Fox Pulls the Plug on Midseason Ancient Egypt Drama Hieroglyph

New TV Shows 2014

Hieroglyph is history.

Fox has canceled the ancient Egypt-set, action-adventure drama — without having aired a single episode — reports.

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Despite getting a straight-to-series, 13-episode order, the show wasn’t coming together creatively in the way that executives had hoped, sources tell EW.

Hieroglyph, which was slated to debut in 2015, centered on a notorious thief (Beauty and the Beast’s Max Brown), who is plucked from prison to serve the Pharaoh while navigating palace intrigue, seductive concubines, criminal underbellies and even a few divine sorcerers.

The cast also included John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings), Reece Ritchie, Kelsey Chow, Condola Rashad, Caroline Ford and Antony Bunsee.

Watch a trailer for the series below, then hit the comments to weigh in with your relief and/or disappointment.

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  1. Jay A says:

    I actually wanted to watch this! Fox strikes again!

    • Daven C says:

      Despite getting a straight-to-series, 13-episode order, the show wasn’t coming together creatively in the way that executives had hoped, sources tell EW.

      Which means that it might actually have gotten good, since Fox likes to cancel good shows and leave crappy ones on the air.

  2. I had hoped this would turn out to be a solid and enjoyable project. I bet they regret canceling Almost Human now.

    • Rich says:

      I saw some of the marketing for this show and nothing about it really drew me in. I can’t say I’m thrilled when they spend money and time producing 13 episodes that will never air, but I’m more upset that ALMOST HUMAN got the cut after I already gave a damn.

      If they’d just spent the money on Almost Human season 2, we’d of been in a much better position now. But for some reason, it’s apparently more economically feasible to create a new show from whole cloth with zero fanbase, than renew/reboot/retool a series that’s now a known property with potential and people that might actually watch it.

      Oh well. I’m sure they’ll sell it to Netflix on the cheap for replay so you guys will get to see this eventually.

      • Katie_Mead says:

        Luckily, in a way, only one episode had been produced – further episodes were scripted but hadn’t been shot when production ceased.

  3. Lo says:

    oh thank god, this looked doomed from the get-go anyway

  4. Kval says:

    Can we get Almost Human back?

  5. Katie_Mead says:

    I was looking forward to this one – more than to Wayward Pines, anyway.

  6. Ben says:

    Less John-Rhys Davies is always a bad thing.

  7. J says:

    Wow..this looked like one of the best pilots FOX has had in awhile. Love Max Brown too. This news sucks!

  8. Leonard says:

    Looks like their trying to clean up any Reilly messes they can.

    • N tTVf says:

      Yep, I was thinking the same thing – with the new mgmt team coming in, they are going to want to ‘turn the page’ on the KReilly era as quickly as possible. When the new boss comes in, they never want to keep things ‘status quo’ – otherwise, why bring in the new blood to the mgmt team?

      What this might mean is that we may see more/many? FOX series this upcoming season get a quick hook. Too bad – FOX really does need to turn the corner this season.

  9. Warning: incoming Egyptian geeks with broken hearts! (Me included.)

  10. They cancelled that so fast you’d think Tim Minear wrote it.

    • MelindaB says:

      That would be funny if it wasn’t true. :-/ Usually the shows that I love the most are canceled first, so this one was probably destined to be a favorite.

  11. Gilded Lady says:

    Damn. It sounded like it could be fun. I was looking forward to it!

  12. GeoDiva says:

    Was really surprised it was a Fox project in the first place.

  13. webly3 says:

    It looked so horrible, I’m surprised they waited to announce it until now. I’m shocked that people were interested. Did they see the trailer?

  14. Zorkel says:

    I’m sad. I was really looking forward to such an original idea for a drama.

  15. Ian says:

    Oh no. I actually saw the trailer months ago and was looking forward to this show. How disappointing.

  16. that’s actually quite disappointing – it was one of those shows I was intrigued about and looked forward to watching. :/

  17. Mitchell says:

    The trailer looked horrible so this does not surprise me at all.

  18. Ray says:

    Can’t say I’m surprised. Even the trailer was directionless. What a shame–it could have been a really interesting series because the premise is great, but the producers were evidently way in over their heads.

  19. LeaF. says:

    It looked interesting but wrong network, would be better if this was on Starz, Showtime or HBO. I don’t think this network would have let it go where it needed to go. So I am happy they canceled it before I got vested like they did with Almost Human. Stil can’t believe they canceled it :(.

  20. Well done Fox, yet again. Well done…. *I REALLY hope you pick up on my sarcasm there…*

  21. DarkDefender says:

    Awesome! Now they can air the completed episodes out of order, which will lead to a cult following and major motion picture in a few years.
    Seriously, FOX.. Just stick to cartoons.. Innovative TV (in the sci/fi fantasy genre) not your thing.

  22. firelight19 says:

    Really wanted a show set in Ancient Egypt, but the more I heard about it the less excited I got.

  23. Damn I watched to watch this! Grrr

  24. Miranda says:

    Does anyone at FOX know what they’re doing?

  25. Kris says:

    I was looking forward to watching this show :(

  26. @supernino21 says:

    I’d like to watch a show sept in Ancient Egypt, historycal or with sci fi elements either (you can really do whatever you want in such a great context).

    But I got to say, Hieroglyph sounded more like the new trash soapy made-for-dumb-teen tv show.

    I’d like a big network to be bold enough to make a new drama for different demos once in a while.

  27. P3TE says:

    There are too many shows coming already. What a relief.

  28. Now Fox cancels them even before they air.

  29. Niejan says:

    Good news from FOX, finally. I hope the show gets picked up by another network. Fox would’ve canceled it after 1 season anyways.

  30. Mel says:

    This has to be a record for Fox. Karma for canceling Almost Human. I hope they end up in 4th place in next season’s ratings.

  31. Gon says:

    Almost human fans are annoying. You hate fox yet you beg them to renew the show? The show is not coming back just deal with it, we all have shows that we loved but cancelled by network.

    • Dragonfly says:

      We are not begging FOX if you did not notice – we are begging other networks to save it. FOX is dumb so they won’t realize what a good show it was, not like the idiotic I want to marry Harry. It is pointless to discuss it with you, you did not watch or did not like that is your prerogative, just leave us poor fans alone!

  32. Eric says:

    This concept did not interest me at all, and I expected it to get canceled very soon after its premiere. Better sooner than later I guess, this saved them the production costs.

  33. Ally Oop says:

    The logline and premise looking promising but the trailer was horrible, by far the biggest disappointment. The direction they were going in didn’t jive and the leads were miscast. It was a mess. It’s a shame too because prior to the trailer coming out it was one of the shows I was most excited about.

  34. nm film girl says:

    It is so sad how this show got cancelled. The sets were beautiful. New Mexicans spent months at the stages creating these sets. The art department also did an amazing job as well. To see all their hard work go to waste because of other issues is so sad. Also sad seeing all the racial tension going on the official facebook page. They should of revamped things instead of just pulling the plug.

  35. Steve says:

    The trailer is horrible and the actors were horribly missed cast. You don’t even get to see their acting chops.

  36. rbillings says:

    i’m glad its cancelled… please stop casting none black people for ancient egypt movies/shows. I am so tired of this. We all know the ancient egyptians did not look like this…Imagine if we made Julius Ceasar a dark skinned man, that would make you feel awkard just seeing it on tv. That doesn’t mean you hate blacks it just means you know Julius doesnt look like that and why would anyone change the way he would look. that is how blacks feel when you change the way an ancient egyptian looked. Keep in mind i’m not referring to the current egyptian. I’m referring to the natives, not the ones who are there because of constant invasions. please get it right you would believe how great the rating would be if you just represent them as there true selves.

  37. Von says:

    Its so sad….I love Egyptian movies/series…but if there is any chance that its back I hope they portray actors who look like Ancient Egyptians…majority of the actors do not look like ancient Egyptians

  38. Erick says:

    Their page got flooded out with angry comments about the misrepresentation of how Ancient Egyptians look in comparison to their cast. Not to worry though Fox has a new series coming out about Martin Luther King who will be played by Tom Hanks.

  39. vince says:

    i saw the trailer for this and was excited searched the web just to find out canx before starting up.if you arn’t going to air why bother informing fans of this type gynre just to let us down.

  40. Lorraine says:

    Was it not ‘authentic’ enough? Was it too close to the truth? I have yet to hear the real reason why Fox shelved it.

  41. Gys de Beer says:

    What a pity, was REALLY looking fwd to this. Damn networks cancel stuff without thinking of the fan base. Should they cancel series, they should be contractually bound to shoot one last episode to wrap things up i.s.o. leaving fans on cliff-hangers which never get resolved.

  42. LYDIA says:

    ok why did ox annule a serie like this now i really hate them