Castle's Molly Quinn Talks Teary Finale, the Alexis-Kate Tension That Follows

Castle‘s Molly Quinn echoes many a viewer when she says that ending Season 6 with the title character burned to a crisp in a car wreck is “the last thing I expected them to do.”

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Visiting TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con video suite, the actress expounded on her reaction, saying the scene — even more impactful as played out on screen as on the page — “put me to my knees…. I was in tears.”

Regardless of how Castle extricates Castle from that seeming fiery death, the immediate aftermath of it all will affect two of the ladies in his life. With a nod to the Season 6 scene where Alexis and Kate (finally) had an apres-proposal heart-to-heart, Quinn says, “I was glad they addressed that [daughter/fiancee relationship], but this season… there’s some Alexis/Kate tension, if you will” in the Sept. 29 premiere, at least. “It’s a tough relationship,” she notes.

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Also in this video Q&A: Quinn talks about the “Thrilling Adventure” her TV dad Nathan Fillion sent her on, and later shares her thoughts on last season’s Pi backlash.

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