Should Suits Pair Split? Did 24 Tumble for Ya? Faux Fosters Drama? Too Many Wolf Baddies? And More TV Qs

The Leftovers

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Leftovers, Teen Wolf, The Fosters and Suits!

1 | What was the more impressive feat on The Leftovers: Kevin fixing up his ransacked house in a matter of weeks, or Laurie taming her frizzy hair?

2 | Won’t Mary rescuing John in Salem make it seem like he was a witch after all?

3 | PBS’ crude Ian McKellen-Derek Jacobi gay satire Vicious is so wrong it’s absolutely, gloriously right, yes?

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4 | Are we actually supposed to be frightened of Devious Maids‘ timid, glass-eyed villain Ty? And if you were Zoila, would Pablo’s decision to give a kidney to Genevieve sway you to take him back?

5 | Did Rising Star‘s Gabrielle Nicole kill her own chances at winning with her obnoxious display of ego — claiming her opponents should be afraid to face her during head-to-head duels? Or is the rest of the field so weak that she’ll steamroll ’em despite her sour personality?

6 | With Beauty and the Beast Season 2 now behind us, are we ready to admit that Vincent’s “ability” to “sense” exactly what took place at a location is one of TV’s biggest storytelling cheats?

7 | Did any other Teen Wolf viewers think the Benefactor and the Mute were the same person? So many new villains, so few actual introductions.

8 | After Angie’s body was found on Under the Dome, why didn’t Barbie put even a shred of effort into getting the locker door open? A plane was used to drop pesticides all over Chester’s Mill, but no one thought to grab a sledgehammer and break the locker open?

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24: Live Another Day9 | Did this 24: Live Another Day closed-captioning show up for anyone else? Just us? Oh, and the way Chloe kept tumbling and tumbling down that hill after leaping from Cheng’s vehicle, did it remind you of Westley and Buttercup? And does Ross McCall have one of the most thankless roles in 24 history?

10 | After the super dramatic/misleading promo for this week’s The Fosters, were you disappointed that Robert Quinn and his family weren’t hiding some terrible secret?

11 | Did you swoon over Dom’s admission on Mistresses that he had a detailed plan in his head for a dream life with Savi or did you feel a little queasy when he revealed he’d concocted said plan on their first case together (AKA when she was still married)? And is it possible Zack is secretly trying to ruin her life — payback for the accident that quashed so many of his own dreams?

12 | Has any guest judge in So You Think You Can Dance history come close to Misty Copeland’s level of specific, actionable, technical critique? And would you be OK if she took over the seat permanently — putting an end to the usual carousel of visiting panelists?

13 | Has there been a better role upgrade in recent memory than Nic Bishop going from Body of Proof to Covert Affairs?

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14 | Was anyone else surprised by Pretty Little Liars‘ full-on Aria/Ezra sex scene this week? Pretty sure we wouldn’t want to watch that with our entire (ABC) family.

15 | Shouldn’t Tyrant at least give us some indication that a scene is, theoretically, being spoken exclusively in Arabic? That, for example, Barry got through the council meeting using his 20 years-dormant grasp of the native language?

16 | Isn’t it a relief knowing that April’s family on Chasing Life knows about her cancer? And does Dominic have a closet full of gray vests we don’t know about?

Finding Carter Alex Saxon17 | After a promising pilot, did Finding Carter veer too much into cliched high school drama in Episode 2? And does Alex Saxon’s role as Carter’s ex Max signal that a break-up is ahead for The Fosters‘ Wyatt and Callie?

18 | Graceland’s Charlie didn’t worry that the FBI might find it odd to be cutting a check to an informant with the same name as a recently murdered agent’s wife?

19 | How many Suits fans out there screamed “Noooo!” at their TVs when Logan went to kiss Rachel? Or has Mike’s recent behavior made you start rooting for him and Rachel to break up?

20 | How many hours do we think Elisabeth Hasselbeck spent writing and rehearsing her barely-coherent, clumsy anti-Rosie tirade before she delivered it on Fox and Friends?

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The View21 | Did Whoopi Goldberg lose a whopper of a bet or is there some other explanation for the ruffled pantaloons she wore on The View this Thursday?

22 | Now that the Emmy nominations are over, can we give Mindy Kaling some kind of prize for staying poised after her show got snubbed across the board?

23 | Should Project Runway partner with Once Upon a Time and fast-track a challenge for the coming season where they get to makeover Captain Hook?

24 | How did Big Brother‘s Zach — who started the season saying he hates “everyone who breathes” — manage to become a likable contestant?

Greg Poehler Greg Kinnear25 | Are we sure that Welcome to Sweden‘s Greg Poehler and Greg Kinnear aren’t the same person? And with allllll of those subtitles, should the comedy have been titled Welcome to Readin’?

26 | Wait, what is Val Emmich (Ugly Betty‘s Jesse and Liz Lemon’s “boy toy” on 30 Rock) doing in (an admittedly adorable) ad for Untied Airlines? And why hasn’t some smart network picked him up as the lead in a rom-com type series?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. johnhelvete says:

    17/ Alex Saxon is not a regular on Finding Carter and I dont expect him to be on the show for that many episodes. I liked Finding Carter but have some reservations about Carter’s new friends and the prank they played in episode 2 was cruel to Elizabeth.

    • Bryce says:

      I thought it was a perfect wake-up call for the biological mom. If she can’t see what Carter is trying to say after that, then there’s no hope. I think carter did it in the hopes that she’d open her eyes.

      • Bwhit says:

        No she did it to be extremely cruel. I like the actress who plays Carter but she is all sorts of screwed up and rightly so but that action was completely over the top.

  2. I have one:
    Did Diane Kruger forgot her character have Aspergers?

    • johnhelvete says:

      Disagree. You can still tell there is something a little off with how she interacts with people but it is not just not as OTT as the pilot episode. I also think you are discounting Sonya working with Marco in season 1 and how that might have changed how she interacts with people.

      • Yeah her acting. She have Aspergers, there’s no cure for it and you can’t change your behavior, you don’t get “better” you get more comfortable with people. She acted completely normal in this episode.
        And the joke thing, she still laughed, she got the joke after he told her it was a joke he didn’t explain it.

    • Kevin says:

      If you remember the scene where Sonya was having lunch with the brother of the man who murdered her sister and he made a joke about not being a criminal yet, and Sonya didn’t take it as a joke until he told her so and only then did Sonya start laughing over the top. Having Aspergers myself, I found it to be a very true and honest scene.

      • chester says:

        Or, did she see how she misread the sex scene with the brother. He’s weirded out, and she look smitten.

    • BrianR says:

      She kinda did the same thing last season hooking up with a stranger, though this time with her sisters killers brother seems odd.

  3. Daisy says:

    19. I’m going to need Mike to start being likable again really soon. And while I’m not rooting for him and Rachel to break up, he’s certainly not making it easy on her or us.

  4. Et. Al says:

    3. Yes. I’m loving Vicious. Hilarious little old-fashioned-yet-edgy sitcom.

  5. Ana says:

    I will have to agree on the BatB front…I actually liked the show in its first season (the second half) much better than I liked this season as a whole…the whole mythology aspect and beasts having existed for so much longer time might have been an interesting premise on paper but it sadly kinda failed with me :( Maybe the credibility of the whole thing was just too lacking? I don’t know.
    On the Hook aka Killian Jones front which is admittedly my favorite topic of all times – I trust Adam and Eddy along with their Emmy nominated costume department will handle this perfectly – even without the help of project runway :) I really do think Adam and Eddy have put a lot of thought into the symbolic significance of such a wardrobe change for Killian – it will reflect the sacrifices he made leaving his pirate ship and life behind while hopefully staying true to his sassy, swagger-filled persona. The reluctant hero, gentleman, man of honor and pirate aspects of his personality all rolled into a pair of pants, shirt and jacket – it’s not an easy task but if anyone can accomplish it, it’s the ouat team.

    p.s. Whoopi’s pants though. Wow.

  6. Beth says:

    On point as usual. I stand by my original theory that Hook on Once is the love child of Liza Minnelli and Freddy Mercury.

  7. Kate says:

    Amen to 22! Felt so sorry for Mindy, and annoyed for her, I had her winning the Lead Actress award this year, should have known!

  8. Lo says:

    9 | ‘Oh, and the way Chloe kept tumbling and tumbling down that hill after leaping from Cheng’s vehicle, did it remind you of Westley and Buttercup?’ …….It TOTALLY did! I was laughing so hard at the cheese-factor. That entire scene was so predictable, I was a little disappointed.

    ‘And does Ross McCall have one of the most thankless roles in 24 history?’….. Glad you agree, I cannot believe they are wasting his talent like this. Liebgott deserves better!!

  9. #suits I never liked Rachel but now I just want her and Mike to get married and DISAPPEAR! Come on, I really hate Mike right now, first he was only annoying me but after that scene when he threw all that paper on the air I hate him. And last episode, when he was SCREAMING at Harvey… as****le!

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Lol uhh….totally disagree.

    • opus says:

      I have to say that I totally disagree too. It seems painfully obvious that Mike hates what he is doing but can’t think of any other way to fight back at Harvey (and if Harvey did the same things, people would be cheering – very unfair!) I truly want Mike to win this fight but decide the tactics he’s had to use aren’t worth keeping his current job.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        amen 100%. Mike has stopped Harvey from doing blatantly illegal activities to win, Harvey went personal with the “drugs” attack, Lewis has been proud of giving a guy in a deposition a heart attack killing him…Rachel is almost kissing her ex who she had an affair with, is bringing work home like she promised she wouldnt, and is helping a man who is going to destroy a company and get 1000’s fired (as are Lewis and Harvey). Who’s the bad guy again? Really? Mike? He might be getting his hands dirty but hes doing it for the right reason(s)…to keep his promise to the company owner (old guy) and to save all those peoples jobs.

    • Bwhit says:

      I respectfully disagree as well. I think Mike does hate himself as much as everyone else does after what he did to Louis. Every time he tries to do something the Mike and Harvey way we love so much his ass of a boss threatens to fire him. Does he have to be such a tool to Harvey? No but his attitude is coming from the pressure. Maybe next week with Rachel’s health crisis it will open his eyes.

      • NicoleR says:

        Yeah I hope that Rachel’s heath issue brings them back together. Like Rachel/Mike and Mike/Harvey… no more fighting… I need some kinda happy moments.. sigh

  10. Avery says:

    25- Those who don’t live in the US, tend to have subtitles in allá shows. Learn to read subtitles people! It doesn’t make you miss amy of the action on screen

    • bj says:

      My only complaint about subtitles is when they run ads across them and you can’t read them.

      Oh, and I find it hilarious when they occasionally put subtitles on Australian or British shows.

  11. rowan77 says:

    19. Mike is acting just like Harvey, and Harvey has obviously been influenced by Mike’s old, bleeding heart ways. Both characters are showing that they have been influenced by spending so much time working with and becoming friends with each other. It’s character development – whether we enjoy these developments or not. Frankly, as much as it was fun seeing Mike try to “out-Harvey” Harvey, I’m hoping it doesn’t take all season to finally get the boys back on the same team again. I enjoy them more as a duo than as foes.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I just hope it doesnt happen because Mike loses or something, i realize they are setting him up by doing shady stuff, and it will probably all back fire and he will need Harvey’s help or something…but i’d have really liked it if Mike had kicked Harvey’s ass (at work) and so he had that on Harvey for the rest of the series, that the student had really become the Master, that at least once, he whooped Harvey’s ass on a case that was dealing with hundreds of millions of dollars.

      • Patrick says:

        I think there are a lot of people who don’t really understand how leveraged buyouts work. Harvey is representing a raider. The raider is going to try to take over the company. To make the deal profitable, once he buys the company, he will strip its parts bare.

        This doesn’t mean he will sell divisions or whatnot to someone else that wants to run them. This means firing lots and lots of people. And cutting compensation and benefits for those remaining.

        Mike is doing shady things in pursuit of a happy ending, aka the preservation of the company and its employees. Harvey is working for an evil outcome. If Harvey wins, hundreds, if not thousands, of lives will be destroyed.

        And don’t kid yourselves. Mike learned that trick he used from Harvey. What he did to Louis is something that Harvey can and has done before. Plus, it was a very obvious trick that no currently employed lawyer would ever fall for. Then the idiot bragged about what he did and gave Mike an idea to use one of the multitudes of people Harvey screwed over in the past. Because, surprise, Harvey is not a good person. He uses people for his own ends, treats women purely as sexual objects unless they are useful to him, and is loyal so long as he can be seen. But he is the handsome, charming, rich, smooth guy, so he apparently gets a pass.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          Exactly. Because Harvey is being sensitive and telling Mike to stop and it looks like Mike is being bad, WAY too many people are buying that. Mike is getting his hands dirty to save a guys dream (the old guy he promised to help) and to save all those jobs. Harvey as usual is working for a client because that client is a billionaire and so the firm (Harvey) is helping him so he can corporate raid the company (and it goes down exactly how you said). I completely agree with everything you said and thats how i am watching the show, with all of that in mind. Mike is still the good guy to me, whats more sad than him getting his hands dirty is knowing the writers are probably going to have Mike crawl back to Harvey for help when the guy he made a deal with (Enemy of Harvey) betrays him and he gets screwed. I want Mike to be a man on his own two feet and kick ass, i want him to win and do so with as little dirt on his hands as possible, for him to beat Harvey, for the Billionaire dbag (Rachel’s ex) to lose and his board vote him out of his job, and for the old man to be very thankful to Mike for keeping his word…then Mike decides on his own, to come back to P&Specter, but comes back someone who kicked the Firms ass, specifically Harvey/Litt/even Rachel’s ass. And speaking of Rachel’s ass i want him to dump her, her realize what she lost, and her have to fight to get him back, because like a typical super hot chick, she has done NONE of the work in the relationship.

          • NicoleR says:

            You know what? Having a relationship with someone who is a fraud is NOT easy. I cant imagine how hard it is for Rachel if that happened in reality so I completely disagree with what you said that she has done NOTHING for her relationship. Seriously? He almost got caught up in S3 finale and she was there for him. Considering what she’s been through so far, I cant help but feel really bad for him. If I were her, I wouldn’t be with Mike. Too risky and insecure life but she gets through it, which shows how strong she is.
            And I understand many ppl are upset with Rachel almost cheating on Mike. but eventually that’s not gonna happen unless writers lose their minds. Rachel is one of the most sensible woman and can control herself imo. Now she’s been so busy and stressed out because of all the work and law school stuff. but after health problem, she’s gonna fix things and redeem herself I’m sure. :)
            As far as I know, I thought you have some faith in Rachel. ;) ( I remember I read your comments regarding suits somewhere) What happened? Technically she didn’t kiss him so let’s wait and see!
            TBH writers kinda ruined it. Why they bring cheating issue? Unnecessary smh

          • NicoleR says:

            feeling bad for *her

          • M3rc Nate says:

            No its not easy, but she accepted it and just because something isnt easy doesnt mean your actively working for it. HE is the one that worked for everything…that worked to get her, that worked to get her to love him, that worked to get her to move in with him, that worked to get her to take her exam and decide on the NY college. What has she actively done for the relationship? They are fairly newly a in love living together couple and shes already doubting his character, bringing work home and creating huge tension filled arguments/fights, let alone her almost kissing her ex lover who was married when she was last with him (goes against that whole “shes the most sensible woman and can control herself”…sorry but getting inches away from kissing is still cheating in my book. Almost doing something is way more than not doing anything at all and it not even being a possibility. Sorry but “i almost kissed him, but technically i didnt!” isnt met with “oh ok, then you didnt DO anything wrong” by me. Its met by “i cant trust you, you shouldnt have been in the situation to be able to kiss him in the first place, were done”.

            I wouldnt be so sure, the showrunner said (and Meghan has repeated) that at the end of season 2 i believe? They had planned to break them up, that they wanted to…but for some reason they didnt. I could easily see that desire to break them up being played out in this season and them going through with it. Rachel the character is only as sensible and mature as the writers write her to be, thats key.

            I’d like to have your optimist outlook, but unfortunately im being let down all over the place from my favorite TV shows, Graceland is making huge mistakes, Falling Skies is now officially garbage and disgusting with its Hal/Ben/Maggie (brothers) love triangle, among many other shows. I look at whats happened in Suits so far and i just feel like they are gonna probably go too far or something. But i’ll hope with you that they are smart, and have her health scare be the catalyst for her realizing what shes got and being a better GF, him realizing what he should do (technically hes doing the right thing, trying to save all those peoples jobs) and some other realizations that will make this show fun again. If they keep going with this dark tension…i fear this season will REALLY suffer. Dont divert so far from what makes you great, in the case of Suits thats a certain level of heart, bromance, chemistry, comedy (along with the drama).

  12. Steven says:

    3. Yes Vicious is hilarious!
    7. This has always been Teen Wolf’s problem. They try to do too much at once and it’s just confusing.
    26. Val Emmich is absolutely adorable and he can sing too!

  13. sarah says:

    11)I am not a fan of Dom. He and Savi do not have chemistry. I may be naïve here but I think Zack is harmless.
    12)I did enjoy Missy Copeland.
    14)So happy Aria and Ezra are back together and that scene was steamy!
    18)I can not recall if her name was on the check, I guess it was but Charlie did do up the letter herself.
    19) I must be in the minority but Mike is doing his job, he is no more ruthless than Harvey or any one else at Pearson Spector. So now that Mike no longer works there(which BTW he left in part so that no one would ever find out about him not being a lawyer), people think he is going to far, well if Mike was doing this FOR Pearson Spector people would love it!
    Rachel will end up cheating on Mike and I will not like it.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      19) Totally agree. Hes done worse and shadier while working for P&S, and the big one is Rachel is the one that wanted him to change jobs, that promised to keep work at work and promised that being around/working with her ex would be no problem and she loved how Mike hugged her and said i love you and that he has no problem with it. So in reality, whos the naive one? Who’s the one doing the betraying? The problem with Rachel full on cheating on Mike, is that is a line that is VERRRRY rough to cross, and VERRRRY hard to come back from. That could permanently taint the Rachel character forever. And it would for me IMO. I think Mike should be the one to dump her when he finds out about the almost kiss or they wait and have them actually kiss then he dumps her. I think she should be the one that has to fight for him from then on, realizing what she did, what she lost, how much she truly loves him, and now the table has turned…hes the professional all about his work doesnt want to date a lawyer guy and she is in love with him and wants him back and has to fight to get him to trust her again, to get him to lower his wall again. She got the relationship WAY too easy….he chased her every step of the way, he did all the work, he had to convince her every step of the way to love him, to be with him, to move in with him, etc. And he did everything for her, helped her with her job, get her into school and fulfill her dream of becoming a lawyer and more. Shes still being a spoiled naive brat that was naive enough to have a ongoing affair with a married man.

  14. M3rc Nate says:

    6) B&TB: Uhhh, ya lol. I mean it could have been done in a scientifically plausible way, he could sense enough things in the area to put together what happened…but he sees and hears everything that happened like he was standing there? Ridiculous.

    9) 24: LMAO thats crazy! (if thats real). I have to say I lol’ed when he said “You Idiot!!” to him. That was priceless.

    13) Never watched him on BOP but I am really enjoying Nic Bishop on Covert Affairs, great acting, fun character.

    18) Graceland: Yeahhhh…that was some pretty lame writing. I dont like where they have her character at, she went from awesome and thoughtful and kinda the mother hen and badass to this background character whining and crying about something we know she isnt at fault for. And we know the truth isnt gonna come out fully about Briggs.

    19) Suits: Okay Suits is the one I am here to talk about most. I screamed “Nooo!” but I also thought “once a cheater always a cheater”. I mean WTF are they (Suits writers) doing? We JUST get Mike and Rachel together, moved in, in love, and they are RIGHT away having her get all close and being stupid with her ex-lover who she had an affair with? Say what you will about Mike, but Rachel wanted Mike to change jobs, Rachel promised her working against Mike wouldnt effect their relationship, Rachel promised to keep work at work…SHE is the one breaking all those promises and almost kissing (and stupidly being in a alone situation with) her ex. I wont ever root for them to break up, but this event has lowered my opinion of Rachel…i dont think she deserves Mike unless she tells him what happened and she starts actually trying in their relationship. I dont see them breaking up cause they moved them in together, they built that entire new set…they arent going to break them up (at least not for more than 2-3 episodes). Still, pissed at the writers and not as much of a fan of Rachel anymore. Shes very naive and selfish. Mike might be doing some somewhat shady things, but she loved him when he was committing felonies lying about his credentials and hacking into Harvard.

    What i’d like to see and what I think would be original? Have Mike (the guy) dump her (Rachel, the girl). Have the ex-lover tell Mike she almost kissed him, have Mike say im done to Rachel, her realize what she did/lost and Mike doesnt go sleep with some girl or w/e, he puts all his energy into work and Rachel is heartbroken and so pissed at herself and after a little while she decides she wants him back and so she has to fight to get him back, fight for his trust. Its time SHE earned the relationship, its time SHE fought for him instead of him chasing her 24/7, always having to fight to get her to say i love you, to get her to stay in NY, to get her to move in…etc.

    • Bwhit says:

      18) I totally agree with you. Charlie was a badass and the moral compass of the house. Maybe they should have her return to that and smack Mike around for his douche behavior as of late. Every time she and Paul have a conversation about Juan I literally want to scream at the TV.

      19) If Rachel cheats and blames it on Mike I will really dislike her. I was already annoyed with her almighty attitude last season when she wouldn’t sleep at his place because of the Tess in a bed sheet line she kept saying. I do like them together when they are equals and support each other, so I hope with next week’s preview and her Health issue it makes them reevaluate and realize they need one another equally.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        18) Yup, Charlie was awesome, one awesome female character, now she is lame & basically a guilty puppy following around Paul whining about being responsible for the agents death. I disagree about Mike though, yes hes a little d-baggy and the him sleeping with the blonde boss and Paige is gross and dick-ish (previews show him with Blonde again), but IMO i have no issue with him being in charge, or him making calls, or him being critical of the group. I mean, the group is pretty crappy. Jakes is a bad drunk and highly unstable with major issues, Johnny has gone off the deep end with his undercover work, Charlie a shadow of what she once was, paralyzed by her fear of messing up again, Paul is a murderer and former drug kingpin (no matter his good reasons), the only level headed good one in the group is Paige.
        I’d say the biggest problem with this season is in the first season, Jakes was a dick, but at least he was basically a background character, and Charlie was awesome. Now Charlie is a fragile emotion wreck who is paralyzed by fear, and Jakes is a lead character with a even worse story line that makes him even more of a dick. Lol what idiot gave him a bigger plot and more screen time? I dont care about him, his family, his friendships, anything…hes an as*hole through and through, and a drunk that should be fired. IMO they should have his agency fire him and cut him from the show.

        Idk if she would blame it on Mike…im sure they would break up and she would realize what a mistake it was…but then its gone too far…i dont think i could ever like the Rachel character again if she has cheated on Mike. Technically if you break down her character…shes not that good of a person. Think about how shes worked for nothing in the relationship, Mike did all the work, she would tease him and play with him, and said she wouldnt date a lawyer but then went after him when the blonde was in the picture, she had a on going affair with a married man, she is high and mighty, she acts like shes always right, she isnt that great of a person. So you add to that her cheating on Mike , and i think im done with her.

        Worst of all the writers seem (havent seen the eps yet) to have written a cop out. Instead of her having to tell Mike and her having to deal with the consequences like an adult, they had her get hurt/sick and so Mike is going to forgive her easily and quickly. Thats BS. I want her to feel the consequences, i want her to get dumped by Mike, realize what shes lost and have to fight to get him back. Its about time Rachel realizes how lucky she is, stops being stuck up/a brat/bossy and saying one thing and then doing the other (“do what you want with your job ill support you…..wait your gonna stay?! WTF?! u said you wanted out?!” or “lets keep work at work…..omg i cant believe you did that to lewis!! blah blah blah work work work, judgement judgement judgement”…like somehow shes not working on a case that will destroy 1000’s of peoples lives by them getting fired.)

        • Bwhit says:

          Yeah the Douche behavior (Graceland Mike) I am talking about is sleeping with Paige and leading her on, then Jess. My slim hope is that scene they teased us with is a flashback of their beginning. But Jakes is a throw away character that doesn’t contribute to the plot at all!

          • M3rc Nate says:

            He doesnt contribute, in fact he retracts from, this season is WAY less fun because he has been pushed to the for front…did they expect us to enjoy episodes with the dbag character from last season (who was stalking his exes BF) being a bad drunk and his ex (rightfully so) getting him restrained? Lol what about that sounds like a fun show to watch? Or even interesting? Jakes is a dick through and through, if anything im rooting for him to get shot dead or fired from the FBI (or w/e agency he works for).

            Ya i agree, though technically him and the blonde arent in a committed relationship if you remember, she said they are just sleeping together or w/e. But that doesnt mean not telling Paige is okay. I dont like the appearance (so far) that it looks like hes just getting what he wants from Paige but isnt gonna commit or anything (assuming she’d want that, who knows). But ya…slimey of him.

  15. 7. Teen Wolf – no. Not everything has to be about the season’s big bad. We’ve heard more about the Benefactor off the show than on it, so perhaps we should wait until the show actually gets there instead of jumping to conclusions.

    • Bryce says:

      Totally agree! I didn’t think it was the benefactor just because he was murdering people, which doesn’t fit with stealing the 117

  16. knd says:

    I have one. Does Molly on Extant only own one sweater?

  17. meah says:

    SUITS-i hate mike so much right now,he’s such a selfish rat.I really don’t care about rachel/mike.always preferred vanessa ray’s character.
    PLL-the ezria scene was hot!wanted more
    MISTRESSES-i frickin love dominic,his speech was so sweet.I can’t wait for sexy smoldering artist to return I miss his abs
    24-i don’t want it to end,the last 2 eps have been great.still don’t care about audrey

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Selfish huh? Oh idk..he made a promise to a man to save his company (which is his legacy and dream) and save all of those peoples jobs, and she he’s battling a SHADY (as usual) Harvey, and is catching Harvey while he is trying his shady (illegal) moves like the one with the guy at the table in the restaurant trying to get the guy to not give Mike a loan (or w/e it was) when Mike walks up and stops it….stuff hes done to Litt, you dont thing Litt and Harvey do that all the time? Harvey taught him to do anything to win…but the difference is Mike is doing it all, getting his hands a little dirty, to SAVE 1000’s OF PEOPLES JOBS. Harvey and Litt and Rachel are working for and helping a cooperate raider…a arrogant dbag inheritance A-hole who wants to buy the company to sell it off for parts, getting 90%+ of the people fired that worked there. So really? Selfish rat? Uhh no…factually thats incorrect, if anything he is being selfLESS, getting his hands dirty (something he hates) to keep his promise to the owner of the company and save all those jobs…even if it costs him friendships and even possibly his relationship.

      Now lets evaluate Rachel and Harvey, they are the ones being rats. Rachel is letting her ex get WAY to close, putting herself in that situation to almost kiss him, is bringing her work home and judging Mike for it when she promised to keep work at work and love him,. She is helping a cooperate raider destroy 1000’s of peoples lives by getting them all fired. Now Harvey, he is making illegal moves, making dirty moves, crappy not real friend moves like the drugs thing (going personal), and more. So while the shows tone is slightly leading in how it leads blind emotional fans to dislike Mike for becoming “the bad guy”….in reality if you truly pay attention and watch like an adult, you’ll see (like life) its more complex than that. Yes hes getting his hands dirty (like the beloved Harvey taught him), but unlike EVERYONE else, he is doing it for the right reasons.

  18. MariaD says:

    12. Good critiques but a dab of humour would have improved it all a bunch. For my money, she can replace Nigel Lithgoe.
    26. Untied Airlines? Does their logo say “I go to pieces over you”? Not very successful, are they? 😃

  19. Coco says:

    Don’t want Mike and Rachel to break up, but it looks like that’s where we’re headed sadly. I closed my eyes during that last scene lol

  20. Luis says:

    19. I only watch snippets of Suits when I walk into the room while my wife is watching, and I could see this Rachel/Logan thing coming a mile away. Step 1 – Send Mike off to be a dick; Step 2 – oh, look, here’s a handsome guy to hit on Rachel while Mike’s off being a dick.

    25. Wouldn’t you like it if Greg Kinnear turned out to be your brother?

  21. Martin says:

    Will you do a TVLine awards for shows that didn’t get nominated at the Emmys like Michael Ausiello used to do when he worked at EW? – pleeeeassseee.

  22. Lloyd says:

    What show is the cover image of this article from?

  23. Alina says:

    I want Rachel and Mike to break up. Mainly because I want him with me. =)

  24. Sarah says:

    Totally different question about Covert Affairs: seeing as I have zero interest in a “relationship” that’s going nowhere, do I need to learn Amy Jo Johnson’s character’s name, or can I just call her “Girl Formerly known as the Pink Power Ranger” aka Kimmy????

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Well i didnt watch the power rangers, i did watch Flashpoint in which she was amazing, and so far in this she is very likable. I agree that the interest level is very small when they bring on these new “love interest” characters especially when you have a relationship in a show that is just a given that its going to be the “it” relationship (Auggie & Annie). Now that would be a bit of a different story if there was the possibility they would stick on and stay on the show…but from sites like this one (TVLine) we know they only have a ___ episode story “arc” aka “love interest” arc. If i knew it was quite possible they would keep Amy Jo Johnson’s character (if her character turns out cool and fun and good with Auggie) i would care a lot more…cause who knows maybe they would mess with the un-original formula… but much like Burn Notice’s Micheal and Fiona, we know Auggie & Annie are gonna end up together…so takes the tension/interest away.

  25. Kate says:

    24. As someone aware of the feeds, he is pleasant and silly and sort of like a little puppy. But given how trusting he is of Frankie (who has betrayed him in at least two clear ways so far, maybe three, one, he was the one who threw him under the bus to Devin, who was so lying when he said he hadn’t thought of it, two, the TA assignment is that they make up a rumor, both Derrick and Donny were a little huh about it, Frankie however decided the rumor should be that Zach is cousin with Amanda from last season. Remember last season? But further than this, he reaffirmed a Final 2 deal with Zach in the morning before the TA assignment. He surprised me by being so coherent about game play. In fact, I’m kind of concerned how horrible his home life has been (and you hate to assume things but his brother is like ten or twelve years younger than him…). But, well, he has Cody. Cody is just kind of a flirt and a little bit of a drama queen, but he is a nice guy who seems like he will be a good influence and Derrick acts like his big brother. Maybe Zach can move somewhere between Rhode Island (where Derrick is from) and New Jersey (where Cody is from) after.

  26. Sheila says:

    #3: Nope

  27. dude says:

    I think he’s in an ad for UNITED Airlines not “Untied”

  28. BrianR says:

    I’m rooting for a Rachel-Donna hookup myself.

  29. Roberta says:

    I only have one question. Where is Tatiana Maslany’s Emmy nomination? Snubbing the best show on tv right now is just so wrong.

  30. Mommaknowsbest60 says:

    19. I was literally yelling for Rachel to run away from the jerk, Logan. Poor move on her part to allow herself to be alone in that situation.

    Oh wait, this is still fiction, right?

    Sorry – I sometimes get too involved.

  31. NicoleR says:

    19) I’m gonna be so maaaaaaaaaad if Rachel and Mike will break up this season! Just get them back together in healthy relationship! No more drama cuz they belong together!!! Writers should get their **** together !!!! I was yelling at my TV :((((

  32. Television says:

    4. The reason Zoila should not get back with Pablo is, he is only donating the kidney to win her back, which is kind of manipulation. She can’t freely make the choice, she will feel bad for him and he knows it.
    7. Teen Wolf has been confusing and the best episode was the last one where they got back to dealing with werewolves more instead of everything else.
    14. Aria and Ezra the only thing I could think of was, he lifted her up and she sat on the stove, not the counter, not a table, but the burners on the stove. Not really comfy.
    17. I was surprised at how good the pilot was. I just hope there isn’t another love triangle.
    22. The Mindy Project is a show that I watch each episode twice because it is filled with great acting.

  33. Bwhit says:

    17) Alex Saxon kind of plays the same character in both shows. I have a gripe about Finding Carter, I was waiting for one of the parents to be cheating and not an hour in, there it was! Is that really necessary? I think the plot alone provides plenty of drama.

  34. Allee says:

    22. Mindy is a consummate pro and a total champ.

  35. jr says:

    19/ If Rachel cheats on Mike, there’s no going back for me…I enjoy her character for the most part, mostly because of Meghan Markle, not necessarily because they write her well. But what an absolute abomination of her character if they take her down that road….to cheat on your boyfriend who you’ve assured you love very much with the person who threw you away like a play toy after you broke up his marriage :| like what? Seeing Mike being this ruthless could be a little off-putting for her, but she was the one who wanted him to take the job…she told him work would be left at work & she’s always the one bringing it up at home…& she also told him she wanted to spend her life with him, not Logan. The writers couldn’t be any more inconsistent with her character and they’re completely making a mess of their storyline.

    They should switch back to the season 1 format of working on a new case every episode, since this takeover storyline seems to be making the majority of people hate Mike (really??? he’s doing his job, trying to outsmart the other side in order to save a company, not fill his pockets with money). Which is a ridiculous double standard because Harvey can do no wrong in people’s opinions but Mike pulls a schoolyard trick on Louis and everyone goes bananas.

  36. Penn says:

    6) Whatever the writers of BATB have Vincent do per his character, Jay Ryan makes it look believable. He is an incredible actor. I think it’s funny that you question his character’s ability to “sense” what took place, and nothing else about this show, especially Season 2. I loved Season 1 especially because Jay Ryan made his characters, both as Vincent and as the Beast look so real– particularly in the way he loves Catherine– that looked real to me!
    Love this show.
    19). I may be alone in this but I actually like Rachel and Logan better as a couple than Rachel with Mike. I’m hoping Rachel and Logan end up to together.

  37. Lrosie says:

    I’m loving summer series….1. Musketeers. 2. Manhattan. and 3. Outlander. Do you have any scoop on these 3?

    Vicious is fun nonsense to watch. I feel like I’m watching something on a small stage in London ! But with England’s finest stage actors!