Reign @ Comic-Con: Frary's 'Awkward' Future, Lola's Baby, Plague-Related Deaths and More Season 2 Scoop

Three of French Court’s finest — Toby Regbo, Megan FollowsAdelaide Kane — and executive producer Laurie McCarthy addressed their subjects at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, spilling a king’s ransom of secrets from Reign‘s upcoming second season.

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Kane said Mary and Francis’ marriage is “going well so far,” though McCarthy warned Frary fans that they should be “a little nervous” about the couple’s future in Season 2. Francis and Mary will face countless obstacles, both “political” and sometimes “horrific.”

One of the latter elements will be the guilt hanging over Francis’ head following the murder of his father. “It’s going to eat me up inside, I imagine,” Regbo said.

“Season 2 is very much about what goes on beyond the castle walls,” McCarthy explained, noting that many nobles have been waiting for their day in court — so to speak — with Mary, Francis and Catherine.

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And it sounds like Henry will be getting some company up in heaven — JK, we all know he’s in hell! — as the plague lands at Court “with a vengeance,” McCarthy teased. “Not everyone will survive it, among our people as well as a percentage of the regional population.” Those deaths, she revealed, will begin in Episode 1.

“What rises from the ashes of the plague” will also be interesting, McCarthy continued. “It’s about [Francis] inheriting a nation that is, in fact, burning.”

The situation between Francis, Mary and Lola will be “awkward,” following the birth of Francis and Lola’s child, Kane noted. Meanwhile, the dynamic between Mary and Catherine will remain unfathomably tense. (“There isn’t enough power to go around,” Follows explained.)

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“There’s a chance for anything,” McCarthy said when asked about a potential Frary baby. “They’re going to try to make it happen.” (Kane said she’s excited to have “awkward” fake sex with Regbo on Saturday.)

For all you history buffs, it doesn’t sound like Francis will be dying on Reign as quickly as he did in real life. “I’m in no rush to say goodbye to Toby or Francis,” McCarthy said, adding that she’s a total Frary shipper.

And don’t count on the Mary-Francis-Bash love triangle returning anytime soon — or ever.

“They’ll always have a special relationship,” Kane said of Mary and Bash moving forward. “I just don’t think they’ll bang.”

Reign‘s second season begins Thursday, Oct. 2, at 9/8c on The CW.