Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Bones, The Killing, True Blood, Supernatural, Elementary, Haven and More!

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Question: What can you tease about the big changes coming to Bones this upcoming season? —Amelia
Ausiello: Get ready for a mini-Booth in Season 10! Nope, Christine isn’t getting a little brother; Booth is getting a protégé. His name is James Aubrey and he’s an FBI newbie who works as a junior agent under Booth. The casting notice describes the twentysomething hottie as “charming, charismatic, politically ambitious,” a guy who “views everything as a stepping stone to something better — head of the FBI or even President of the United States.” Booth is weary of his padawan’s ambition and is on a mission to get him to simmah down now. Casting for the recurring role is in its early stages, so hit the comments with your suggestions!

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Question: Is Season 5 going to be Haven’s last? —Geoffrey
Ausiello: “It very well could be,” Eric Balfour ventured when we saw him at the Saturn Awards. “Nobody at the network’s said that, but we are viewing it that way.” To the point that at least one of the producers “promised that he’s shooting two endings,” one of which will afford proper closure. As Balfour explains, “The writers are of the opinion that you don’t get the opportunity to see the finish line very often on a television series, so knowing that we have the ability to sort of plan for that – and we have [the length of] two seasons to do it, it’s not like it’s tomorrow — I actually am of the opinion that I hope we do it, because I would love to give the fans a real ending and honor the show that way.”

Question: Do you have any scoop for Supernatural season 10? —Shelby
Ausiello: Sure do. The Season 10 premiere, tentatively titled “Soul Survivor,” will introduce the new recurring role of Rowena, a tough but elegant woman who will stop at nothing to reclaim her power base. Here’s the interesting part: Actresses who have or can perfect a Scottish accent are preferred. Hmm…

Ask AusielloQuestion: Any juicy scoop about Season 4 of The Killing? —Katrina
Ausiello: Bullet (played by Bex Taylor-Klaus) may be gone, but she will not be forgotten when the six-episode final season drops on Netflix on Aug. 1. According to series creator Veena Sud, the teen’s Season 3 death will continue to haunt Holder. “That was a game-changer in terms of Holder’s life,” she explains. “Up until that point, he was a homicide detective who had not lost anything in the course of his work. So now he’s kind of walking through that crucible that Linden has walked through, that many homicide detectives have walked through.” Sud promises that there will be “a final moment” that will honor the Bullet-Holder relationship. In other Killing news, did you read/see this?!

Question: Alexander Skarsgard’s True Blood credits on IMDb only list Episode 2 of Season 7. Please tell me that this is a mistake and there will be more of Eric than that. —Linda
Ausiello: It’s a mistake and there will be more of Eric than that. A lot more of Eric. And if you’re a fan of Eric-Pam, then you’re going to love the July 20 episode. I’ve got two words for you, one of them is “trip” and the other is “road.”

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Question: Where has Anna Camp been on True Blood this season? I need my Sarah Newlin fix! —Jason
Ausiello: My favorite vampire exterminator is back in this week’s episode. And as we told you back in February, the show will be introducing us to Sarah’s Texas socialite parents and angry, bitter, gothed-out sister at some point this season (perhaps as early as Sunday).

Ask AusielloQuestion: Any news on what the final season of White Collar will bring? —Michael
Ausiello: Mozzie’s (invisible) better half. In the final season’s fourth episode, we will not only learn that the con man has a wife, but we’ll meet her! Her name’s Eva, and she and the hubs haven’t laid eyes on each other in five years. Should be an interesting reunion.

Question: I’m so excited Rookie Blue is back. Do you have anything to share about my favorite couple, Sam and Andy? —Gina
Ausiello: Episode 6 is going to be a big one for Sam. “You’re really going to get to know him in a way that I don’t think we’ve seen before,” exec producer Tassie Cameron previews. “He’s always been a bit of a man of mystery — he shuts down as opposed to opening up in times of trouble and duress. So we’re trying to show that this is a guy who’s grown, this is a guy who knows what he wants, this is a guy who is trying to be more open with everyone around him, and we’re writing him that way this season.”

Question: I’ve loved Shelley Hennig since her days on The Secret Circle (RIP) and am so excited to see her on Teen Wolf in a major role! I’ve been waiting since spring for any kind of scoop on Malia and what she’ll be up to! Can you share anything?! —Sarah
Ausiello: You’re in luck, Sarah, because next week’s Teen Wolf is a biggie for Malia. In addition to a budding friendship with Lydia, fans can expect a full-on Malia meltdown, as well as a highly anticipated hook-up that may or may not have been teased in the original Season 4 trailer. Get that pause button ready.

Question: You rarely, if ever, talk about The Goldbergs in Ask Ausiello. (Although I loved your John Hughes tribute scoop last week – thanks for that). Got anything else on Season 2? —Ted
Ausiello: The royal wedding of Charles and Diana will inspire Beverly to renew her vows to Murray. Also, in addition to the Hughes-inspired ep, look for homages to seminal ’80s flicks War Games and Footloose.

Ask AusielloQuestion: Do you have any scoop on the big revelation in the 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars? —Jon
Ausiello: No! However, Jon, I do have some scoop on a big confrontation between Alison and — wait for it — Caleb! “He doesn’t get too involved in the Alison drama at first,” Tyler Blackburn tells TVLine of Caleb’s plans upon returning to Rosewood next week. “But then he speaks up, and he’s just like, ‘This girl is a liar.'” Caleb vs. Alison? I’m honestly not sure who to root for.

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Question: I just binge-watched the whole Witches of East End first season and loved it. Any spoilers for Season 2? —Alicia
Ausiello: How’s this for a spoiler, Alicia: By the end of the July 6 season premiere, you’ll know what came out of the Asgard portal — and I’m not just talking about Frederick.

Question: Any update on whether or not Gillian Anderson will be a series regular on Season 3 of Hannibal? —Gwen
Ausiello: Executive producer Bryan Fuller previously told us he’d “love, love, love” for that to happen — and it turns out he’s not alone. “Oh God. Absolutely!” series star Hugh Dancy responded when asked if he’d welcome more interaction between his addled FBI profiler Will Graham and Anderson’s mysterious psychiatrist Bedelia Du Maurier. “First of all, ‘What are you doing on that plane, Bedelia? Great choice!'” the actor says with a chuckle about Season 2’s closing scene — in which Anderson’s character fled the country (first-class style) with Mads Mikkelsen’s titular cannibal. “As far as anybody could tell, [Bedelia] had vanished off the face of the planet. So, it would be interesting to understand” how she came to be Hannibal’s traveling companion and “what their history is.” As Dancy notes, “Hannibal has this M.O. of taking people and guiding them toward their worse, or as he might see it, better selves. And by and large, they go off and do terrible things and they die. But both with Will and now, Bedelia, [Hannibal] has done that, but also taken much more interest in them.” Dancy adds he’d like to see — given their parallel relationships with Dr. Lecter — whether or not Will can use Bedelia for leverage. In other words, cross your fingers and toes that Anderson’s name appears in the opening credits come fall.

Question: Got anything on Elementary? —Chris
Ausiello: The Oct. 30 season premiere, titled “Enough Nemesis To Go Around,” will find Watson playing cat-and-mouse with a cunning (and female) drug kingpin. The character, Allison, inherited control of a narcotics cartel from her dead hubby and is really relishing staying one tiny step ahead of JW. (Something tells me the tables are about to turn.)

Question: When will we know if Orphan Black has been renewed for a third season? —R. Downey
Ausiello: I hear a pick-up is imminent. Here’s a little tidbit to tide you over: Helena may have torched the Proletheans’ farm, but, remember, Henrik’s wife was not home at the time. “Bonnie is still at large, that is true,” confirms cocreator Graeme Manson. “And we do like Kristin Booth, who plays Bonnie.” In other words, don’t be surprised if the Prolethean threat resurfaces. “They’re much reduced,” notes the EP, “but an angry Prolethean is a scary thing,”

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  1. I would more like to know if Sherlock will start using again more than about Joan :)

  2. Tara says:

    no ncis spoiler :( but i’ve gotta say, that was one really interesting white collar spoiler! i read it like three times to make sure what i read was true :D

  3. SMcMary says:

    On Supernatural, if the new female character is supposed to be Scottish, I think it’s a good sign that she is connected to one Fergus Macleod aka Crowley. This could be interesting.

    • Joey says:

      Anything involving more Crowley gets a thumbs up from me.

      • Daisy says:

        i really don’t like Crowley. He is a little boring in my opinion. I wanted them to kill him off in season 5,but whatever. I wanted a spoiler about Cass! He is the best character on the show. (:
        And I am guessing the new guy in Bones is a replacement for Booth. I wonder how its all going to play out. So next time can there be spoilers about Cass please. Cass is awesome!! :) <3

    • John Allan says:

      Not going to get my hopes up about a new female on Supernatural. Other than Sheriff Mills and Charlie, females don’t tend to stick around too long.. Every time I start to like one they die. Yes, I’m glad Bela died because she’s amazing on Walking Dead, but she was frickin awesome. And whatever happened to Meg anyway? But as female characters go, the “mother of all monsters” is by far the most disappointing. That season was pretty awful. And for the love of God, bring back Trickster/Loki/Gabriel, PLEASE.

      • ? says:

        Meg died last season. Crowley killed her. I know, I wasn’t happy about it either.

      • Katie_Mead says:

        I had begun to despair that we would never see him again with the long gap before the last Trickster appearance … I hope the real Gabriel is still around and comes back again a few more times in the next year or two.

    • Sina Taslimy says:

      it is probably crowly’s wife
      or his mother and she is a which maybe she is immortal and now coming back here
      anyways it will be interesting

    • Steve F. says:

      Hmm… wonder what Michelle Fairley is doing these days…

  4. Deena says:

    Caleb is going to see right through Allison and not buy into her crap. Can’t wait to see him tell her off.

  5. Becky Ann says:

    Eastin has 6 episodes to finish WC and…he does that? Really? I’d rather learn about Neal’s mom. Any chance we’re going to learn about Neal’s mom or is that off the table?

    • JBC says:

      This must be one of those BOLD Surprises Matt Bomer talked about in a recent interview. I do hope they will do at least one episode about Neal’s mom, they really need to since they intro’d his dad and spoke about his mom in a few different eps. Too bad they only have the 6 episodes!

      • tjchurch2001 says:

        Actually, I thought the end of last season was a perfect series finale before a desperate Eastin (or someone working for him) wrote the Neal-napping! He probably wrote this idea instead of the Mom stuff while still partying over getting another season at all!

  6. Donna Halper says:

    It defies logic that “White Collar” is being cancelled. This show is entertaining and well-acted, plus it has lots more possibilities for interesting plot twists. [Seems every time I really like a series, that’s the kiss of death– “Leverage” is another show that seemed to have plenty of life left in it, yet it too undeservedly got the axe.] Since “White Collar” first came on the air, I’ve been impressed with the chemistry of the cast; it’s a pleasure to watch them. As I said, I truly don’t understand why well-written and well-acted shows like this one get cancelled, and mindless garbage (like “reality” shows) continues to get renewed. Sigh…

    • Gerald says:

      It did manage to have 6 seasons, so it’s not like it didn’t have a good run. To think of so many shows that I’ve liked that have only managed to get one single season…
      Besides, the Matt Bomer didn’t want to continue with the show.

      • Lostsoul says:

        What? that’s not true, Matt Bomer has a 7 years contract ( him and Tim Dekay) he loved the ” Save White Collar campaign” he told fans to keep fighting in so many occasions!

        • torimelching says:

          The guys involved have said multiple times they wanted to move on to other projects. A 7 year contract means absolutely nothing in television everyone has to sign one. I love WC but it is time for it to end. Burn Notice, Monk and Psych all went on much much to long.

          • tjchurch2001 says:

            You MUST be kidding!! Burn went a stretch too long, but Psych was just picking-up the quality they had lost after shooting Corbin!

          • torimelching says:

            No I am not kidding Psych was getting more and more difficult to sit through. It had lost the funny a couple of seasons before it ended. It is hard to watch a show deteriorate like that, but I stuck with it because I knew it was coming to an end.

          • tjchurch2001 says:

            You may not be kidding, but you’re certainly not serious! Some USA shoes seem to walk the line (like “Royal Pains”, which went right down the boundary of view-ability until they aired “Rush”, which is the same show), but “Psych” seemed to have jumped the shark until Corbin recovered, & then the show recovered simultaneously!

          • torimelching says:

            I am serious. It’s okay that we don’t agree on this though. I do think USA has completely lost it’s touch. Suits/Royal Pains/Covert Affairs were all good in the beginning but then by the second seasons they all seemed to be doing the exact same things in every episode. Rush looks like Royal Pains meet’s House, I have no desire to watch that. Graceland tries way to hard to be a cutting edge show and it is very predictable. So far Sirens is very good and Playing House was okay. Maybe they should try and do more comedy.

          • tjchurch2001 says:

            If they do try comedy again, you should write it for them!! Covert has finally moved away from predictable, & they needed to only do one thing for that: Focus less on Annie! Whatever awards Piper was nominated for, it was no doubt for “Coyote Ugly” & not TV, as you see her one time, & you know what the next one will look like!

            Focus on Auggie, Calder, & the Campbells, & you have a great show! All they need to do is close “Covert” up (creators are also producers on the far-superior “Suits”), & call it/them spinoffs!

            As for “Graceland”, pairing it on the same night as “Suits” seemed weird at first glance, but both are doing amazing!

            “Playing House” was like a toddler playing at making a TV show, & “Sirens” is proof Leary needs to be on-camera for anything he does to be watchable!!

    • Jared says:

      Apparently White Collars cancellations is due to the show being expensive to produce and USA network not wanting to pay.

      • JBC says:

        Yes, USAnetwork didn’t want to pay. It is a miracle White Collar got 6 more episodes. Matt Bomer told a fan in TX at the SpaceStation76 gathering that he had wanted 13 episodes. The President of USA Mr. McCumber tweeted that it was expensive to make White Collar. Fox TV Studios owns it, so they would make more money from dvd sales and future viewings than USA. Shame really since WHITE COLLAR is such a great show. The Cast has wonderful Chemistry and the episodes are enjoyable.

        • Ruth Thomas says:

          white collar is a very good show

        • Lostsoul says:

          You really think it’s about money ? BN was more expensive and actors were more paid why it wasn’t cancelled? Why it was the showrunner decision to end it not the Network? I think it has more to do with Eastin than money issues !!

          • JBC says:

            Yes, I do believe it was a money issue with White Collar and also the new direction USA network is going in. Negotiations were between USA and Fox TV Studios who own the show. Nick Thiel was promoted to Co Executive Showrunner for S5 as Jeff Eastin was working on Graceland. The studio wanted a full 6th season as did the cast from all that was reported. S5 was well done in my opinion and a full 6th season would have been great with or without Jeff Eastin’s full involvement. When Chris McCumber tweeted to a fan that it is very expensive to film WC, that is pretty telling, since he is head of USA network. At least we get 6 more episodes, which by the way, I don’t even consider a full half season. I see it like the 3 eps that were cut in S5 and 3 more which could easily be considered a tv movie. Oh well, what can you do. I will always love White Collar, it has brought so much enjoyment. Wish the powers that be or another network, would reconsider, but it is what it is, Show Biz!

        • Lostsoul says:

          I can’t answer to your last comment I’ll do it here ! Clearly you have no clue on how the industry works and you have no idea on what is really happening BTS nor what happened to Eastin 2 years ago. Do you know why S5 was reduced to 13 episodes? it’s a shame don’t involve Nick his promotion didn’t change anything!! Once again what about Burn Notice ? And for the so USA N new direction is going in what about all its new upcoming drama Tv shows??
          And could you tell me when did McCumberc tweet this? Because I follow him and I’m pretty sure he never tweeted such a thing nor Ted or any other Tptb by the way !!
          Anyway S5 was such a disapointement and it seems like he’s ruining the final season I’m glad it’s ending even if I love this show and the cast very much !!

          • JBC says:

            Lost Soul, not sure why the vitriol? Of course I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes of a tv show, since I am only a fan. Do you know personal info? I only wish Jeff Eastin well. He did create my favorite show. I gave Nick Thiel a Compliment because I very much LIKED S5,& thought it was exciting with the addition of Bridget Regan and the additional drama.. Anyway, Mr. McCumber answered a fan that White Collar is an expensive show to make, he wasn’t announcing anything about the 6th season, just that it was expensive. I don’t remember when but I am sure you can look through his twitter profile if you are interested.. Again I will say I have enjoyed White Collar from day 1 and I will miss it very much. Have a nice day!

  7. Alyssa says:

    For the mini-Booth, when I think 20s, charming, charismatic, what about someone like Ethan Peck? Loved him on 10 Things I Hate About You on ABC Family.

    • TV diva says:

      How about justin bruening(Grey’s, Hawaii 5O)?

      • Lois says:

        Is this a recurring or regular role do we know? I thought Sweets was mini-Booth… John Francis Daily leaving? Well I guess this tells us Booth is cleared and back with the FBI before long!

  8. sherry says:

    any spoilers on the mentalist

  9. Matt says:

    Can you give any scoop on the upcoming season of Chicago Fire?

  10. atlanta says:

    Yes, yes, finally more FBI action, have had it up to my gills with all the lab interns. Let;s mix it up a bit. Yippee, skippy!!

    • A says:

      EXACTLY! The lab interns? Graduate some of them already!…SOOO excited to see Booth as a Obi-wan to a green fbi agent, even though he may want to throttle newbie James by the end of the epis. haHA Deep breath Boothie.

  11. Shaun says:

    Karen Gillan for Supernatural!!

  12. rainey13 says:

    I really hope that Mozzie and his wife are only a sub-plot on White Collar. With a mere 6 episodes to wrap up this fantastic show, I’d much prefer the emphasis to be on Neal and Peter – where it should be.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. I’m not thrilled about some Mozzie ‘special episode’ nonsense with some totally unnecessary storyline when we only have SIX episodes this season. This is the kind of thing that got the show into trouble with the ratings in the first place.

  13. Supernatural needs Fionnula Flannigan STAT!

  14. Bullet was the one I cared about.

  15. Nymerias says:

    Thanks Ausiello on the True Blood bit but we already knew about that weeks ago and your ‘trip’ and ‘road’ will end up being ‘much ado about nothing’. The powers that be at HBO only use the lure of Eric as a ratings grab. Whether fans watch or not because of this character won’t change the fact that the show is off it’s rocker and has been for quite some time.

  16. Actual Supernatural Scoop! Well done Super Scooper! You’re FIRST for S10. Congrats.

    And it’s real data too. A title and a character. “Soul Survivor” certainly has the benefit of being able to mean multiple things (Sam being the sole survivor, Dean’s soul…surviving but as WHAT?..etc..).And yes, Scottish-accent woman hungry for power! With Crowley as a regular it’s hard not to wonder if we have a connection here.

    97 days, 22 hrs and 11+ mins….but who’s counting.

  17. omnikey1 says:

    It will be sad to see it go ,but not a big surprise if Haven ends .Syfy only goes 5 season with their shows .

  18. Mary Ann says:

    So then I guess Booth’s arrest for murdering “FBI agents” story will be wrapped up quickly.

  19. Angel says:

    When will people stop considering IMDB a credible source? Anyone can update it.

  20. UM88 says:

    Would be a much more interesting dynamic if Booths intern would’ve been a woman. Would’ve liked to have seen Brennan deal with that.

    • Mo says:

      I think it would be great for mini-Booth to be fem!Booth… Aubrey James instead of James Aubrey. A charismatic, charming, politically ambitious female Booth. Cast that!

  21. Nikki Nik says:

    I sat here for 5 minutes trying to figure out what “trip road” is. FAIL. :(

  22. Maddy says:

    Teen Wolf needs less Malia. A lot less as in turn her back into a coyote and release her into the wild.

  23. Et. Al says:

    It’s bizarre to see the name Eric Balfour in the same vicinity as the words ‘season five’.

  24. Alex C. says:

    Really liking the character of Malia

  25. A says:

    Caleb vs Ali- love it! Take her down with truth bombs Caleb! Can’t wait!

  26. Olivia H. says:

    I’m almost done binge-watching all of the Mentalist!! An thing to carry me through this summer till I see more Jisbon??

  27. This Rowena chick sounds interesting could be a good charactor how ever like most female roles on supernatural they seem to have a short life span which really pisses me off , because it makes it hard to really invest in them, i suspect she might be Crowleys witch mother IDK just a wild guess , im glad they are investing in new charactors and keeping the cast big not just Sam and Dean only like some certain fan faction want, i can hear them bitching now “This is supposed to be about the brothers”! ROFLMAO.

    • Dee says:

      Haha. They can bring on any other characters to delve deeper into Crowley’s world, that’s fine.

      Fans only complain when they try to bring in more characters in the beyond, tired and played-out angel story line. No more angels, nobody cares.

      Demons? Bring it.

    • Mo says:

      Some certain “brothers only” fans don’t seem to mind ALL new female characters. Only female characters who seem to be intended as a love interest for one of the boys. I think that applies equally to new females whether they are angel, demon, human or otherwise.

  28. Aries says:

    Just more confirmation Bones is a dying show. Bring in a good looking 20 something to take focus off the aging star!

    • CountryQueen says:

      It’s the last season of Bones – so they really don’t have to do what you are saying. Plus, when you reach a certain age, those youngsters will start infiltrating your job, and you’ll have to work with/train them. :)

  29. Radha says:

    Interesting that every question lately regarding Teen Wolf is about Malia. Which is strange to me considering how much hate I see going around about her character on the internet. I am trying to keep an open mind, but the more I see about Malia in these articles and questions showcasing fans’ undying love for the character are the only ones being posted, makes me wonder if everyone is paying the media sites to pump up the “love” for her. And to exclude all negative comments.

    All in all, it does quite the opposite and makes it feel as if she’s continuously being shoved down our throats. I don’t recall anyone being THIS excited when Kira, the new female last season, was introduced, so it seems very fishy to start now. And I am FAR more interested in Kira, and the lovely Arden Cho who plays her, so perhaps in the future TV LINE can get off the Malia train long enough to feature other characters on the show? You can’t tell me that the only questions you’re getting week to week are involving Malia.

    This is The Vampire Diaries all over again where they ONLY question the EPs about the triangle and I’m sitting here thinking: “But what’s going on with the OTHER characters on the show? To heck with the love triangle!”

    • Sarah says:

      I asked the questin about Malia, FYI. And nobody is paying me though I wish they were. Contrary to what the small circle of fandom on the internet seems to believe, there are a lot of us out here who really like her. So, if you find someone who wants to pay me for asking questions and stating my opinion about her please send them my way. I’d be happy to accept their charity.

      • Radha says:

        Honey, I wasn’t worrying about your asking the question, My wondering was regarding why all questions lately are just about Malia and if they are prompting the media sites such as this and EW etc, etc. to push her character–to the point of overkill. And if they are, then I get it. It’s a business and it’s their job. Doesn’t mean I have to like it or not question about it. I don’t care that you asked about her, I care when it seems apparent that that is ALL the media sites want to report on. Especially when a lot of fans have problems with the character.

        And you’re missing my point. Firstly, that my original post had nothing to do with you and all about the MEDIA aspect of it, and Secondly, because Kira came on last season and no one was this “excited” about her character. I don’t even remember Arden being interviewed on TVLine. I would rather know more about Kira who was actually developed in a proper fashion, than the badly written Malia who the writers just have this torch for.

        You like Malia? Good for you. Stalia rocks your boat? Awesome. I’m sure MTV and Teen Wolf will be happy to know that. I wouldn’t be against the character so much if I didn’t feel like she was being forced down my throat every second. Give me a chance on my own to like her. Don’t TELL me I’m going to like her. Also, let me SEE her and Stiles’ relationship develop, not tell me that they bonded over the hiatus and we didn’t get to see any of that and now she’s sneaking into his room at night and I’m supposed to root for this? Sorry. No.

        Notice how many people on here besides you are all “I love Malia? Ask me how?” Yeah, not that many. So I guess all the other Malia supporters are off somewhere making posters declaring their love.

      • TR says:

        I’m genuinely glad the Shelley Hennig fans have something they can enjoy, but a lot of us veteran TW fans are a little upset that the new girl is suddenly HBIC and is really taking over when there’s been almost no buildup to the breadth of her role or decent development of her character. It’s blatantly obvious that the media is being told to push Shelley’s character way harder than any other character on the show. It’s very transparent, and I suspect it’s a result of some stipulation in Shelley’s contract. We get that you think she’s a BFD, but some of us would like her to share the spotlight, because we’re here for Teen Wolf, not the Shelley Hennig Show.

        • I completely agree with this. I know the actress has some talent but so do the rest of the characters on the show. I was wondering the same about Malia-centric questions being favored over others because everything TW has been about her in a myriad of media sources. There is hardly any mention of Deaton, Kira, Melissa, etc.

          Shoving the character down our throats isn’t going to make is like her; in fact, the opposite will happen.

  30. Telsa says:

    Since when is the Stalia hookup “highly anticipated” it’s literally something no one wants.

    • Sarah says:

      I can’t wait to see it. So, you’re generalization there is wrong. Sorry.

    • Enrique the Intelligent says:

      I’m right there with you. If Malia is going to continue to be shoved down my throat then I am going to have to move on. It’s one thing to have a character on the show I don’t like. It’s even worse when she’s praised as the next great thing since white bread (and I love white bread, actually). Maybe the majority of the fans tuning out for a series of episodes is exactly what needs to happen?

  31. sarah says:

    PLL: I love Caleb and so glad he will be back. I think between Alison and Caleb I would be team Caleb.

  32. Fabe says:

    HANNIBAL! I would love to see Gillian Anderson as a regular! I really hope that Caroline Dhavernas comes back full time as well! I just hate this long wait! They should release some tie-in comic books to tide fans over the hiatus, or something along those lines haha. I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder though!

  33. Ruth Thomas says:

    why is it you get sucked into a show you like then its gone and they put more stupid comedies on

  34. Sarah says:

    Thanks for answering my Teen Wolf/Shelley Hennig Question!! Looks like this week is going to be an awesome episode for Malia and I can’t wait! Shelley’s really owning Malia and it’ll be so awesome to see her flex her chops this week as she gets more and more involved with everyone! Can’t wait.

  35. GeeMa says:

    How about Robbie Amell for mini Bones.

  36. GeeMa says:

    How about Robie Amell form mini Bones.

  37. GeeMa says:

    Robie Amell for mini Bones?

  38. yurie says:

    Still bummed about the 6 episode final season of White Collar :-(

  39. Luis says:

    1. I had noted that Bonnie was MIA when the Prolethean farm went to blazes. With a pregnant AWOL daughter and a dead hubby to avenge, she should have a six-pack of Whup-Ass to open up next season.

    2. Mozzie has a wife??????? CAN’T HARDLY WAIT!!!

  40. L says:

    Since when is everything regarding Stalia “highly anticipated”? I think the ratings of the last two episodes show how “highly anticipated” Malia or Stalia is (only a few episodes of season 1 had a lower rating than 4×02)

  41. Leah says:

    It is criminal that I am the first to post about Orphan Black. Your move, BBCA!

  42. Athena says:

    Bones — great news for a mini-Booth — which means that we will not have to suffer Sweets anymore!!!

  43. Angus says:

    Rowena…hmmm…Scottish accent…companion….hmmm..ahhhhh…Karen Gillan would be a perfect fit.

  44. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Too bad I don’t have Netflix I would like to see that final moment of Bullet and Holder! That was just sad……As for Orphan Black it should’ve been renewed the moment the finale aired!

  45. Mireia says:

    How about Ansel Elgort or Josh Hutcherson for mini Booth. It would be great!

  46. John says:

    Booth is not gonna like the mini-booth persona, using the FBI to get a bigger and better deal, will not sit well with him

  47. tjchurch2001 says:

    Let’s be honest: The only reason any straight males watch “Supernatural” is for the indescribable traits of “Charlie”, AKA Felicia! They need to find a way to bring her back, preferably as a regular!!!