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Scandal's 'Randy' Season 4 Premiere Title: What Could It Possibly Mean?

Scandal Season 4 Premiere

Just over a week ago, I asked Shonda Rhimes if she had a title yet for Scandal‘s Season 4 premiere — and somewhat to her own amazement, she admitted that she did not.

But now she does, and just in time for the first table read of the season.

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On the occasion of that first read-through with her Scandal cast on Thursday, Rhimes tweeted a photo of the script cover, revealing the title for the premiere (airing Thursday, Sept. 25 at 9/8, and picking up “about two-and-a-half months later,” she told us.)

With Olivia off “standing in the sun” with Jake, perhaps it’s a roll call for the Gladiators she left behind (alive)? “Randy” Quinn, “Superfreak” Huck, “Red” Abby and… um, well, Julia? (Maybe the latter is a new associate, possibly to be played by Portia de Rossi…?)

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Take a look, then hit the comments with your best guess at what, if anything, it all could possibly mean.

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