Rush, Satisfaction Premiere to Sub- Graceland Ratings; Married Does OK

Rush Premiere Ratings

USA Network’s new bad-boy doctor drama Rush premiered to 1.7 million total viewers and a 0.4 demo rating — or about half of what the cabler’s previous drama debut, Graceland, did a year ago (3.3 mil/0.8) on a Thursday night, and opposite the NBA Finals.

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Come 10 pm, Satisfaction‘s series premiere drew a similar 1.7 mil and a 0.5. (Demo ratings courtesy of the good folks at TV By the Numbers.)

USA’s second-most recent drama launch, Common Law (wow, remember that one?), premiered to 2.5 mil and a 0.7 (on a Friday in March 2012).

Over on FX Thursday night, the new comedies Married and You’re the Worst bowed to 1.1 mil/0.6 and 770K/0.4, respectively, versus Saint George‘s March launch of 1.2 mil/0.4. (Rewinding back two years, Anger Management famously opened to 5.6 mil and a 2.2. But that sitcom had a certain… buzz.)

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  1. bj says:

    It’s too bad Satisfaction had Rush as a lead in. It wasn’t that bad. And once you got into the story it was ok.

    On the other hand I had to struggle to keep watching Rush after the first 5 minutes. ( I thought I should give it a fair go.)

  2. Zorma says:

    Didn’t watch either one; no longer have cable. If I had I would have watched Rush over Satisfaction. Didn’t like the premise at all. I do however remember Common Law. I loved that show and was so upset when USA cancelled it. Much more enjoyable than some of the crap that’s on now.

  3. Balaji K says:

    I didn’t bother with the USA dramas but I liked the FX comedies. They aren’t LOL funny but I like most of the cast.

  4. Pat says:

    I watched maybe the first 10minutes of Rush and I thought it was just awful. What was USA thinking with this show. I gave it a big fail!

  5. TraciTV says:

    USA like fx needs to wait for the live plus 3day DVR. I just watched rush n satisfaction this morning off DVR. Rush has potential. Satisfaction was so so. I fwd a few times to get through it. Not sure where the story can go besides him telling his wife what he is doing n that he knows about her. Trapped like hbo’s Hung.

  6. johnhelvete says:

    I really liked Satisfaction. The pilot was long, nearly 90 minutes but I was engrossed from start to finish. Biggest surprise of all the new summer shows, especially considering I almost do not even watch due to the promos.

  7. jss0058 says:

    I actually really liked You’re The Worst. I didn’t even intend to watch it, but kept going after Married. The show actually made me laugh a few times, and I thought both leads were excellent (especially the british guy..can’t remember his name). I set my DVR to record the series immediately after.

    Married on the other hand was just ok. Part of my problem might be that I just don’t really like Faxon. However, I do like Greer but they are going to have to give her more to do than be the “cold housewife” because I’m over that stereotype that has been done to death. I think I could have probably overlooked more of the flaws of the pilot if it was funny, but I can’t say I even chuckled during the episode.

  8. Justsomeguy says:

    You just had to remind me of Common Law lol. Miss that show.

    • JBC says:

      I hear you.. I miss Common Law too. They never gave it a chance. It was a show that was developing nicely. Warren Kole, and Michael Ealy were enjoyable to watch.

  9. Trenton says:

    I really liked both shows… But using two new shows without a strong lead for either was a gamble. Satisfaction was my favorite bc it’s such a unique take on relationships. I just have to believe someone had to address counseling at some point otherwise it’s hard for me to like the wife at all. I would feel so betrayed I guess and everyone is different. But Passmore is a star in the making I think.

  10. cyrax86 says:

    Both USA shows are terrible, they completely lost the plot. Still remember their awesome 2011 season when Suits & Necessary Roughness debuted with awesome first seasons…

  11. I thought Satisfaction was just awful, very strange way to explore marriage and monogamy; leads were dull, look too glossy…everything on USA has the same look! Poorly written and acted but, again, glossy production value. Rush…m’eh, premise got old 10 minutes in. Go watch Orange is the New Black on Netflix or catch up on Orphan Black…don’t waste your time with these shows.

  12. M3rc Nate says:

    :( USA Network what are you doing? I was your biggest champion, I loved 90% of your original programming, then you put out this garbage?

    So I watched Rush…it wasnt good. Heres the thing and i think everyone will agree, you felt NOTHING for anyone in the show, and thats bad. Unlike with Mike (Burn Notice), Neal & Burke (White Collar), Travis & Wes (Common Law), Harvey & Mike (Suits), Shawn and Gus (Psych) and SO Many more…for Rush (Rush) i felt nothing, he was not sexy, he was not cool, i didn’t feel empathy or sympathy for him, I didnt feel connected to him or his story/friends, the “Doctoring” was glossed over and was just used as a way to show he takes cash for medical procedures. Overall I didnt feel ANY thing for any part of the show, it wasnt smart, i had no emotional connection, the lead didnt make me feel anything…all horrible signs. I am officially done with the show, cancelled season pass and not interested at all. Its such a shame cause USA knows the formula to success. Why would i root for the super handsome coke snorted then driving and helping a guy who beats his GF? lol.

    As for Satisfaction, I havent watched it yet…but im really really really hesitant to watch it. Its trailers show a bored married couple, the wife sleeps with a gigolo, the husband becomes a gigolo, and starts banging women for cash…then the actors say the show is a “modern love story” and its “full of heart”….? lol WTF?! It just sounds gross, but i’ll eventually watch the pilot to see just how gross, then i’ll never watch another episode again.

    Like i said, sad…USA knows how to make a successful show. Get a great actor (especially cast) that the audience instantly connects with (Matt Bomer, Pat J Adams, Aaron Tveit, Mark Feuerstein etc) and make us care about their plight, their failures and their skills, and then put us on a cool, funny, sexy, fun journey with them. “Characters” we care about is basically the motto of the network, how can i care about a coke head arrogant doctor whos a know it all and a man whoring husband? Rush is no House, House had a MUCH better actor, the show wrote it in such a way we cared about him, we empathized, he truly was brilliant etc.

  13. Rush. Pretty, glossy, good hair and nice teeth does not make up for bad to mediocre and sadly predictable acting. No redeeming qualities to any of the pretty characters. Just bad writing, boring casting but mostly BAD writing. Best premiere of the week: The Divide.

  14. Jon says:

    I enjoyed Satisfaction. Great premise and can’t wait for the next episode.
    Rush, I didn’t enjoy at all. And I did watch the whole episode. Maybe I’ll watch one more episode to see if it improves.
    Married, it was just OK. Not great, but I wouldn’t change the channel next time it came on.

  15. Jason says:

    I hate how Satisfaction ended. I mean, the wife runs in and calls the gigolo? WTF? So stupid.

    • Trenton says:

      Yea that was disappointing… If she was doing it to end their arrangement it’s one thing but it seems like it’s really not just a financial arrangement to her going on 6 months. She fell out of romantic love with her husband… Like she loves him as her partner in life but not in amore. I think the modern love story is falling back in love with someone who you are married to. But I hope they don’t gloss over the emotional stuff of finding out what the other is doing has done…

  16. JAO says:

    I think Rush has potential. Reminds me of a medical Ray Donovan in some ways.

  17. Dj says:

    I didn’t watch either of them. The ads made both shows leads come off as unlikable.

  18. Saabgirlatx says:

    I loved Satisfaction. I’m going to guess it may have been the promos and the title that turned viewers off. I found it smart and cheeky/humorous. It’s kind of about taking all of those risks you usually (or shouldn’t) do and the consequences that follow.

  19. cmunney says:

    I didn’t watch Rush because the previews made it look like House but with more drugs. And I staid away from Satisfaction because with the subject matter being what it is and it being on basic cable I already knew that they would have to tone it down to the point of being almost unbelievable. I know that USA wants to do darker shows, more like AMC, but, they really need to stop and just go back to the more lighthearted fare that they used to put out. Even if they weren’t my favorite shows I still tuned in.

  20. Benji says:

    Satisfaction looked like garbage anyways and is sending a real good message to everyone. You can be married and sleep with other people it’s ok. Sorry that ain’t the way it works looks like America isn’t as far gone as Hollywood thinks. Glad to see this won’t last a season. Put the what I just said aside for a min the promotional campaign for the show was terrible you can watch every promo still they never explain to you what the show was about. I guess they didn’t wanna explain the show as spouses sleeping around on each other. One and done season glad to hear it. Get back to shows like Burn Notice, Psych, and White Collar shows that were good and made your network popular.

  21. Amy Messner says:

    Loved the premiere of Satisfaction. It’s a very real and true to life situation that I feel many couples find themselves in, minus the husband having the opportunity to be an escort. That is why it is so interesting to see how it’s handled and how there is still this respect and care taken to figure things out without total destruction, then again that could be yet to come….

  22. Nancy says:

    Really? A cocaine snorting doctor? Give me a break!

  23. Joe McCroskey says:

    Rush is the best new show out. It’s the new House, but on steroids.

  24. Joe says:

    Is Rachel Nichols going to be a regular on Rush since she is the lead on Continuum on SYFY? She could do both since filming of one is made while the other is on hiatus. I like her in both. She has a major role/affair ‘on’ Rush!

  25. Sarah says:

    Great show. Tom Ellis does a wonderful job with the character. Expect the unexpected…. you never know what is coming next.