Did a Liar Stab Alison? Did Dome Forget Something? Girl Meets Death? TV's New Clone Attack? And More Qs

Hayden Panettierre Sabrina Carpenter

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Girl Meets World, Under the Dome, 24: Live Another Day and Pretty Little Liars!

1 | Girl Meets World‘s Sabrina Carpenter is totally Hayden Panettiere’s younger, equally sassy doppelganger (with a dash of Britt Robertson), yes? And did Cory’s vision of Mr. Feeny seem a little too angelic? Here’s hoping he’s still with us!

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2 | Wait, so after we spent the entire first season of Penny Dreadful chasing after Sir Malcolm’s daughter, their reunion was shorter than Proteus’ lifespan? And after all the hints the show dropped about Ethan being a werewolf, was anyone surprised by his transformation?

3 | Is True Blood greatly overestimating the appeal of Tara’s mom? And of all the dimwitted Bon Temps residents, how was Maxine Fortenberry the first to question the rapid aging of Andy’s fairie daughter, Adilyn?

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The Leftovers4 | Whether you loved or loathed the premiere of The Leftovers, don’t you think HBO now owes us all (at least) a month’s supply of Lexapro? And which White Walker in this photo are you more terrified of?

5 | Wasn’t it great to see Devious Maids‘ Adrian finally treating Evelyn right?

6 | Does everyone on Reckless seem really horny/randy? (Especially for a CBS show?)

7 | Does anyone in Salem really believe that John “I repaired an orphanage” Alden is a witch?

8 | What seemed crazier: Mistresses‘ Savi getting a giant neck tattoo, or leaving behind half a delicious bagel (with cream cheese already applied) when Dom asked her to come to his office? And as for Scott’s shoe-fetish closet: Freaky-sexy or a bubbling cauldron of ick?Under the Dome

9 | Should Under the Dome‘s Barbie have rethought standing next to a wall of screwdrivers, hammers and saw blades, when he knew the magnetized dome to be yanking stuff across rooms? Meanwhile, TVLine reader Cate notes: “Under the Dome‘s new science teacher states that the center of the dome is the high school. Didn’t Joe calculate the center to be deep in the woods last year where he and Norrie found the mini-dome?”

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10 | Could Switched at Birth‘s Melody really make Travis move with her? (Is she his legal guardian? Or is he 18?)

11 | Did The Fosters put the final nail in Callie and Brandon’s coffin with all the sibling mentions this week?

12 | Why did 24: Live Another Day deny us the pleasure of seeing Kate Morgan go all Sarah Walker-in-Thailand on Navarro?! Also: At what point during this breakneck-paced day has Chloe stopped to reapply her cat eyes makeup? (If she gets any more heavy handed with it, will it look like Arrow’s mask?)

The Night Shift13 | Did this Night Shift soldier give anyone else a Deathlok vibe? And would it be one for the history books if Scott Wolf — in addition to recurring roles on this show and TNT’s Perception — had scored a Tuesdays-at-10 trifecta with a Covert Affairs gig?

14 | Might Jason Derulo have been the least helpful guest judge in So You Think You Can Dance history? Why don’t the ballroom choreographers ever give their routines emotional (aka vote-baiting) story arcs? And wasn’t Sonya Tayeh’s opening group number one of her weakest pieces in several seasons?

15 | On the topic of Alison’s leg scar on Pretty Little Liars: Could she be the person Aria stabbed during the Season 3 Halloween episode?

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16 | More doppelganger talk: First, Chasing Life lead Italia Ricci looks like Shiri Appleby. Now, Brenna’s classmate Greer looks like Claire Holt. Is this secretly a show about clones? And wouldn’t it be great if it was revealed that Scott Michael Foster’s Leo had pledged Kappa Tau while in college?

17 | Are we just not seeing what’s so paranoia-inducing about Big Brother‘s Donny? And is it too early to name Devin this season’s most bone-headed player?

18 | Are we to believe that Taxi Brooklyn‘s Leo has a “magic cab” that can slash travel times by two-thirds if need be? No wonder he’s perturbed about losing fares! Also: Doesn’t he seem to be doing most of the detective work?

19 | When Young & Hungry‘s Gabi watches Iron Chef, does she notice that none of the chefs are in stilettos? Either lose the shoes or list it as a skill on your resume.

Undateable20 | Not to get hung up on Undateable’s bar architecture again, but does it bother us that the bar’s flat, streetside exterior doesn’t jibe at all with the “zig-zag” wall of booths just inside? And how did Brent Morin (who plays Justin) not LOL multiple times during Danny and Kevin’s “karate” fight?

21 | Does Rookie Blue‘s Gail seem extra snarky/blunt this season?

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22 | Anyone else wishing NY Med could find a way to include fired nurse Katie Duke?

23 | Is killing one of Dominion‘s archangels as easy as stabbing them in the gut with a sword? Or does it have to be a special angel-forged blade?

24 | As wonderfully operatic as Defiance‘s closing montage was, could they maybe have cut 15 seconds from it to spend elsewhere to explain what.. the… eff Irisa’s “vision”-type thing was about??

25 | With all the chatter over who ought to sit on The View panel, can we take a second to recognize that The Wendy Williams Show is absolutely the most entertaining hour in the current daytime schedule?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. sarah says:

    8)Savi leaving behind the bagel! Scott’s shoe fetish is freaky-sexy.
    14) I though Jason Derulo was funny and he did give some good feeback.
    15)Good point about Alison’s leg scar. Also when Alison typed A on her text then spelled out her name….was there supposed to be more significance to that?
    21)Nope Gail has always been like that.

    • Eliza says:

      Mona revealed to the girls that it was Wilden and Melissa who locked Aria in the box on the A train. So I dont think its from halloween. Im guessing the person who hit her e bloody nose before she disappeared (when she fled to mrs Hastings)

      • Jon says:

        Mona said that it was wilden and Melissa but we saw wildens face and we never saw Melissa’s. Remember the season 4 premiere when spencer was reluctant to believe that Melissa was the queen of hearts because we didn’t actually see her. Or better year maybe it was Melissa but she saved Aria from Ali.

        • Eliza says:

          that could be true yes. I hope not, would be sad if she was working with creepy Wilden and trying to kill Aria. ( didnt CeCe say that Wilden maybe got Alipregnant and then got rid of the evidence? too many pedo stories to keep up in this show :s )
          I still think Ali was being abused by someone (her mom?) before she disappeared, in multiple flashbacks she showed up at Spencers house scared of something/someone in her own house.

          • Jon says:

            What if the person who abused Ali was Garrett(maybe he wanted revenge for Jenna,considering they were dating and he did protect her many times). That would explain Ali being in the train and killing him. At the end maybe she wanted to get rid of the evidence. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s A. I always thought that when Mona showed up with the Ali mask she was trying to distract A so that Ali could do all of this. Maybe they’re secretly working together.

    • leo21 says:

      If she had just signed it A, she would have freaked everyone out!

  2. Tim says:

    I’ve always loved Tara’s mom–she’s an excellent actress.

  3. johnhelvete says:

    9) UTD is a dumb show but it is possible that Joe could have been wrong about the center of the dome last season.

  4. What is the point of just questions?? How about some answers?

  5. Oh, here’s a question: What exactly was the point of Jason’s sex dream about Erik in True Blood? How did it further the storyline? Contribute to the plot? Or was it yet another HBO gratuitous sex scene?

  6. Ross says:

    Re: The first question, the writers of Girl Meets World already confirmed Feeny isn’t dead. It’s just Cory’s vision of him.

  7. DarkDefender says:

    1. The resemblance is uncanny.
    3. Bon Temps is long out of the closet as far as Supes (and their rapidly growing, injury healing residents) goes. I think the point was that Maxine was literally the last to figure it out.
    4. I’ll take a scary, North of the Wall, white walker everyday of the week. (Twice on Sundays). :P
    9. No more than forgetting to jump out of the way as a SLOW moving full size truck is heading right towards you.
    13. I miss Arrow. Season 3 needs to get here already!
    18. I’d love to know how they pitched this show and actually got someone to sign off on it.

  8. Annick says:

    5- Adrian went from perv who watch his friends have sex to a poor betrayed husband… does not work in my book. As for Evelyn she is just the same rich bitch we love.
    15- Could be… but by the end of the Halloween episode didn’t we see Jason with a wound on his thigh?

  9. ... says:

    2. I didn’t mind the short reunion because A) it had been foreshadowed when Sembene asked Malcolm what he would do if Mina wasn’t savable and B) Malcolm finally accepted Vanessa as something other than a tool for him to use. He might be able to give her the friendship and father figure that she’s been missing in her life and the moment he tells Mina that he already had a daughter was especially powerful.
    7. I think that’s the entire point of the show – to show the small town hive mind at work and to highlight the paranoia that swept the town. Plus, would anybody really go up against a respected figure like Increase, especially for a man who hadn’t lived there for nearly a decade?
    8. The bagel, definitely. And Scott’s fetish is, currently, on the freaky-sexy side of the spectrum. I have a feeling, though, that there’s a whole other can of worms yet to be opened re: his bedroom proclivities.
    11. Let’s hope so. Callie has enough problems in her life; she doesn’t need another one with a romantic relationship with her disaster of a foster brother.
    19. It feels like that’s what they’re going for – Gabi’s a good chef, but she has no idea how to be professional or conduct herself in a work-appropriate manner, including the crazy heels.

  10. K says:

    15) I think they showed Jason with an injury to his side not long after that episode aired. Also, I’m not sure how it would have been possible for Aria to stab Alison in the thigh while lying down in a box.

  11. 9) Are you really expecting logic or continuity from this show? #rhetorical
    14) Sonja’s opening sucked, but she definitely redeemed herself with one of the best routines of the entire series later in the show (Ricky & Jessica).

  12. TellyGeek says:

    You said: More doppelganger talk: First, Chasing Life lead Italia Ricci looks like Shiri Appleby.

    OMG! I thought I was the only one who saw that!! Love that show,!

  13. Michele says:

    15 | On the topic of Alison’s leg scar on Pretty Little Liars: Could she be the person Aria stabbed during the Season 3 Halloween episode?

    I hadn’t thought about that, but it’s a good theory.

  14. MariaD says:

    #14: “Might Jason Derulo have been the least helpful guest judge in So You Think You Can Dance history?”
    No, that honor goes last season to Carly Rae Jepson, followed a close second by Paula Abdul. And while Sonya apparent homage to Bob Fosse wasn’t her most brilliant, her choreographed number with Ricky and Jessica was incredible: a very different Sonya. Glad to see that she is trying new styles.

  15. Kim R says:

    11. The Fosters writers did a great job to move on from the Callie/Brandon angst. There are much bigger storylines going on now. They really felt like brother and sister to me during that last episode. And on we go. :)
    13. The Night Shift is pretty good. And I would take Scott Wolf in any doses they want to give him. Totes adorbs. ;)
    21. Rookie Blue’s Gail is just being Gail.
    25. Admittedly I do not watch Wendy Williams but my favorite daytime hour is The Chew. As far as the chatter about The View hosts, Bonnie Hunt gets my vote to replace Whoopi. :)

  16. jerrired says:

    3. Yeah this season is really lacking and I think part of that is due to focusing too much on Bon Temps residents I don’t care about.

    11. Sure seems like it. However, I hope they don’t close the Robert Quinn and Sophia chapter as quickly as they are with the Brandon and Callie one. I’m really enjoyed Kerr Smith on The Fosters. And even if Callie does officially become an Adams-Foster, I’d like to get to know her father’s side of the family better.

    17. Nope, it’s not too early. It’ll be hard for the other houseguests to top Devin with dumb moves this season, but I’m sure Caleb will try.

  17. jerrired says:

    3. Yeah this season is really lacking and I think part of that is due to focusing too much on Bon Temps residents I don’t care about.

    11.Sure seems like it. However, I hope they don’t close the Robert Quinn and Sophia chapter as quickly as they are with the Brandon and Callie one. I’m really enjoyed Kerr Smith on The Fosters. And even if Callie does officially become an Adams-Foster, I’d like to get to know her father’s side of the family better.

    17. Nope, it’s not too early. It’ll be hard for the other houseguests to top Devin with dumb moves this season, but I’m sure Caleb will try

    • Bwhit says:

      #11- I think once Callie gets to know Sophia and Robert she may be torn between the Adams-Fosters and them. Her attitude softened when Robert said he didn’t know about her and didn’t need a DNA test to know she was his. All of this makes wonder if she will eventually choose not to get adopted thus leading to Brandon and Callie take 2, which is still weird considering he is technically Jude’s brother.

      • jerrired says:

        Yeah that’s originally why I thought they added the Robert Quinn twist. So Callie picks him and then Brandon and Callie can be a real thing. Also some of the stuff the cast said about Brandon and Callie during pre-season interviews suggested a similar outcome. However, the show has been pushing the brother-sister dynamic a lot. And it seems to have changed public opinion that the pair works as just brother and sister. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they totally eliminate any chances of a romance between the characters. I do agree, it would still be slightly be weird with Jude now legally Brandon’s brother and biologically Callie’s one.

  18. jerrired says:

    oops, I didn’t mean to post that twice! Sorry TVLine crew.

  19. Deena says:

    15–I thought Aria stabbed the person in the hand/wrist area. I can’t remember all the details of this show anymore.
    25–NOOOOOOOO. Unwatchable.

  20. Cy says:

    The first 15 minutes of Wendy William’s show is great. The rest is nonsense.

  21. GeoDiva says:

    5- The Powells are my favorite.

  22. torimelching says:

    1. Yes she does and hopefully Feeny is still alive.
    4. Can’t decide if I love or hate The Leftovers.
    20. You are overthinking it it is a bar. Leave it alone.

  23. Demanding common sense from Under The Dome is like demanding pears from an elm tree

  24. Lisa says:

    Why is Troian Bellisarion looked like she was wearing a wig on the last episode?

  25. Tom Charles says:

    Why did tvline have no Wilfred questions?

  26. angel says:

    #7 – I find it hard to believe that anyone in Salem would think John Alden is not only a witch, but according to Tituba, be started the whole witch problem in Salem. He just got back to town after being away for 7 years. During which time, the witch problems began. Cotton was already in Salem when John came home.

  27. Dave says:

    who cares what Jason DeRulo said. THOSE ARMS!

  28. cjeffery7 says:

    12 – Chloe is also doing remarkably well energy-wise considering not 12 hours ago she was borderline catatonic while being held by the US gov’t.

  29. Jess says:

    25. This absolutely. I’m fairly new to watching that show… just this season and I think she’s hilariously funny ……. so straightforward with her opinions and sharing that even when I don’t agree with her I still get a kick out of her. She’s great and a lot of fun. And I agree with her … no men on the panel at the View …. it was created to be a woman’s opinion show and that’s the way it should stay (much as I crack up at Ross Mathews all the time).

  30. Celesta says:

    #16 – I see the Shiri Appleby thing, but I feel like it’s more of a delicate mix of Shiri, Nina Dobrev and for some reason Rose Byrne+Keeley Hawes.

  31. 1) Maybe it’s just an imagination. Would you rather see Poster Feeny talking?
    9) Maybe Joe was wrong.
    15) There’s no reason for Alison to be trying to kill Aria (motive and oppurtnity people). Plus, didn’t Aria stab, not swipe? And why would Ali wish she was blindfolded whens he got it, if it happened by someone in a box?

  32. sanchopanza says:

    “3 | Is True Blood greatly overestimating the appeal of Tara’s mom?”

    They overestimated her appeal from Day One.

  33. RyanC says:

    9) Joe can’t have been wrong, because they found the other minidome in the center. Also we see how he figures it out, clearly he’s correct. I think it’s more likely the science teacher is in fact a crazy person with a diorama obsession. (That part of the episode felt like a joke from Community)

  34. M3rc Nate says:

    3: Yes, i cant stand her, never could (Tara’s mom). Lol this show is officially a joke now. It started off good, a quality cable show, it progressively got worse, but now its just…what you’d expect from late night paid cable 10 years ago (soft core porn, with horribly written plots/characters). Stop and think about it…if this show was on Cinemax right now with actors/actresses you’ve never heard of, you’d think it was garbage, a softcore porn about vampires/werewolves/magic etc. Sad.

    9: Lol dont try to use logic on “Under the Dome”, do what i did, cancel it from your DVR and try your best to forget about the first season.

    12: I didnt need that from Kate Morgan, she is different than Sarah Walker, she went the intelligent route and tricked Navarro. Haha i noticed that about Chloe’s makeup. The REAL question is all of a sudden Chloe is a giant idiot when she is running away with the device? That was a major rookie move. She should have just swung the bag (with the fragile computer device in it) against the cement street and broken it…problem solved.

    20: The bigger question regarding the bar, is, isnt it the same exterior as the exterior of the bar in the show “Whitney”? And just like on Whitney, you get to episode 10+ and they have the friends buy into aka invest in the bar. Lol i swear all genres have a binder with all the tropes and go-to storylines for shows and they follow them all in mixed order…no creativity, never anything new.

    21: Gail isnt even likable…call her snarky or unique or different or her being herself, but in reality shes a brat and a jerk. Learn people skills, actually give a crap, care about people. But i wouldnt expect good writing from Rookie Blue.

    22: Eh, im not really missing her. And its only been one episode…i liked the new doctor guy.

    23: Lol ya i agree…that was explained well at all. So if the kid shoots Michael, it ricochets off him and could hit his hand, but a sword slides right into his stomach? Oh and coincidence that right after the guy in charge orders the woman to do tests and find out more about Michael, he will be coming in hurt and unconscious needing surgery? lol…perfect opportunity for her to get blood samples and tissue samples and do tests…

    24: I like learning whats going on along with her, and i LOVED that ending…it gave me a very strong BSG over arcing story vibe. In BSG you think its just humans vs robots but you find out there was this first civilization, and the 8 cylons are based on 8 people etc….well it looks like Irisa has existed before, thousands of years ago on the first (scout?) ship that came to Earth. I am loving that we are getting back story and its awesome sci-fi story so far.
    The real problem is the black kid lol…his little “speech” to Nolan had me fuming. Who the hell talks to a war hero/slaughterer of hundreds about his DAUGHTER that way? I was hoping while not really paying attention would turn around and punch him full force in the face. Let alone it was a BS issue cause 1) he doesnt know wtf hes talking about and 2) hes obviously talking more about himself and how hes upset Nolan took his job. Hes insecure.

    25: No we cant…gross.

  35. christine says:

    Regarding “Penny Dreadful”….Do you really think we have seen the last of Mina and the vampires? Remember Van Helsing said that the head and heart had to be REMOVED. Mina will be back and she is going to be pissed.

  36. Mo says:

    20. Everything about the architecture of the bar bothers me. It seems pretty clear they designed a set & then used some stock footage that was “close enough”. No it is not, NBC! They didn’t even have enough faith in this show to attempt to match the two.

    23. I just figured that human weapons don’t work on archangels, but angel weapons do. But maybe I’m just making up simple explanations.

  37. ATB says:

    8. Is everyone overlooking the fact that Alyssa Milano has had that neck tattoo for years? When I saw Savi “reveal it” I laughed!

  38. #5 Adrian is rapidly climbing the ranks of bad guys I’ve grown to love.

  39. EyeDessert says:

    Less of Tara’s mom, more of Jessica.

  40. 2. I must be the only one that didn’t see the werewolf reveal coming. I knew he was hiding something based on his lack of fear of getting Brona’s consumption and his unwillingness to give blood to the boy they were holding in the basement. But I wasn’t expecting a werewolf.

  41. Television says:

    1. The first episode was terrible, all I have to say is…Farkle.
    9. I don’t think we need science teacher, Joe was the one that was already mapping and figuring things out in the beginning.
    10. I think Travis is my favorite character. I would actually HOPE that she would take Travis too, and make his more of a steady family member. His actual family is horrible. He needs a steady mom and brother.
    19. It is an ok show so far, but still don’t even get why some rich bachelor living in the city would need a personal chef. Wouldn’t he just eat at fancy restaurants and order take out?

  42. Need more Longmire….heck, need any Longmire spoilers or talk…

  43. tjchurch2001 says:

    Leo is the star of “Brooklyn”, while Chyler should go back to doing (“Not Another Teen”) movies. (Or maybe guest with her “NATM” co-star Eric Olsen on “NCIS: LA”.)

    Also, all this few-minutes-past-the-hour things means we need a recap on “Devious Maids”, Season 2 about now.