'Ship Shape: How Your Fave Pairs From Salem, Devious Maids, Teen Wolf and Other Shows Are Faring

Bullets rained down on many of TV’s star-crossed lovers this week. But did your favorites end up walking into the light — or are they sticking around to find their happy endings?

Find out in the latest installment of TVLine’s ‘Ship Shape, a recurring feature that tracks new developments for series’ hottest duos — and then offers our forecast for each pairing.

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Don’t see your favorite love match represented here? Give ‘em a shout out below and maybe they’ll merit a mention the next go-around.

And with that said, this ‘ship is about to set sail. So, hop aboard and check out our gallery (via the blue button underneath the Salem photo above or by clicking this link)!

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  1. M3rc Nate says:

    I call BS on the Mike & Rachel Suits one. If MIKE isnt careful he might lose HER?! lol…how about if SHE isnt careful she might lose HIM? Lets tally up the score…he did all the chasing to get her (all the work), he loves her, move in together, she says she wont tell him what to do (on leaving or staying at firm) she then gets pissed when he wants to stay, so mainly for her he leaves, he now works at the investment firm and she says we will stay strong, keep work at work, he then tries to SAVE a mans legacy by saving his company and all of those employees, she is on the side fighting to get them all fired and the cooperate raider rip apart the company selling it for parts, said raider is the ex affair lover she had, Mike lovingly hugs Rachel telling her he loves her and trusts her, she then brings work home with her ragging/nagging/fighting with Mike cause he hurt Louis’s feelings, doing something that both Louis and Harvey have done 100 times worse than, she then visits (without talking to Mike) her ex affair-lover’s house, and his office, getting so close they almost kiss…

    So explain to me again how MIKE is the bad guy here? How MIKE is the one that can get dumped? lol. If anything i vote the writers get original and have him dump her, and her realize what she’s lost and SHE has to fight to get him BACK, and it doesnt come quick or easy. But no…they are just gonna have her get sick/hurt so he instantly forgives her when she tells him cause she will be in a hospital bed having almost died…such cheap writing…way to avoid consequences of her actions/choices. Of course the female character cant have to pay for her mistakes..if it was swapped around and Mike almost kissed his ex you know he wouldnt get written to get hurt and be in the hospital and get forgiven quickly…they have her find out and be furious and it last 5 episodes, having him have to work to get her back and trust him again…lol what a joke…i expect more from the Suits writers.

    • Cyn says:

      But she loves him too.
      She went to see her ex for him to stop the attacks on Mike. If he kept digging, we all know what he was going to find. She went to his office because he needed her professional opinion on something. I don’t see how that’s wrong.
      As for him leaving the firm, she didn’t tell him what to do. Yes she wanted him to take the job, because of course that would have solved their issues. She was being reasonable here. Mike said it himself, he was tired of putting the people he cared about in jeopardy. He did it mainly for her but also Harvey(and Donna). The decision was his in the end.

      And seriously, Mike is not a saint either. But I’m not excusing everything Rachel has done though because lord knows I was pissed when that Logan/Rachel almost kiss came in. She tells Mike she wants to spend her life with him(beautiful scene btw) and then the next episode, that L/R scene happens. Come on now, Suits writers.

      As for this week’s episode, I don’t think that her going to the hospital is going to solve everything.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Exactly my issue, she tells him that and hes so understanding (her working with ex, not just a ex she dated, a ex she had a affair with while he was married, big deal) when she has to work with the ex…but she doesnt HAVE to go to his office, doesnt have to work at his office, she knew (as did we) from the looks of apprehension and doubt and wanting to stay away from him, and then the almost kiss, that chemistry is still there..so THATS why you dont go into your exes house/work alone if theres still that temptation.

        No Mikes not a saint but so far hes like 5-1 beating her in the good BF department. Yeah but that wasnt purely for him, that effects her too, she signed that document saying she knew, if Mike went down basically the entire firm (her job, $ to go to college, her reputation) all go down the toilet. Its not like her asking him took much, she just said do this favor for me and he did, fairly simple and easy. Lol didnt tell him what to do? Obviously your not a guy…when your gf/Wife flips out on you like that cause you decided to do it one way, you dont keep going that way unless you want her pissed at you for a long time and potential resentment building up. Him switching over to leaving was part realization about how he doesnt want the lie on his shoulders but mainly to please her.

        Overall…im ticked they couldnt be happy for longer than one episode. I mean really? So we spend three LONG seasons getting them to the point that they are in love, open and honest with each other, and living together in the cute apartment he got his grandma…FINALLY…and now this new fourth season starts, and we get 1-2 episodes of small seasons of them together at home then its straight to her working for her ex-affair-lover? And shes yelling at him for hurting Louis’s feelings? I mean come on…i watch this show for the relationship of Mike & Rachel and for the bromance of Mike & Harvey (with the humor of Lewis & Donna sprinkled in)….and right now Harvey and Mike are in the sh*tter, and Rachel is being a bad GF and Mike is working at a investment firm….i pray with all my heart the second half of this season is a LOT of good times…humor, romance, happiness, sexy scenes, lighter. If its more dark and Mike and Rachel are broken up and Mike is back working at Pearce & Specter but hes some low pole job or something…idk how long i can endure.

        • Cyn says:

          I didn’t feel any chemistry between Rachel and her ex before the latest episode.

          And yes, I wanted Mike and Rachel to be happy a while longer but happy couples are boring on TV, so they have to put some drama. *sigh*
          Not a fan of the ex storyline, they could have come up with some better stuff. I think a break up is where we’re headed anyway. I’d be very surprised if they make it the whole season.
          I also miss the fun times, this season is way too dark for me. Harvey and Mike being apart is hard to watch.

          • M3rc Nate says:

            I didnt feel chemistry before then per-say, but i did feel her apprehension and wanting to be distant from him, which sent signals to me that theres something there…which the chemistry and almost kiss then confirmed.

            I completely disagree, happy couples are NOT boring on TV. Happy couples are boringly WRITTEN on TV. As many issues as i have with “Castle”, Castle and Beckett together happy has been a lot of fun, the couple needs chemistry and humor and some sass….exactly what Mike and Rachel have…a couple doesnt have to just be sitting on the couch watching TV or something boring to watch. I couldnt disagree with you more, you have just been brainwashed to think so because of how poorly written couples typically are. I mean look at how Peter and Elizabeth are on White Collar, they have married chemistry and a dash of sexy and she is sassy and they are FANTASTIC. Obviously Mike & Rachel would be a more fun, more sexy, and younger type happy couple but still. It can be done when written well. (thats just one example i could find more).

            I try not to bash too hard on a show for going dark for a while…because a series like Suits (anything serialized not episodic procedural) is essentially one long movie. Now while it might suck at the time to be watching a dark 10 episodes…when you go back and re-watch the entire series in a week or two (say this series ends after 8 seasons), you might come to appreciate how the dark times were a catalyst for change, and how they added a change of pace for a little while, and were realistic to how the entire series couldn’t be all happy jokes bromances and romances.

  2. Michael and Becca. Dominion. I die. This show gets better with every episode and I’m really looking forward to learning more about all the characters.

  3. Cyn says:

    @M3rc Nate Fyi, I don’t find happy couples boring at all, I love all the couples you talked about.
    I probably should have been clearer. It’s just something I see/read a lot these days, but I couldn’t disagree more with that.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Good :) I see it all the time and hear it from show-runners too, and its total BS and only a result of bad writing. I mean Chuck and Sarah anyone? They had long stretches of episodes where they were happy but going through what it means to be together/living together/engaged etc…when its written well, it succeeds.