Bachelorette Finale: Who 'Won'? Who Wept? Who Blabbed a Sex Secret?

The choice wasn’t easy: Handsome lugnut with laborador enthusiasm and the conversational depth of a self-service supermarket checkout machine or smarmy-but-smart goofball with unfortunate hair-helmet issues.

One thing was certain as The Bachelorette: A District Attorney Sacrifices Her Professional Credibility for Love (or Its TV Equivalent) came to an end tonight: No way was Andi Dorfman going to opt for “None of the Above.”

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Chances are you staunchly refused to tune in, and TVLine supports your decision. But if you wish to maintain pop-cultural literacy at weekend BBQs, here are the “results” of tonight’s Bachelorette finale (in three succinct bullet points):

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* Andi “says goodbye” to Nick (aka wraps their relationship in clear plastic and quietly hurls it into a back-alley Dumpster) the morning of her final rose ceremony. “I woke up so confident — just because of us,” says Nick, shattered. And then, because his nickname is Obnox McSmugenstein and because  he has always misunderstood the fact that he was one of 25 suitors this season, he adds, “Sometimes I think you took it too far.” Pressed for deets, Nick reminds Andi that when he told her he loved her when they were “in the water,” she’d said she “wished she could say things back.” Oh well, that’s the way the ABC script goes, fella. Maybe she wanted to say, “I’m in love with Josh, but my contract requires me to string along a second dude ’til the end of the season.” We leave Nick pensively clutching a railing, wondering if he’s destined for Bachelor in Paradise or if he’ll get the real prize — scoring the title of ABC’s next Bachelor. (Personally, I’ve always wanted Coach Brian or Farmer Chris.)

* Andi dries her tears, dries Nick’s tears from her shoulder, and then decides that Josh (aka “Handsome Lugnut”) is the only suitable rose in the Bachelorette bouquet. Josh turns up at the beachside ceremonial altar and gives a speech about sacrificing his “first love, baseball” to find a greater love — “that love that you read in books, that love that people sing in songs” — and then tearfully tells Andi she’s “the woman who I want to spend the rest of my life with.” (Side note: Finding a platinum band to fit around a baseball is prohibitively expensive. Also: Josh reads books?!) Andi attempts a dramatic fakeout — discussing “ups and downs, twists and turns,” her fears, and how she “remembers and appreciates” (code words for “I just want to be friends”) their connection. Finally, though, she zags left when he’s expecting her to zig right and break his heart. “Josh I have loved you since the moment I laid eyes on you,” she says. “Out of everything I’ve been through, I know I love you.”

ANDI DORFMAN, JOSH MURRAY* Andi then confesses she wants to have babies with Josh. He gets down on one knee, slips a Neil Lane diamond on her finger, and asks her to marry him. She says “yes” as dramatic music swells and cameras capture their kisses from eight different angles. The couple then proceeds to consume each other’s faces as the Bachelorette nation oohs, coos and places bets on when a People magazine breakup cover will hit newsstands.

The end.


UPDATE: On “After the Finale Rose,” Nick finally gets to see Andi face to face. He hems and haws and says he’s “eternally grateful” for opening him up to love. And then — uh-oh — things get uncomfortably real. Andi tells him there was “nothing wrong” with their relationship “except something else was more right.”

“Knowing how in love with you I was,” Nick stammers back, “if you weren’t in love with me, I’m just not sure why, like, you made love with me. Like, I don’t.”

“First of all, I think that’s kinda below the belt,” Andi responds, seeeeeething. “I think that’s something that’s private and should be kept private.”

Nick says he’s not trying to go below the belt, but Andi sagely notes that he already has. Needless to say, she does not dramatically run to the airport gate to stop him from going back under the rock from which he emerged.

Josh returns to the stage and says he’s been trying hard to get Andi pregnant. “Just kidding!” he adds, looking like he might possibly attempt to hump her leg while she swats him with a rolled-up newspaper. Chris Harrison calls the Atlanta natives’ connection “fate” and “a beautiful thing” then makes a creepy joke about “roleplay” after Andi says she needed to wear a blonde wig to sneak visits to Josh’s place before the finale aired.

And that’s the kind of storybook ending to which every young single fameosexual can strive, no?

Your turn. What did you think of this season of The Bachelorette? Did Andi make the right choice? Did Nick’s fantasy suite comment truly go below the belt, or are all bets off in the Bachelorette arena? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kristi says:

    So Nick admitted on national tv that Andi slept with him. Can’t say I saw that confession coming.

    • Ari says:

      All I could think is that is the reason you don’t shut him out when he tries to get in touch with you before the ATFR. He could have vented his frustrations with Andi beforehand and saved her the embarrassment of his word vomit.

      • Zack Quinti says:

        what a sweet love story.

        • Sharon says:

          That was no love story my dear, that was all at the expense of Nick’s broken heart and with no compassion or respect. There is one attorney that should get a life sentence.

          • sm says:

            Everyone knows what this show is about — if he didn’t expect the possibility of being dumped, then he shouldn’t have signed-up for it.

          • Sharon says:

            This is not about being dumped and you know it. This is about having human kindness for another human being which apparently you know nothing about. You can go on the show and still treat people with dignity and respect.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Exactly! She had respect for Chris. She let him go, sparing him the rose ceremony, because she just wasn’t feeling it. Crying her little eyes out about it. And I know that per the contract she has to have two suitors in the finale but she didn’t have to have sex with Nick, that’s not in the contract. She could have just said “I’d rather not sleep with you until this process is over” or something like that, and I have no doubt he would have respected that. But fact is she wanted to, knowing full well she wasn’t feeling for him the way he was feeling for her. When she broke up with Nick she barely had any emotion and used his past as her excuse for not wanting to take it any further. Then lashing out at him at the ATFR ceremony. You could tell by the way she was looking at him, before the question about the sex even came up, that she wished he wasn’t even there. But then again, per contract she had to face him during the show. CHB, if you ask me.

          • Carol Schafer says:

            I agree. Everyones saying how he should have told her before show. He tried. she wouldnt see or talk with him. What about her?SHE said she knew from time she saw josh she loved him. Why string nick all along!!!

  2. fromthegreyfort says:

    OK, I admit it, I did watch – please don’t tell my friends & family. Now I’m ready to get in on the betting pool on how long they last. Has anybody locked down 6 weeks yet?

  3. Jodi says:

    Most awkward ATFR ever.
    I’m thinking someone was screaming in Harrison’s ear, “Get him off the stage immediately.”

    Not sure why she quit her job though if both are in Atlanta..

  4. Diane says:

    Once again Andi gets defensive and lashes out. I just felt sorry for Nick. Don’t like how Andi treated him. Don’t see her and Josh lasting long.

    • Cheryl says:

      I think she was curt to nick when she more feelings of I’m sorry never came out her poor little rich girls mouth. You deserve better nick!!!!!

      • JEN says:

        How does Nick deserve better??? He was stalkerish from the beginning, refused to believe that Andi chose another man over him (he kept saying how “confident” he was about being chosen, was hated by all the other men in the house for being sneaky and phony, and outed Andi on national television about them sleeping together leaving her prone to being slut shamed by the media.

        He did this just to get back at her and to try to put a wrinkle in her relationship with Josh.

        No wonder the other men hated him. Nick is a creep and a douchenozzle.

        • Dinah says:

          Nick wouldn’t have had to ask Andi about that “private” time they had together (that, BTW, was on national TV, Andi) if she had had the decency to speak with him and help him get some closure the two other times he reached out to her before the show.

          • Carol Schafer says:

            II agree. Everyones saying how he should have told her before show. He tried. she wouldnt see or talk with him. What about her?SHE said she knew from time she saw josh she loved him. Why string nick all along!!!

        • Joe says:

          Actually, you’re the douchenozzle and creep. It’d be different if Andi had said that she just felt a stronger connection to Josh. But the VERY SECOND she said she NEVER loved Nick, SHE was a HOSEBAG for sleeping with him. It was the ultimate lead on. By that point, she KNOWS how Nick feels for her, and she takes full advantage of him, only to kick him to the curb the next morning. So when she said that, I thought it MORE than fair he asked “then why did you sleep with me?”

          Consider the context of the situation – its a dating show that goes on for almost 2 months as people are trying to find love and this is the final two. This is NOT some hookup at the club, or 2 adults just consenting to have some unattached fun, and one of them being too clingy after.

          This is someone on a show about trying to find love, confessing his love to someone who just admitted on national TV she never loved him, and yet still made out with him and slept with him, only to dispose of him at the most convenient time for her. She used him. Plain and simple. And if you think anyone has the right to use anyone, regardless of gender, I’d say that makes you as big of a hosebag and tramp as Andi.

          • Dean says:

            one hundred percent man. And if the situation was reversed Andi would be getting applauded for putting the horrible pig in his place for sleeping with her when he wasn’t in love, the SAME WEEK he’s getting engaged to someone else. If it were me I certainly wouldn’t want to kiss a girl or ask her to marry me knowing she had some other ‘douchenozzles’ nozzle in her mouth a few nights earlier. Idiots.

          • aspiesmom says:

            I completely agree Joe. Nick got to two real women’s hearts on the show, both Andi’s mother and Nick’s mother. REAL women know REAL feelings.

          • Marsha says:

            Very well said!

          • Elaine says:

            I agree with all that you said. There is nothing more to say. You said it all.

          • sm says:

            This show has been on the air for more than 10 years now. If anyone signs up for it at this point, they know what they are getting into. If the Bachelor/Bachelorette finds their “true love” on the first one-on-one date, they are obligated to string on all the others until the end. It’s in the contract.

          • Carol Schafer says:

            I totally agree with this statement. She wasnt looking out for anyones feelings. Just her own self satification at nicks expense. Shes a hose and. Someone as good looking as josh will not stay with her especially now that he has tons of girls givng him all the attention. Hell dump andi rwal quick and shell want to come running back to nick and i sure hope he doesnt let her do that to him

        • mtmiracle says:

          I agree I agree I agree. He was creepy and whether that was true or not he purposely came on there to try to get people to feel sorry for him, but most importantly his plan was to humiliate Andi in front of everyone because he was so sure of himself and she humiliated him. He is a stalker and creepy and all the guys saw it early on, and he was always smiling. I would watch my back if I were Andi. Creeps don’t stop there…

          • lturner says:

            no no no, he tried to talk to her PRIVATELY AND NOT ON CAMERA TWICE. SHE REFUSED UNTIL IT WAS ON CAMERA!!!! She was the perfect actress and has an excellent poker face just like another guy had called her out on early in the show. what I saw was somebody being genuine and sincere. she knew she was wrong otherwise she would have talked to him off camera and given him the closure he needed. she was the one that went below the belt IMO. he just wanted an answer and I don’t blame him.

        • Lacy_max says:

          I agree nick was creepy

        • Robyn says:

          You are wrong. I bet you have bad relationships because you can’t read people. Nick is just shy and introspective, but he goes after what he wants. That is not creepy. Though he was not my favorite, I do think that he was sincere and often his emotions rang more true than Josh, who looks like he recites things from Hallmark.

      • Dinah says:

        I agree, with Cheryl. She seemed more sorry for sending guys home early on in the show than she did about Nick, who she led on till the very last minute!

      • Sharon says:

        He sure does, Her true colors came out for the whole viewing audience to see. She is an embarrassment to all women.

    • Kar says:

      ita! she is hateful, she cn’t take anyone tarnishing her perfect self she is and she attacks them for it. I don’t like her at all

  5. keith says:

    I think John stamos and Sheryl Underwood have a better chance.

  6. Nick didn’t win any fans by talking about their fantasy suite experiences–that’s the risk I suppose with live TV! However, I was SO tired of hearing him say “and like” over and over that if she had chosen him I’d have questioned her sanity. Would she really want to listen to that for the rest of her life??

    • wrstlgirl says:

      It was a legitimate question though and he tried twice to speak with her in private and she refused, so…….

      • Ana says:

        Legitimate question or not, it’s not like people don’t sleep with people they don’t love all the time. It’s not a new concept so why was it so shocking to him?

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Could be a lot of reasons. Not everybody sleeps around, some people actually want to be in love before they have sex.

          • Ana says:

            Either way, he wasn’t the only suitor and if he believed this, why is he on a dating show? And to be honest, it is much more common for people to have had a sexual partner before marriage. His question just seemed manipulative imo.

        • Dinah says:

          That’s true Ana, but he had told Andi it meant the world to him, and she knew it did. And she already knew she was in love with Josh, so why did she sleep with him?

          • Joe says:

            Dinah, that’s the whole point. Shallow people are acting like this is a hookup at the club gone awry. Its not. Its Andi, leading on someone who she knows lovers her, and if we are to believe her, whom she KNEW she never loved from the BEGINNING. In other words, she abused this guy’s trust and used him for sex, and then kicked him to the curb.

            And it says volumes about the maturity and emotional instability of anyone who thinks that sort of thing is ok, regardless of which sex does what to the opposite one – that kind of stuff is never ok, and only a very shallow, classless person would engage in it, and only people just as classless and shallow would condone it. It wasn’t a club hookup. It was one person abusing another person’s trust in the most personal way possible and then tossing him to the curb on a whim. It showed Andi’s true lack of character.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Joe you nailed it. I also don’t believe that Nick was being vindictive when he said that. Considering how difficult it was for him to get the words out and he knew this was his only chance at getting closure. As I said before and others have pointed out, he tried twice to speak with her in private and she refused. If she cared about Nick at all she would have given him some time away from the camera but she saw this as her way out and thought she could control the situation better in front of an audience. She was wrong on all counts.

          • Dean says:

            Right wrist girl –she just didn’t like the fact that he told her he felt she carried it too far when she initially told him she was breaking up with him. She cant handle being accountable, thats why she used his previous engagement as a manipulative way out, she threw it in his face as if to say “see you felt that way too so I’m not the bad guy here”…

        • Dean says:

          um because the show is about finding ‘love’ and spending the rest of their life with someone? Not f’ing a guy a few days before you expect another to ask you to marry him??

          • Ana says:

            lol. If you honestly believe that, i guess there’s nothing else to say to you. How many of this so called bachelors/ettes have actually found love on this show? This is reality tv first and foremost

        • Michaela says:

          People do hook up all the time. However, Miss Andi has been whining all season about the guys being there for the right reason. “Only those looking for love need apply”. Given that premise,(weird as it is under the reality show umbrella”, I would not classify this situation as a hookup. Taking someone to meet your family is serious for most people. That does not typically happen in a one night hookup scenario. I think Andi wants attention and lots of it. And I’m not particularly sure she cares who it is from.

      • Nancy says:

        Do you really believe that ABC/Bachelorette would have let the meet in private? That’s never happened. They want all the awkward to play out on camera. I imagine if they’d met before the ATFR they would have filmed or recorded it anyway.

        And Nick didn’t want an answer to that question (there is no “answer”)…he wanted to hurt/embarrass her.

        • Joe says:

          Does that make what she did right? Does it make how she handled it right?

          To hurt her or to want an answer, either way its an EXTREMELY valid point.

          If Andi was the guy and Nick was the girl, no way in hell you’re defending Andi.

          Tired of obvious double standards

      • Aeol says:

        She was in a relationship with another man by the time he tried to speak with her. Why should she disrespect Josh? She ended it with Nick. Breakups suck, but it’s not like she did it on a post it. Nick’s just mad he lost the game!

        • Lacy_max says:

          It’s crazy to think of nick as some victim. He wants to be the next bachelor and will,do whatever it takes. He’s not even cute and he is ssoooo creepy. I don’t know what she ever saw in him to begin with. She has every right to sleep with whoever she wants but nick is showing his true colors by saying it on tv. Who cares why, why even ask that. What if she said because your terrible in bed ! Just saying

          • Dinah says:

            They (and Nick) already know who the next bacheor is: Chris, the farmer.

          • Sharon says:

            You don’t know if he wants to be the next bachelor so why don’t you keep quiet about things you know nothing about miss know it all.

  7. Lexy says:

    Never have I watched more than 5 minutes of this “reality” show, but if it’s as funny as this recap, perhaps I should.

    • jalahyacinth says:

      It seriously is a splendid comedy. :)

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Reality show? Isnt this a 13+ episode Neal Lane commercial? Lol. If you know anything about the human mind (and how it relates to falling in love and dating) and human interaction (how it relates to hours spent together getting to know each other and experiences shared) and more….this show blows you away at how horrible it is. I dont think it gets one single thing right. Which is sad cause a bunch of shows have, for example “Love in the Wild” has successful marriages still going strong (more or equal to in their 2 seasons than Bachelor & ette in their 20+ or w/e it is) and CBS “3” series which had a great realistic made for success concept.

  8. Andi emerged Showing her true self ole. “cruel prosecutor”. Don,t see her lasting with that dim wit josh

  9. Diane says:

    Andi showed no compassion to Nick. She cried to send Chris home but they never showed her crying over saying goodbye to Nick (editing)?
    She definitely has a bitchy side BUT she’s been the most charming bachelorette. When she was working the guys and the cameras for what she wanted, it was ON! When she got Joshs commitment, charm off, asta luego to Nick with actually very little honesty or respect and nothing nice to say at all. Although Andi is captivating, charming and usually says the right thing to everyone, after tonight I found her fake, selfish, manipulative and self-serving. This is after she really captured my heart and I admired her smarts, grace and composure all season. Sigh, I guess you can be all of those things at once. Will she fall off Josh’s pedestal? Maybe, but as long as it serves her I don’t think so. I think she’ll be charming the pants off him, literally!

    • Stephanie says:

      Couldn’t agree more!!!

      • Maggie says:

        What a heartless b***** this girl is.. Wow…. I would date nick Jn heartbeat.. He seems like a good man..Can’t believe she is so cut and dry.. Disgusted…

      • Dinah says:

        Same here! If you remember, Andi and the poor bachelor who was killed in an accident after she sent him home, were arguing about that very thing. He was concerned because she was so different and fake when the cameras were on than when they were off!

    • jazz says:

      Thank you, Nick is lovable – she said he completely sees her- yet he didn’t see that coming- she did take it too far, I guess all is fair in love and game

    • Dinah says:

      Diane asks if Andi will fall off Josh’s pedestal. I think for sure since there’s only room for one – and Josh is already on it! :)

  10. Stephanie says:

    She made the wrong decision. But after seeing her callous, cavalier attitude toward Nick, I’m glad he didn’t end up with her. He deserves better. I liked her until tonight when she showed her true colors: FAKE. She had a great opportunity to say she cared for Nick when Chris asked her (especially since she chose to sleep w him and all) and couldn’t even muster a “I loved parts about him.” She was a complete disappointment. They’ll be broken up in a few months. I mean who could handle all that sweatiness off of a man?? Yuck (steroids??)

    • Maggie says:

      I couldn’t agree more with that said above,,, she is nothing but FAKE… And I used to like her.. Not because she chose hush, he is sweet and genuine but bc of the way she was toward Nick.. I have no respect…oh yeah.. And the drawn is really ugly and annoying..

    • Dinah says:

      Exactly, Stephanie! I really liked Andi, too, until I saw how she treated Nick tonight and then had the nerve to say he hit her below the belt! Josh’s hyper-active, bouncing off the walls 24/7 is probably already driving her crazy and she wishes she had picked nice, calm, mature Nick. Nick, you were in love with a “fake” Andi – run for your life and don’t look back!

  11. mo says:

    Sorry, I thought Nick was smug from day one. Remember, Andi could have let him go through the day and THEN let him down. I appreciated how she did that all season because I thought it was honest. I thought Nick proved himself to be not a gentleman at the ATFR show, but, he had proven that throughout anyway. A true man has a stand up character whether he’s in front of the girl he’s vying for or the other suitors. No respect for him at all…especially hearing about how he chased her down! His comments at the Men Tell All – “maybe, things will change and she’ll see she made a mistake”, or whatever. The whole thing was so disrespectful to Andi and Josh. Ugh. I hope ABC has nothing more to do with him.

    • Celeste says:

      Appreciate your comment Mo. Nick has shown himself to be a man with no integrity & a person of low,low character starting at the beginning of the show. He didn’t treat the other bachelors with respect. Can you imagine how he would be treating a wife in a few years?
      Nick is a very spoiled & arrogant little “p****! So glad Andi finally dumped him. Josh is the better man 100x over. Women in Wisconsin BEWARE of this dude! CJ in TX.

    • Kate says:

      Nick wasn’t at the Men Tell All show…the final 2 never are. don’t know who you are quoting, but it wasn’t Nick.

      I didn’t like Nick all season and was glad she didn’t pick him. His behaviior last night was purely vindictive…he got hurt so he’s going to hurt Andi by revealing the slept together. I would love have seen Josh’s face when he said that. HIs behavior when he came out was over the top…calm down boy! Well, we know they odds of them making it to the altar!

      • LeSo says:

        They showed behind the scenes clips from before the taping of the Men Tell All show during the After the Final Rose show last night, and I believe those are the comments that Mo was referring to. Nick was definitely hoping that Andi would read his letter and rethink her decision.

  12. okay folks listen up I think Andi and Josh will make a cute couple and i felt sorry for Nick I hated it that he cried and Andi had no business sleeping with him but he was wrong for telling that on TV. A real man would not have told that. But I do hope Andi finds her happiness and if Josh and her break up then maybe she will get with Nick. But I do hope Nick finds happiness.

    • Sharon says:

      No, Tracey, you listen up. If she took the time to treat him like a human being with feelings, she would not have slept with him, when knowing full well that she loved Josh. Why did she deserve respect, she wasn’t giving any. Come on, lets be real, I watched every episode and she had me convinced that she was crazy over Nick. He was blindsided and in shock and had every right to be. I hope she gets hers.

      • Elizabeth says:

        It seems to me that Andi may have started on the show for the much-discussed “right reasons,” but by the end, she realized she did not want true love and an average life going grocery shopping with Nick. She wanted fame and a TV career with somebody next to her who would not call her out or hold her back from achieving that TV career. Expect to see Andi shortly on Dancing with the Stars, the View, etc. Nick really loved her and wanted to have a regular life with her in Chicago. To me, the “I want to go grocery shopping with you” conversation was the kiss of death for Nick. That’s where Andi she realized she had to let love go and take the doofus. Bizarrely, everything was backwards in this show. The “skeptic” Nick got burned for actually coming to believe in true love and a regular marriage; “I’m here for the right reasons and anyone who thinks I’m not should go home right now” Andi turned out to reject the “right reasons” at the end and opt for TV fame.

        • Dinah says:

          Elizabeth, I think you nailed this whole season right on the head with your comment! I think Josh wants the same fame, TV exposure, etc. as Andi does and that’s why it doesn’t even bother him that she slept with Nick only a matter of hours before they got engaged!

          • Elizabeth says:

            Dinah, thank you so much for your comment–I appreciate it. I haven’t seen too many people on the board with the same “take.” People either seem to hate Nick for their own reasons (so they think he got what he deserved), or they think Andi “lead him on” and never loved him (i.e., they take her post break-up explanation at face value). I get that some people just didn’t like Nick–but Andi wasn’t one of them. :) I don’t think Andi’s post-break-up explanation is the truth–it doesn’t match up with what I “saw” and “heard” over weeks of watching the show. What I saw was Andi falling in love with Nick, constantly treating him as “the one” and reassuring him, etc., talking about their amazing mental connection and deep passion, etc. There had to be some reason for her to do a last-minute about-face and fall back to the default position (Josh). It seems likely to me that the last-minute compelling reason was that she didn’t want to go back to working a job and shopping for groceries and having a regular life, being married, with no camera on her….and choosing Nick would mean going back to a regular life with no camera on her.

            Nick wanted to have a real life with her, not a TV life or a football life or some other bizarre fame-based life. Eric Hill was right. Andi wanted to be a TV actress. I can’t even imagine how baffling and befuddling it would be to my moral center to have cameras on me 24/7. Maybe it becomes addictive in a way we regular folks can’t imagine and becomes very hard to give up once you have let it into your life. Maybe Andi just couldn’t face fame withdrawal. Golly, just look at the iconic photo (plastered all over the net) from the ATFR special, with cold Andi looking to the left, troubled Nick looking down–I just totally see the angry addict stone-walling the hurting co-dependent. We all know she had feelings for him, but now she is telling him and the world she never loved him at all. From where I sit, Nick (and truth) is the “collateral damage” to Andi’s fame addiction.

            I may be wrong, but it seems highly unlikely that Nick ever wanted to “be the Bachelor”–and highly unlikely he *will* be the next Bachelor. America hated him. I haven’t read any of the spoilers, but I would bet my sweet bippy that the next Bachelor will be the beloved Farmer Chris. I would bet that Nick’s going back to work in Chicago and that’s the last we’ll see of him. I hope he’ll be able to screw his head back on straight after this ordeal and get back to life without cameras.

  13. Nick, needed to grow up. To much like a child. Josh was the one for Andi.

  14. Mary says:

    i am really glad that Nick didn’t end up with her. she is two faced. she tells Josh that she loved him from the moment she first saw him!! so why didn’t she give him the first impression rose? i understand that she made love to Nick even though she didn’t love him, but if she loved Josh so much then why did she make love to Nick 1 week earlier???

    • BrittBrat says:

      I had those questions too. But I really think Josh scared her. I think she had to really figure out if he was the stereotypical athlete that she was familiar with or if he was the real thing.

  15. Throughout the show I always thought Nick was a jerk, and tonight he confirmed it. Andi dodged a psycho-bullet.

    • pammy says:

      True that! I hope Andi and Josh make it!!!

    • pat says:

      Right On Heather you have an acute perception of reality and psychos !

    • Joe says:

      Difference of opinion – I’d call the one who led on a man who said he loved her up till the final two and then slept with him before kicking him to the curb and announcing live in front of a national audience that she never loved him the psycho. At that point, I’d say the “then why did you sleep with me” question was more than fair, and nick dodged the psycho bullet.

      Then again, if you take up for Andi using a man who loved her and then kicking him to the curb, I think it says just as much about you. Maybe your ex’s dodged a psycho bullet as well…

      • Laura says:

        I couldn’t agree more, Joe! I do believe she did a lot of things because of the script, but the fact that she had sex with Nick was her own damn choice! She knew he loved her, she pushed him so much throughout the show to make him say it and as the horny princess she is, she took advantage of his feelings! Yeah, I’m a woman and I don’t believe in this double standard crap! And now he’s the one getting all this heat because he dared to ask her why she slept with him if she had no feelings for him??? He did try to meet her in private!! In what world are some of these people living in?? Since when is this ok and we’re taking the abuser’s side?! Just because he’s a man means he deserves to be used and tossed away? And in such a rude heartless manner! She was squeezing those eyes with all her strenght but no tears where coming out! She felt absolutely nothing for Nick, aside from the desire to jump his bones! And this is a show about a serious woman trying to find a husband, people!! It’s not Tila Tequila’s MTV show!! WAKE UP!!!!!

        • Joe says:

          Amen. Preach it.

          IfvAndi ead the dude and Nick the girl, the people all over nick would be screaming from the rooftops about how a guy could lead a poor girl on like that.

          The double standard crap is so infuriating.

        • MC says:

          I didn’t watch this season, but from an outsider’s perspective it seems that Nick really got a raw deal. Women supposedly have sex for all the right reasons (emotional attachment, true love, etc.), but Andi did not follow that pattern. Nick was understandably confused by this turn of events. He was the one who was following his heart and I’m not sure that anyone else was doing that.

      • Aeol says:

        Hey, sex is fun. Maybe if you had more of it, you’d loosen up and not take other people’s relationships so seriously. Maybe Andi was really into him and then he was lousy in bed, and then she was like, “Awww, heeeeeell naawwww!!!”

    • Dinah says:

      Right, Heather – instead she got a hyper-active little puppy dog who only thinks about himself and playing ball 24/7!

  16. pammy says:

    Nick made himself look like a fool he just wanted to hurt Andi, maybe she didn’t pick him cuz it wasn’t very good

    • oooooh, burn. NOT. Maybe she’s the one in the wrong, cause you know… “I loved you from the first moment I saw yo blah blah blah” But one week earlier she sleeps with another guy? There’s a word for that…

  17. Cheryl says:

    I would have taken the farm boy, numnum

  18. Meowch says:

    He should have kept his mouth shut and she should have kept her legs closed.

  19. Maggie says:

    What a heartless b***** this girl is.. Wow…. I would date nick Jn heartbeat.. He seems like a good man..Can’t believe she is so cut and dry.. Disgusted…

  20. elle says:

    Nick needs to grow up, have you seen the show before? Total loser you reel what you sow arrogant idiot. Nice and classy sharing sexual encounter and mommy crying icing on cake.

    Put your man pants on that’s right you are not a man.

    Thank goodness there were real men on the show.

  21. Lora says:

    I am glad she did not choose Nick. If you watched the show you saw what all of the guys thought of him and he showed his true colors on live TV and showed us the snake that he is!

  22. M3rc Nate says:

    Yayyyy…so the one guy is bashed for getting a girls number while like 15 dudes are dating the one woman…and it turns out the guy that proposes and she says yes to, isn’t the only guy in the past…what? Week that has been all up in that? Lol this show is SO fraking gross, but portrays itself as so classy and moralistic, how it bashes people when they “have a GF back home!” or got some girls number or something. Fact is your not comfortable talking about it on TV and hiding it away not cause its personal and intimate, but because you know its not classy to sleep with at least 2 dudes you are saying your in love with in the same week. I mean aren’t the “fantasy suite dates” within like the same 4-7 days of each other?

    Can you imagine proposing to the woman you love and she tells you that she 1) was dating 15 guys for the past month, 2) as recently as 1-2 weeks ago had sex with at least one of the other guys 3) Is hyper hypocritical of you having feelings for any other woman besides her while she is dating a multitude of men? lmao…proposing to a woman that 1-2 weeks ago sleep with a guy that isnt you….lol. Tell me you’d be okay with that and theres a 10% chance i’ll believe you.

    Its crazy how if someone did this in real life (Bachelor/Bachelorette) the majority of American society would be disgusted by them. Dating 20+ guys/girls, making out with them (and who knows what else), holding them to the standard of only being allowed to be into/date him/her. Once down to the final 10 or less, high probability he/she is sleeping with most of them. Then after only knowing each other for what? 1-2 months, and not many actual in person hours in those 1-2 months, he proposes marriage. Lol yet somehow cause there are cameras recording this and its a “reality” show..its totally fine and not gross. Consider my mind blown.

    • Coffee says:

      Right on!!! I’m always shocked at how highly hypocritical this show, the double standards are the key rule here.

  23. Michelle says:

    So Andi said she loved Josh since the moment she first saw him. So if your in love with Josh why would you make love to someone else the night before u get engaged? Why are you having sex with Nick if you are in love with Josh? I’d be shocked if I was Nick too. Plus telling Nick he had nothing to worry about. She totally lead him on. I wonder if Josh knew she had sex with Nick prior to Nick announcing it on TV?

    • Chris says:

      Posted my comment before I read yours. I totally agree! And I wondered the same thing…if a Josh knew before the show. Either way, if someone told me they were in love with me from the beginning yet slept with someone else, that would be the end of the relationship for me.

    • Betty says:

      It wasn’t the night before…the fantasy suite dates dates were two weeks ago.

  24. Neras says:

    Most boring season yet! Andi and Nick the Wimp phoney and camera hogs. Josh a real sweetheart. Wanted Chris the Farmer to win. Still think Chris Harrison should be next Batchelor

  25. Chris says:

    Not a big deal Andi slept with Nick EXCEPT for the fact she said she was in love with Josh from the beginning. So then why if she was in love with Josh would she sleep with another man? What a Ho! If I were a Josh that would be a deal breaker for me… The fact she could say she was in love with me but yet sleep with another someone else!

  26. schmed says:

    As much as I believe there is truth in Andi’s explanation that she and Nick are too similar, too analytical, I can’t believe she would choose to be so blind to HER OWN analysis of Josh: what will be there when the attraction wears off. Nothing in this hyper-edited show has led us to believe there is any “there” there w/Josh.

  27. pat says:

    Yes nick’s fantasy suite comment truly went below the belt again, what a coward. We like the farmer for the next Bachelore. nicks tiny little we we just would not suffice.

    • GLovesG says:

      Andi got what she needed to hear and it’s that simple! She should have spoken to Nick in private and she would have avoided the whole “why did you make love to me” She seams to go on to lawyer mode quickly when things are not to her liking. If she wanted her business to stay private then she should have never gone to this show. The moment she decided to be part of this circus she should have known things do not stay private eventually they come all out. As for Nick I never really liked him but he had every right to say something. I’m sure that if it had been Juan Pablo who had done what Andi did, he would have been slammed by everyone. So, after Andi spoke so much crap about JP look at her actions in the fantasy suite. I guess that Chris was let go since she probably did not have any intentions to “spend that kind of time with him” Anyway, people have casual sex all the time but in this case it is seen wrong because it was on a show in which people participated knowing that there was a “goal” at the end (to find true love even if 90 percent of the time it does not work). As for Josh, I really wonder if he was already aware that she had made “love” to Nick. Andi was harsh with Nick she should have just given him 10 minutes of her private time and let the guy vent (when she wanted to vent with JP she did and was not very nice either)

      What’s in the future for the “happy ” couple? Only time will tell and the fact of whether Josh knew about Nick’s fantasy suite. If he already knew then maybe I can see something happening (maybe she stays until the ring actually can be kept by Other shows have had more success in couples staying together than this one (show which had nothing to do with dating that’s the funny thing too). These people fall in love with the tips, incredible dates, and the idea of finding true love rather than the person who they say they are “in love”with…. When the whole fantasy gets taken away and they see that they have to deal with the details of everyday life the realization of it destroys the suppose relationship. Lets be real some of these participants will have never looked at the other with interest (even physical interest) if they had seen each other on the street or anywhere in their regular lives. I think that a lot of them seem to fall into liking and finding the person attractive because of the situation they were put in (not that physical attractiveness if everything but it is what catches the attention a lot of times then you see if he/she are what you are “looking” for as a partner in life).

      Back to these two Time will tell and whatever it is I hope they find happiness whether it’s with each other or other people. Everyone should find that “love” Andi built her bed now she has to lay on it. How do you sleep with someone who you know that they have every intention to make you their life partner to then leave them for the other person the next morning? I don;t know and can;t speak fo r anyone but maybe that was her deal breaker. It should not had been for Nick’s sake (she almost had a heart attack when she was at the fantasy suite with Juan Pablo and only because he did not ask her questions about her can you imagine if he had slept with her then let her go the next morning? she would have totally talked about him having made love to her and using her blah blah blah so what’s the difference if Nick feels used and mentioned it) I’m glad he brought it up She di dmake him loo like a fool and led him to believe she will choose him….As for Josh he seems to be eye candy (cant say c much cause I really did not see so much from him) In real life would Josh really look at Andi?

      • Betty says:

        GLovesG, do you really think that The Bachelor producers would let them meet in “private”….I don’t think so.

  28. Bob says:

    I couldn’t stand Nick throughout the season and now I think he’s a sorry ass loser. He couldn’t have her so he had to burn her on national tv. Maybe he was a front runner until he slept with Andi and she found out what a pathetic LITTLE loser he really is. He better get use to his left hand cause after that statement no woman in her right mind would want to be with that LITTLE loud mouth!

    • Sharon says:

      You don’t know what your talking about. Even if you didn ‘t like him. her actions were cruel and inexcuseable

    • emilymcduck says:

      I really cannot stand people saying Nick is being a sore loser when the fact is that had Andi done everything right this wouldn’t had happened.
      I’m not saying he is being a gentleman but Andi was not a lady doing what she did. She spent the whole season mumbling about how she is being honest when she’s not feeling it and how she wishes Juan Pablo had done the same for her and yet she did this to a guy who clearly cared for her.
      I mean, if Andi had done something that was – like – normal then it wouldn’t be a throw under the belt of him to say, right?

  29. wendy says:

    andi sounds so self righteous like she did Nick a favor and he should praise him. omg… puke

  30. M3rc Nate says:

    Lol uh oh, dont forget, this is America! Gotta be prudish about sex!!! Keep it secret!! Shhhh!!! cant say what we all assume!!! lol. “Thats private”…ummm chick…this is a reality show, following you dating like 20 dudes, and making out with them and going into a fantasy suite…you wont return his calls (or w/e) so all hes got to talk to you is the after show cause for some reason you can happily face all the guys on the “tell all” but cant face or talk to the guy that came in second place? Lol wtf. Ya you got put on blast, but oh well, thats the risk you take when you bang multiple dudes on a reality tv show then a day later accept a dudes proposal you’ve known for (hours wise) the equivalent of a <48 hours.

    This would be different if it was that jungle dating show where they spent the month + together living together in a hut, talking all day and night..but this show separates the bachelor/ette from the group, and 1 on 1 dates? super rare and last only hours.

  31. mike says:

    And I is evil!!..Played Nick like a violin. Makes me think she slept with Don Juan and a bunch of other bachelors on her episode. Josh buddy, don’t go down there
    …al least we know Nick will be asking you what he tastes like…and who ever else pops out of the woodwork..

  32. Torchsong says:

    Maybe Andi didn’t sleep with Nick. He may had said that they slept together to shame her, out of anger. Her response was that he was hitting below the belt. Andi always seemed happiest when she was with Josh. It could be that she wanted more than just a mental connection with Nick, but her feelings for Josh got in the way. Anyway, I hope Andi and Josh work out because they both wanted everlasting love.

  33. Obviously, Andi slept with both guys, which was their final test. Guess Nick came up a bit short.

  34. Mike says:

    After everything Andi went through with Juan Pablo, she should have known better than to slut herself out to someone she “never loved”. If she loved Josh the moment she laid eyes on him, she should have kept other men out of her. Hypocrite skank.

  35. Me says:

    Nick is a crybaby… life would have been HELL with his need for control and analyzing everything!

    He hit Andi… below the belt, hmmm, that’s his style.

    In my eyes, he’s a no class asshole, he deserves to wallow in the ultimate “pity pot”….

    From the onslaught of the beginning… Nick has always been out for Nick, it’s no wonder he didn’t have any friends!!!!!

  36. yolothailand says:

    I always thought Nick was smug and playing the game to win (which I’m sure he was) but Andi! Boy, she really one upped him!
    I was surprised that she picked moron josh–between an insecure smug guy with a brain, or a total moron who can’t shut the eff up about baseball–I might choose the smug jerk just for the conservation quality!
    But nick didn’t lie, she really really led him on, and not just by sleeping with him. I don’t remember her ever saying much about josh, except that he worried her, but this WHOLE SEASON she raved about nick and her connection with him! She chose Nick over EVERYONE for every group date and every romantic alone time date. I feel like she really singled nick out to be alone a lot and make out with–I was surprised josh even made it to the top 3 b/c there never seemed to be any chemistry or clue that she liked him (he’s ‘fun’ he makes me ‘laugh’) vs nick: ‘he see’s me for the person I am/ I feel like a woman around him’. He’s right, Andi sure never looked at josh the way she looked at nick on one-on-ones!

    Also Andi knew nick was a sensitive intense guy and she gave him every single signal that she WOULD pick him (slept with him, gave him every rose, raved the most about their connection on camera).
    Andi made a huge mistake by saying she never had feelings of love for him. She should have lied, now it’s obvious to everyone that this show is fake fake fake.
    It was funny when Nick called her out though, the only honest moment on the show so far.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thanks for your comments–I completely agree! See my post below. I make the argument that in the end, Andi couldn’t “rise to the challenge” of being seen on that level and panicked at the end to choose the “moron” (your words) who would not challenge her. Sad, really. She would have won my respect if she had indeed chosen Nick.
      By the way, I think the universal hatred of Nick is just a reflection of American anti-intellectualism and sports worship. Josh is clearly Andi’s intellectual inferior–a handsome, silly bore. I’m sure he’s fun to sleep with and goof around with, and in five years (well, it would be amazing if they did get married and made it for five years) she’ll be climbing the walls wondering why she ever chose this doofus. But America hates and distrusts smart guys, just like the guys in the house distrusted Nick. Andi could have made a statement by choosing Nick, but alas, she just didn’t have the strength of character to do it.

    • Dinah says:

      Very well put, Yolothailand!

  37. Torchsong says:

    Andi always seemed happiest when she was with Josh. Who knows if they really slept together. Nick may have said they slept together to shame her, out of anger or bitterness. Her response was that he was hitting below the belt. The bachelors also said they saw something in Nick that worried them and that he did not play fair. It could be that she wanted more than a mental connection with Nick, but her feelings for Josh got in the way. Anyway, I hope Andi and Josh work out because they both want everlasting love.

  38. Amanda says:

    yas andi yas! she knew what she wanted and josh is so attractive like idek. but… nick was always rude and a huge chunk of the nation saw it so im just happy THAT JOSH WON!! #jondi for lyfe bruh

  39. Dee says:

    I have to say Nick asking Andi why she slept with him was the most honest moment of reality television I’ve seen. I’m by no means a Nick fan, but she was not very clear about why when she dumped him and she blew him off 2x when he tried to talk to her. If it was his only chance to ask her, I think it’s a fair question.

  40. Debbie says:

    If it is right for her that’s all that matters, they seems happy only time will tell. I wish them both the best of luck.

  41. Annmarie long says:

    Thought Nick acted a little crazy by how he was shaking, crying: I really don’t know how he even got to the final two – I thought he did a horrible job trying to talk to her parents – Nick just didn’t want to take her rejection at all – sore loser – and to put Andi down on live tv only proves that he was in love with himself and not Andi – If he truly loved her he would not reveal all the private moments – He needs to grow up and face life like a man not a pansy – Grow up Nick, and U should’ve realized what the consequences might be on this type of program and be prepared and let the person you say you loved have a wonderful life with Josh!

    • Dinah says:

      Annamarie long, I think the fact that Josh couldn’t care less that Andi slept with Nick only days before they got engaged only proves that Josh is the one in love with himself (and his new-found TV fame) and not Andi!

      Nick made it to the final two because Andi kept asking him on the most one on one dates and giving him the most roses, including the 1st impression rose. Nick was shaking and crying because he truly did love Andi. (And Nick DID say several times that he wished Andi & Josh every happiness.)

  42. Helen Marie Hogan says:

    I believe that Andi made the right choice. I was routing for Josh. Nick is a sleeze bucket. If a guy can’t get along with any other guy in a group setting, then there is definitely something wrong and all the guys in the house saw it, yet Andi was blind to his true being. He did hit below the belt and I’m glad Andi called him on it. I hope that all works out for Andi and Josh. They will make the most beautiful babies together.

  43. Kim says:

    Didn’t like Nick from the beginning. I thought he was arrogant, and fake. When you can’t get along with any of the other men in the house, I think it kind of shows something. The dig about them sleeping together was just terrible! I agree with Andi on this point, some things should be kept private! I think Andi is very fake, and in my opinion, Josh is fake too. The only people I really liked on this season were Chris and Markus, and neither ended up with her. Lucky men!

  44. Margaery says:

    The Bachelor sleeps with the final three on a reliable basis. No one thinks it’s shocking. But suddenly the Bachelorette is some sort of deviant for doing the same thing? Look, ridicule her for deciding to star on a reality dating show all you want. But its pretty hypocritical to think she’s a terrible person who should feel embarrassed for doing what the male leads do, without much comment from anyone, every season. And any man who would try and slut shame her is someone she was wise not to pick.

    • Joe says:

      Leading on a man who loves you and you don’t love to use him for sex and kick him to the curb.. Sorry, no shaming here, that IS slutty. And same goes for if the sexes were reversed.

      Anyone with a brain and morals shouldn’t ask why Andi shouldn’t be shamed for his – they should be asking why shouldn’t the men get as equal flak.

      There is no justifying what Andi did, and anyone who tries just exposes themselves as horrible, miserable people.

      • Margaery says:

        Except that the entire premise of the franchise is that the Bachelor/ette is introduced to 25 men/women, all who pretty much instantly profess to be in love with him/her, and 24 of whom will be strung along and eventually kicked to the curb. Anyone getting to the fantasy suite knows they are 1 of (usually) 3, and has a 66% chance of being kicked to the curb. This is all known before they even get on the show. If he had that much of a problem with the concept, he should not have gone on the show.

    • DCTodd says:

      I’m with you, Margaery. These are ADULTS on a “reality” show for Pete’s sake! She has no reason to be embarrassed. And Nick didn’t have to sleep with her…he could have waited until she picked him but HE chose not to. They both made choices as consenting adults on a “reality” show so I can’t really feel sorry for either of them for sleeping with each other.

  45. WO says:

    This is our country America…. geee whiz… ain’t we proud!! Pathetic… a gross interpretation of what love really is and yes…. millions upon millions plan their weeks around confirming just how debased we are.

  46. aspiesmom says:

    Girls, this is what is meant by the old saying “Why buy a cow when you can get milk for free”.
    Only in Nick’s case, he really meant that he was making love, and Andi was just taking him for granted. So I agree with Nick, why indeed did Andi “make love” when she knew Nick really loved her? If she was a guy, we would be calling her a cad.

  47. Lisa says:

    Josh seems stupid,shallow, boring and fake. I hope Andy really enjoys watching sports. I personally liked Nick much much better.

    • Dinah says:

      Same here, Lisa. She chose a hunkie, hyper-active man-child who only thinks about playing ball with his buddies 24/7, when she could have possibly had her soul mate for life with Nick.

  48. DCTodd says:

    I have no sympathy for Nick. Everyone is up in arms about Andi sleeping with Nick, but no one forced him to have sex with her. He is an adult and he could have chosen to wait until he was absolutely sure that he was her choice. I have no issue with Andi sleeping with him…they are both consenting ADULTS and I’m sure they both wanted to “test their chemistry” before moving forward. He knew going into that Fantasy Suite that there was still another guy in the picture, and he should have known that nothing was guaranteed. I think it’s unfair to place all the blame on Andi for “breaking his heart”. IF he was in love with her (personally, I question that), he’ll get over it. I think him playing the “why did you sleep with me?” card was an attempt to embarrass her (I don’t think she should be embarrassed) and to come off like the victim. In my opinion, it was all an act for the camera and I thought it made him look like a jerk.

    That said, if Andi has found the love of her life in Josh (I question this, too), more power to her. But, I think her main objective is to parlay her Bachelor/ette exposure into a TV career.

    • Margaery says:


    • Janie says:

      You don’t screw a guy for a television show and then not pick him and then ignore him and then expect that to never come up. Yes, both are consenting adults, including her. If she can’t take it, don’t screw a guy when still on a TV show. Grow up. Test their chemistry LMAO. Then why not all 25 guys? Certainly you want to pick the one that does it the best with your theory.

  49. Betty says:

    BTW, I missed it, in all the hoopla about Andi & Nick having sex, did they announce who the next Bachelor is?

  50. Deb McCarthy says:

    how long until the breakup Seriously is this show ever going to end Even Chris Harrison is tiresome He must be so bored
    All I can say is that the guy who lost is lucky He should look back on it as a great travel experience and move on to a normal woman a normal sized head would be a plus