Lost Video Celebrates 10 Years: Did Your Favorite Moment Make the Cut?

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Who’s in the mood to go baaaaaack?

It was 10 years ago this weekend that the first episode of Lost world-premiered at the San Diego Comic-Con. And to commemorate the upcoming 10-year anniversary of the show’s broadcast premiere (on Sept. 22, 2004), ABC’s Comic-Con booth hosted this special video featuring series bosses Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, whose messages bookend a cavalcade of highlights from the show’s run.

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Press play above to hear what “Cuselof” have to say, then kick back and enjoy the trip down one very wacky, twisty memory lane.

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  1. tabbara93 says:

    “The time has come” “…yearning to get Lost all over again” They made it seem like they were announcing something new to be released…disappointed :/

  2. rod says:

    5 yeas and Im still not over Juiet`s death.
    Saddest moment of the show…. for me.

  3. Amy says:

    I’ve been rewatching LOST (again) with a group of friends who are watching it for the first time. It has been so fun to watch people see it for the first time. Even after 10 years and numerous rematches, I always do want to go back.

  4. kirads09 says:

    Well they did show THAT moment all too briefly of Penny and Desmond on the phone. “The Constant” has to go down as pretty much my favorite LOST episode of all time. Funny. Been toying with an idea of beginning a rewatch of the entire series. This makes it a done deal. I am going back.

    • Tee says:

      I’ve always wanted someone to splice the flash forwards and backs together to create a completely different episode of the show. And then splice all of the island stuff together.

  5. Morgan says:

    The last time I rewatched the entire series, two years-ago, Juliet’s death hit me even harder than it did when it first aired. I knew it was coming, obviously, but that didn’t stop the tears from coming. Her “I love you, James. I love you so much.” never fails to get me.

  6. That video was WAY to short!

  7. Teag says:

    MISS this show. I may start a 3rd rewatch in late September.

  8. Aleksalynn says:

    Ah, The Constant. *sniffle*

  9. JON says:

    Wow. That almost made me tear up. Despite my feelings for the finale, this remains to be one of my favorite shows ever. Watching this video made me remember the roller coaster of emotions I experienced with this show.

    Gosh. I guess it’s time for a re-watch.

  10. Pat says:

    It has been ten years and I do miss this show. I have not watched any reruns and I probably never will but this truly was one unique crazy show that I faithfully followed and I cried watching the series finale.

  11. jake says:

    It’s never been easy!

  12. Karen says:

    Best series ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Simon says:

    “Here’s to the next 10 years of Lost”? Wait, there’s more to come?

  14. I rewatched all of Lost this year for the first time since the finale aired, and knowing how it ended took the sting out of it. I actually enjoyed the finale a whole lot more and got more out of it this time around. When you’re not desperate for answers, it’s all about connecting to the show and the characters emotionally, which is what I loved about Lost in the first place!

  15. Tony says:

    I try not to watch superfluous Lost stuff cause it really gives me the itch to go back and rewatch. Now, if they came out tomorrow and said we have one last piece of original content, I would be there in a heartbeat. One of top five favorite shows of all time.

  16. Wil Overton says:

    Despite my reservations about the final series (and, especially, the finale) I still can’t think of another TV series that made me as excited for the next episode as Lost did each week. Part of me would love some sort of continuation but I can’t, for the life of me, think how it would work.

  17. mike says:

    I watched all 127 episodes 3 time ,am I sick?

  18. barbara f says:

    Sun and Jin’s love story was such an important and moving part of LOST, and should have had 2 seconds at least included in the video above.

    • CountryQueen says:

      Yes! Their death was the saddest for me.

      • Dominic Shepard says:

        Being a 5 time re-watcher, this show never gets old for me. But it’s still pretty sad I’ve watched this entire series 5 times. We need more Lost.

        • I got you by 1, I just finished the 6th time watching this series! And yes I catch new things each time. I didn’t watch this show when it aired, Im glad I didn’t, It would have suxed waiting week to week and Season to season. This show is in my top 5 shows of all time, right up there with Breaking Bad and TWD. I love watching with others that haven’t watched it before.

  19. Grant says:

    Good, no idiots saying they hated the show because “they were all dead”. That’s always good to see.

    • herman1959 says:

      FYI: There are people who have never seen the show and might have started now because of the anniversary, but you just spoiled it for them.

      • CountryQueen says:

        But she didn’t, ‘cuz the creators ALWAYS said they were never dead – we all knew that before the finale aired. Plus, too bad if she spoiled anyone – this is an article aimed at people who have seen the show – if it’s someone’s first time and they watch this – it’s their fault. The show’s been off the air for years – spoiler alert doesn’t really apply anymore.

        • CountryQueen says:

          Grant – I don’t know why I refer to you as “she” here. Oops. :)

          • Grant says:

            Haha, no problem. But yes I didn’t think that was spoiling anything because the fact is they did NOT all die in the crash, but this is something many people believe to be true and I am so tired of reading these kind of comments from people who clearly didn’t pay attention to the show.

  20. Joyce Love says:

    I REALLY miss this show! It was amazing!

  21. Mace says:

    I miss LOST. I still cry over the scene on Charlie’s death! :( (NOT Penny’s boat) :(

  22. seriously! Bring the show back!!! LOL!!

  23. Loved the video and miss the show more than words can say.

    We ARE going back to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the show’s premiere. We’ll be in Hawaii September 20 – 22 with over 200 LOST fans to mark the big day. Can’t wait!

  24. Andrew says:

    They were not dead the entire time. That is a very common misconception it seems. They all lived out their lives on the island. The flash sideways is what happened AFTER everyone had died. It’s during the flash sideways that the characters remember their lives on the island and how they died. Christian says as much to Jack during the series finale.

  25. Carla says:

    I watched this series 6 times from beginning to end, every episode! I know it sounds crazy but it was that good in my opinion. Nothing to do on a rainy day, well watch Lost, it is the best TV series ever made, point blank.

  26. barbara f says:

    LOST truly was an amazing show –there was nothing quite like it before and nothing like it since it ended. It was a phenomenon — interactive television, not passive. You cared about the characters unlike so many shows on now. It repeatedly appears in articles as a comparison to shows that try to emulate it but don’t quite get there. LOST gave me a gift I will treasure always – -that is, great memories of watching it weekly with my daughter and niece. Still wishing there was a spinoff from the flash sideways with Sawyer and Miles as police detectives! Maybe throw Hurley in there too!

  27. CountryQueen says:

    “See you in another life brother.” Rewatching the show after the finale – I always felt this line of Desmond’s summed up the show nicely. I miss this show so much. I loved how it ended – it made me so happy. And I miss the community of friends I had that would obsessively dissect it the day after each episode. Good times. Good times. There will never be another LOST.

  28. quikslvrx says:

    When charlie dies the first time in the rain…and jack wont stop pounding on his chest…:chills:

  29. Renee germany says:

    Loved the show. Sad when it ended. But glad to see a lot of the cast has new roles. Just as good

  30. Davina Williams says:

    I’d be as happy as a pig in muck if they bought out an unseen episode. Love, love, love the series. Best thing ever, watch the box set over and over again… Understand why a lot of things happened in the beginning if you watch it all in one go xxxx

  31. N tTVf says:

    LOST was, and is still, a very special series. I miss it – nothing, nothing since has come close to this series – incredible ride. I have lots of favorite scenes, episodes, most from season 3 – ‘Downtown’ w/Juliet, ‘RUN!’ (Jack to Kate and Sawyer), Sawyer coming up out of the water to greet Julia after the frig explosion [season 4?] – “nice day for a swim.’ With his ‘cat-that-ate-the-canary’ smile and Julia’s look of resignation at what she’s just seen – the frig explosion.

    But my favorite conversation and confrontation was between Jack and John [I believe in early season 2 – ‘A Man of Science, a Man of Faith’ (?) ] –

    John – “You don’t believe because you are a man of science Jack.”
    Jack – “Oh really, and what does that make you John?”
    John – “Me? Well, I’m a man of faith. I believe in destiny.”
    Jack – “Really John? I don’t believe in that stuff.”
    John- (as he is walking away) “Oh, yes you do Jack….you just don’t know it yet.”

    As that moment, I knew LOST was going to be get, very, very good.

    • N tTVf says:

      And I just thought of my other favorite moment from the series – I think from season 4 (maybe 5 – I’m starting to forget, I have to look at my notes- think S5?) – when Jack and Kate get rescued [‘the six’] the first time (We have to go back!!!!), and they try to make a go of it, taking care of Claire’s baby. I love that episode, as I watched them try to make a go of it, as best they could, ‘playing house’ (while in parallel, Sawyer and Juliet are playing their own version of ‘house couple’ with the Others in the groovy ’70s.)

      The struggle that Jack and Kate have in that relationship back in the US, and the damage that a doomed relationship must endure because of the guilt they both feel having left Sawyer (and Juliet) and the others behind on the island. That episode – brilliant on so many levels. ‘Survivor’s guilt’ is often a good mirror/indicator into what can happen to good relationships that collapse over time due to overwhelming sense of loss and guilt. LOST and their writing/actor team managed to tell that story in this episode to perfection. RIP LOST.

  32. Nancy Dak says:

    Lost was/is the best show ever. I miss it so much. Loved every minute of it.

  33. I completed a rewatch recently. The big emotional payoffs still hold up better than anything I’ve seen on television. Even if the show had done nothing else right, Penny and Desmond would have been enough. The mysteries maybe don’t hold up so well now that they’re no longer, well, mysterious. Nonetheless you see how well constructed and planned a lot of that stuff was and it’s amazing it was on network television. It helped lay the groundwork for so much of the serialized tv that people are now watching with seemingly more interest than movies.

  34. Frankthetank says:

    Still disappointed in the ending. Ugh waste of time. If you are reading this and haven’t watched the show yet. DON’T. Waste of your LIFE.

    • Cathy says:

      Well too bad you wasted your life, you are in the minority of people who didn’t like this show, and if you didn’t like it so much then why are you posting on a website clearly for viewers who did like it

  35. Houdini says:

    For everyone saying that they wish they were bringing back a new episode. How about answering so many of the unanswered questions to start, like they said they would …..

  36. Izzie Duquette says:

    “Not Penny’s boat”- I cried sooo much the first time I saw this. Poor, poor Charlie. And Juliet’s death was also incredibly sad (I say this even though I wanted Kate and Sawyer to end up together). Good thing they didn’t include Jin and Sun’s drowning, or I’d be a puddle on the floor right now…

  37. bixie23 says:

    While the clip was nice and certainly makes me remember what I love about Lost, what was the point?

    P.S. Cuselof? Thought it was Darlton.

  38. Janine sullivan says:

    Maybe we’ll see it in another life…maybe on September 22?

  39. Jan Arild says:

    Seen the whole thing 6 times and it never lets me down….My favorite show for all time,next time i see it will be with my son :)

  40. Karen says:

    I watched Lost from the night it first premiered. Never missed an episode. I even recorded each one so I could rewatch it the next day to make sure I caught all of the Easter eggs. I was totally addicted to this show. I cried many times while watching over the years. I think the most was when it ended. This was by far the most amazing show ever. I still miss it and the amazing actors who played these characters so well. I wish they could do a reunion. I’d love nothing more than that. There’s nothing but crap on TV now. Even though I own all 6 seasons on DVD, and have watched the series at least twice, I started to watch Season 1 again on Netflix a few weeks ago. I’m just a Lostie forever!

  41. Chris says:

    I’ve watched it’s 6 times now and every time you always see something you didn’t see the times before. the show gets smarter and deeper and it needs to continue because there are too many missing pieces that they did not explain. it is quite simply the most amazing thing ever put to film in the history of mankind to end it after six seasons is a criminal act! It is practically a religion to me, it teaches you how life can be viewed from so many different perspectives and opinions and when you apply this in real life it can help you get through a variety of problems.