Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz Talk Bones' Big Changes, Booth's Beard and a Volatile Marriage Topic

When Fox’s Bones opens its 10th season on Thursday, Sept. 25, Brennan will be dealing with big changes.

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Having barely survived that season-ending shootout, only to wind up framed for murder by a mysterious conspiracy, her husband “Booth is very different when we come back,” Emily Deschanel shared with Michael Ausiello during a visit to TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con video suite. Locked up behind bars, the G-man will deal with a bit of PTSD, as well as get a bit scruffy.

David Boreanaz says he’s no fan of the facial hair (“It’s a choice” as an actor), then speculates about how quickly (or not) his character might lose it.

While Booth stews, Brennan is left “trying desperately to clear Booth’s name, to get to the bottom of the conspiracy,” she said.

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There will also be a transition on the literal home front, seeing as the aforementioned gunplay left B&B’s house in shambles. Deschanel and Boreanaz said the marrieds’ new digs are “awesome” yet “very different” from their previous home. (Maybe relocating to a place that has “lots of glass,” as they say, isn’t prudent given what just happened…?)

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Also in the above video Q&A: Deschanel and Boreanaz talk about Booth getting his own version of a “squint,” an upcoming pregnancy and the one topic that could tear at the very fabric of their characters’ happy marriage!