True Blood Recap: Bar Rescue

True Blood Recap

Death? Mourning? Ain’t nobody on Sunday’s True Blood got time for that. Less than 24 hours after losing Alcide, Sookie re-focused her efforts on saving her friends from the H-Vamps — and, of course, getting her flirt on.

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To be fair, Sookie and Jason did place some quick, tear-jerking phone calls to Jackson and Hoyt (Hoyt!!!) to inform them of their respective losses. Hoyt’s reaction was particularly heartbreaking, not only because he loved his crazy mama, but because Jason had to pretend like they didn’t know each other. (Calling Hoyt “Bubba” was probably not the best way to do that.)

Then it was “Alcide who?” as Sookie and her rag-tag army of sexy, undead warriors stormed Fangtasia and freed the captives. Honestly, the whole thing was worth it just to see Arlene freak out watching a mouse transform into a full-grown, naked Sam Merlotte.

A LOVE TRIANGLE REBORN | Rather than exact his revenge on Sarah Newlin, Eric demanded that Pam’s private plane redirect to Bon Temps so he could say goodbye to — wait for it — Willa, his progeny of five minutes. Not that I’m complaining about Eric returning home, as it triggered the long-awaited Sookie reunion of my Season 4 dreams. And even though we all know it’ll be Bill and Sookie forever and ever, don’t think I didn’t enjoy every precious second of Sookie and Eric’s shared screen time. “You can not die on me,” she told him, which was preceded by some noteworthy hair-smelling. (What are these writers doing to us?!)

HUMBLE BEGINNINGS | I’m not usually a fan of flashbacks — especially when we only have seven episodes left to wrap this whole thing up — but I loved seeing Fangtasia’s backstory this week. Maybe I’m just nostalgic for video rental stores, or maybe I was craving a dose of Vitamin Ginger, but it was all so perfect. Over the seasons, Fangtasia has almost become its own character, so it’s only fair it gets the same send-off as everyone else. (Except, you know, Alcide.)

GHOST OF SEASONS PAST | Nobody died this week — not anyone who mattered, anyway — but Arlene came pretty close to biting the big one during the attack on Fangtasia. Thankfully, new vampire (and soon-to-be love interest) Keith arrived just in time to heal Bon Temps’ token ginger. And yes, we’ve reached the point in Season 7 where Bill’s daughter’s boyfriend’s bandmate is becoming an important character. (Side note: Did anyone else squeal, at least internally, when Ghost Terry showed up? Another solid reunion.)

True Blood RecapHUNGER PAINS | Jessica still feels guilty for committing faericide, but fortunately, her guilt-induced anorexia finally came to an end this week, thanks to a generous serving of blunt honesty from Sookie. “I don’t give a f—k about your problems,” Sookie told her (I’m paraphrasing, but honestly, it was pretty close). Sookie just needed more healthy vampires to help save her friends from Fangtasia, and she didn’t have time for Jessica’s drama. (In other news, when are Lafayette and James going to start “groovin'” on each other?)

HOLLY MOLY | Speaking of Sookie making herself useful, how cool was it watching her fairie-probe Holly’s memory? If she’d always used her powers this effectively — rather than literally try to rid herself of them — she could have minimized a lot of her previous problems. And kudos to Lauren Bowles for that whole scene; I’m totally believing her Fangtasia basement-induced PTSD. She deserves a happy ending, that one.

Truebies, your thoughts on this week’s episode? Am I alone in my Sookie-Eric feelings? And did Alcide get the send-off he deserved? Drop a comment with your review of the hour below.

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