Big Brother Recap: All My Bags Are Packed, I'm Ready to Go

For fans of Big Brother, perhaps the most upsetting realization during Thursday’s live eviction was that the one person everyone wants gone — Devin, without a doubt — couldn’t be sent packing.

Instead, the house gathered to decide the fates of Paola and Zach, two contestants who just couldn’t resist getting feisty throughout a volatile week in the BB house.

Before we revisit Thursday’s live eviction, let’s first recap how we got here.

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THE WEEK SO FAR | After Devin was reminded that he had a young daughter at home, he had a renewed commitment to playing with integrity — which, by the end of this paragraph, will feel like a truly hilarious memory. He confessed his prior sins to the house, then nominated Paola and Brittany (the latter of whom was mostly his target for leaving hand lotion in the kitchen. True story!) Amber nominated Nicole and Hayden, who later won the Battle of the Block competition and were sent straight back to safety. Most everyone in the Bomb Squad realized that Devin was playing an untrustworthy game, but only Zach — who has somehow become a contestant to root for? — stood up to Devin and told him he wasn’t on board with evicting Brittany. Devin won the Power of Veto, and after a change of heart, opted to remove Brittany from the block (they’re both parents, after all!) and replaced her with Zach.

THE STRATEGY | And that brings us to this week’s Veto meeting, which goes down like this: Brittany calls out Paola for throwing the Battle of the Block competition — “She wasn’t wearing her glasses. She never goes anywhere without her glasses,” Brittany claims, while Paola is sitting there without her glasses on — which prompts Paola and Zach to both throw in their two cents. Paola admits that Devin told her to throw the competition, while Zach utterly eviscerates Devin, making it quite clear that the current HoH is his target, should he remain in the house. And while the entire exchange is chaotic and a bit embarrassing for everyone involved, I do have to credit Paola for responding to Zach’s “You suck at everything” comment with a cool, “It’s true.” Embrace it, Pow-Pow. You’ve really got nothing to lose. And although Zach’s fellow Bomb Squad members toy with the idea of evicting him after his outburst, they ultimately decide it’s better to keep such a big target in the house.

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THE VOTES | When it comes time for the voting to begin, Paola gives what I would consider The Best Pre-Eviction Speech Ever, if only for the words, “Devin, you have five different personalities, and they all suck.” Zach’s is less memorable, but it hardly matters in the end. He remains in the game after his fellow housemates evict Paola, 10-2. (Only Jocasta and Donny vote to evict Zach.)

KING & QUEEN OF THE CASTLE | In a game called “Underwater Polo,” contestants hit balls into numbered slots at the end of a lane, with the two highest-scoring players claiming the HoH title. And although Zach isn’t able to claim the power he so desperately wants, winners Derrick and Nicole are two contestants that 1) will likely go after Devin and 2) seem to have a basic understanding of how Big Brother works, which is more than can be said for many of this year’s players.

Were you happy to see Paola leave the house? Who do you think Derrick and Nicole will nominate? And why do this year’s contestants insist on telling the truth all the timeSound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. b says:

    Devin is SO BAD. SO, SO bad. This is the first episode where I’ve even relatively liked Zach, because it was BRAVE of him to stand up to Devin. Devin’s ego… I mean, which Greek God does he think he is? Zeus, Poseidon, Dr. Will?! Dude needs to GO!

  2. abz says:

    I can’t stand Devin. If I have to hear about his daughter one more time…….ugh. I’m so happy Zach stayed. I didn’t like him at the beginning because he just didn’t come across as very likable but he’s grown on me and I’m glad he stood up to that idiot who thinks he’s God of the BB House. Loved PowPow’s line about all his personalities sucking LOL but glad she’s gone.
    Side note: Amber’s definitely gonna need a restraining order after the show because Caleb is creepy as hell.

    • b says:

      The thing is, MANY parents have played this game without EXPLOITING their child. Do parents use their kids to get ahead sometimes? Sure, it’s innocent. Britney this episode was an example. But Devin is crossing so many lines. He’s using her to do whatever he can to throw everyone else under the bus and win.

    • CPav says:

      Three of us watch the show at our house, and it’s become mandatory for two of us that, every time Devin mentions his daughter or parenthood, we look at the third and say “He’s a parent? Why hasn’t he mentioned it before?”

  3. Jackie says:

    Devin is so annoying. I hope they backdoor him next week. Did you know he has a daughter, by the way? I didn’t like Zach at first – he seemed pompous – but I’m glad he called Devin out. Devin goes after anyone who looks at him the wrong way. He said Brittany “questioned his integrity” (what integrity, btw?) when all she did was point out that he exposed his lie, and anyone who disagrees with him instantly becomes enemy #1. They better take him out next week, they could do it if Devin doesn’t win POV. Oh, and I love Donny! He is so funny.

  4. I was sad to see Paola go only because the first week she actually looked like she could be an interesting player. All that went out the window the second week so I can’t say I’m devastated…but she wasn’t my least favorite houseguest.

    • Jerry says:

      I was mildly excited when she came in strong, forming the “El Cuatro” alliance, and seemed like a strong player at least strategically. There is even a scene where she was talking with Caleb in episode 2, which seemed like a setup for a showdown between Caleb and Paola. But she quickly faltered into one of the weakest players.

      The great thing about Big Brother is that because it happens in real time, the producers have to edit episodes in real time. They cannot predict any “season-long” themes or outcomes. Whereas in Survivor, they would have known the “story arc” of the season, and have a winner’s edit for the eventual show, as well as things like foreshadowing a certain player’s downfall.

      In Season 12, the Brigade was originally portrayed as a silly alliance doomed to fail very quickly, and all season long, the edits and voiceover kept suggesting and teasing “Brigade getting thrown a grenade”, and hints that the Brigade is about to be exposed, but it never happened, not even when Matt was sent home. So in the end, it became a boring season full of producers faking out and “foreshadowing” the breakdown of the Brigade, making it a buzzkill when no one successfully oust the alliance.

      In Season 13, the same can be said for Jeff who had a winner’s edit whereas Rachel seemed like she’s about to fall apart after Brendon left. Jeff was riding strong as HoH, getting rid of his biggest threats. So it was quite an anti-climax when Jeff was suddenly taken out by Danielle’s allies within the same hour of his best moment. The rest of the season became a boring one, because the other players do not even come close to having a “winner’s edit”.

      • I’m definitely a little worried they got rid of the strongest female personality of the season. We’ll see though.

      • Ivy says:

        I totally forgot “El Cuatro” even existed until you mentioned it. Are those girls still a part of it?

        • Jerry says:

          El Cuatro is totally dead. Of the 4 girls, Joey and Amber were evicted, and only Nicole and Amber were left (and they clearly didn’t rekindle any talk of any alliance). I think same goes with the “Crazy 8” alliance.

          As I said, that’s the beauty of Big Brother. At the time of editing the episode 1, the editors must have thought that the crazy 8 alliance and El Cuatro alliance will be huge alliances to watch out for the entire season. Even when the first 8 were competing, Amber was talking about “doing it for the girls” and the original 8 seemed pretty united to stick with the 8 (much like Season 4’s first 8 exes stuck together). But all that disappeared pretty much the moment the second group entered and Caleb became HoH.

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    I’m so glad Pow is gone. Zach is letting his emotions get the better of him, I hope he can pull it together. Devon is scary crazy, not sure how many personalities are living in his head but wow. Interesting couple of HoH’s, curious to see it play out.

  6. BrittBrat says:

    I’m so glad that Zach got to stay. Pao Pao was getting on my nerves, so no love lost there. I’m also glad that Frankie and Caleb didn’t win HOH! Those 2 along with Devin are annoying me with how they are “playing” (if you can call it that) the game. I hope one of them goes home, but then again the show might get boring.

  7. I want to see a double fake eviction like they do on the UK show, where the “evicted” house guests get to watch the other house guests in a secret room for a week and then return to the game the following week.

  8. Devin is going through steroids withdrawal..and i bet he has a small tiny black penis..This year it seems like NO ONE knows how to play the game..its like we are watching season 1 of BB…..

  9. Devin is going through Steroids withdrawal, and I bet he got a small tiny black penis

    • Gabriel says:

      You seem really interested in his “small tiny” black penis.
      Like, Caleb-level interested.

      P.S. — ‘small’ and ‘tiny’ mean the same thing.

  10. So what I wanna know is …

    … who will be this season’s Aryan and Co. ?