Graceland Sneak Peek: With Paige Missing, Is Mike Too Hot to Handle?

This week on USA Network’s Graceland (Wednesday, 10/9c), Jakes doesn’t waste any time relaying the bad news that Paige has gone missing on his watch — and we’ve got your first look at Mike’s “hot” reaction. 

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When last we tuned in, Paige and Jakes (played by Serinda Swan and Brandon Jay McLaren) were out to crack the Tinker Bells case — but police officers showed up to drag Jakes away (on restraining order violation charges) just as Paige made the impulsive call to take the place of the next (but now dead) girl to be dragged into the human trafficking ring. As such, no one was left to monitor her wire, meaning the baddies have a huge jump on the Feds.

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Press play below to see how Mike (Aaron Tveit) reacts to the news of his colleague-slash-lover’s vanishing, and whether Briggs can calm him down.

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