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Scandal's 'Randy' Season 4 Premiere Title: What Could It Possibly Mean?

Scandal Season 4 Premiere

Just over a week ago, I asked Shonda Rhimes if she had a title yet for Scandal‘s Season 4 premiere — and somewhat to her own amazement, she admitted that she did not.

But now she does, and just in time for the first table read of the season.

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On the occasion of that first read-through with her Scandal cast on Thursday, Rhimes tweeted a photo of the script cover, revealing the title for the premiere (airing Thursday, Sept. 25 at 9/8, and picking up “about two-and-a-half months later,” she told us.)

With Olivia off “standing in the sun” with Jake, perhaps it’s a roll call for the Gladiators she left behind (alive)? “Randy” Quinn, “Superfreak” Huck, “Red” Abby and… um, well, Julia? (Maybe the latter is a new associate, possibly to be played by Portia de Rossi…?)

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Take a look, then hit the comments with your best guess at what, if anything, it all could possibly mean.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mike R. says:

    I’ve seen all three seasons, can some explain to me why Quinn is Randy. Speaking of Quinn hopefully they can back with the Gladiators this season, I wasn’t really a fan of her arc in season 3z

  2. androme3 says:

    The title sounds like 4 people you’d probably meet at a bathhouse.

  3. ... says:

    This sounds like the beginning of a joke. “So Randy, Red, Superfreak, and Julia walk into a bar…”

  4. English says:

    If the season is supposed to be Abby-centric maybe its her ex husband.

  5. b says:

    That’s a cool name, and I hope you’re right about Portia being a new gladiator because this show needs new blood, especially on the gladiator side. This show has become a far cry from the genius it started as. Yes, it’s still pretty genius when they’re not trying to rush 12 episodes into 6 because of Washington’s pregnancy. But I really am hoping for some true Season 1-level gladiating. I don’t want OPA to just be an after-thought EVERY episode to the White House and B-613 as it as been. Olivia shouldn’t have more hushed, wine-drankin’ phone calls with Fitz than she should scenes where she’s handling, you know, SCANDALS.

  6. Wanda Broadnax says:

    Millie will tell her that Fritz need her. He had a mental breakdown.

  7. Darlene Peterson says:

    There is no Scandal without Oliva. I’m not sure I’d watch it

  8. Crystal says:

    I hope they bring Olivia back as soon as episode 1 starts. Olivia Pope says that she is the eye of the storm and that everything is her fault… in my personal opinion…without her everything will fall apart…she holds everything together, she is the glue. And besides that point…I live for the day that Fitz divorces Mellie and stays with Olivia…don’t get me wrong, I love Mellie…but Fitz and Mellie aren’t meant for each other…they don’t have the same connection that Fitz and Olivia have!!! Every time that Fitz and Olivia are with each other, I can feel their connection, and I don’t feel that when Fitz is with Mellie. Olivia NEEDS to come back soon, because if she doesn’t…Fitz won’t be in his right mind, he won’t know how to be himself, he won’t be complete. And when a person isn’t in their right mind, they make unwise decisions and their judgement is clouded…and Fitz can’t afford that because his son died. I can’t imagine how Fitz is going to get through any of it because he suffered a loss and he needs someone that he trusts and loves with all his heart to be there for him leading him to the right path…and that person is Olivia, not Mellie.

    • I agree with you Fritz belongs with Olivia.

    • Koki Rodrigo says:

      Agree all the way. Fitz and Olivia belong together. But, Mellie loves Fitz too and has made sacrifices for him (well, she wanted the benefits too!). If Mellie is to lose Fitz, I would like to see her meeting someone she could be happy with. Then, what about Jake?

      • Mijan Morgan says:

        Ok so i agree with all the above, good points were made but what about Henderson? what’s gonna become of Quinn and Huck and their little intimacy at the end of season three? do we really think Abby will be the one to lead the gladiators (what’s left of them) in Olivia’s absence? What’s Olivia’s father’s plan in all this especially with her out the picture for now? sigh i cant wait to have all these questions answered, Shonda Rhimes is killing me here!!! Hopefully this Julia character brings a twist because i’m longing for a good season.

      • Kisha Lattimore says:

        Yes what about Jake..Fitz and Olivia mesh well together… But the chemistry that Olivia and Jake have is undescribable… So personally I would like to see Jake and Olivia get together

    • Regina TQueen says:

      that may very well be but this loss is deeply shared by Fitz and Mellie. And, Mellie breathed in the son’s sneeze; will she be sick? Will Fitz take care of her. And, the daughter (along with baby Teddy) is all they a parents have left…surely they must give some thought to her well being needing to be with family now. Mellie and Fitz have a live child who is dealing with the loss of a sibling. They cannot afford to ignore her totally to lick their own wounds to her exclusion. And, then there is baby Teddy…Really, I don’t like Liv and Fitz together…nor do I like her with Jake…he has no spark…no chemistry wth Liv.
      Also, VP Sallie Franklin is not all that stable….so here Silas has the opportunity to run the country he has always wanted run. Liv will come back when she learns about Harrison’s demise and all that is going on in the Administration…seeing tha she is needed to fix not just individuals but the Administration. David has the hard copy of B613’s doings and is ready to take them down for real…but will Rowan let that happen? I haven’t a clue who any of them are except “Red” is Abbey. If Harrison is tobe replaced, I suggest Aldis Hodge or Shemar Moore…just saying they’d be good Gladiators.

    • Crystal, I couldn’t have phrased it better. Thank you. I think it would be super if they showed them actually getting a divorce, and have WH wedding or a quiet wedding in NH. Let melly and Andrew get together, because they are beginning to look trashy slipping around, looking for stolen moments. It would be “unprecedented” for a First couple to get a divorce, and it would be exciting. Scott or somebody should become head of B-613, and kill Olivia’s father as revenge for killing Fitz’s son. More, more and more fixing at OPA please.

    • RuthieJo says:

      I’m with you ALL the way on this Crystal. There is no Fitz without Olivia and vice versa. I’m hoping that when Olivia gets to her new destination that she realizes that she really does belong with Fitz. I’m also hoping that Fitz will find out that Olivia has gone away and that he goes after her and brings her back. The house in Vermont is calling their names. I can’t really watch Scandal without OLITZ !! I’m a huge, huge Olitzer fan.

  9. Tracy Green says:

    Absolutely fabulous. I have chic Scandal dinner parties in my home. We are waiting as Gladiators for September which my birthday is in September. How cool is that? My families bonus children and their friends enjoy our Scandal weekly get together. Its awesome.

  10. Tran says:

    Scandal fans will be shocked if Harrison gets killed off (SPOILER ALERT). Also, what are the chances Scandal is going to topped The Blacklist when the series moves to Thursdays at 9 p.m. beginning February 5th?

  11. Keryl Douglas says:

    Praying for Columbus Short. He’s a wonderful young man and talent who I pray will push through his challenges to the destiny and triumph GOD has designed and reserved for him. Cheering him on; awaiting his success and return. Shonda Rhimes is remarkable. She’ll do the right and best thing as usual.

    • I hope with all my heart that Columbus Short didn’t die, and Shonda is just teasing us that he’s gone. I love him and he plays so well in the spot he was in. I hope he’s just in a coma or anything but dead. He messed up in his personal life, but so do all actors, and they don’t get fired. Don’t start me to naming all of the ones who really munked up in their personal lives and was given another shot. C’mon Shonda, bring him back.

  12. ebony says:

    I think Fitz believes Olivia will always settle, I am glad she left with Jake to show she got options too. If Fitz is loosing the election Olivia will come back that was the whole point for Fitz to win. I think Olivia is coming back pregnant n wonder who’s baby Fitz or Jake’s hmmm we will see

  13. Daphne Jones says:

    Find a way to Bring Back Columbus short!

    Olivia has to come back pregnant with Jakes baby?

    Olivia makes the show and her Daddy.

    Her Daddy has to get into something interesting.

  14. LaTasha Davis says:

    One Call From Fitz (AND/OR Mellie) Is ALL IT’s Going To Take To Get Olivia Back In DC AND Back In Fitz’s Arms AGAIN!!!! Bye!Bye! Standing In The Sun Dreams! Awwww Jake Give Up And Move On! (); )

  15. Barbara W. says:

    I’m glad this is fiction because I wouldn’t want a president who can’t get his own house-hold straight running my country. Plus this man has a wife AND children and the toss that just because someone is a good lay or taste good (which was tasteless to say about someone you love to a parent) is very disrespectful. Again, glad it’s fiction. The current POTUS would have been impeached a long time ago.

  16. Mary Thomas says:

    I can’t believe Olivia would not be back, taking off in an airplane with Jake just seems to be hiding her head, or settling. She doesn’t love him; he’s just “safe”. And we all know that Olivia does NOT settle. The chemistry between Fitz and Olivia is fantastic…I didn’t care for Tony Goldwyn until I saw him in this show. Every emotion his character feels is in his face….he is amazing to watch, and Kerry Washington brings out the best in him.

  17. blissful says:

    There is no Scandal without Olivia and Fitz. I don’t like Jake. What can he really do for Olivia. There is no chemistry between them. He is always asking Olivia to save him. He was ordered to sleep with Olivia, to put a rift between Fitz and Olivia, and now he wants to be in the sunshine with her. Give me a brake. To me he is cool calculating, deliberate,and deadly. Olivia had no business going off with Jake especially after she told him she was in love with someone else. That did not make sense to me.

    As for MELLIE, she is another cold person. She loves the privilege,and the power of being First Lady. She cares .more about the optics the ratings etc. Aesthetic beauty. She told Fitz in his face she would use her bag of tricks to make her puppet husband dance, and she did. She is also flawed. An affair etc. Olivia saved her from embarrassment many times. She has no business calling Olivia names.

    If you want to see how indifferent, and heartless Mellie is watch over the episode ” A Criminal, a Whore an Idiot,and a Liar” Olivia’s actions, towards the President was so affectionate towards Fitz, as compared to Mellie. She was going on and on about ratings blah blah blah.

    As for Olivia’s parents, even in reality I would not want to be in Olivia’s shoes. I don’t know who is the worst of the two. I would really like Harrison to return to the show.

  18. Tanya says:

    I’ve been hooked on Scandal since the first episode, but it’s all because of OPA and not at all about Olitz…. I hate who Olivia becomes when she’s with Fitz…. I’m not overly fond of Fitz period…. He’s either a weak mess depending on someone else to fix his miserable life or he’s a controlling d!!k … He would be absolutely nothing without Mellie and Cyrus pushing him and “fixing” things ….
    Kerry & Tony have awesome chemistry but Olivia and Fitz are disgusting on many levels … I much prefer Olivia with Jake …. As far as we know Jake isn’t married nor is he the elected leader of our country trying to get laid by the help in the oval office …

    • Binali says:

      I agree Fitz needs to get his act together he is the President but acts more like a deprived 5 uear old that craves to get layed

  19. Annette says:

    If the president divorces. Liv loves Fitz. No matter what he does. They do make a good couple for the show.

  20. If Olivia and the President aren’t going to have a hot romance going, then I don’t much care how the balls drop.

    • RuthieJo says:

      Olivia is the adhesive that holds everything and almost everyone together. But in her mind she thinks that she’s the cause of the problems and she’s trying to right a wrong by leaving. Meanwhile Fitz is having a breakdown and Mellie can’t hold him together like Liv.

      Harrison is killed and Pope & Assoc. is dismantling. When Olivia finds out that Harrison was killed she has no choice but to return; he was one of her Gladiators. Harrison had her back on everything and she owes him. When she finds out that Papa Pope had him killed all “White Hats” back on deck. Meanwhile Papa Pope thinks he has mama Pope on lockdown .. really ! Mama Pope escaped before and she will again reeking havoc on anything in her path of destruction. POTUS finds out that Papa Pope had his son killed tells Olivia and they work together to take B-613 down and Pope & Associates is back this time with Abby taking the lead like Harrison used to do. Poor Mellie is just poor Mellie. Huck goes to see his family but has a hard time adjusting to being a family man again, Quinn stays on as a Gladiator because they’re the only family she has now. Pope & Assoc. hires a new Gladiator and Jake is somewhere off in the sunset.

  21. Dennis McCall says:

    I think Olivia coming back as soon as she hear bout the death of Christopher Harris. Huck moves back in with his ex and still mess with Quinn on the dl.

  22. Cynthia townsend says:

    I would love for Olivia to come back cuz without her and new gladiators there no scandal