Under the Dome Recap: Going Viral

Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 4

“This is a chance to find an answer. To find one damn answer.”

On Monday’s episode of Under the Dome, Joe seemed just as desperate for answers as many of us have been this season.

And although the CBS drama still has quite a bit of explaining to do, a few of the show’s puzzle pieces are making like pink stars and falling into place.

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PIGGING OUT | At the start of the hour, Big Jim and Rebecca are still planning to control Chester’s Mill’s population, using the census information they gathered. But it seems Rebecca is about 10 steps ahead when it comes to how, exactly, the town’s residents will start dropping like flies. The “solution” comes in the form of a virus, which has laid dormant for years but is starting to spread in a number of sick pigs at the local farm. Rebecca — who has apparently been tracking every crop, animal and electromagnetic pattern in town since the moment the dome came down — takes to the school laboratory, where she’s been cultivating the virus in eggs. Once released, she tells a reluctant Big Jim, the strain could easily infect a quarter of the population. Oh, and she wants Big Jim to decide who stays and who goes in this Extremely Messed-Up Game of Life. No sweat, right?

Fortunately, the Tin Man does have a heart, and Big Jim can’t bring himself to distribute the virus via Sweetbriar Rose’s water supply. For a few horrifying seconds, it seems Rebecca is about to unleash the virus in her church’s holy water, but she, too, has a rare moment of clarity and keeps the virus sealed. (And let’s just take a moment to reflect on that: Rebecca was attending a weekly church support group and almost unleashed a deadly virus in holy water. Looks like she just upgraded to the deluxe suite in Hell.)

UNHAPPY MEMORIES | Elsewhere, Joe, Norrie and Melanie enlist Barbie’s help in uncovering who/what Melanie really is. An old newspaper clipping reveals that Melanie Cross went missing in 1988, and Melanie has a sudden memory of pink stars, which she used to eagerly await falling in the woods behind her house (aka the site of the mini-dome, which Joe, Norrie, et al found last season). Upon revisiting that exact spot, Melanie’s memory is jogged: She was indeed alive in ’88 — in fact, her friends included Lyle Chumley, Pauline and then-boyfriend Sam Verdreaux — and when the four of them stumbled upon an egg shimmering with pink stars, she was kicked into a ditch for wanting to protect it. Sure enough, Barbie digs up Melanie’s old necklace in the precise spot where she was killed. Poor girl is going to need some serious therapy when this is all over.

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DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? | As promised, Junior returns to the town jail to release Lyle and get answers about his mom’s “death” in return. Lyle shows Junior a number of postcards that Pauline has sent him over the last nine years, each one hand-painted with a prophetic image of recent events in Chester’s Mill. The two trek to Sam’s cabin, where Pauline’s old journal contains similar visions, but Lyle KOs Junior and runs off with the journal before we can (sigh) learn anything more.

At episode’s end, Sam and Julia return home, and Sam goes in for an extremely awkward kiss after Julia denies Barbie an opportunity to clear the air. Julia is game to wave it off, saying, “Let’s not make this weird” — but things get just that when we see that Sam is hiding scratch marks on his shoulder — perhaps from the hand of Angie, moments before she was killed?

A few parting questions: If Pauline isn’t actually dead, why does Big Jim insist she took her own life years ago? Did he find her “body” and arrange the “funeral”? Didn’t the metal vial containing Rebecca’s virus look just like the memory erasers in Men in Black? And why is Phil still acting important? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Matthew says:

    The new science teacher character is really annoying. Now she has vet skills?

    • JJM says:

      I think it’s just a general rule for people under the dome to pick up a career guide and decide what they wanna be and presto! It happens.

  2. So it’s aliens? A meteorite? Melanie laying dormant in the egg, and only re-emerging when Julia threw it in the lake? Is this another show that’s going to change directions mid-stream?

    Not sure WHY i keep watching, but I do.

    • Laurie Emerson says:

      I still am not sure what is going on. I still watch it though as with all the sadness going on today it is nice to escape into a world of not having to think too much. I grew up in a age of creature double feature, so this show is just fun for me.

  3. Raych says:

    ohh well if ever i get stuck in a dome i pray im not stuck with the science teacher. as for julia every week she has a reason to be angry at barbie and never lets him explain for some1 who always wants to know whats going on and who always finds her nose in everyones business i suggest she try and keep it in her own business for once and let the man explain (rant over lol) at least we got some answers yeah for the people outside chester’s mill myself included for the answers now for next week

    • Laura says:

      I love how Big Jim is a known liar and opportunist, yet Julia *still* believes every single thing he says to her about Barbie.

  4. Trenton says:

    Julia is being an idiot to some degree, but Barbie saw the possible need for a contingency plan and that wasn’t something Julia could accept. I think its the difference between someone who has seen how bad humans can become via war and someone who hasn’t.

    Gorgeous Teacher is obviously cray cray…and Big Jim has a thing for her … so not a good track record for him and crazy people.

    Melanie is a new interesting twist…curious as to why she recognizes Barbie and are from the same town. Maybe she knew his family?

    I hope Julia enjoys eating crow b/c Barbie is gonna have a big pie of it to serve her at some point soon.

    The show is ridiculous but its kind of the fun trashy show with a sci fi twist…like true blood is the fun trashy show with the fairy tale vamp twist.

  5. JonL says:

    I want to know why they need to kill more people. This show has killed tons of people since that dome came down

  6. Barbee Dixon says:

    Maybe Chester’s Mill is really Terminus?

  7. helixro14 says:

    Gave up on Under The Dome when it became this is where Gen Tommy Franks would send everyone he considered “the f**king stupidest guys on the face of the Earth” (his quote about Doug Feith one of the architects of the Iraq war). Starting with the poor dumb dead deputy girl.
    Think the aliens had a stupidity meter and found this to be the greatest concentration of aforementioned fsgotfote and selected them to go Under The Dome. Too bad they couldn’t have added in the network suits that ruined what started out to be an intriguing miniseries. Remember when it was slated to be a one-off limited episode series for the summer and then got good ratings so they decided to string it out for two seasons of Stupid.

  8. dee123 says:

    Wow. This episode. That does it. I just can’t with this show anymore. I’m done.

    • Lisa London says:

      I know, it was pretty horrible, poorly acted, and really all over the place. Yet, somehow, I keep watching to see how much worse it can get! That, and Barbie’s hot. ;-)

  9. jr says:

    Great episode. But I thought when Julia pushed Sam away when he tried to kiss her, her hand on his shoulder left that handprint or mark on his shoulder?

  10. Jordan222 says:

    I wish they just went cult classics-super horrible acting and effects, I say super because it’s already horrible, but of you watch the show as a comedy instead of a drama its pretty good. “Summers #1 new comedy Under the Dome Mondays at 10”

  11. Nitpick Man says:

    How exactly did Angie scratch the guy that killed her? Look at the clip of her death. She didn’t. She had both hands in front of her face screaming in the classic useless horror movie defense. And let’s just hypothetically say she did. How was the guy able to kill her with less than 3ft of distance between them with a single axe blow? Not physically possible. The axe handle alone is that long, let alone the guy’s reach putting him well out of scratching range.

    Also, how do they resolve Melanie’s witnessing the murder with the fact that she was in the room with both the suspects after Junior brought her to the school and didn’t recognize either of them as the killer? If Sam really was the killer, how could she not just tell Julie that it was the guy that they were both with in the cabin earlier that day.

    I hope it isn’t Sam, because if he did do it, it just reveals one inconsistency after another in the first three episodes alone.

    • Jarvis Bomar says:

      Yes, Sam killed Angie because he thought she was Melanie. I rewatched all of Sam’s scenes. (1) At the school locker, Melanie was standing there staring into the locker, then Angie approached Melanie and Melanie ran away. 10 seconds later, as Angie was staring into the locker (both have long hair), she was hatcheted to death. And Sam, in the previous scene a few minutes earlier was looking for Melanie. (2) Then when Sam was standing with Julia at the hospital, Julia said “looks like she got a piece of the killer” under her nails. Those are obviously the marks on Sam’s shoulder. However, I’m not sure how Angie would have gotten up and scratched him given that she fell down immediately after being struck. So that’s just poor filming/consistency. (3) Sam has the marks from fingernails.

      • Jarvis Bomar says:

        Also, Melanie ran out of the room just before the whacking. So she didn’t see it. That actually made sense.

        • Ray says:

          They said she didn’t see it. All they said was that se was tier after Angie was killed and she probably heard Angie screaming and came back to see what it was. By that time, Angie was dead and Sam had either hid or left.

      • Mel says:

        The ‘evidence’ does point to Sam. I hope he didn’t do it though.

  12. Gerri says:

    Well despite the nay sayers I still really enjoy this show. I do wonder how much longer it can go if there is a legit food shortage. Things will need to be resolved quickly. Although I am not clear how fast time is passing on this show.

    • Anthony Chatman says:

      I agree. It does have some minor twists and turns with plots but it’s getting really good. For a show that has so many critical criticism it was reluctantly renewed for a second season. I don’t what viewers expect from this show. What else do they want? I’m really liking the truth about Melanie and Junior’s mom being some sort of Prophecy. Interesting. Also can’t stand that science teacher. Annoying and crazy.

  13. Jane says:

    Have we heard yet whether they are wrapping these up this season or are going to drag it out for a third. If they are going for another season I’m giving up now. I just can’t take the bad writing and acting.

  14. Pat says:

    So Rebecca, the High School Science Teacher, can now concoct a virus in less then 24hrs. whereas it takes the CDC I am pretty sure much more time to do this. Also, she is now the town vet??? Let’s not forget everything else she has done. Like getting rid of the algae in the water as quickly as she did. I am starting to think that she is a witch. The show has now become the Twilight Zone for me. I think all of the characters are going off the rail. The only ones who have a smidge of sanity left are Joe, Norrie and now that so called Melanie from 1988. I was hoping that Sam was good but holy cow, did he kill Angie? I will continue to watch only because I feel like I am becoming just as nuts as all of them.

    • CountryQueen says:

      She said she had been working on the virus for weeks – which is a horrible continuity error. At the beginning of this season they said the dome went down two weeks ago – two weeks. So now they are implying it’s been weeks. Just stupid.

  15. JonBRich says:

    Not sure how Stephen King can put his stamp of approval on this show and hate the movie adaption of The Shining. In this case the book is SO much better – even if the ending is disappointing. I want to cringe every time someone ways “the dome wants us to do …..”. Too bad because the show started out pretty decent last year. If they had just followed the book (or at least as much as they could or TV) they could have ended it last summer and made for some pretty good TV. Oh well. First world problems. :)

    • Anthony Chatman says:

      Oh no I just started reading the book. So I’ll be disappointed with the end? Awwww no calamity :( I’m gonna keep watching the show. It jumps around and has its inconsistencies but the girl Melanie and her past and her knowing Barbie somehow and knowing who killed Angie is what I want I want to keep following up on. And Junior’s mom being a prophecy is a hell of a lot more intriguing to find out.

  16. The Kaibosh says:

    I’m not sure how much more I can take of this. It’s sooooo bad! I know I shouldn’t watch but there’s a certain ridiculous charm. “I caught those vandals Big Jim”…seriously?! I’m on the edge here people. We’ve come this far and I do genuinely want to know what it’s all about: why the Dome is there. But I don’t know how much more bad writing, bad acting and general stupidity I can take.

  17. CountryQueen says:

    UGH. The science teacher needs to go. NOW. I am to the point of hating her so much I’m going to stop watching. I understand the need of a villain, but she is too over the top. If I were big Jim, I would have handed her the first glass of water. I can only hope that she is someone that will have a bigger purpose. She is certainly playing the devil part well, heading over the to the church to spread the virus – so much for thinning the herd based on that census – it was more like thinning the herd of the people who believe in God.

  18. Ken says:

    Does anyone else think julia letting sam stay is foreshadowing? A possible sam-barbie showdown???? And this also plays into the role of julia being the town _______ too much of a gentleman to say it

  19. Sheila says:

    Couldn’t the teacher use her Super Science Skills to grow more food or something rather than killing people off?

  20. Some Guy says:

    In the scene where Melanie is recalling past events, there are two flashlights laying on the ground in the hole. Sam and Lyle are both holding flashlights while Melanie is holding the egg. Pauline is the only person not holding something in her hand and we see two hands push Melanie into the hole.

    Melanie must have been pushed by Pauline…

  21. Jennifer says:

    As I told my friend last week, everybody in this town is completely bat-s##t CRAZY! Melanie is beyond annoying, I swear she was added to show just to make people want to kill her. I’m loving Dwight Yokum on this, he’s beyond one of the most interesting characters on right now and is making me actually sort of like James who always brings to mind the phrase “lights on nobody’s home”. I can’t even begin to figure Julia out anymore. She goes from A to Z in warp speed with Dale just because his opinion differs from hers. I’m not saying the selection process is a good idea but for the love of God, Julia, enough already. I’d love to know what the 1821 in the book was about, red rooms and black boxes, interesting.

  22. Angela kincaid says:

    Bad mistake to take Angie off under the dome she was my favorite character !!i can think of some others that need to go and Angie wasn’t one of them !!this season isn’t as good as the others because Angie is gone!!

    • Mel says:

      I agree completely. She was the best character, very disappointed. and i cant stand the science teacher, the over the top character and acting are annoying, not even evil just annoying. I dont mind there being a bit of separating between barbie and julia, never really felt the chemistry like others so it doesnt bother me. I love the prophecy part of the story with Junior’s mom. Again they didnt have to kill angie, they should have killed anyone except her!!!!