How I Met Your Dad Update: Pilot Dead, Project Alive (We'll Explain)

Greta Gerwig HIMYD

How I Met Your Dad still has a pulse.

A source close to the How I Met Your Mother spin-off confirms that the pilot — which was rejected at CBS and subsequently shopped around to other networks — is officially dead.

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However, according to the insider, the project remains in development at 20th TV (possibly for as early as the 2015-2016 TV season). I’m told HIMYD cocreators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are very much invested in keeping the Mother franchise going, and the pair have a lot of boosters at CBS (namely network chairwoman Nina Tassler).

UPDATE: Bays took to Twitter early Friday to clarify that he and Thomas are not currently focused on HIMYD.

The original incarnation, which was to star indie darling Greta Gerwig and be narrated by rom-com poster girl Meg Ryan, failed to land on CBS’ 2014-15 TV slate, although Tassler noted at the time, “To say we love this show and we love these producers is an understatement. They are beloved, and we have an extraordinary relationship with them. But there were elements in the pilot that didn’t work out.”

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Should Dad get a second chance, it’s unclear if a new cast would be brought in to replace Gerwig & Co. (all of whom saw their Dad contracts expire at the end of June).

Thoughts? Happy there’s still some hope for HIMYD? Hit the comments! 

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  1. Nick says:

    In the words of Adele Dazeem, “let it go”.

  2. Tali says:

    I’d like to see the person who’d watch this after the HIMYM debacle….

    • emily says:

      i don’t understand you. himym was an amazing show. it was so funny, entertaining, and heartwarming.

      • Anna says:

        Yes it was. And then they threw all of that out during the mess that was the final season. All of my friends who loved HIMYM wouldn’t watched HIMYD if you paid them.

        • Anonycox says:

          That’s because they are close-minded

        • Freak says:

          I would watch it, because even thought I hated the ending, I loved show and storyline, and if they made something similar I love to watch it. You don’t watch HIMYM just to find out who the mother is, I loved every part of story, and that’s what made it so great.
          Don’t get me wrong, ending was terrific, but show was so great that ending did not get a chance it for me at all.

      • Heather S. says:

        *High Five* I TOTALLY AGREE! If the “fans” stopped being fans just because of the ending then they were NEVER real fans to begin with!!! HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER IS AWESOME!!!

    • Tall, meet emily.

      She doesn’t care what the writers do, she’s that loyal. Like, Lost-finale loyal.

      emily, meet Tall.

      He actually requires writers to do their job — ya know, writing well — for a living.

  3. M80 says:

    So CBS wanted a new pilot, the producers said no, and now that they’re doing a new pilot anyway because they realize CBS was clearly right that the original pilot sucked. Way to go, guys. I have total faith in you.

    • Mel says:

      No, they’re not doing a new pilot. He said very clearly it’s time to move on to other things and MAYBE they revisit it in the future.

  4. These guys are clearly talented writers who launched a wonderful show a decade ago that unfortunately faded as it got older (which is hardly unique to the comedy genre). I expect that the reboot will fair no better as audiences were clearly ready for the original to end, but I can’t wait to see what new projects they have in them.

    • Thank you, that’s a real mature comment. The ones who have enjoyed the series finale, appreciate your words.
      I think people overreacted with what we all saw that night, but HIMYM was always a show about life, sure, in a comedic way, and the final was really touching.
      We met the mother, we knew ted loved her, but hey, the show never was about her.
      HIMYD would be an absolutely great replacement for a show that has stuck in our hearts.

      • kavyn says:

        The issue I had with the finale was that they spent an entire season focused on a wedding, and then crammed at least 10 major developments into a one-hour finale episode (including the immediate divorce). The ending developments were completely fine but they did a horrible job pacing it.

        • Heather S. says:

          Ok I can actually agree with Kavyn that the pacing could have been better. I will give it that. At least that comment is reasonable and realistic.

      • Heather S. says:

        Thank you Francisco. There’s only a few of us here that are mature apparently. I totally agree with what you said!! It’s like people expect perfection these days. Just because the ending wasn’t the best, that somehow ruins all nine seasons?? That is so judgmental of people. I bet al the people who think it ruined the show are not perfect at their job or their work either. To put it another way, a person wouldn’t devalue an otherwise wonderful romantic relationship they were in just because it wasn’t perfect. So why would they do it to a TV show?? Not to mention, HIMYM was always about that balance between REAL & IDEAL, and the finale reflected that balance perfectly: it didn’t necessarily turn out how we wanted it to end, but then life rarely ever DOES turn out how we want it to, but yet it still had some good things in the ending none the less.

  5. Hannah says:

    The only way this ever would have worked is if they followed the mum for the same amount of time that HIMYM spanned. This premise was stupid.

    • just saying. says:

      They couldn’t follow the mum for the same amount of time… since the mum couldn’t tell the story cause she’s dead.

  6. ggny says:

    I think CBS is hoping that fans are cooled down by next season and are willing to give it a chance after they murdered HIMYM with the ending

    • Pixley says:

      Bingo. The sad thing is, they may be right. Time heals all wounds, though never underestimate the long memories of betrayed fans either. Should be interesting.

      • Jaramukhti says:

        This circumstance sets up to offer a longer maintained grudge than you might have ever seen before in television.

        The entire series was built on the premise, “wait for it.” 9 years the audience waited for it — only for the majority (there are always going to be those who liked it) to have the rug pulled right out from under their feet.

        9 years is a long time to extend support in good faith, only to be swindled at the last minute.

        It is very possible that many will never trust Bays and Thomas again as writers. They may not even watch another show that those two write. It’s a fascinating thing to behold, really.

    • charlie_delta says:

      That was a long knife plunged into our backs, and made a very large wound not easily forgotten…

  7. Tom Charles says:

    Honestly I wasn’t overly crazy with the story as pitched anyway. It sounded like it had some decent elements, but……..there was still something that felt off.

  8. Olivia says:

    Nope, still not watching. Not now nor next season. HIMYD or any Bays & Thomas show for that matter. If I’ve learned anything it is that getting invested in something from them ends up in a mess and doesn’t reward the fans loyalty. I don’t despise them like I do Ryan Murphy but they still are up there with him on my “avoid like the plague” list.

    • Gus T.T. Showbiz says:

      I’m was and still am a fan of HIMYM, felt rewarded by the finale, and was looking forward to this show as well so, I have no problem with Carter and Bays. Could not agree with you more about Ryan Murphy though. The dude just can’t sustain a quality show.

  9. mac says:

    Eh…pass. After what happened with the series finale of HIMYM I`ll stay away from that franchise

  10. Nikki says:

    Why? Why waste time and money on this project when we all know it’s going to the TV graveyard anyway?

    The likeliness of spin-offs working are small. The likeliness of a spin-off working after the HORRENDOUS How I Met Your Mother finale? Almost impossible.

  11. dru says:

    let it go

  12. littleradish says:

    Before they ruined the show in the last 3 minutes after 9 seasons I was going to check out this show if it was picked up. After they ruined it not so much BUT that being said the background did not interest me at all. And the cast?!! NOPE!!! Not one person I would have watched the show for. I started watcing HIMYM for Alyson Hannigan and stayed for the gang.

  13. Zach says:

    I actually liked the HIMYM finale, but really? How I Met Your Dad just sounds like That 80s Show all over again. And the cast, Gerwig aside, seemed kinda lame. I mean, with HIMYM’s cast when it premiered, I would have been pumped. You got Willow, Doogie Howser and Nick Andopolis all in one project. This has… the annoying guy from Mixology and Jan’s bland boytoy from The Office. Now let me think, which one sounds more appealing?

    Come on Bays/Thomas, just do something different. The Goodwin Games was at least a good idea in theory, before all the casting issues botched it. Oh, and if you’re going to use a narrator, don’t use Meg Ryan. This isn’t the 90s. Meg Ryan is a punchline now.

  14. Alvaro Orozco says:

    No. This spin-off is a dumb idea. No need for it whatsoever. So please stop. Thanks

  15. S. says:

    Seriously? Gerwig was the only reason I would watch it. Now I don’t care at all.

  16. Frank says:

    CBS should concentrate on new ideas. Friends
    with better lives could have been saved id CBS retooled it a bit

  17. Fernanda says:

    How about bring back All the cast if Himym and fix the finale. Yes, the mother is dead but Robin shouldn’t be with Ted. Remember the future drwam of Lily? Robin didn’t pass the test.

    • Robin was suited to barney they had everything in common true Soulmates, never should have been wrote as getting divorced. Teds wife should never have died. The mother suited the role perfectly, casting was right. But doing the other side of the story the casting shouldn’t change

  18. Vlada says:

    no, thank you

  19. Brooke says:

    Stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen!

  20. Tsuki says:

    The thing is, HIMYM was a great show that had fans talking about it constantly. At the same time there was a betrayal towards the fans and while the creators/actors/network execs (whatever) seem to disagree, trust has been lost. The fans do not want to tune in for 8+ seasons to feel that sense of betrayal again. Think of all the hours those fans spent being told one concept “HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER” to be actually told something quite different. I would not have tuned in to HIMYD simply because I could never trust anything that was being said by any character/creator/actor ever.

    Personally, it should just stay dead and allow some new ideas to exist at CBS. The pilots this year look oddly similar to what has existed in the past and it is time for something new. Some of the biggest power hitters on TV now were thought to be the silliest things on but here they are, winning awards and staying on. Let’s seem some new blood (and that includes creators).

  21. Shannon says:

    No interest in this show at all now or next year. I’m still recovering for the horrific HIMYM finale and I’m no where near interested in seeing anything by Bays/Carter again. I know it’s been months since the finale and I should be over it by now but I’m not. This was one of my favorite shows of all time and now I can’t even watch the reruns anymore. The whole show just feels like a huge lie now.

  22. Suhail says:

    So let me get thing straight. CBS asked Carter & Craig to redo the pilot and they refused because of their huge ego as they were sure they would be able to shop it somewhere else. And now they are back to what CBS asked them to do in the first place.

  23. Eric says:

    I would watch this show, but I’ll admit that I’m kind of disappointed that they lost the cast which seemed pretty decent. Still, I’m excited to see what Bays/Thomas can do to put a spin on the HIMYM formula. I would also like to take this time to pledge my support for the finale, which I actually liked a bit more after having watched the season once or twice more.

  24. Victor Borges says:

    Why not climb Macaulay Culkin?
    As was the triumphant return of Patrick Harris, can ever happen with Culkin.

  25. C says:

    Greta is the reason it’s a useless pilot. Stop trying to put the future of a pilot in a name. Others have more to give to the success of a project.

  26. Sarah Storms says:

    No way! It will just be another disappointment and waste of 8 years like himym.

  27. Dick Whitman says:

    Well, well, well remember a few months back when the producers were adamant in their insistence to not make changes to the cast. I guess after getting the same response from numerous channels they decided to suck it up and go with a little tweaking of the cast and story.
    Whatever, I hope that the new network, company insists on having final say over how the show ends.

  28. Jake says:

    The cold dead hand of Nina Tassler strikes again. When will CBS wise up and can her?

  29. NJMark says:

    Just because HIMYM had a great cast and went for 9 seasons doesn’t mean “hey, let’s do the exact same premise, except it’s about meeting a DAD!!” will have the same results.

    It will have the same results as all the forgotten attempts to duplicate the success of “Friends” had. And compounding the problem is the number of people who felt cheated by the end of HIMYM, and will never watch the new show.

  30. Briana says:

    I don’t understand why this story hasn’t been updated to reflect the fact that Carter Bays and Craig Thomas 100% refuted it.

  31. Hannah says:

    After the most upsetting series-finale ever, just let it go

  32. Samantha says:

    As far as I’m concerned, everything Bays and/or Thomas touch in the future is poison to me. Will never trust them enough again to give them my time and attention for multiple seasons, since the still don’t understand and won’t admit what horrifically flawed storytelling that finale was. Even one of my friends who *wanted* Ted and Robin together said she was “appalled” at the way it was done.

  33. Red Ballon Ted says:

    Not meant to be. HIMYM, regardless of how fans may feel about the final 3 minutes, and/or the Barney/Robin marriage coming to and end, is still a show that had great success for nine years and should continue to live on for many years in syndication. Not having another similar series (HIMYD) moving forward is a good thing for the HIMYM franchise. Time to move on.

    What would I like to see? I want Alyson Hannigan back on television for fall 2015 with her own series, and if CB/CT can come up with something for her, that would be terrific! I know AH had a pilot that didn’t get picked up – I think she’d like to get back out there for the ‘hat trick’, and hopefully we’ll see her again soon on CBS. A comedy built around her – I think she’s reached the point where she could star in her own series – perhaps even as co-producer credit.

  34. Kristen says:

    Only if Barney Stinson is the dad.

  35. Dee says:

    If they’re gonna make a How I Met Your Dad, why wouldn’t they keep the same mom from How I Met Your Mother??

  36. Breezy says:

    Its not going to be the same without Barney Stintson…

  37. Alex says:

    The awful final episode of HIMYM is what did it in, sad.

  38. ty says:

    Himy should be given a chance but use the mom from the original

  39. Can’t believe all these negative comments nearly all comments on here are and never were true fans of HIMYM there was nothing wrong with the last season, just life events, it was emotional, touching it wasn’t just funny like a comedy it told a heart felt story of love, I don’t think barney and robin should have been divorced or the mother dying but that is just person opinion on what we would like to happen in the characters lives but life doesn’t always go how we want. And of course HIMYD would last as long, the mother didn’t die straight away, she could tell her story to her kids but the kids being younger. I for one would love to see the other half providing the mother is played by the same actress as she was amazingly suited to the character. I really don’t get why so many people don’t like the last season and against HIMYD, I really can’t wait for them to do it. If its done right it will be amazing.

  40. Swarley says:

    Think everyone is still sickened by the finale of How I met your mother! I mean it wasn’t How I met Robyn. Viewers were promised it wouldn’t be a Friend’s Ross and Rachel thing. Wrong!!!! So CBS is right to decline. 9 years of show to have the rug pulled out!

  41. zak says:

    As a massive fan to himym (like massive fan) I hated it ending and it left a big whole in my life which no other tv show could fill…. Himyd is my last hope at something closely related… I would love to see a new cast.. Almost a new start… To a brilliant show. Please get back to me if you there are any updates on if and when this is going ahead. Good luck.

    • pankaj says:

      Even though I’m sick of Frozen, that was exactly my thought. I didn’t realize it wasn’t picked up, but I never wanted it to be. They ruined a show in 5 minutes that was mostly fairly good for 9 years. I don’t think a lot of people trust Bays and Thomas anymore.

  42. Emily Hernandez says:

    No I need this new season please! I would love to see this! I watched all 9 seasons twice already I fell in love with the show ❤ I need this season 10 please I have to know what else is going to happen ugh I got so upset that it ended. There has to be a season 10 if it’s anything like the first 9 seasons I’ll love it but even if it’s not I’d still watch it . How I met your mother seriously changed my life and I have to know what happens next.