What Happens Next, The Good Wife: Will Alicia Become State's Attorney?

TVLine hits rewind on the TV season’s biggest “What Happens Next” finales, then invites you to predict the cliffhanger outcomes

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but reinvention proved the mother of sensationally gripping drama on Season 5 of The Good Wife.

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Alicia and Cary left Lockhart-Gardner to launch their own rival law firm — with Will and Diane declaring war in the wake of what they perceived as a huge betrayal. Then, just as the show’s main characters began to accept this new normal, Will was shot and killed in a senseless act of courtroom violence. His death set off yet another chain of unpredictable events that ended with Diane angling to join Florrick-Agos, Alicia relegating her marriage to Peter to one of political convenience and Eli getting a flash of inspiration that Alicia should challenge weaselly James Castro for his position as state’s attorney.

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That last twist — along with Peter flirting with the idea of an affair with an intern, and Cary & Co. considering Diane’s offer to bring her clout to their struggling firm — could provide fertile seeds for Season 6 of the winner for best drama series at last weekend’s 2014 Television Critics Association Awards.

Executive producer Robert King already told TVLine back in May, before the show’s summer break, that intitially, Alicia will think Eli’s idea of her running for office is “the stupidest idea she’s ever heard,” but that “there are going to be events that push Alicia to consider this idea [of running for office] more seriously.”

That tease became more of a reality when, last week, Rescue Me‘s Steven Pasquale was cast for a two-episode arc as as a campaign expert courted by Eli Gold to manage Alicia’s possible run for state’s attorney.

Now the question looms: Will Alicia ultimately decide for or against a run for public office? And if she does throw her hat in the ring, will she come out a winner?

Review our poll options below, then make your predictions for The Good Wife’s sixth season.

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  1. rowan77 says:

    As much as you always want to see Alicia succeed, failure makes for a more interesting storyline. IF she does run – and that is not 100% certain, her almost winning creates a more delicate dynamic between her, Cary and the firm, Diane and even Peter, since we’ve already experienced the dynamic of having a State’s Attorney closely connected to the firm (and if Diane is part of Florrick/Agos, LG will become simply another enemy headed by, likely, David Lee, who will regret partnering with Louis Canning.

    After last season’s amazing ride, I’m really looking forward to what the Kings come up with this season.

  2. Liam says:

    I don’t think this would be a interesting storyline at all. I’ve been watching from the beginning, and I liked it when Cary was in the SAs office, I liked it when Peter was running for office, but I don’t find it a bit interesting to do it again with Alicia.

    • rowan77 says:

      We’ve always had someone in SA’s office (this year it was Finn), so while you like the repetition, I think they’ve trod that ground enough and it won’t be fresh. We’ll have to wait and see what transpires.

    • rowan77 says:

      Oops. Misread your comment – and it seems you misread mine. I am against her winning (running and losing, great. Winning – boring).

  3. Erin says:

    I think the series will end with her running or winning for SA. I don’t think they should go there just yet.

  4. the final two seasons will be about the run for states attorney- and it will end with alicia giving a press conference, just as the show started. a great great show.

  5. Alex says:

    All I want is for Kalinda to have a real story and character development again. Please.

    I REALLY want her and Alicia to have scenes together again, as my season one rewatch this summer has really showed me what the show has lost by not having those scenes. But I’d settle for Kalinda having an intelligible arc of any kind. She hasn’t had a story since her husband, and sorry, her dynamics with Cary are not dynamic at all. Her heart and soul is Alicia.

  6. Kim R says:

    Please…not another election campaign. Think of something else. :)

  7. DW says:

    Can’t wait to see what the Kings come up with this coming season. But I do think the S.A. office angle has been pretty much played out. I’d rather see Alicia stay at the law firm. I think it is possible that they will twist this election saga into Alicia refusing to run and Cary deciding to run. That would leave the firm in Alicia and Diane’s control. After all that’s happened to Cary on this show I am hoping that Cary will get some storyline respect this year and maybe a real girlfriend instead of Kalinda who has become a modern day Mata Hari to Diane’s Kaiser Wilhelm. They make quite a pair for sure. Can’t wait for TGW to return.

    • Pam says:

      “I am hoping that Cary will get some storyline respect this year and maybe a real girlfriend instead of Kalinda”

      Don’t hold your breath. It’s not going to happen. They will be too busy with the “new male energy” to give a damn about it.

      • DW says:

        Given the record of the past five seasons I wouldn’t be surprised if what you say becomes reality. One thing is sure though. Cary and Kalinda cannot have the same relationship as before. That would be beyond unbelievable after what happened. Give Cary a real girlfriend. That would be the realistic thing to do.

        • Lucy says:

          Given the record of the past five season (just remember the zero follow up which get his beaten up in the parking lot…speaking of storyline respect) and considering that the supposed “Year of Cary” ended up being the year of every other character but not Cary, I doubt they’ll devote to Cary and Kalinda thing more than a couple of minutes here and there. I’m also sure they’ll use their infamous “trust issue” to give Kalinda her seasonal “new love interest” quota. That while Cary will get his seasonal “I’m Robert King’s favourite plot tool” without any worth storyarc and less background than guest stars or new added characters.
          But it’s Cary. He can be hurt physically and emotionally. Other character can treat him like crap and showing zero respect for him. Awful and unfair things can happen to him. And not a single good plot or a decent script comes out it anyway. And of course we’re not supposed to care about it.

  8. xx says:

    I’ll take a sixth option- she runs for SA and wins only after her marriage with Peter publicly implodes (because he gets caught with that intern).

  9. Jimmy says:

    Enough with the elections. I’d find the continued battle between the two firms far more interesting, especially if Diane leaves LG.

  10. Coal says:

    I’m excited for the potential new angle the show is taking, especially if it means Alan Cummings will more to do than just be Peter’s baby sitter making sure he doesn’t sleep with anyone. Eli was at his best to me anyway when he was Peters campaign manager. Also it would make more sense to me for Alicia going up against Diane or Cary from S.A. Office in court than when it seemed like LG and Florrick Agos where the only two law firms in town and every case was against each other.

  11. Carolyn says:

    I would like to see Alicia run for SA because she’d be working with Peter again on her campaign strategies and hopefully, Peter won’t sleep with the young intern. You’d think he’d learn a lesson or two by the sixth season! I do think Alicia’s rejection of Peter was all part of her mourning for Will. None of us can predict what Season 6 will have in store, but it’s been such a great show and I really can’t wait for September 21st to see how it all plays out!!

  12. jematiah says:

    i think Alicia will take the S.A and the drama will be taken to court where the [L.G and Agos firms will be on one side and Alicia on the other side of the S.A..it will be inyeresting

  13. Jem says:

    Cary Agos will end up running instead of Alicia. The firm will be under alicia and diane. More intellectual drama between SA Office and LG&C.

  14. Lily Beth says:

    Alicia & Peter’s dynamic are the BEST – I love it that she loves her husband and wishes for her marriage to work !!!

    No more nonsense with extra marital affairs -let us finish on a good note

    By bringing respect and values back !!!

    Alicia and Peter can set an example to us all

    Call me romantic but I much rather she finishes with Peter and even pregnant again , why not ?

    Will was ‘alright’ but Peter is something else -he wants to make commends , let him find it difficult etc but not impossible

    Love conquers all and we the public LOVE our main characters to excel at all levels

    Peter is handsome and can suffer accidents or even a comma but let them be good to each other ! Teach us all to keep alert and working hard at our relationships


  15. chani says:

    Why did Will have to die? Seriously will not watch again

    • rowan77 says:

      Okay. Don’t watch. That was the best season of the series, even though Josh Charles left the show. If you’re going to be silly enough to not watch one of the best shows on television, that’s up to you, but you are in the minority on this. Enjoy your CSI: Miami reruns.