24 Sneak Peek: Will Chloe Be Able to Help Jack With a Finale Face-Off?

In the name of stopping China from declaring war on the United States, Jack Bauer needs to hunt down Cheng Zhi — and quick! — as Fox’s 24: Line Another Day uncorks its final hour this Monday at 9/8c. Will his longtime righthand gal be able help him in that endeavor?

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After all, as far as Jack knows, Chloe had joined back up with Adrian Cross just as the Open Cell bossman reclaimed the override device, to whatever end. So going into this final showdown, it’d be understandable is Jack is wary of Chloe’s allegiance.

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Press play below to see how the dynamic duo’s “reunion” via cell phone plays out, then tune in Monday for what I can assure you is a fantastic and thrilling conclusion to the 12-episode, 24-hour Live Another Day saga.

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