Naya Rivera Returning to Glee for Final Season — But There's a Catch

When Glee starts production on its final season later this summer, Naya Rivera’s name will be on the call sheet.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Santana’s portrayer — who dodged rumors this spring that her days on the show were numberedis returning for Season 6.

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The small-ish catch: Rivera will be billed as a recurring guest star and not as a series regular — a change I’m told she requested (and the producers honored).

Keep in mind, many a Glee vet has seen his or her contract status tweaked over the years and still maintained an active presence on the show (see also: Amber Riley, Harry Shum Jr., etc.).

Rivera’s rep could not be reached, while a Glee spokesperson declined to comment.

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Last month, series cocreator Ryan Murphy told TVLine that Glee will return to its central conceit in Season 6.

“We’re working on the last season now, and it really feels like it’s getting back to its roots, which I love,” he shared. “I’m sort of reinvigorated about it. It’s getting back to what I was initially interested in with the show, which was arts in school. The last season is really about the importance of arts education in our high schools… I think people will like it.”

Fox has yet to announce a premiere date for Glee‘s (likely abbreviated) final season.

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  1. TB says:

    “…central conceit” – haha

  2. Pete says:

    In other words, even though she got fired, they managed to agree for her to return for an episode or two and wrap up the character.

    • Dude says:

      I think she’ll be in more episodes than that but it’s not like this is anything new. She was billed as a regular in season four and was absent during most of the season’s first half. Even if she’s a raging diva, she’s one of the best actors/singers on the show.

      • Ari says:

        They don’t give a damn about who is the best singer/actor/dancer anymore. They don’t need her or anyone really. The show is ending no matter what. Ratings will continue to tank no matter who is on the show.

        • I agree that it really won’t matter what they do. I think they will be lucky to maintain the nearly 2 million viewers they get each week. At one point I loved this show so it’s sad to see it tank. They couldn’t even grow with Demi and Adam Lambert as guest stars. Ryan always overhypes the show so I tend not to believe him. I watched a few shows after Cory died, but that was really the end for me. They could have ended it in Season 3 and come out respectable.

        • gtre says:

          If they cared about the best actors of singers than Darren and Chord would not be getting the focus.

      • Pete says:

        The show is basically over, it won’t have more than 13 eps and the ratings are already way past cancellation ratings. You think they care? Especially about an actress who clashed with the boss? It’s one less regular pay they have to dish out. A few episodes just saves face for both parties and that’s all.

      • fiona says:

        The show is over. They don’t need anything. It is ending as a joke with or without her.

    • leah says:

      She was already being treated like a recurring character.

      • X says:

        Exactly. For the past two seasons she has only been a few episodes.

        • I think all the NY actors were underused in seasons 4 and 5. Santana was in quite a few episodes – at least as much as Rachel and Kurt. I didn’t like the nasty Santana, but I did like her character when she wasn’t so angry.

      • TJ says:

        Pretty much everyone but Blam and Newbies were treated like recurring characters in S4. And S5 was just a total mess! I think Rachel and Kurt were getting less then 5 min of screen time and almost no music. Same for Cory, he hardly sang in S4.

    • Nate says:

      In other words maybe you should stop acting like you know everything

    • Very possible. But maybe not. They gave Amber Riley more to do post-DANCING WITH THE STARS last year (when she was a recurring guest star) than she got any two years combined during the four years she was a regular.

      • LaLucci says:

        Glee only gave Amber more episodes to capitalize on the exposure she got on DWTS…but it didn’t work. Had she not done so well on the dance competition, we wouldn’t have seen much of her at all on Glee

        • I have to disagree because I believe it did work to draw in more fans! Most of the episodes she was in the ratings remained above 2 million (which is good within the Glee rating game these days). Starting w/episode 18 and the focus on Rachel leaving Funny Girl and Blaine and the June character is when the rating began to drop. So a heavy focused finale with Rachel in the title and much focus on her and Blaine drew the series lowest viewers EVER. Yet they think Lea and Darren are going to draw in MORE viewers for a show that will have been off the air for 8 months, left no one with great expectations for S6, and has nothing better to offer than some mediocre singers & actors and a return to Lima, Ohio for the last and final season. Chord and Darren are not even “originals” as Ryan stated would be utilized for S6. No wonder they did the fake PR stunt with Daleastreet to try to and toughen up fans stomachs and prevent less gag reactions to the cast announcement for S6. Sorry not interested. I don’t know what they are on but apparently its some good stuff if it has altered their reality and focus this much! They really need Amber, Naya, Jenna and Kevin to have more of an active role in the series finale of GLEE!

          • LaLucci says:

            That’s simply not true…Glee’s viewer ship started low but began its decline after episode EIGHT and continued to decline throughout the season except for a couple of bumps with “100” and “Bash” had a very small bump…the rest..after 8 )and mostly before) were declines. No good way to spin that

          • stop says:

            Amber didn’t help viewership. She was promoted to be in City of Angles and it was the lowest rated episode to that point. And give me a break about the title of the last episode being to blame for the rating. It was heavy Samcedes and promoted as such. Rachel always had storyline so I guess all those years the rating were good was because of her? Please.

    • WTT says:

      That does not make sense. If you fired, you leave. Character wrap up or not.

    • Aj says:

      That is not how it works smart mouth.

    • Chris says:

      If someone doesn’t know what oxymoron means you should read Pete’s comment

  3. Celesta says:

    “I’m sort of reinvigorated about it. It’s getting back to what I was initially interested in with the show” – Lol basically admitting that he lost interest in it a while ago.

    • Dude says:

      That would be promising had he not said the same thing about season three…and season four. Apparently he’s “reinvigorated” every half season and it’s done little to improve quality.

      • and the finale of season five would be “explosive”. So much has been leaked that no one was surprised at the ending. I believe 3 things will happen: Klaine marriage, Rachel successful, Rachel and Mr Schue close out the show and every other character will be in a happy relationship and an amazing career. Happily ever after.

    • WTT says:

      It is such a flop.

  4. Aries says:

    And this is a surprise?
    I’m sure it was her choice! LOL

  5. Lola says:

    Her choice…LOL, sure it was.

  6. Kim says:

    She has nothing else going on so this seems like a stupid request.

  7. Aries says:

    I think the only ‘regulars’ in Season 6 are Lea, Chris, Darren and Chord (maybe Matt & Jane). Everyone else will filter in and out as necessary to close out the series.

    • AdamJ says:

      We need the return of Jacob Ben Israel in season 6, that dude and Stoner Brett carried the show. We need more of Santana’s breasts in the final season to boost ratings.

      If there is some sort of time jump:

      Marley needs to end up as a high priced call girl in LA or Vegas who loves the D.

      Tina’s character invents a karaoke app that makes her billions and she ends up more successful then any other Glee member. (still looks plump even after lypo)

      Kitty becomes a spokesperson/model for a crap women’s clothing label that caters to 4’7″ tall teenagers and dates a loser nite club manager that bangs anything that moves behind her back.

      Unique figures out he is gay and loves the D then moves to brazil to become an online pornhub star who sings while in the act. (who knew wade had a 12″ schlong).

      Ryder discovers that huge sideburns went out in the 70’s. Works as a shelve filler at Lima Walmart.

      Jake worked with Ryder at Lima Walmart for a while, until he was caught stealing, twice. He is currently serving his last 18 months of a 4 year sentence in prison.(He does teach a dance class twice a week while inside though.)

      Mercedes(Amber) still hasn’t lost an ounce. Currently she is the manager of a White Castle just outside of Lima. (Do you want fries with Thaaaaaaaaaaat! Kitty was right)

      Sugar works at a bar as a cocktail waitress after her dad cut her off from the family money when she brought home a cop as a boyfriend.

      Joe discovered sex and chopped off his dreads, he hasn’t been to church or prayed since he banged an ex-TV show beach babe hottie that was 18 years his senior at a Hollywood party.

      Artie received stem cell injections in Germany as part of a trial research program after directing 3 subway commercials and making heaps of cash. The cash he spent on getting into the trial group. His legs work fine and he is now part of the German world cup soccer team in Qatar 2020. Pretty sure Artie is actually gay!

      Blaine and Kurt. Well they got married, split up 4 weeks after the wedding when Kurt realised he hated Blaine for the past two or three years, he just wanted a wedding, once that was over he’d had enough and left. Kurt know writes children’s story books that he has ripped of from every well known children’s book author for the past 500 years. People think he is a genius but dudes slightly above average at best.

      Blaine died. We don’t know how, he just died. He’s Gonzo.

      Sam returned to Ohio after NYC, he stayed 9 hours then went back to NYC. Everyone else had left except Artie, Sam lived on Artie’s 4 seater sofa for 2 years. (Thing was brand new, Artie never used it). Last time anyone saw Sam he was riding around on NYC buses all day and night looking for the one that had his picture on the side. He has been doing this for almost 6 years now.

      Rachel left NYC for Hollywood, she had 1 audition and become a TV star, then became a spokesperson for hair, makeup and clothing companies, she was on magazine covers everywhere. Over exposure I think they call it, 5 years later she was washed up, she went back to Broadway but they gave her bit parts and tiny roles just to spite her previous TV success. She quit show business after a mediocre 2nd album release and a ghost written autobiography tanked.

      Mr Schue and Emma had a kid then got divorced when Emma wouldn’t touch the baby to clean, feed or change it.(those baby things are messy). Mr.Schue still teaches at McKinley but also moonlights at Spearmint Rhino as a dance instructor. He is currently dating Candy, Harmony, Raven and Porsche. He has never been happier. He has nothing to do with Glee club.

    • TJ says:

      The 2 I like, Lea and Chris aren’t enough to make me watch the 2 I can’t stand, Darren and Chord!

    • Hayne says:

      Only one female is scary.

  8. Mia says:

    Jenna Ushkowitz has always been a regular on Glee since day 1 of the show – are TV Line saying that Jenna has also been reduced to recurring guest (which does make sense, given her character’s departure to a non-NY college after graduation)? Sounds like the core regular cast will be pretty small, compared to previous years – Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Chord Overstreet, Kevin McHale, Jane Lynch and Matt Morrison. Everyone else would seem to have been dropped completely (the poor “newbies”!) or given these recurring guest contracts – maybe with only 1 or 2 episodes guaranteed.

  9. karen says:

    So why is no one from Glee or Naya’s people confirming this? Who is the source?

  10. LilAngel says:

    well, who cares? As long as Lea is the star and Chord and Darren are there too, it will be good. They should bring Mark Salling and Jon Groff too and it would be perfect

    • Cameron says:

      Are you aware about the fact that too much focus on those three characters in particular is the reason why the show tanked along a lot of other different reasons of course. I’m not especially Santana’s biggest fan but I enjoy her witty comments and raw stories more than any other story on this damn show. Rachel, Blaine and Sam are annoying as hell and eclipse all the others more talented (acting wise) actors, Naya Rivera, Blake Jenner, Chris Colfer to name some. You asked “who cares”, well as a casual viewer I care about Santana’s story coming full circle, not to mention that it would be a nice break from Rachel dramas or Blaine’s crappy stories that barely involve his boyfriend, a character I like as well. To be honest, I think I’ll stop watching all together to avoid eating more of the same three characters.

      • anna says:

        aside from some of the adults I think lea is the most talented actress in the show. the only actors (besides guest actors) from the show that have been nominated to emmys/golden globes have been jane, matt, chris and lea. so I don’t think you should put her in the same bag with chord and darren and say there are more talented actors. I, for one, don’t like santana. also, the show started “tanking” as you say around season 3 which had lots of focus on kurt and santana, much more focus on them than on rachel and sam (who wasn’t even there half of the season). plus, I really hate mean santana, she’s just mean for no reason.

        • I don’t necessarily think Lea is the best actor, I do believe she is the ONE that Ryan gave the most attention. It would be hard to nominate anyone for anything when she was his primary focus. To me this is why I think the show is tanking too much of her and Darren. So when these 2 are the ones who get to sing the most and get the majority of the story lines yes it would seem unreasonable that anyone else could have “stand out moments” to shine. I honestly have been over her character since season 1. She has shown no growth and I also believe that Ryan painted the show and the other characters into a corner when he tried to make fans believe Rachel was so much more “talented” than the others. However, he didn’t count on fans making their own judgments and realizing that she was no more special nor her voice more incredible than Amber’s or Naya’s. They all are talented but were never really allowed to shine cause really how would that make his “golden star” actor look. Nothing in the S5 finale gave much reason to sit on the edge of your seat for S6 and now with this cast news those remaining fans may abandon their seat all together. I really hope they give the originals (Kevin, Amber, Jenna and Chris) more to do than be ornaments for Lea, Darren and Chord. No offense Blamchel is not much to get the least bit excited about in my opinion! But I guess time will tell but I don’t see those ratings rising much above the million mark if those 3 are expected to draw in the fans.

          • LilAngel says:

            if Naya and Amber had such a huge fanbase, they wouldn’t have been let off by their major. Lea’s album has been number one in over 30 countries and she is a star worldwide. Naya and Amber are not famous outside of the US. For your information, the glee fanbase is huge internationally too

          • Tom says:

            I agree about Blamchele but Lea hardly sang in S4 and got very little screen time or focus in S4. S4 is when fans really started to bail,and over 80% of that season was Blam the Newbies. And NY still got much less focus in the front part of S5 then Blam got. And those that did stick around hoping they could fix the mess they made of Finn and Finchel in S4 left after Cory died. I would also say lots of Rachel fans are leaving because of how poorly they are writing Rachel, that whole Broadway SL was disaster! I loved Rachel and think Lea is very talented, but I hated how they wrote her in S4 & S5. The sad thing is the NY parts of the show were fun to watch, until Sam and Blaine showed up and we lost HummelBerry, Pezberry and Starchild. While the biggest drop off seems to be in S5, it’s really S4 that set the tone and losing Cory just made it all fall faster. A S6 consisting mostly of Rachel, Blaine and Sam is not something I want to watch!

      • I agree with you that they are annoying especially Rachel who has not changed one iota since Season 1. In my opinion Blaine is interesting ONLY with Kurt but he has really sucked all the life out of Kurt. Sam in my opinion is at his best when he interacts with Mercedes. I would have much preferred a Sam/Artie friendship to the overblown, how many times do they have to remind us of their bromance Blam crap that has really did nothing but make them the most annoying bromance in the history of TV bromances. I would love to see more attention on the true “originals” of the cast. However, I guess maybe the others want it this way. But nothing that has been leaked out or talked about this S6 series finales leave much to be desired let alone sit and waste an hour of your life. Wish if Glee is going to leak news at least make it news that someone wants to hear. Main focus being the “Blamchel Show” is just not cutting it for me. So a great S6 finale would be Brittana, SamCedes, Klaine, a good Artie story line and some mention of the remaining characters. Not here for Jane or Mr. Shue. When will these characters actually get to be adults who stop running back to WMHS and Lima for acceptance into the world?

      • gtre says:

        But Rachel hardly got any focus in season 4 and her arc in season 5 was rushed. Her arc should have had focus it was actually one thing the show had done with continuity. But now they screws that up too. You as who cares as a casual viewer I care about Rachel storyline. Blaine and Sam have gotten way more than Rachel the past 2 seasons and she is actually the lead character and they were replacements.

  11. Abby says:

    So what episode will she be in?

  12. Abby says:

    I want to know so I will watch those episodes.

  13. K says:

    Naya has become the only highlight to the show. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lea and Chris but their characters are unbearable without Santana being the hilarious commentator.

    • alessa says:

      Rachel and Kurt are great and deep characters, Santana is a joke, she is nothing without her “hilarious” comments, she has no real purpose unlike Kurt and Rachel. The show can be good as long Lea and Chris are in it.

      • Karen says:

        Completely agree!

      • Gail says:

        No offense but Kurt is dull now and Rachel is unbearable. Santana is the fun factor. The audience response to her is mostly positive.

        • Mike says:

          You can’t speak for the viewers. I like Santana but many people find her too bitchy and over bearing.

          • ress says:

            Her bitchness is what people love about her. It is the main reason she got so popular. She is one of the most talked about and loved character on the show. I know that for a fact.

      • Alissa says:

        I root for Santana more than the others. She doesn’t get everything she wants. She shows that not everyone has it figured out after high school and success doesn’t come easy. Like how Rachel and Blaine unrealistically gets everything and and I don’t know what Kurt’s does.

      • Nope says:

        Not when Sam and Blaine are sucking the life out of the show it can’t be great. Even with Lea and Chris.

    • LilAngel says:

      I guess people who like Naya wants cheap comedy. Glee is a dramedy, the comedic side is just a side and it is just stay on the side.

      • S. says:

        I guess that’s why Glee competes in the comedy category at the Emmys? It’s a comedy with dramatic elements, not a drama with comedy elements.

  14. Kalee says:

    Wait what? What happened with Jenna Ushkowitz? She’s been a regular from the start and only missed 6 episodes last season as did Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison. It’d be a shame if she weren’t a regular for the final season.

    Does TV Line know something we don’t? Tell please.

  15. jones says:

    If it were like 2012 I would be upset but now I don’t care about Glee. I only stuck around for her anyway.

  16. Guest says:

    Basically what she has been doing for two years.

  17. D. says:

    The concept looks boring, the season finale was… well, let’s just say it wasn’t good. Now THIS. I really hope they come through and give us a decent final season, but i have my (many) doubts.

    • The Fox executive who supported GLee was fired, so I doubt they will get a full season. I think the main actors get paid for a full season though and why I think it’s odd that Naya would ask for something less. She has to be making at least $30,000 an episode. They have already postponed filming for several months, so I think they will just get the spring and then it’s over.

  18. ryky says:

    People still watch this show?

    • Karen says:

      Yep. People still comment on stories about shows they supposedly don’t watch? Yeah, that -sadly for those people- still happens.

  19. danielle says:

    If she got fired why would they do all that? Nobody does tbat

  20. Lena says:

    Jenna was still a regular in season 5 so I don’t know why she’s cited as an example in the article.

  21. Maria says:

    Good for Naya, the less she is involved in the sorry mess Glee has become, the better for her. Wish Chris left this train wreck for real, and I’d be finally free.

    • Ollie says:

      Yes. Good for Naya because she knew she wasn’t getting any other work and needs the money. Glee is a sorry mess, but it’s better than sitting at home doing nothing.

  22. LaKeeau says:

    BOOOOOOO!!!!! She’s the best think about that crap show.

  23. Lisa says:

    You did not just say that Jenna and Amber had a “strong presence” on the show. They spent the last two seasons as AFTERTHOUGHTS to the no talent newbies that Fox got cheap and tried to pass off as “stars”

  24. Jay says:

    Glee is getting 13 episodes AT MOST before it finally croaks. Naya being a “guest star” for the final season of this crap show is not a big deal. As we saw in season 5, Daleastreet are more than capable of driving Glee even further into the ground before it’s over for good. They don’t need any help.

    • Karen says:

      It’s funny that you apparently do’t like this “crap” show but you still know what Darren, Chord and Lea call themselves. Something not even a casual viewer probably knows, much less someone who “hates” the show.

  25. jazzcolfer says:

    I love Naya Rivera. She’s one of my favorites out of the original cast. I loved the dynamic between Kurt, Santana and Rachel in New York. I just want her to find something very quickly after glee because she so talented and beautiful and I love her facial expressions. She naturally grew in the audience’s heart without it being contrived. It’s such a shame that the show didn’t appreaciates enough those talents that made it so successful the first two seasons and underused them so much, especially in season 4. But since glee is terrible now, maybe it’ll reflect well on them after the show ends.

    • AngieD says:

      Naya was recurring during season 1, as were Heather Morris and Harry Shum Jr.

      I too liked the relationships amongst the ‘originals during the latter part of this last season.

      For me, it was the 2nd high school group that sucked the life out of Glee. The characters weren’t as interesting nor was there enough chemistry amongst the 2nd high school cast. While individually talented, as a whole they were less. and while the original cast had some weaker actors, as a whole, the cast was more than the sum of its parts.

      When Glee refocused on the original cast, they had the best episodes last season.

      Also, I never liked the mean Santana – she was overly brutal. No problem with her coming down on Brody but then she was pretty brutal on Rachel and Kurt and her friends. Glad they ended the season all as friends.

      This past season of Glee was not great. A lot of that was due to Cory’s death IMHO. It really impacted the intended storyline and they had to scramble to create episodes – thus silly stuff like Blaine’s puppet dreams.

    • Naya in the short, horizontal striped skirts is what made Santana popular…..and, she can sing

    • LilAngel says:

      her facial expressions? Seriously? her plastic surgeon must be proud

  26. Aries says:

    I could care less how many episodes she is in. Her character is terrible!

  27. Sandy says:

    I love her character!

  28. Sandy says:

    Santana is realistic!

  29. Anon says:

    Wasn’t there an article about her coming back two months ago?

  30. Jackson says:

    I am so disappointed with Glee the last few season, instead of keeping focus on teh school, you should have shifted full time tot he NYC story because that was the juice and best parts of the show! And for a show that TOUCHED EVERY SOCIAL TOPIC, racism, gay, lesbian, weight, YOU NAME IT, you have the chance with the death of your star to address a VERY BIG social issue of drug abuse, yet you skim over that topic! If ever you had a chance to tell a real social issue that was your way and in an emotional way that may have effected and changed many lives, but that is one social issue that couldn’t be addressed!

  31. Bob says:

    Glee is terrible now. It was amazing for two seasons, pretty good for season 3, mildly sucky for season 4, and unwatchable in season 5. I can only imagine season 6 is going to be the worst thing on TV in quite a while.

    • Karen says:

      I actually thought season 5, especially the last half, was much better than season 4. of course, the terrible part of season 5 was the fact that cory monteith wasn’t there.

    • Mike says:

      Season 5 ended up being better than 4. Not good at all but I would watch a few season 5 episode again. Season 4 was a waste of time and space except maybe the first 4 episodes.

    • Jc says:

      Season 5 was better than season 4 but there was a dark cloud over it because of cory’s death. That dumbass had to go out himself and diminish that gleeful spirit.

  32. I don’t think anybody cares about Glee anymore. Too bad, the first three seasons were pretty good, and the fourth was okay.

  33. Alice says:

    Aww I love Santana. which episodes will she be in?

  34. Dan says:

    Why can’t it be someone else? Naya, it is 12 episodes!

  35. Naya was NEVER fired people. She got into a tiff with the production staff and they punished her my not putting her in this season 5 season finale. The show is not about Lea and thats it. It is a sinking ship, I just hope it gets a send off before sinking to the bottom.

    • Jeff says:

      The show is not now about Lea. Lea is a real person I guess you mean Rachel. . Rachel however has always been the lead will have the same screen time as usual and the character will be sacrificed to return the glee club.

  36. joncuriel says:

    Smartest move they have done? Securing the show for 2 seasons at once, otherwise this would have never gotten a sixth season. Seriously from someone who fell in love with the show from the beginning this needs to be completely revamped to “honor” what it was, seriously since they let Darren take center stage this has been doomed, sure, a little Blaine was good, but too mych and see the ratings now.
    I am pissed to be honest and I really hope they keep Jenna as a regular if they want to retain a few more viewers, considering that Naya is done, just like Dianna, they will need a female character becausethe amount of males is unfair, but hey, we all know Ryan is running this show, so coincidence? Don’t think so. After all, they still have talentless Overstreet there

  37. paula says:

    I don’t know why this is news. She is still going to be on the show.

  38. SAS says:

    It amazes me how Naya Rivera was hired to be a faceless background character and look at this.

  39. BRN says:

    Every Ryan Murphy show starts out good then he allow them to drags on forever and become plot-less and absurd. Just look at Nip Tuck, that show is just stupid after the second season. There are much better shows in other networks and only so many times you can amuse yourself watching Glee by counting how many times Lea Michael squeezes her eyes shut in a song.

  40. Dave says:

    Returning to Lima huh-with more new kids we do not care about-boy that sounds like TV worth watching!

  41. DobySmiles says:

    I’m so glad she will no longer be a regular cast member. Santana is the most annoyng character. I don’t understand why people are so into her. Her jokes – and I understand that the writers wrote them – are terrible and are anything but funny. Glee used to be a great show but somewhere by the end of the second season it started going down. The third season was more than awful. The fourth was good and I feel indifferent about the fifth. I seriously doubt that the last one would do justice this ‘getting back to its roots’ thing. Even Ryan Mirphy says ‘ I think people will like it.’ See? ‘Like it’ not ‘love it’. I guess he is tired of the show just as much as we are. This is just my opinion and you don’t have to agree. Have a nice day :)

  42. Ashley says:

    If she wanted that then what could they do? It’s Glee’s last season anyway. I will miss her in the episodes. She is the spice to Glee

  43. Amber says:

    “”Fox has yet to announce a premiere date for Glee‘s (likely abbreviated) final season””

    Jane Lynch was on Seth Rudetsky’s XM show this morning and confirmed it’s a 13 episode season.

  44. Awesome says:

    So glad to hear this. I don’t like her and I can’t stand her character. There are others that I much rather watch.

  45. acurat says:

    13 episodes and put it out of its misery – enough said.

  46. LaLucci: To address your verbiage that I was trying to “spin” a scenario on the ratings going up when Amber was a part of the show is not some figment of my imagination. True the ratings were up with 5×8 at (3.18M) but began to drop at episode 5×10 (2.1M) and continued with 5×11 (2.3M). However, the episodes were Amber had a significant presence and lines beginning with 5×12 (2.58M) did see the numbers begin to rise again. They continued an upward trajectory with every episode she was in and those episodes were Lea and Darren were not the main focus 5×13 (2.60M), 5×14 (2.61M), 5×15 (2.79M) don’t have the numbers for 5×16 but they did not really began to tank until 5×17 “Opening Night” with focus on Lea and Darren (2.32M) and continued after that 5×18 (2.22M) concentration on Lea leaving Broadway, 5×19 (2.1M) focus on Lea again and finally 5×20 (1.82M) “The Untitled Rachel Berry Project” so when you say its simply not true that the viewership rose while Amber was on board is in itself not true. Just wanted to bring that to your attention you can check TVByTheNumbers.com if you want to adjust your “opinion” because they will indeed provide you the “facts”! I’m not faulting them for the rating drops but it definitely was NOT due to Amber getting focus cause each of those episodes the ratings did indeed rise!

  47. lilk says:

    glee started sucking in s2. i cant believe it is still on.

  48. Luis says:

    I’m glad Ryan Murphy feels “reinvigorated -” let’s see how long that lasts. Murphy’s neglect of Glee since the debut of American Horror Story rendered the show borderline unwatchable last season – I actually haven’t watched any of the episodes since Sue shut down New Directions. Given a new season of AHS is coming this fall, I am seriously hedging my bets as to how much attention RM will pay to Glee, even in its final season.

  49. Right says:

    This was her decision?

  50. Luke says:

    Hope she learned her lesson: Don’t mess with Lea Michele on The Lea Michele Show.

    • please says:

      What BS. Naya and Brad had the probable Lea does not have that power she does not writer, direct or produce the show. It is ridocusol that people keep blaming her. The studio also has a say in this. The show is going back to Lima it probably had very little for Santana just like the last 2 season; They didn’t know what ot do with her.