First Look: Hot in Cleveland's Elka Makes Like Wonka in Animated Outing

TV Land’s Hot in Cleveland this week will enter a world of pure animation — and TVLine has a first look at an everlasting showstopper of a sequence.

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The episode finds Melanie, Joy and Victoria finally exploring Elka’s mysterious apartment, before they bump into Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and subsequently embark on a psychedelic, pop culture-filled adventure.

The largely animated episode pays homage to The Walking Dead and even explores what life in Cleveland would have been like if LeBron James had never left. But first, will Joy make it out of Elka’s factory in one piece, after treating her self to a Violet Beauregarde-esque “procedure”?

Check out this exclusive still, then, drop a comment below with your early thoughts on Wednesday’s episode!   

Hot in Cleveland Animated Episode

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