Hotel Hell Season 2 Premiere Preview: 'I Would Pay You $100 Not to Sing'

This…is not American Idol. In truth, it’s a preview clip from next Monday’s Season 2 premiere of Hotel Hell (9/8c on Fox).

So how come Cali Szczawinski, owner of Meson De Mesilla Hotel and Restaurant in Las Cruces, NM, refuses to drop the mic and quit interrupting her guests’ meals with her singing?

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Press PLAY below as host/taskmaster Gordon Ramsay fills an expressionless Cali’s ears with direct, honest feedback from her customers. (I don’t know about you, but now I’m kind of dying to hear a snippet of her warbling.)

Does Cali strike you as a woman who’ll listen to Gordon’s advice — or is he being drowned out by the imaginary applause in her head? Sound off below!

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