NCIS Boss 'Thrilled' for Cote de Pablo's New Gig, Affirms There's No Bad Blood

NCIS Ziva Return

That Cote de Pablo‘s first TV project since her headline-making NCIS exit is on CBS should speak volumes about her post-Ziva relationship with the network she called home for eight years.

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“We’ve been saying it all along — we’re thrilled that this Dovekeepers project has come up for her,” NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg told TVLine following his appearance at the Television Critics Assoc. summer press tour, where he was promoting the spin-off NCIS; New Orleans.

De Pablo’s miniseries gig — about four women in ancient Israel whose lives intersect at the siege of Masada — “is unique and different,” he noted. “I’m really pleased for her. It’s a great thing.”

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So, once and for all, there’s no bad blood between boss and his onetime star? Meaning, the door is ostensibly open for de Pablo to reprise her NCIS role someday, if only for an episode? “There’s no bad blood,” Glasberg answered. “I promise you there’s no bad blood.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. auntiemm says:

    No bad blood? Maybe. Will you see her back? I think not.

    • Dmac says:

      I don’t know why it is hard for people to understand…it was her choice to leave the series, not the producers, not the money, it was all her. I honestly think you all make up scenerios in your head to re-affirm your fictional back stories of why she left. Cote admitted it was all her. Get over it.

      • TullaT says:

        I understand just fine. She tried to negotiate a contract, which demonstrates intent to return. They could not agree on a contract, for whatever reason.

        • Pete says:

          Of course, de Pablo is a little baby who doesn’t know her own mind, is unable to make her own decisions and is definitely not allowed by her fans to change her mind.

          • TullaT says:

            I definitely hope she changes her mind and chooses to come back to NCIS, if and when she wants to.

          • Jerri says:

            Didn’t you know? the actors are here solely for the fans to boss around and ship with other actors and fold to fans’ demands? Actors don’t have their own free will, they’re here just to do what the fans want. < – what certain fans think…

          • VeeGee says:

            Could you be more condescending? just wondering.

          • pete g says:

            What, staying when you wish to leave would be not following your own mind.

        • Claire says:

          Exactly! LOL.

        • Dmav says:

          The reason and I know you may find this hard to believe because it was given by the big bad evil overlord of CBS ( even though she is doing a mini series with them but whatever why let facts get in the way) is that they threw “boat loads” of money at her and she walked away from negotiations because it wasn’t about money SHE wanted to move on from NCIS. Now if only her so called fans would let her. Doubt me, look it up his statements they are public record. But I am sure he is lying too….

          • sherry mckenna says:

            The public record clearly states that CBS closed negotiations. Don’t know what’s so hard to read and understand. How could ppl spend so much energy hating and dissing someone they don’t even know? What’s the point?

          • TullaT says:

            how much is a boatload? what’s the dollar amount? All I know is I have NEVER tried to negotiate a contract for something I really did not want, but you would have me believe that’s what she did.

          • Maire says:

            Doubtful fans will ever give up–look at how some Criminal Minds fans are STILL whining about Paget Brewster leaving the show…they replaced her with Jeanne Tripplehorn, and those fans refused to even give her a chance and whined so much that she was written out after two seasons. Now they’ve hired Jennifer Love Hewitt (not my favorite, but oh well)…and fans are still whining about Paget Brewster…who walked away of her own accord after wrapping her character’s storyline. Yes, CBS screwed up when they cut Brewster and AJ Cook so they could fund an unnecessary spin-off of CM (as spin-offs seem to be their pattern), not realizing that unlike the CIS/NCIS procedurals, CM’s strength is it’s very specific cast and characters. Nonetheless, CBS trashed the spin-off and rehired Breswter and Cook, though Brewster let it be known she was only coming back to wrap things up, mostly as a fan-service. And yet still they whine.

        • Ed says:

          That’s incorrect. She did not try to negotiate a contract. The network offered her the moon to stay on the series. It was totally and completely her choice to leave NCIS. End of Story.

          • TullaT says:

            Sorry but you are wrong. She tried to negotiate with them. How much money is the moon that they offered her?

          • OlivaK says:

            So, you were there? You sat in as they negotiated to the bitter end? You say “she tried to negotiate with them”–how the bloody Hell, do you know for a FACT, that was what happened? You don’t, you are blowing wishful smoke acting like you are in the total know–when you are not. Do you realize how delusional you sound? I respect people who offer logical conclusions and facts, I don’t respect people who conjecture about things they know nothing about. Regarding the money aspect, the money offered is usually between studios and stars, obviously she had demands besides the money and they couldn’t reach a workable conclusion. So, SHE declined to continue on in the role at HER discretion and left. If she had been fired the world would have known–only spin I see is the one you keep throwing out. SMH

          • Hattie says:

            Check your source. The source of the statement that they offered Cote a lot of money and she turned it down was CBS. It could have been a self-interested statement. CBS didn’t want the fans to be mad at the show; it benefited CBS/NCIS to portray it as Cote’s decision and not the network’s fault. Cote’s actions do not track with CBS’s statement. If she didn’t want to come back for personal reasons, why bother engaging in prolonged contract negotiations? The truth is… I don’t know what happened and – unless you were in the room during the negotiations – neither do you!

          • Jaycee says:

            Cote said in other interviews that it was a hard decision to make but she did it in the end for personal reasons. She wanted a 1year contract and CBS and the like don’t do 1 year contracts after the debarcle that happened with the tv show Friends. That was 1 reason she negotitated for, for such a long time so she left, which indicates that she may not have been going to stay for season 12 anyhow.

        • RB says:

          My family, friends and I would like her back.

        • Actually, she did not try to negotiate a new contract. She wanted to move on and see what her possibilities were out there. It was NCIS who wanted her to stay.

      • Q says:

        Dmac, if she quit show without negitiation, you are right.
        But you NOT!
        Because she try negotiate.
        Fail negotiation is just 50% her fault, other 50% have Glasberg.
        What you, and others blind people, dont like to see.
        So, do you understand now?

        • Jerri says:

          Glassberg isn’t the one negotiating with actors. That’s not his job. I don’t think you know how TV production works,Q.

          • Q says:

            Jerry, please, don’t play with words.
            You know exactly what I mean.
            GG is not the one, who negotiate, is true, but he is excutive producer, and he is no.1 in all important decisions.
            So he is first, who is responsible.
            Or not?
            And don’t play dummy, he know exactly, what happen, during all negotiation proces.
            Because he is executive producent, knowing what happen, is his job.
            Negotiation fail, is his direct responsibility, especially when going about one of biggest fans character, and actress.
            One year he use excuses, for his own big fail.

        • leia says:

          sorry but it was CBS negotiating not GG that she’s coming back to CBS speaks volumes. YOu need to let it go already

        • Dmav says:

          Okay Miss Uniformed, GG doesn’t negotiate actors contracts, that is CBS. You know CBS the one she is doing a mini series with. By the way it is on record that they “threw boatloads of money at her but she decided she needed to leave” try to spin that one. Go ahead look it up on CBS website, not Twitter or your Ode to
          Ziva blogs or NCIS is evil for letting poor helpless Ziva go websites but the official CBS website. I am not sure how or why
          you all keep ignoring facts. It is so much easier to move on if you accept that this was all Cotes decision.

          • Q says:

            How much is “boatloads of money”?
            How big is diferent between “boatloads of money” and what was her needs during negotiation?
            You know that?
            OK, if yes, please, read it here, if not, just zip it.
            Cote don’t say it, because she try be nice for CBS.
            CBS don’t say it, because they don’t want show to us, what was their offer for Cote, and how much excactly, was for them “boatload of money” try find why is CBS quiet.
            So, is was still just 50% Cote decision, where she was pushed during negotiation.
            That is fact, not your funny story about twitter and co.

          • TullaT says:

            Yes, I too would like to know how much is a boatload. And also please explain why we should believe the CBS spin.

          • Its hard to believe that viewers and fans of NCIS are so tangled up in the money situation the poor replacement is the biggest problelml most fans just feel sad for the others who are fighting a losing battle to work with the inadequate feplacement.

          • Jaycee says:

            What a lot of baloney. The cast enjoy working with Emily. She wouldn’t have been signed up for season 12 and 13 if there was a problem with the cast and her acceptance.

          • TV Gord says:

            Well, it’s not true that it has been renewed for a 13th season, but it’s a fun argument to make, so carry on.

            Cote’s not coming back, so a whole lot of you have to learn to deal with it. Most NCIS fans don’t ever even come to these sites, so those of you who are projecting your own beliefs onto the majority of NCIS fans are just blowing smoke, Like it or not, Cote is gone. Like it or not, a lot of us like Bishop. Like it or not, NCIS is not in danger of being cancelled. It’s ratings are among the strongest on television. They’re not going to cancel the show just because some of you are having a snit about it. Keep blathering on about it, though. It hasn’t at all become relentless tiresome.

        • JimC says:

          Good Lord, Q I hope you speak better than you type.

      • Tom Purcell says:

        The reason why she left NCIS is because she was getting too friendly with Tony off the set. Michael had already been divorced once and wanted to grow his family with more
        kids. I’m sure they are still good friends but not intimately. It took me 3 months to get her out of my heart. I hope she does well. TP

      • The Duke says:

        NIce to see someone appreciate the simpler approach to life rather than the contrived, required, need to foist conflict where there is none.

      • Vikki Liegis says:

        thank you for saying what so many are feeling. Just let it go people it’s done, it’s over. Cote is working and happy.

      • MoniG says:

        Dmac…..just simply wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!! I totally agree with you!!

      • bill holt says:

        just hated to see her go…

      • Charles Bailey says:

        What did you expect her to say?

    • Agreed. She won’t be back on.

      • kassie says:

        Why would she go back on Murder she Wrote when she has a good future with roles in movies with Banderas and Binoche and a mini series with Emmy nominated producers of the Bible Survivors and the Voice.

        • StevenR says:

          Yet, you feel the urge to insult NCIS (and it’s fans) with your less than subtle slam about Murder She Wrote. I respect Cote’s desire to move into other ventures, and follow HER choice. You on the other hand get no respect at all.

        • Dmav says:

          Well according to CBS upfront a tubs past week NCIS is a billion dollar cash cow for CBS…So apparently those Murder She Wrote viewers are doing very well for CBS. Not to mention they are number 1 in the US and The World. So sad for you when cold hard facts hit you in the face. LOL

          • sherry mckenna says:

            They are #3 now, and falling. Probably cancelled end of s12. Btw murder she wrote also cancelled while in the top ten. CBS decided the wrong demographics were watching so it had to go.

          • StevenR says:

            Tell me, do you pluck this misinformation out of the air or just make it up? “Probably canceled by s12”–really? Want to bet on that? NCIS will end, when Mark Harmon doesn’t want to do it anymore. All of network television shows are falling in the ratings, genius, being in the #3 position is enviable to many networks. By the way, Murder She Wrote, ended because Angela Landsbury wanted to take it slower and go back to Broadway, so SHE agreed to do an occasional Murder She Wrote movie–but please, keep continuing to make stuff up. Wow, flipping unbelievable….

    • Vikki Liegis says:

      Did you ever think maybe she doesn’t want to come back or play Ziva and continue to be type casted that way? If there was bad blood from NCIS she wouldn’t have signed or be signed for another CBS show.

      • John NYC says:

        Why ever not NCIS isn’y the all of CBS, I expect the production company of the 4 hour show isn’t even in the same zip code as the NCIS team. Different people and a paying gig she found attractive si=o why care about an unrelated party with her old show?

        • Dmav says:

          But it is all under the President of CBS you know the same one who negotiated her contract. So what though, why worry about those pesky little facts when your delusional world is so much better for you Ziva fanatics.

          • John NYC says:

            LOL, definitely not a Ziva fanatic, or even fan, so simply pointing out that “bad blood” at NCIS wouldn’t have any relevance to CBS or a related production company making a casting decision for a different, and short term, project. So her hiring for such a an unrelated projects doesn’t prove or disprove anything about how NCIS people view her.

          • Ashley Crawford says:

            I’m confused: is it the president of CBS or Gary Glasberg who negotiates the contracts? You Ziva fanatics need to let it go. Seriously.

      • Simon Jester says:

        If she’s worried about typecasting, then playing another Israeli — albeit an ancient one — is an odd first post-NCIS role!

        • John NYC says:

          Indeed, now it would be different if she WEWRE an Israeli, but playing another fake one? That does seem to follow a “type”. Perhapos a Plan B when “A” didn’t show up in time.

        • TullaT says:

          Right, because a witch living 2000 years ago is exactly the same as a Mossad officer, if you think all Jews are the same.

    • sharon says:


  2. Maria says:

    How about they back up words with actions and actually have her back for a guest spot? Or at the very least mention her and retake up her storylines with the team even if long-distance since the team is the only people she has left?

    • Maggie says:

      Yes, it makes no sense at all. They pretend on the show that she never existed.

    • What if she was offered a guest spot on the show and she turned it down? You would never know that.

      • Gabi says:

        If she were ever offered a guest spot on the show and actually rejected it Glasberg would have mentioned it. However since he did not I suspect he has not even tried to get her for a guest spot. It still does not explain why after being there for eight years she is not even mentioned. If having Tony mention her is too hard for his character and he cannot mention her as a coping mechanism they could at least show McGee or Palmer getting a postcard or a text from her. Just something that shows that she is at least around and getting better as opposed to this unnatural silence by everyone regarding her very existence.

        • Can you name another show where an actor leaves and the character is continually mentioned for months? I can’t think of any off the top of my head (save for, maybe, soap operas).

          • Pat says:

            Stargate SG1 did it. Michael Shanks chose to leave and then was mentioned, but then came back too

          • Angela says:

            “Criminal Minds”, especially after Emily’s first departure, given the circumstances surrounding that one. And then there were a couple mentions here and there after her second one (as well as a guest spot where she returned in the 200th episode).

          • Maria says:

            It was 22 episodes and she was not even mentioned once. It is beyond weird and actually screams bad blood not to have implied communication or even mention her in passing. No one said that she should be mentioned every episode but if there is a deliberate omission for 22 episodes then something is wrong.

          • TullaT says:

            Duchovny left X files and for pretty much the last two seasons he was mentioned constantly. And there was bad blood there, he really wanted to leave the show, and his departure really damaged the series. But they mentioned him.

          • drhenning says:

            Frost is still a major character even though he’s dead on Rizolli and Isles…. characters are still working through the character’s ( and actor’s) death by keeping his desk as a shrine and the like.

          • Jaycee says:

            They have mentioned Ziva in a suttle way. And they have said her name in an episode last season but can’t remember which one.

          • If they had hired a competant actress there would not be all the critiqueing…

          • Penny says:

            Charmed. Shannon Doherty left at the end of season 3 and her character Prue was mentioned regularly for the next 5 years, which was the remainder of the series. She never came back and had body doubles in flashbacks, but they mentioned her constantly. Now, the show was about sisters, but how many times have the NCIS characters referred to each other as family? It’s unnatural to just forget about someone who was such a big part of the show for 8 years. Even avoiding mentioning her name. Just wanted to give you the example you wanted. And people in Hollywood seem to forget that they don’t make the shows successful their fans do. And they longer they ignore what their fans want, the less chance there is of their show lasting and keeping good ratings. NCIS probably won’t be on 3 years from now.

          • Penny says:

            M*A*S*H is another one. Henry and Trapper left at the end of season 3, Frank left at the end of season 5, and Radar at the start of season 8. They were all mentioned regularly until the series finale at the end of season 11. The next to last episode almost all were mentioned (with the exception of Frank) when the time capsule was buried. Honestly, I’ve seen so many shows mention past cast members months or years after their final exit that it seems strange when it doesn’t happen. (P.S. that show Charmed I mentioned, Shannen Doherty left on very bad terms since they weren’t even allowed to show her in flashbacks, but the character Prue? Mentioned constantly.)

          • rocky-o says:

            in regard to the comment of ‘past characters still being mentioned after they leave’, NCIS itself has proven that theory time and again with the character of ‘kate’…

        • Andrea says:

          I don’t think Glasberg necessarily would disclose that publicly if Cote were to have turned down a guest gig. He seems very mild-mannered, especially when it comes to potentially negative topics.

        • canadian ninja says:

          Abby would obviously be the one to get a post-card. Palmer?!?

        • StevenR says:

          What I find totally mind boggling is, how people are still fussing about something that happened over a year ago. Cote is doing other projects, seems to be quite happy doing what SHE wants, but a certain persistent group of malcontents just keeps chugging along searching for some “hidden” agenda to do the blame game when there isn’t one. How terribly frustrating that must be. And how terribly annoying for the rest of us…..

          • Angela says:

            That’s nothing new, though, it happens when any character that has a lot of fans leaves a show. Just ask fans of Emily from “Criminal Minds”. She’s been gone two years and there’s STILL people begging her to come back full-time, despite the fact that the actress has made it quite clear time and time again she wants to do other things now.
            (I’d be totally cool with her coming back, too, mind, ’cause I quite like her character…but I also respect the fact that she’s made her decision.)

          • Q says:

            StevenR, because we need answers.
            That is so simple.

          • Liz says:

            II could not agree more. It is unfortunate that Ziva fanatics fail to recognize that a) this is real life, not a TV show, b) TV is a BUSINESS, and c) actors are artists who wish to exercise their creativity. We will never know all the reasons supporting the Cote de Pablo decision to move on. She herself said she was leaving for reasons that are “personal.” I love NCIS and I certainly loved the character of Ziva, but change is inevitable, particularly in an industry as complex as television. Can people not respect the program that created and cultivated the character of Ziva and seconly, respect Cote for her decision–clearly one that has made her happy– and just BE QUIET about it? Annoying indeed.

          • Ashley Crawford says:

            Well said!!

        • Q says:

          Gabi, you are so right.
          This is just another bullsh..t from Glasberg.
          He put own sh..t in his own mouth, and he try feed us with same.
          He is just deceitful bastard.
          We don’t see Cote in show, they don’t mention her, because HE, mister GG forbade it.
          She heve no bad blood, but he definitely have it.
          All hes action from last year show it clearly.

          • StevenR says:

            Well, “Q”, if it is “so simple” and you “need answers” why don’t you write to Cote and demand those answers? You seem to know everything about everything and enjoy making despairing remarks about people I bet you never met. You act like you sat in on the entire negotiations. Are you representing Cote? Why not find out the answers from her? You are extremely rude in your comments, try writing Cote and see how well she will respond to such obnoxious behavior. Calling people names just reflects more about you. It was Cote’s choice, she quit, she wasn’t fired or thrown off the lot. I respect her decision. Too bad you can’t comprehend that.

          • Q says:

            Well, StevenR, you are “little out”.
            “need answers” is journalists job, not my.
            Surprise for you isn’t it?
            We (readers) put questions, and journalists job, is get answer.
            Simple, but visibly not for you.

            “It was Cote’s choice, she quit, she wasn’t fired or thrown off the lot”
            No, you again out.
            He quit, because negotiation fail, not because she want to quit job in show.
            She don’t quit job without negotiation.
            And for that, her responsibility (or choice) is just 50%, other 50% is on oposite site negotiating table (Glasberg & co.)
            You blind, like many others.

          • StevenR says:

            Well, Q, since you know EVERYTHING about the entire situation–what was said, why Cote left, how much money was offered, that she didn’t quit but the negotiations failed, blah, blah, blah–why are you even asking the reporters for answers to the HARD questions? Hells Bells, YOU KNOW EVERYTHING! So, why are you here being an obnoxious troll? You make up stuff to fit your own little fantasies about what happened–look up delusional in the dictionary, your face will be there. I’m not blind–but I have major doubts about you.

          • Jaycee says:

            Thas a lie, Gary Glassberg never forbade it and they have mentioned her name. Get your facts right.

          • CBS gave everyone on NCIS 4 year contract ,but gave Cote only 2 yrs. CBS Loves to drop females and replace with young actresses. Criminal minds dropped both A. J Cook and Paget brewster , but the public screamed. A.J stayed,Paget only for a while. CBS has a problem with women.

          • Darlene says:

            Wrong, Moon. CBS does 2 year contracts and did so with Pauley, Michael, Sean, David this year. You are misinformed.

          • flootzavut says:

            Wow, you sure do talk some nonsense. It’s kind of amazing. Funny also how you are so certain that GG is forbidding things, but you’re still after answers: seems like you already got the answers, or at least the ones you believe to be true. I doubt you’ll be satisfied with anything less than CBS confirming what you already think you know, and seeing as all the evidence points to stuff other than your paranoid fantasies, you’re gonna be waiting a long time.

            Out here in the real world where we aren’t all delusional, we take Cote at her word (personal reasons which she does not want to discuss – I’d think a fan would respect her privacy) and wish her success as she moves forward.

        • Esaul says:

          Maybe Cote de Pablo doesn’t want to return just yet. Ever thought of that?

    • John NYC says:

      The words were simply “no bad blood”, zero about a return even for only one episode and given the straightforward question that’s a deliberate omission. She’s not making a return. The show, as Gibbs counseled the characters, has moved on.

      • Pete says:

        And her fans are showing their true colors as fans of a her character rather than herself.

        • TullaT says:

          how is that a bad thing? I don’t know her as a person, I’m a fan of her character. Being obsessed with the person seems more disturbing.

          • as524 says:

            Doesn’t speak well of success with future roles since most successful actresses usually have somewhat of a fanbase that follows their projects

          • TullaT says:

            Oh, it’s you. You know what’s even more disturbing, is being so obsessed with hatred of an actress, that you spend 9 years trashing her on every possible internet forum. That’s deeply messed up.

          • Dmav says:

            I don’t know you all seem a bit disturbed. You worship of a fictional character and utter disregard of the truth is kind of sad. Come on I know you have more in your life than being a self appointed Ziva watchdog.

        • Q says:

          Pete, you speak exactly, like Glasberg. ;-)
          What is for you “right”color?
          Shut up, and forget for Ziva/Cote?
          From your reaction, yes, that you like, and that you want.
          Sorry, not gona happen.

    • as524 says:

      Why? it took YEARS for them to acknowledge Kate. ziva is off living her life in Israel. ziva fans should accept that & be glad the character wasn’t killed off.

      Continuing bringing up ziva defeats the purpose of the team and the show moving on.

    • leia says:

      they have nothing to prove especially to you. It’s up to them and her if they ever get back together. BE glad the character isn’t dead.

  3. Maggie says:

    Great news! I hope when she is done with the miniseries, we will see her back on NCIS, even as a guest. The show has been so boring without her.

  4. Then probably they should have told that to Pauley and David before they went off about how bad is Cote?And if there is no bad blood then why we can see any ex-guests-cast members even dead ones but not very much alive Ziva?

    • Exactly! I just mentioned that in my comment. Honestly, on other shows where the actors/actresses have left, they’ve always acknowledged them.

    • Marysue says:

      I think it will happen but just not in the immediate future. As I mentioned in my comment they show the Israeli flag in Abby’s lab fairly regularly. I think that sends a subtle message that NCIS and Ziva are not done. It is a very small reminder to be sure, but better than nothing. Now that Cote is back on CBS I think that the odds are better for her return. If there was bad blood between her and the network she wouldn’t have signed on for “The Dovekeepers”.

      • Christie says:

        Well, if the ratings continue to fall in season 12 as they did in season 11, they will run out of time to get her back on the show, because I think it may not last beyond this season.

        • Mark says:

          Lol. Nice try, Christie. It’s still one of the highest rated shows on television.

          • StevenR says:

            Thank you, I was thinking the same thing. Don’t you just love sour grapes?

          • Pete says:

            Funny how the fanatics are blind to the dramatic fall in ratings in season 10, something that was largely halted at the beginning of season 11 – plenty of other factors are involved here.

          • Dmav says:

            Number 1 in the US and The World, however the can’t be bothered with cold hard facts when they can make up stuff to fit their narrative.

          • TullaT says:

            Number one in the world for season 10, with ziva.

          • Liz says:

            Thank you, Mark. Ziva was great. She got a new job. No one in this thread seems to be a personal friend of hers, with first-hand knowledge of her thoughts. And all the whining in the world is not going to affect what happens on a billion dollar franchise, so people should give it a rest!! Life keeps moving. It is TV!!!!

          • TullaT says:

            Wrong. Mike Franks was brought back as a ghost, because fans asked for him. Glasberg’s unpopular characters (most of his characters), were unceremoniously dumped because fans hated them.

        • leia says:

          the ratings averaged out in the end just slightly lower then in season 10 when the +7 was factored in. The demo dropped but incase you hadn’t noticed if I started watching the show from the beginning and I was 44 years old then and I’m now still watching but now 55, even worse if I were 38 in 2003 I’d be 50 today and still be told that I don;t matter.I don’t count anymore. It was the most watched drama and the second most watched show after TBBT. Yes I know that Scandal and Greys and Blacklist got the demo, but those shows are built for a different younger group anyway.

      • Jaycee says:

        Yes, looks at her empty desk were done a few times as well. Tony answered her phone when it rang and mentioned her name to the caller as Miss David’s desk and he had to tell them she was no longer was working there.

    • John NYC says:

      Actors have their own right to opinions and don’t need to fall in line with whatever an exec says.

  5. Hopefully, this means we’ll see Cote make guest appearances on NCIS like Muse Watson does! And if Michael Weatherly and Brian Dietzen can tweet their congrats about her new role, I’d say there’s not any bad blood. Congratulations to Cote de Pablo on her new gig with The Dovekeepers. :-)

    • Maria says:

      Brian, Michael, Sean, and Rocky have been classy but Pauley and David publicly badmouthed her to the fans and the media so I do not believe that there is not some bad blood. At least Cote remained classy and never fired back though which helped matters.

      • Christie says:

        And THAT is why I know Cote did not WANT to leave. Yes, she chose to leave rather than accept CBS’s obviously insufficient contract offer, but she has never said it was what she wanted to do. I keep asking those who claim she has said all this to simply supply me with the interview so I can listen or read it, but so far that hasn’t happened. Yes, Cote has remained classy all they way.

      • Pete says:

        They didn’t “publicly badmouth” her, what they said looked to be the truth and was less derogoratory of her than the assertions made by you and your friends that she is a little baby, unable to make grown up decisions about her career and in need of her fans to stand up for her. ‘Fans’ who mostly aren’t interested in the new development in her career – proven because they are still busy screaming for her to return to a role that they selfishly want her to be strait-jacketed in for her entire career.

        She gave you 8 years of her life in a demanding role as one character – be grateful for that and allow her to do what is right for her and leave that role behind to make a career as a versatile actress playing other parts. You don’t have to follow the rest of her career, but don’t spend all your time demanding that she not be allowed it.

        • TullaT says:

          Pauley absolutely badmouthed her.

          • Pete says:

            Only in your mind and because you don’t believe that de Pablo is a real person with her own mind and her own demons.

          • TullaT says:

            Oh it was real and she got in trouble.

          • TV Gord says:

            “We love her and we all support her. It was her decision and there’s nothing but love there.” –Pauley Perrette on Cote de Pablo leaving.

            Yes, she was absolutely vicious!

        • Maria says:

          David publicly stated to the media that she was just “trying to be an actress”. Not only has he insulted her as a person but he derided her eight years of hard work as a lead where she helped them escape cancellation and got them to be the #1 show.
          I would support Cote in her next roles but I am definitely angry that Ziva was given no real closure. I would be happy if she returned but the producers need to fix this mess they made of her storyline even if she never returns. Hopefully she returns but I am just glad to see Cote acting again and with two upcoming roles.

          • Znachki says:

            How does “trying to be an actress” constitute an insult? Unless you have left out context. I take that as wanting to stretch and try other things, to not be tied to one role. There comes a time when every creative person needs to decide to take a leap. Perhaps she figured that she really didn’t need more money, and that it was time.

          • John NYC says:

            Znachki- Yes, she was fairly new at the profession when she got the NCIS role so trying other characters would be an expected thing.

          • as524 says:

            Given that DMc has a much longer career as an actor, his opinion about cdp’s behavior carries far more weight than a small section of ziva fans.

            As far as ziva getting no real closure, guess you rather conveniently forgot about the interview where GG stated the episodes were re-written without them knowing how much time cdp herself was willing to give the show. There’s your closure.

          • say it says:

            “Escape cancellation and got them to be #1” huh? Really? Wow!

          • leia says:

            Maria that is such a delusion.”escape cancelation” The show didn’t really take off until season six. Guess you could credit Rocky instead, or the killing of the director and the split up of the team. As for Pauley or David I’d accept their opinions as they probably felt quite hurt by her leaving, without giving any clues. David has the experience in the business to tell it like it is. Pauley is quite emotional and it probably hurt her personally. THe nasty response of Cote’s army towards anything the cast or crew of the show said also speaks for itself. Nuts.

          • Megan says:

            Wasn’t it #1 show before Cote was there?
            I really hope that she doesn’t come back to NCIS as Ziva. Then they will throw Tiva in our faces. I can’t stand Tiva and there are some other people that don’t like it either. We don’t understand why they would put an abuser(Ziva) with her victim(Tony). She calls him dead weight, tells him I need a shower after talking to you and what would a woman want with you. Then she assaults and already hurt teammate throwing him to the ground, points a gun to his chest and then leg and wishes him dead. She had all that time to calm down and yet she didn’t. If Tony was the one to throw Ziva to the ground, pointed his gun to her chest and leg and wished her dead and called her dead weight, says to her I need a shower after talking to you and what would a man see in you. Would you still want Tiva? Ziva never learns she always reacts to anger with her fists. She killed the guy in the elevator, she hit Ray and she assaulted Tony. Do you really want Tony to be with a person that can’t control her anger? Who would hurt him if she’s angry at him again?

      • Jo Ann Mazzio says:

        What did Pauley and David say about “Ziva”? I LOVE “ZIVA”.

        • shelly says:

          David gave and interview in a London publication at the beginning of season 11 over there which was around January /February. In the interview he said that he was angry at the way Cote just left them. He has that right. I understand his frustration. However he also proceeded into say how wonderful and enchanting Emily Wickersham was and that she was the complete antithesis of Cote de Pablo. That means the complete opposite. So, he is implying that Cote wasn’t nice. Funny since Mark Harmon always praised her work ethic and how she was a team player and he couldn’t imagine the show without her. I can’t believe that all of a sudden changed. David just sounds like a child lashing out who got his feelings hurt. PP told a fan on Twitter that Cote didn’t love the show and left the rest of them to deal with the angry fans. She then said she (Cote) called me up and hollered at me for saying her name on Twitter. She doesn’t love the show and she doesn’t wanna talk to you. I’m.protecting her. Leave me alone!” Really, she could have refrained from those statements. But David’s is truly insulting. If youhave an iissue, deal with the person privately, don’t hash it out in public. Cote did not respond which makes her the bigger person. She contacted PP privately and P chose to make it public.

          • Angela says:

            Assuming all the stuff with the Twitter situation went down as you say it did, I will say this about that aspect of things: I read comments on various TV articles within the last year that were downright nasty towards the show/cast/network from fans of Cote/Ziva/Tiva. There are Ziva fans who’ve said the most inane things about her replacement (the “eyebrow” thing being a notable eye-rolling complaint). I’m not saying anti-Ziva/Cote commenters have been saints, because lord knows they haven’t-I’ve read some of their comments here, too, and they can be just as ludicrously obsessive and rabid and out there in their hatred of Ziva as the fanatics are in their love of her. They need to get a life, too, and learn to channel their anger elsewhere.
            But there were some Ziva/Tiva/Cote fans who were pretty nasty themselves towards others in terms of their reactions to her leaving. I totally understand being upset when one’s favorite character/actor leaves a show. That’s fine, and completely understandable-it sucks. It’s not fun. They have every right to miss her and want her back. But my god, for those of us watching from the sidelines on these TV sites, seeing some of the rants people have made in response to it all, it got REALLY ridiculous after a while. I can only imagine what it must’ve been like for fans of the show who didn’t have a stake in this debate either way, who cared about the OTHER characters (’cause last I checked, this show did have people other than Ziva and Bishop on it), having to witness this, as well as the cast/crew.
            So in Pauley’s defense, if I had to put up with that crap day in and day out from fans, especially if they were yelling at me about something that was beyond my control…I dunno, it’d be fairly easy for me to start getting a little snippy, too. I agree if there’s any personal issues between actors they should deal with those issues privately and not air dirty laundry in public, but anger and frustration make people do things they might not otherwise normally do, too.
            Bottom line, this has become a really nasty, toxic situation all around for everyone from the network all the way down to the fans, and it’s pretty sad and pathetic.

          • StevenR says:

            Well, since you seem to be an expert on this “London publication” please list the name of your credible sources–and the name of the London publication. I’ll wait right here for those names–cough them up or stop spreading innuendos and malicious gossip. And you seriously believe EVERYTHING on Twitter? Lol, how quaint. (Talk about sounding like a child…..)

          • Annette says:

            Oh, are you talking about the Digital Spy interview David McCallum gave back in Jan. where he pretty much threw Cote under the bus, all because she decided she didn’t want to do the show anymore? I for one am glad she’s no longer around those people who refused to acknowledge her 8 years of hard work and hate that she’s not around the people who have supported her since she made the announcement, Michael Weatherly, Sean Murray, Brian Dietzen and Rocky Carroll. As for ratings, they had their lowest rated season finale since the season 7 finale. I wish them luck in season 12. Meanwhile, I look forward to not only The Dovekeepers but also to her movie, The 33, coming out in Dec.

          • TV Gord says:

            He didn’t criticize her for not wanting to do the show anymore. He criticized because she did it with such short notice, forcing the writers to rewrite a number of scripts to write her out in a clunky way. You’ll notice he never criticized Sasha Alexander for leaving or the producers for writing Lauren Holly out. It was more the circumstances of Cote’s departure that bothered him than the mere fact that she decided she didn’t want to do the show anymore.

          • TV Gord says:

            Incidentally, Annette, NCIS had its second-highest ratings ever for the 11th season (19.77 million, second only to season ten’s high of 21.34 million).

          • Cherrie says:

            They should have had a back up plan. Jesse Stern had one back in season 6 finale, just saying.

          • StevenR says:

            Thank you TVGord, I had read the comments David McCallum made and my interpretation of them was as you had stated. I’ve seen other horrible comments from these so call zealots, and considering the reputation of David McCallum has always been a stellar one–they should be absolutely ashamed. I appreciate you taking the time to set it straight.

          • Annette says:

            For those that want the source of the David McCallum interview, here it is:

            And this is from that article:
            “I just don’t understand how a leading lady in a show that’s worldwide, who ostensibly wants to have a career as an actress, suddenly walks away from such a gem and just vanishes a couple of days before we start production.”

  6. It is great to know Cote on this mini series. Now it’s time to bring her back on NCIS. Nobody would understand if not. She has to be on TCA. It make no sense to sign her and not to show her. It would be again a desaster for CBS. And this small job for CBS is sure not what Cote looks for.

  7. TullaT says:

    Right like I believe that. That must be why she is never ever mentioned on the show, and everyone acts like she never existed.

    • Stephanie says:

      Actually, I chalk that up to Gary Glasberg’s poor writing skills. Apparently friends keeping in touch is a foreign concept to him, or just too complicated to work into the occasional episode.

  8. Vollisar says:

    I’m really selfish and want her back on NCIS in a regular role. Not just the obligatory Tiva walk off into the sunset together. Bring her back ala ER’s Doug and Carol. If that’s not possible, bring her back in a recurring role as Mrs. DiNozzo. Please!

    • sandi says:

      Michael said its time for little DiNozzo’s . . . what could be more “organic” than the duo who are each others rock and admitted best friends, who instinctively move as one, are always in each others personal space and know each other like no one else does finally become a couple? Win win. Cote need not appear often if she does not wish, and Tony gets to fill his two cups finally. Hear me GG?

  9. Andrea says:

    i think this and the miniseries clearly indicate that this was Cote’s decision. Her roles since NCIS have been a movie and a miniseries—both short term gigs that don’t have the commitment that NCIS requires. Cote actually sounds a lot like Sasha, only Sasha was public with the fact that having a baby was one of the reasons she was leaving NCIS. Cote’s keeping her reasons (whatever they are) private.

    As to a guest gig, I’m thinking that wouldn’t be something that she or CBS would want right now. If she wanted a commitment to NCIS, she would have signed another contract. A guest gig wouldn’t work right now because I doubt that the majority of those who like the character of Ziva would be satisfied with a guest gig. Then the whole cycle of discussion of what that “meant” would ensue. I think, if Ziva does return, it will be during the last episodes of the series.

    • So unlike Muse Watson, who makes guest appearances, Cote de Pablo can’t make guest appearances? Gotcha.

      • TullaT says:

        He’s DEAD and he keeps coming back.

      • Andrea says:

        There is a BIG difference between Cote making a guest appearance and Muse making one. Every word that Franks says isn’t dissected to the nth degree. Every look that Franks gives Gibbs isn’t probed for its potential “meaning.” Fans do not wonder when Franks is coming back again or wish him on the show full-time (which is now no longer possible.) Franks can exist as a standalone guest star with no expectations put upon the character. The same is not true of Ziva.

      • Pete says:

        So you wish a bit-part player career for de Pablo, like Muse Watson has had?

        But, of course, you don’t care about de Pablo’s career – all you want is her to play Ziva for you for the rest of it.

        • TullaT says:

          It is so great of you to look out for her interests.

          • Pete says:

            Well those calling themselves her fans have no interest in de Pablo, all they want is Ziva – as is being proven by their responses to this announcement of what she will be starring in next. Very few of you are pleased for her and eagerly looking forward to it. No, all you want is Ziva back – despite evidence that de Pablo wants nothing more to do with Ziva or NCIS.

            The subject matter of ‘The Dovekeepers’ does not appeal to me, but I ‘hate’ her so much that I will watch the mini-series because I would like to see her playing a part other than Ziva.

        • Gabi says:

          If she wanted to guest once a year she should be allowed to. Filming an episode takes a week and she can do a lot of other roles. Since she already has two roles I assume she can manage multiple roles while being allowed to continue Ziva’s storyline via guest spots if she so wishes. I want to just see more of Cote but I will happily take all the Ziva she is willing to give whether as a regular or as a guest. In the meantime I will support her in other roles as well.

          • StevenR says:

            Nice of you to plan her career for her–does she know you are doing this, or is it a special secret only you know about? Yikes……….

      • leia says:

        Mike Franks is more important to the lead character than Ziva. From what I see Cote wants more short term projects. We should respect that. As for a guest appearance I agree it would set off the fanatics again as to why can;t she stay and get rid of the other girl, not something they need to deal with again. And if she did guest appear they’d complain about her lack of air time or why no TIVA. The show’s moved on from the teasing smoky sexual mossad agent so be it.

        • Gabi says:

          Mike Franks was never even a regular. No way is he more important than a lead character who got you to 20 million viewers. It is very strange that Ziva is not mentioned when every other one-time character like Mann or Cranston was mentioned or brought back this season. Glasberg might say something but his actions dont back up the rhetoriv.

  10. Dmac says:

    Well she basically left at the last minute and it was not just David and Pauley making comments. Mark Harmon has made it known that he was disappointed at how she left the show. I don’t know what all of you want from NCIS: Cote admitted it was her choice to leave and the network was throwing tons of money for her to stay, but it was her choice. No, she doesn’t want to come back to the show so why blame the producers, other actors or the network that your little snow flake hasn’t returned. The fact that she is going to be doing a CBS show should prove to you that it wasn’t the powers that be for her leaving. Why keep harping on something that isn’t going to happen, she isn’t coming back, the ratings didn’t go and the world didn’t end…move on and get a freakin life.

    • Anita says:

      Oh,hi there.You mean we should move on like you did for all these 8 years? Because you know I remember your full of hatred towards Ziva and Cote posts since old CBS board.
      Also..I have no expectations for Ziva and that is not because she won’t be back for sure..she might or might not.I just lost interest.I hope you are finally enjoying this show.

      Meanwhile I am looking forward to seeing Cote in her new project – she will be doing what she always wanted and I am happy for her.

      • TullaT says:

        I believe we’re up to 9 years of the Ziva/Cote haters bashing her and anyone who says nice things about her.

      • Dmav says:

        What in the world are you talking about this is the first time I commented on this situation. I don’t hate the character of Ziva and I respect Cote’s wish to move on. I hope she has a long and fulfilling career on her terms Unfortunately you assume everyone who doesn’t obsess about Ziva is a hater. I can’t imagine how oppressive it must if been with rabid fans like most of you. You can’t seperste the actress from her character.

  11. Marysue says:

    I always thought that there was more than meets the eye to Cote’s story. No one including her has revealed the real reason for her leaving the way she did. She has to be given credit for keeping quiet and just getting on with her life. She has proven that with “the 33” and now will be in “the Dovekeepers”. No matter what the reason, I do miss her on NCIS and while I look forward to seeing her in these new roles I do hope that she will come back to NCIS even for a guest role at some point. Hopefully we’ll have an explanation in the future. They are keeping Ziva alive in very subtle ways. There is the Israeli flag that is shown regularly in Abby’s lab. While not much, I think that it sends a message that NCIS and Ziva are not done. Despite the protests over Tony and Ziva not keeping in touch….Has anyone thought that deep down Ziva’s coworkers especially Tony miss her too deeply to talk about her? Hopefully there will be some reference this season especially now that she is back on CBS. By the way, has anyone seen her new haircut? Never saw her before with short hair but it’s cute.

    • John NYC says:

      Short projects might be just the needed change after the grind of 22+ episode seasons. Plus for some playing new parts has an attraction and she was fairly new when she got the Ziva role so trying other characters on for size would another new experience as compared to a seasoned actor who’d played dozens and dozens of roles.

  12. Florence Carlson says:

    Congrats to Cote and kudos to CBS for getting her back on their network! She is so talented!

  13. They need to put their money where their mouth is and pay her what she would have been paid if she were a man when they ask her back as a series regular.

    • John NYC says:

      Their “mouth” is she’s not going to be back but there’s no “bad blood”. End of story.

    • 'A' Has Spoken says:

      If you haven’t heard, they were offering her a lot more to keep her on the show BUT she refused. She’s not coming back full time. Get over it.

  14. Lynn Baker says:

    As a Cote de Pablo fan, she was on NCIS for 8 years, not 10.

    As a screenwriting student, Gary Glasberg should resign or be fired! The NCIS ship has floundered and is sinking under his watch, and all he care about is NCIS New Orleans, which first two shows stunk!

    GG states he needs an ‘organic’ idea to bring Ziva back, and can’t think of how to have Ziva and Tony communicate! Not a single idea! I have at least a dozen different drafts, well-received by screenwriter instructors and fellow students! CBS needs to put GG with New Orleans, since that’s where his interests lie, and bring in bright, fresh, motivated writers to bring NCIS back to #1!

    If CBS is interested in saving NCIS, they must listen to the fans that support them! Most want Ziva back, in some capacity. They also want Bishop removed (stats show opinion is 20+/1 against Bishop). I don’t care who she’s related to, she doesn’t fit in and is not agent material. If CBS doesn’t care about the future of NCIS, they just need to stay their course and will unlikely see season 13. If CBS wants to save NCIS, they need to fire GG or move him to New Orleans; and bring in new, creative, and motivated writers who can figure out how to have Tony and Ziva speak; and bring Cote back to NCIS! It’s that simple!

    • John NYC says:

      The Bishop character is there to stay, the other character is off wherever unfolding her crisis of conscience over all her killing of people while her portrayer has moved on to other projects that apparently better suit her current time schedule. And that’s great.

      Ton and Ziva gave it try in Paris and were so unimpressed they went further YEARS without a repeat so there’s really no “there” there in any organic sense.

    • StevenR says:

      And yet, even with your dozen different drafts–you aren’t working for CBS? Wow, such a “bright, fresh motivated” writer like yourself is totally wasting her talents spewing her vitriolic comments (and amazing ideas for NCIS scripts) on TVLine–call the executives at CBS right now and DEMAND that job. Can you feel my eye roll over there?

    • 'A' Has Spoken says:

      You are a screenwriting STUDENT and GG has been in the game for years now. This is HIS show and he’ll do what he want. And no, not everyone wants Ziva back. I loved the character but if Cote doesn’t want to come back, so be it. You “fans” need to get over it and move on. Emily/Bishop is here to stay and that’s that. Most only dislike her because they can’t get over the fact that Cote/Ziva are gone. The poor portrayer/character didn’t even stand a chance. I watched every episode that she was on and in the eyes of someone who isn’t clouded by something so stupid, she is perfectly fine. Those “stats” of yours aren’t even that. So please stop with the bull. Oh and if you haven’t heard, NCIS is STILL #1 in the entire WORLD! I guess you missed that announcement in June. Let GG and co. handle this show the way they want and if you’re not satisfied, stop watching. If Cote is not willing to come back, then that’s it. They can’t do anything about it.

    • leia says:

      lynn Baker as a student you have much to learn especially if you expect to have a career in hollywood. YOu should also learn math and stats before you spew. As for your writing are you trying to sell it to GG? I guess that’s the point isn’t it. What you’re writing is fan fiction, which the obsessed write to push their fabs at the expense of the other characters at times even killing off characters so they can have what they want.when read its positively creepy.

      • Angela says:

        Ehhhhhh…on behalf of fanfic readers/writers, not ALL of us do that in our stories about our favorite characters and shows. I certainly don’t.

    • TV Gord says:

      I don’t think it’s accurate to say “most” fans want Cote back. The most incessantly vocal fans keep singing the same song on every story that they can find on the internet, but just because they can come up with varying names on different sites and seem hellbent on never shutting up about their Cote obsession doesn’t mean there’s a majority of fans who want her back.

      I loved Cote on the show, but she’s gone, and I am all for anyone who wants to move on with their career. Similarly, there are plenty of us who enjoy Emily, who has brought a breath of fresh air to the show, and the new blood clearly has invigorated the show.

      People leave shows. You have to learn how to deal with it. I am stunned–looking at the comments since I last read this page–that some people stayed up all night to argue about something they cannot change. That’s more than a little wacky. Some people have an obsession about this actress and this character that borders (no, crosses the border) into scary-land.

  15. John NYC says:

    “So, once and for all, there’s no bad blood between boss and his onetime star? Meaning, the door is ostensibly open for de Pablo to reprise her NCIS role someday, if only for an episode? “There’s no bad blood,” Glasberg answered. “I promise you there’s no bad blood.””

    So, no bad blood but a deliberate non-answer on the return (thank goodness).

  16. kassie says:

    Hello Gary Glassburg (ha ha) but Cote is starring with Juliette Binoche and Anthony Banderas (2 Academy Award nominees) in the movie33. I’m not sure that you are being honest when comments by McCallum and Mark Herman were made public. Yes there was a problem and I highly doubt that Cote will return . Just be honest and say that certain actors are very upset with her on your set.

  17. Jo Ann Mazzio says:

    I am THRILLED that “Ziva” is returning!!!!!!!

  18. Dj says:

    Good for her. I’m not a Ziva fan, I can’t even watch the reruns with her on them. But Cote is a wonderful actress so I’m glad she is on another show.

  19. Jennifer says:

    Why WOULD there be bad blood? Her name isn’t Heigl, she’s great actress, she wasn’t fired and clearly the show hated losing her but it was her choice. The media needs to stop creating non-existent drama.

  20. Jeanne says:

    Sure no bad blood. They can’t mention her name Pauley goes on a tirade on twitter about her, and David McCallum gives smart ass comments in articles about her. Sure there’s no bad blood.

  21. Jeanne says:

    Sure there’s no bad blood. They can’t mention Ziva’s name, but they can Kate. Pauley goes on a tirade trashing her on twitter, and David McCallum gives smart ass answers in an article about her. Mark Harmon won’t talk about her. Sure there’s no bad blood.

  22. Jeanne says:

    Sure there’s no bad blood. They can talk about Kate, but can’t say Ziva’s name

  23. Jeanne says:

    Sure there was no bad blood. They can talk about Kate, but can’t mention Ziva’s name. Pauley goes on a tirade on twitter trashing her, and David McCallum says smart ass things about her in interviews. Mark Harmon won’t talk about her, or thank her for her contribution for the Most Watched Television Show Award for Season 10. Sure there’s no bad blood. Sarcasm, you better believe it.

  24. nas says:

    LOL at Glasberg’s continued politically correct speak. Don’t buy any of it. But that’s typical coming from him. Not sure exactly what it is that he thinks he’s been saying all along as the general spin from the show is to pretend she never existed.

  25. Dj says:

    There isn’t any bad blood between Pauley and Cote. It was the Tiva/Ziva and how they acted which made them both upset.

  26. as524 says:

    Really wish the endless questions about cdp/ziva would stop. She’s gone…time to talk about NCIS season 12

  27. Lynn Baker says:

    I’m thrilled Gary Glasberg is going to do New Orleans! Let him ruin that show (the first 2 were awful!), instead of NCIS! The show clearly got away from him & starting its downward spiral under his watch! His writing stinks, he makes bad character decisions (he’s one of the very few that thinks no-talent, very little experienced EW/Bishop was ‘great’!). He should really be fired! I doubt NCIS will be able to recover the 5 Million lost viewers during season 11! He said he couldn’t think of a way to bring (storyline-Ziva) back or how she & Tony would have a dialog! Really? Several of us had good ideas, & a ‘pro’ can’t think of 1? I’m a screenwriter student, just a student; & his writing stinks! His ‘tribute’ to Ralph Waite was shamefully inadequate & cheap! It felt jammed into an upcoming episode, hardly any Ralph Waite flashbacks, very little Gibbs emotion (I’ve seen more emotion over spilt coffee!); even the casket flag looked Dollar Store cheap! I hope this is good riddance of GG for NCIS!

    • TV Gord says:

      What are you talking about? NCIS lost about 1.5 million viewers in season 11, the season where it had a tough new competitor in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. Why do people pull out such ridiculous numbers when the facts are easily checked.

    • 'A' Has Spoken says:

      You really need to stop with your bashing of GG. Your hatred of GG is deplorable. Sounds like you’re a little jealous of him to be honest. Do you have nothing better to do than trash him? You must feel bad that you’ll never become as successful as him and spawn a show that’s known worldwide. Oh and no, NCIS did NOT lose that many viewers. Like the person above me said, they lost about 1.5 but that isn’t that bad tbh.. It’s still #1 in the Nation AND World. Stop coming up with such ridiculous “stats” please.

    • leia says:

      I’m telling you lynn if you want to work as a script writer you’d better lighten up or all you will be left with is your fan fiction. Gibbs doesn’t doesn’t have emotions that are visible, idle dialogue clogs up the time of the show which has been crunched enough in some episodes because they overreach with complexity. they haven’t lost 5million viewers there’s that math problem of yours again, and filling a tribute episode with flashbacks is cheap, because its already been filmed. The finale pointed out the differences of how two boys were raised one who lost his mom and one his dad, both were unfair losses in a way but to live the rest of your life to seek only revenge,when there is so much more, Both Gibbs and Rivera are connected in more ways then just a dead family and a dead drug dealer dad. How they’ve gotten on or not, how they honor their family was the point . Or are you too thick for that one too. Good luck in Hollywood you’ll need it. PS the ending was beautiful right down to the song by Warren Zevon and Gibbs holding that flag tight to his chest

  28. Christopher says:

    I could understand if Cote de Pablo never wanted to come back to NCIS!
    This showrunner is completely incompetent!
    He praises the first character disliked by majority of viewers on NCIS as lottery win after a season of viewer loss!
    Whoever made the decision to hire Emily Wickersham doesn’t have a clue what great acting is because she is the worst actress in 11 years of NCIS!
    If there was no bad blood between Ms de Pablo and NCIS producers Ziva would have been mentioned instead this useless Bishop character is still shoved down viewers’ throats!
    How about Mr. Glasberg admits differences with Ms de Pablo, they all wish each other well and NCIS gets AN ACTRESS for the leading female part instead of Emily Wickersham so that viewers can watch NCIS again!

    • StevenR says:

      How about just speaking for yourself and not other viewers? You have stats showing what the “majority of viewers” want? I’m a viewer since day one–you certainly are not speaking for me. Do you know for a FACT that Cote wants back? Are you speaking for her as a representative? No? Didn’t think so……..

  29. No bad blood, come on Mr. Glasberg who is supposed to believe that?
    It’s great that Cote de Pablo will be back on CBS with these wonderful producers! I am sure the “Dovekeepers” will be successful!
    Regarding NCIS: If Gary Glasberg was a smart show runner Cote would already be back as Ziva at least as a guest and the myriad of unhappy viewers would be happy watching again making NCIS the Number 1 show again but he prefers to continue ignoring what viewers want and delivers the opposite!

  30. Warren says:

    I never understood the devotion to Cote. She was always the weak link of that team. A constant stream of wooden dialogue and bad English puns/quips. Not even half the character Kate was.

  31. Lexi says:

    She was offered a lot of money to stay on the show. But remember in the end she didn’t care that we loved her. I think $2 million a year is nice. Not enough?
    So remember SHE walked away from her fans.

  32. Gilda says:

    I would love for her to come back permanently to NCIS! She was amazing! The chemistry between all of the cast was natural. I miss Ziva David!!!!

  33. Fran says:

    The amount of hate and malicious comments that always appear anytime Ziva’s name is mentioned is truly alarming. Whether she left on her own or didnt, the situation is obviously done and over with. At the end of the day its just a TV show. I liked the character but haven’t lost any sleep over her leaving. There are far better things to he riled up about. Cote has obviously moved on- let her and wish her well in the future.

  34. kae says:

    Not the first actor to leave a top show and lots of money to take her chances. Cote’s a great actress, hope it’s a success. NCIS always needs to update to keep fresh, but in the end, I want TIVA together forever, even if it’s just the final episode.

  35. Shelly says:

    @Angela I don’t hold celebrities responsible for the things that their fans say and do. If that were the case, authorities should have pressesd charges against Jodie Foster for the attempted assasination of President Reagan in March of 1981. After all, John Hinckley Jr. tried to kill the President in order to impress Jodie Foster. Cote does not have control over these people. She is not responsible for them. Pauley should understand that. She could have blocked the offenders from her Twitter page or she could have completely ignored the comments. I am not saying that there are not crazy Cote fans that have done and said inappropriate things, however, Cote is not in control of that and shouldn’t have to be. Do we really want to hold all public figures responsible for their wacked fans? This was the issue.
    “The 44-year-old, who plays Abby Sciuto on the show, was caught up in some controversy earlier in December when she reportedly sent a direct message to an NCIS fan on Twitter to say that de Pablo didn’t love her job and ‘left the rest of the cast to get beat up.’
    The fan then posted the tweet for all to see and it apparently also got Perrette in trouble with her former costar. ‘She called me and hollered at me for mentioning her name on twitter. She didn’t want to be on the show or talk to y’all,’ Perrette tweeted presumably about de Pablo. The tweet has since been deleted.”

    • Angela says:

      I completely agree celebrities aren’t responsible for the actions of their fans. I never said they were or should be. Blocking/ignoring those people would’ve been a great idea, too. Only issue with that suggestion is, with the volume and repetitiveness that some of them may have employed in their attacks, and if they came up with other aliases, that may be easier said than done. Especially the “ignore them” suggestion. Pretty hard to ignore a barrage of nasty remarks targeted at you and the show at large for things you have no control over.
      The bottom line is, there was no need for that kind of nasty behavior from fans in the first place-she wouldn’t have had to say or do anything at all if some people would’ve just grown up and learned how to behave like decent human beings to begin with. Again, I won’t argue that she may not have handled things in the best manner if that’s indeed how it all went down, but like I said above, anger and frustration can lead people to lash out from time to time and say things they don’t mean in the heat of the moment.
      Besides that, like I said, I agree Cote isn’t responsible at all for what her fans do. But at the same time, if I saw my fans were acting like jerks towards my former cast mates for a decision I made, I think I’d at least consider doing a, “Hey, guys, can you chill out and relax already? Leave her alone and yell at me if you’re so upset.” sort of response somehow. Be it on Twitter, or in an interview, or whatever. I don’t think that’s too out of the realm of reasonable requests-I’d be deeply embarrassed to know my fans are acting that way towards other people.

      • shelly says:

        First of all, Cote has always been an extremely private person. She doesn’t want anything to do with social media. Her reasons for leaving are her reasons. I don’t agree with people harassing Pauley. It’s immature and unacceptable. If things were that awful, Pauley could have chosen to shut down her Twitter page. She also could have made it more difficult for people to follow her and put more restrictions on her page. Should she have to? No. But that’s what happens when you want to be available to everyone in the world. Secondly, do you really think these over the top,obsessive fans would stop what they are doing if Cote asked them too? No. A large majority would probably say that she made the comments because she was forced to; that it wasn’t something she willingly did. You can’t win with people who have this type of mindset. It’s best to ignore. Diane Neal, who plays Agent Borin and is very good friends with Cote, has stated on her page that Cote is doing really well and is very happy. MW has stated that Cote feels like she absolutely made the right decision. Both of them stated that the hours are brutal and that there isn’t any time for weddings or funerals or birthdays, etc….MW said that she just needed a break. All of these allude to her exit not being about money but about wanting a lighter schedule. However these fans will not be satisfied for any reason. And really I use the term fan loosely. As a fan we should want her to be happy. Since she has been off the show she has been able to have her extended family visit her in L.A., she has been able to live in NYC where her sister is at; she has made a movie in Chile where her mother lives; and she just recently traveled to Portugal, Greece and Spain. Now she gets to be in a miniseries. She has her freedom to spend time with loved ones and the ability to try new roles and expand her wings. True Cote fans would be happy for her. Missing her is one thing; obsessing over it is another. You really cannot reason with those “fans”. I would avoid and ignore them too.

        • Angela says:

          I agree that it’s pretty darn clear that there’s no reasoning with some people. I’m just saying, if I were in her shoes, if I were a celebrity who saw all this going down, I’d at least give it a try-maybe, maybe a few fans here and there might at least listen to me. But I understand the privacy thing, too, and like you said, sadly, a lot of people wouldn’t buy her pleas, either.
          If things were that awful, Pauley could have chosen to shut down her Twitter page. She also could have made it more difficult for people to follow her and put more restrictions on her page. Should she have to? No. But that’s what happens when you want to be available to everyone in the world.
          Exactly. She shouldn’t have to do any of that, because it’s not her fault some people are irresponsible, immature babies. It’s just that even if she did put those restrictions and shut things down, or simply tried to ignore these people, the nastiness would still filter in. Heck, those who watch other shows have to wade through this debate in articles about a variety of TV shows on here because these fans can’t grasp the fact that the world does not revolve around their little drama regarding this topic. Ignoring this stuff, or shutting down access to certain means of social media, are nice suggestions, but even that doesn’t seem to be enough, so maybe at some point it IS time for much more drastic measures of some kind. Because for the cast, the crew, the fans who aren’t invested in this craziness, and those who come to sites like this hoping to talk about other shows entirely only to have to encounter this along the way, it’s beyond ridiculous. There are other fandoms on here, typically known as pretty rabid ones in their own rights, who look positively sane right now compared to fans of this show.

          • TullaT says:

            I got blocked by Pauley on Twitter, and I never tweeted to the woman in my life, nor have I even mentioned her on twitter, but she blocked me, and she also blocked dozens of other fans who were equally baffled. I don’t know what is going on with her but there’s something funny going on.

  36. Doris says:

    I am happy that Cote is back on tv. I hope she will return in a regular series at some point.

  37. Shelly says:

    @StevenR I do not have any reasons to make up comments for David McCallum. I do not gain anything by making up stories. Contrary to what you may believe, I am a huge Cote fan but I respect her decision to leave NCIS. I do not hold CBS or her former cast mates responsible for this decision. Negotiations did not work out; she chose to leave. End of story. I even said that the cast members had a right to be upset over this abrupt departure. I am sure they were blindsided that she did not give them a heads up about her coming departure and instead, let them hear about it along with the rest of the world. I would be upset about that too. However, here is the article that I was referring to. It’s not rocket science people. Most of this information can be found by googling key words. I am not trying to hide a thing. So, here ya go.

  38. Kelly Deeny says:

    I’m excited about the miniseries as Cote seems like a great fit for the role. Cote’s a fantastic actress and made “Ziva” one of my favorite Primetime TV female characters. It’s nice to read that there’s a possibility (even the tiniest one) that she might return to NCIS one day.

  39. Shelly says:

    These comments about Cote being the instigator of Mote is ridiculous. These are the deranged rantings of obsessive fans. Surely you all must know that? Cote and Michael have always been playful in their relationship/friendship. She has said that he is like a brother to her. If she really wanted a relationship with him, she could have pursued one when she first joined the show. They were both single at the time. However, I believe she began dating Diego before Michael began dating his wife Bojana; so clearly she does not want a romance with him. Michael is constantly doing inappropriate things to her but no one seems to point that out. In one of her first interviews for season 3, he stands behind her, takes his shirt off and puts his hands around her waist. He has made comments about her in her blue dress at the beginning of season 6. He said in the audio commentary for Housekeeping that she is stunning. Just last year, on The Talk in May, Michael was the one that kissed her hand and went in for the fake kiss. This was before the dreaded nose nuzzling event that all you anti Cote fans bring up. Why aren’t you bringing up Michael’s actions? Perspective people. They are close friends and nothing more. He revealed again that Cote was his buddy on The Talk in October 2013 and got a little teary eyed. In January, at the People’s Choice Awards, he talked about his chemistry with Cote, in front of his wife, and about how he misses her on set every day and hope she comes back. Google it, watch it. I’m not making it up. Stop reading into every little thing they say and do as being romanitc overtures. Oh my, there are photos of Cote kissing Pauley and Pauley kissing Cote and Lauren hugging Cote. Gee, do you think they all are having affairs with one another? Mark Harmon is always very affectionate with both Pauley and Cote when they are at public events or doing photo shoots. He is always putting his arm around their waists or kissing them on the cheek. Just look at the photos from when he got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And egads, his wife Pam wasn’t there! Should we start assuming that he wants to have an affair with both Pauley and Cote? Come on people, keep it real.

    • rose says:

      i totally agree people make a mountain out of a mole hill plus they keep adding on to it. I miss cote but maybe she wanted to go an do different movies – I hated to see her go but more power to her.

  40. Jean-Charles Tillmann says:

    First I’m happy for Cote de Pablo. Second I believe in nothing Glasberg told. He his the father of this mess. Look on his new project NOLA and you see it. And Harmon do same. NCIS will die this season. And I think also in this it’s Galsberg plan to do this.

  41. Siana says:

    Thrilled to read Cote de Pablo will be on the small screen again. Dovekeepers Project sounds like a fascinating story and am very curious to see the new character she portrays. I miss Ziva on ncis but am looking forward to watching Cote de Pablo performing in a variety of different roles.

  42. Judy Dunston says:

    I think that all of this discussion really speaks to the fact that viewers are not very satisfied with Bishop. I remember being appalled at Kate’s departure but immediately liked how the Ziva character was written into the show. Funny, aggressive, interesting personality. She captured NCIS audiences. The writers really need to work on Bishop’s character development, she’s pretty boring.

    • Angela says:

      *Looks back through this comment section*
      Actually, it looks like there’s a few people here who are satisfied with her. It’s fine if you don’t care for a character, but try not to speak for the viewers at large.

    • Jane says:

      Actually, considering this seems to mostly be a board of whackjob Tiva fans, your comment is idiotic. That’s like going into a baseball stadium and saying hmmm, seems like there are quite a few people that like baseball here. Jesus. PLENTY of people are happy with Bishop. This season has had new life breathed into it, and I know numerous fans that were going to give up on NCIS all together before Ziva left (because the Tiva crap was RUINING the show!!!) and Bishop joined the team, who are now fans of the show once more. Just because YOU like a character and you go to post to a place where other people like YOU post in droves, does not mean anything but that you found a place with people that think like you.

  43. Maria says:

    As a history fan and a Cote fan, I will definitely check out her new miniseries.

  44. Liz says:

    So, once and for all, there’s no bad blood between boss and his onetime star? Meaning, the door is ostensibly open for de Pablo to reprise her NCIS role someday, if only for an episode? “There’s no bad blood,” Glasberg answered. “I promise you there’s no bad blood.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

    Read the question. Then read the answer The question is directed to Glasberg and the anwer is that there is no bad blood between him and Cote.. Also, the question asked if the door is open for Cote. He did not address that part..

  45. Liz says:

    Glasberg didn’t address the part of the question that asked if Cote could come back to NCIS. That may be telling

  46. Liz Laughlin says:

    Glasberg did not address the part of the question that asked if Cote could come back to NCIS

  47. Martha says:

    That’s great but hope she comes back. I liked the why they all had their certain quirks.

  48. We loved the character she played, and really miss Ziva on the show. It would be great to see her do a guest appearance.

  49. Here’s the thing. Cote went into negotiations and for whatever reasons– that we will never know the entirety of –unless you were in that negotiation room– the negotiations shut down and her contract did not get renewed. Was it Cote? Was it CBS? Was it mutual? Was it a stand still because neither party could agree? Unless you were there– you will never know. I’ve heard every theory out there…but seriously– it takes two sides to negotiate and so there are two sides to this story. Despite what CBS said, despite what Cote said– there were two sides to this and we will never understand the complexities of why it didn’t work out. It just didn’t and we as fans have to deal with an NCIS without Cote, for now, and most likely until the series ends.

    Since her departure, Cote’s been working on the movie 33 and has now landed a role on CBS in the four hour mini series. I think as a Cote fan– it is great to know she is still acting and I’ll get to watch those productions at some point. I am still an NCIS fan. Has the show changed? Sure it has. But a show that has been on the air for 11 season and entering its 12th… and well things are going to change. I do wish they could have worked it out, but they didn’t and for now it is what it is.

    • John NYC says:

      Reasonable and well stated.

      And frankly, while the reset might have been forced on them or of their own making a reset for such a long running show isn’t necessarily a bad thing and in this case, IMHO, the last few seasons showed it was needed and the effort has largely paid off. I like the show now more than for probably the last two seasons at least where it had swapped with NCIS: L.A. for my goto on Tuesday…

  50. sharon says:

    They to do something because the one who has taken Cote place sinks