Pretty Little Liars Recap: One Flew Into the Cuckoo's Nest

“This is about lies and whispered conversations that stop when someone walks into a room.”

And just like that, Spencer sums up everything this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars is about.

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But that’s not the only realization to be had in Tuesday’s episode. Read on to see what else the Liars got up to.

NURSE WRETCHED | Aria’s volunteer work has her helping out during the art class, and when she slips Bethany’s drawing into a pile of prints, it immediately catches the eye of one of the patients who claims it’s hers — and she’s none other than Bethany’s roommate, Rhonda. Later Aria sneaks into the girls’ room, but her investigation is cut short when Rhonda returns, causing Aria to scramble and hide under a bed – which just happens to be Rhonda’s. Luckily, Aria finds Bethany’s sketchbook hidden under there, grabs it and manages to sneak out, running into Eddie on the way.

Once she confirms that she knows Ezra, she rushes over to Spencer’s house, where they pore over the drawings in the book and Aria asks Spencer if Ezra mentioned her (because you know, priorities). Amid all this boy-talk, the girls piece together that Bethany might have been the “fragile patient” also on the Radley roof the night Toby’s mom died. Dun. Dun. Duuuunnh! (Side note: Has Aria attended enough class to know who Chagall is?)

THE GUEST-ING GAME | Emily’s mom invites Alison and the other girls to dinner. She also offers “an ear attached to an adult” but there’s no way any of the girls will ever take her up on that offer. Emily then freaks out because: a) her mom’s making popovers and b) she doesn’t want Ali to be the only other person at dinner with her and her mom. So despite Hanna’s “epic excuse” of cramps, she drags her friend (who is now very over Alison) to her house for what is quite an uncomfortable dinner: Conversation swirls around the lack of “bad luck” discount on their windows and Alison blaming herself for being “kidnapped.” After their guests leave, Emily’s mom admits to trying to play matchmaker for her daughter and Alison, then confirms Hanna’s comment about not believing Alison’s story. (Side note: Can Emily’s mom show up any time characters need to have a much-needed conversation?)

HALEB-LUIAH | Hanna runs into Caleb reading Swamp Thing because he has excellent taste and discovers he’s there to take his high school exit exams (“If they ask me who signed the Emancipation Proclamation, I’ll say Daniel Day-Lewis.”). Then, when he shows up at her house and tells her he walked out of the test (“Algebra and civics don’t mean a thing in the real world”), she kicks him out. That doesn’t mean that Hanna doesn’t still have feelings for everyone’s favorite Rosewood returnee, because when Alison hints that she doesn’t approve of him, Hanna says, “He’s the most un-mistake thing in my life.” (We’re going to ignore the phrasing and focus on the sentiment.) Later, when Caleb walks into the coffee shop, he and Hanna ignore the fact that he bought three brownies and instead discuss their relationship. It’s not long before they kiss, signalling that Haleb is back on!

I SPY | Spencer agrees to help Ezra move all his research to his friend’s shed; in the process, they bond over past mistakes (“Families can be hard”) and how they each made things worse. Spencer then borrows one of Ezra’s cameras to spy on the barn because she still doesn’t trust her sister — or her father, for that matter. Later on, the camera picks up not only footage of Melissa walking into it the barn, but Alison walking by it. Spencer then brings it up when she and Aria arrive at Emily’s house, and good ol’ Ems points out that Alison’s not dressed the way she was at dinner. Aria then adds that Ezra told her that Eddie called and asked to meet, but never showed up. That’s when A sends them a text that blames “Hanna’s big mouth.”

Now it’s your turn. Anyone else think that Sydney is the new “A” minion? Where is Toby? Isn’t “Mona’s Secret Ninjas” a great band name? Drop your theories in the comments section below.

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  1. Rachie says:

    Bethenny was the fragile girl on the roof top the night Toby’s Mom* died. (Not Mrs. D)

  2. Leo says:

    Oh crap. Are we gonna get back with Toby’s dead mom storyline? Because that put me to sleep like literally.
    I love Hanna’s new attitude and I hope she put Alison in place.
    Aria finally joining in the sleuthing, 5 seasons too late gurl.
    And Spencer having a normal week, so weird not to see her scream or yell.

    • Melanie says:

      I so agree about Hanna. Loved her. And Spencer actually screamed about the rat -sorta!

      • Liz says:

        Does anyone else think Melissa put the rat in Paige’s locker? I mean rat poison in the garage, and now Melissa actually having a dead rat when she runs into Spencer? Seems like a bit of too much of a coincidence to me.

  3. Alex says:

    Please, I think you have to be absolutely Cuckoo to watch this hot mess of a TV show. The only good thing about it is Holly Marie Combs. The rest of the cast is mediocre at best and the plot lines are ridiculous.

    • fernando933 says:

      Actually troian bellisario is a phenomenal actress for being on a teen show. Every scene she does she nails it. Her comedy can be sarcastic but she makes it funny and unique and her drama is always acted spot on and makes you feel it. I think if she was in any other show she could win an Emmy but since this is a teen show she will never be honor or recognize the way she should be for her acting

    • fernando933 says:

      Actually troian bellisario is a phenomenal actress for being on a teen show. She nails every scene she is in. Her comedy is on point and it can be sarcastic at times but she makes it’s unique. Her drama is amazing, she always makes you feel what she is going through. If she was on another show that wasn’t a teen show, she could get an Emmy but since she’s on a teen show she will never be honor or recognize the way she should be.

  4. Cate53 says:

    I’m glad Hanna is breaking away from Ali – who is a totally manipulative liar! She’s like Vee on OITNB! Talking of OITNB, that room mate of the dead girl was channeling a bit of Taystee! :)

    Glad to see Emily take her mother’s words to heart about not having to keep saving her and ring Paige with a lovey doves message. Hope for Paily!!

    Who is Sydney? Yes, a Jenna/ Mona ally, but what is her motivation for being I on the Ali baiting? As a swim team member, she had to be prime rat-planting suspect surely.

    • Liz says:

      I’m glad Pam could see right through Ali’s BS.

      Emily really should get back with Paige. Paige has supported Emily and been there for her, even saved Spencer’s life on the halloween train. Can’t think of anything Ali ever did that wasn’t selfish and self serving…

      • DelenaForever says:

        I hope this doesn’t offend people who like her but I hate Allison everything was WAY better when everyone thought she was dead so high five Hannah and Em totally deserves someone better

      • L says:

        You do realize that Ali has come out of hiding, and endangering her own life, to save the girls on a number of occasions, right? Visited Han after Mona hit her with a car. Pulled Em from that death shed and gay kissed her on the mouth. Stopped Aria from drinking anymore poison tea. Checked on Spence in Radley and gay slow-danced with her. Pulled Hanna from a burning building. Saved Em from being sawed in half. And, led Spencer to Ezra’s liar in Ravenswood. Ali might be a crazy, lying, manipulative bitch but, she’s not all bad. She does love those girls in spite of herself.

        • Liz says:

          If she really cared about the girls safety maybe she would have come out of hiding and told the truth sooner (maybe when Hanna got run over, or when Emily almost died in the shed, or when they were almost burned in the lodge fire… ect any of those times when she realized her selfish behavior put the people she “cares” about in danger) when she realized that her selfish actions were putting her “friends” in danger? I also don’t think for a second half those things were done because she cares about the girls but more for her self preservation. She thought Spencer could figure out who A was that’s why she showed her the lair. Actually anytime she visited Spencer it was to give her clues to help figure out the mystery, which she obviously couldn’t do herself.

          also what is a gay kiss and how does it differ from a normal kiss? pretty sure a kiss is a kiss. Also slow dancing with a member of the same sex does not mean you’re gay or have any gay connotation.

          • L says:

            I didn’t think about the Spencer can figure stuff out aspect, I’ll give you that one.

            But, Ali couldn’t come out of hiding. For a while she didn’t even trust the PLLs. They all had good reason to hate her and knock her over the head. She spent those two years trying to figure out who tried to kill her and in the process realized it wasn’t the girls. Thats when she came back.

            Can you imagine being a 15 year old kid and realizing you’re a horrible enough person that your friends or your own family could totally want to murder you?

            I’m not saying she isn’t without some seriously effed up issues. But, she is still just a kid trying to sort through the chaos of life. On top of being physically and emotionally attacked every other day. Yes, she created a great deal of her own chaos. I’m not writing that off but, she’s not just an out and out villian. Up until a certain point all we had to go on were other people’s memory or perception of her.

            She was a little girl sleeping around with grown men. Everything she’s ever done was some sort of defense mechanism. The girl has some demons. I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt until we know more about the real Ali. Above all else she is a really intriguing character.

            And, the gay thing was half joke. I’m totally gay. I said it that way to point out the romantic nature of those two actions. Especially since people are saying that Ali doesn’t have real feelings for Emily. The slow dancing? Ali said something along the lines of practicing being better than the real thing. An obvious call back to her and Emily in the locker room. Plus, the way that particular Radley scene went the dancing wasn’t really necessary. I think the writers did that scene very deliberately. Also, the actresses just have really great chemistry together.

  5. Erin says:

    I was totally wondering about the brownies too! So glad someone else picked up on it!

  6. Azerty says:

    So basically, the death of Toby’s mom started as a B storyline, then it connected to the main mystery (Alison), then it was a B storyline again, finally they completly dropped it. But now it’s back in the middle of the top mystery? Are they going to figure this out or not?

    • Liz says:

      Bethany is Ian’s twin!!! jk but your right about them trying to push these side story lines back in. Next thing we know Ezra’s brother will be back doing something at Radley with Wren!

  7. CJ says:

    Am I the only one who wonders how Bethany knew what Mrs. D’s house looked like? If she drew the picture before leaving Radley, obviously she had previously been out and seen Mrs. D’s house and knew she had the rose garden.

  8. Aria ia A she kill Mona I know it is her in the wig to you see born come out of bloode wig and she text the girls to scared them and I know the clues are Aria you are bad stay away from. The girls