MasterChef Preview: Next Elimination Based on 'Real Customers, Real Food'

“With 14 cooks left, we’re pretty close to having an idea of who has what it takes,” explains MasterChef judge Joe Bastianich in the following exclusive preview video next Monday’s episode (8/7c on Fox).

And to help them firm up their opinions, the judges will turn to customers at Dinah’s, a popular Los Angeles diner, to separate the kale from the iceberg.

“There’s no ahi tuna, no sea bass, no filet, no lobster,” notes Gordon Ramsay. Instead, patrons will vote for either the Red Team or Blue Team based on their aptitude with fried chicken, club sandwiches, short stacks and eggs — with losing team members facing “an intense pressure test” involving “elegant and delicious three-layer red velvet cake” that will determine who gets the boot.

Press PLAY for the exclusive preview!

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