Rising Star Recap: Exception to the Duels

Quick, say something nice about Rising Star! And no, “it’s no longer clogging up my DVR with its tuneless discharge” does not count as “nice.”

Maybe I ought to go first? Ummm…

OK, ABC’s reality singing competition is putting my math skills to good use. (That hinky “percentage of people who vote yes” + “7% for each judge” metric does occasionally tickle the brain.)

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Also, host Josh Groban almost completely faded into the backdrop this week — thereby reducing the chances that this embarrassing stain on his résumé will destroy his talented hipster-dork status.

And lastly, there were two singers on this week’s final set of head-to-head duels who didn’t fill me with the immediate desire to change the channel (or plunge lit matches into my eardrums to make it all stop). Next week, the Top 13 will face off, with only eight advancing.

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I know, I know, all this positivity is getting weird. We’re talking about Rising Star, for cryin’ out loud! With that in mind, let’s break down tonight’s quartet of duels — via which four contestants advanced thanks to east-coast votes, and one additional, yet-to-be-determined vocalist will be rescued by the west coast.

Morgan Higgins, “Edge of Glory” — Grade: C-
Maneepat Molloy, “Gravity” — Grade: C
Maneepat advances with 66% of votes (including Kesha and Ludacris) over Morgan (who scored 45% including Brad and Kesha)

Shameia Crawford, “Cry Me a River” — Grade: B+
Unselfish, “Payphone” — Grade: D+
Shameia advances with 70% (including all three judges) over Unselfish (who scored 33%, including Kesha)

Dana Williams, “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” — Grade: B-
Audrey Kate Geiger, “To Make You Feel My Love” — Grade: B+
Audrey advances with 88% (including all three judges) over Dana (who got 67%, including Kesha and Ludacris)

Karen Hornsby, “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” — Grade: C-
Joshua Peavy, “Too Close” — Grade: C
Joshua advances with 75% (includng Brad and Ludacris) over Karen with 67% (including all three judges)

What did you think of tonight’s Rising Star? Who were your faves? Did anyone get robbed? Does anyone deserve to “win”? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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