandpa Louis Gossett Jr may show up again because he seems to have too much backstory that wasn’t played out yet. I was glad that Julia wasn’t in this episode, not a fan of that character. I assume she’ll ride in on a white horse to save hubby soon and try to reprogram Ethan. And what is with the gooey stuff? Now that the “baby” has apparently been extracted from Molly, what happens to her hallucinations and the Olympic ring bumps in her stomach? Kinda creepy!

  5. TvPeong says:

    I’m glad that John knows now, and that he (sorta) believes her. I would prefer for them to work as a team than for Molly to have to do everything on her own.

  6. OooooWeeee says:

    Is this a show that’s meant to be one season? It seems like there are so many shows these days that feature some mysterious and intriguing event, and they go on and on until there’s no way that mystery can ever possibly be resolved in a satisfying way.

    • gregk says:

      I am also getting frustrated with these types of shows that get canceled after sometimes less than eight episodes. They then have to do some feeble nonsensical wrap up in the final episode. Louis Gossett sure has aged since he so memorably played Sgt Foley on “An Officer and a Gentleman” over thirty years ago now. He certainly did not swallow his lines then!

  7. Mary Ann Milton says:

    Was very upset that the time change was announced at the beginning of the 9pm slot and my tivo recorded some stupid CSI show instead.

    • Claudia says:

      Actually the time change was announced last week, and appeared in a number of places, including this web site. But it is easy to miss these announcements. If you have something like On Demand or go to the network site, you can probably catch the episode.

  8. Erveina Nichols says:

    Was on the edge of my seat not knowing how all this was going to play out. The commercials drove me crazy I wanted more of Extant this show is amazing so sick of reality shows and you can enjoy this with family. I like this show and can not wait to see what happens next week so I will be waiting. Poor little Ethan and Halle and the baby wow hurry back.

  9. The Beach says:

    I enjoyed the pilot and I set this series to record on my DVR. But each episode has become less and less interesting to me and after last night’s I removed it from my DVR. I guess, seeing the comments, that I am in the minority here but I was just hoping for so much more. Oh well.

  10. Bonnie Kidd says:

    This episode showed us without any doubt that the Japanese entrepreneur is an alien—he didn’t need a mask in the operating room. He’s obviously trying to engineer a human/alien race to save his own doomed race. The fact that the show cast an Asian in this role seems racist to me. Why didn’t they pick some ordinary looking Caucasian guy? I like the show so far. Like Louis Gossett’s role, and the fact that the plot moved into new territory, with the surgical abortion of the “fetus,” or whatever it was. Maybe we can see it next time.

    • Carla Krae says:

      Nope Don’t think so. He’s a dying man with a ton of money that’s doing anything possible to try to extend his life. And if it takes alien tech to do that, he doesn’t care about the consequences. He’s not willing to relinquish the power and prestige he holds.

      • herman1959 says:

        I agree because he seems to have so much pull – how about him pressuring the Russian (?) technician to remove his mask. I just knew it wasn’t going to be good. This episode gave the series the shot in the arm it needed, so the time change wasn’t a factor for me. But, I do have to ask why they would go to her father’s place when they needed to temporarily disappear – wouldn’t that have been the first place that ISEA would look?

    • What kind of difference should race make? How is who they cast any less ordinary looking than somebody with a different skin color? The fact that you would have even suggested that casting an Asian in this role was somehow racist strikes me as being arguably a heckuva lot more racist than choosing who they cast for the role.

  11. lojay1982 says:

    I really think the rings that are in her stomach are very creepy. Then the man is going to put it in his head, very gross. I think is the moving of the rings that mk me itch all over… :/