24 Recap: Blasts, From the Past

24 Recap

This week on Fox’s 24: Live Another Day, The Override Device (aka the biggest MacGuffin since The Letters of Transit) traded hands not once but twice, both Kate and Chloe learned shocking truths and an infamous figure from Jack Bauer’s past resurfaced.

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I see what you did there, 24. Toward the close of another roller-coaster, edge-of-our-seats hour — the 10th of this season’s 12, welp — and on the heels of a seemingly random and misplaced convo between Audrey and Mark about her and Jack’s past, a key player in the events that broke up the old lovers resurfaced: Cheng Zhi, the former Chinese consulate security boss who back in the day tortured Audrey, leading to her crippling bout of catatonia.

Cheng’s return makes for a nifty “full circle” aspect to LAD‘s story, while also seeming organic enough. Maybe if Jack can ultimately put one between the guy’s eyes, all will truly be forgiven for him and Audrey?

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Earlier in this week’s hour….

Navarro handed off the override device to his mysterious master, only to have Adrian double-cross (or, double-Cross) him and skimp on his getaway vehicle. That made Navarro ripe for the picking by the CIA, who then brought him back to the station, where Kate learned the whole sordid truth about her boss’ role in framing her husband for selling secrets, which ultimately led Adam to take his life. Jack took control of Navarro’s interrogation (to Ritter: “I wasn’t asking”), only to get at best an offer to trade intel for immunity. But later, in the infirmary, Jack and Kate put on quite a show, leading Navarro — with “crazed” Kate’s gun pressed against his temple — to cough up the device’s tracker code.

Alas, just as Jack and Kate were leading a charge to Cross’ hideaway (where Cheng had shown up to seize the device and then kill Adrian), their car was broadsided by a truck driven by Russians angling to fulfill the forged rendition order themselves. As the episode closed, Jack and Kate were trading gunfire with the Russians, while back at Cross’ hideaway Cheng used the device to dupe a U.S. naval ship into torpedoing a Chinese carrier — as a horrified Chloe, already rattled by Adrian’s reveal that her husband and son had died in a simple accident, could only look on.

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What did you think of 24: LAD‘s antepenultimate episode? Any new theories on how they’ll cover 14 hours over these final two? (We’re totally ending with a “12 Hours Later…/Jack on a beach with umbrella drink” epilogue, aren’t we?)

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. KS24 says:

    My money’s on the idea that Jack will head to the airport to board a plane before the last commercial break, they’ll jump 12 hours to him meeting Kim and her husband and his grandchildren in LA. Happily ever after. We can only hope.

  2. Gary says:

    Thought the episode was great. I’m thinking the time jump will be sort of in between the last two episodes, but maybe it will just be a last minute thing. It all went by so quickly, here’s hoping they stick the landing.

  3. Tran says:

    The most shocking if not one of the most shocking episodes of 24 I’ve ever seen. I’m surprised that Cheng is back who we last saw him in the Season Six finale when he was taken into CTU custody after all the horrible things he has done and now he’s about to get revenge not only Chloe but to take down Jack and Audrey. As for Kate Morgan, she definitely my new favorite 24 character and Yvonne Strahovski is one of the hottest women on TV in my opinion. With only two episodes left, hate to wonder if Chloe won’t make it to the very end. Will Jack Bauer escape the wrath not only the Russians but for the Chinese? Will Cheng Zhi finally get killed off and will Jack make it out of London alive if he’s willing to get a “presidential pardon” by James Heller so that he can go back home to L.A. to finally reunite with his daughter Kim? BTW, I still don’t know if Fox is not going to do more 24.

  4. Jenny says:

    Yvonne Strahovski proved once again that she’s one of the most underrated actresses on television. Phenomenal performance.

    • Tran says:

      Couldn’t agree more. In my opinion, Kate Morgan is way better than Renee Walker. She was so great on Chuck after an amazing five year run and what a way to come back into the spy world. Kate Morgan is without a doubt the female version of Jack Bauer. I’m on TEAM KATE right now.

  5. JAO says:

    Only two episodes left and it just keeps getting better! Didn’t know how much I missed Jack! Loving Yvonne too!

  6. bj says:

    hmmm…..I like your ending. is Audrey with him? lol

    I can’t believe there’s only two episodes left. My heart was racing nonstop through this episode. It’s hard to believe that they can maintain the pace of this series the way they have.

    I second the notion that there has to be more! With Yvonne would be fine by me. She’s great!

    I think Chloe might be done for too.

  7. david says:

    OMG when it throws a twist i cant see coming then it deserves credit and being a loyal 24 viewer paid off tonight.

  8. Mark says:

    Was anybody else spoiled on Cheng’s return when Tzi Ma’s name appeared in the credits at the start? I kept waiting for him to show up in the episode and then once we got to Cross’ place I immediately knew the twist. I guess they figured that not many people know the actor’s name (which is probably true), but I still think his credit should have been saved for the end credits. His entrance was still pretty awesome though.

    • Jennifer says:

      I wasn’t even paying attention to the opening credits lol, maybe I should from now on. Cheng’s return was incredible! He’s even more diabolical then before! This season has definitely gotten better with each episode.. Still can’t believe there’s only 2 left.

    • I honestly didn’t know Tzi Ma’s name until today when I looked it up so it wasn’t spoiled for me. I agree that his name should not have appeared in the opening credits, though. In fact, back when Tony returned to the original series, I’m pretty sure they kept Carlos Bernard’s name out of the opening credits didn’t they? Regardless, I was so excited to see Cheng’s return last night that I screamed like a teenage girl. LOL

  9. tstephen51 says:

    I was really hoping the familiar face would be Tony A.

  10. Chloe says:

    Jack’s line of the episode: “Full immunity’s not on the table. But your hand is.”

  11. DT says:

    Yvonne Strahovski for performer of the week!! !! She’s certainly has to be an early candidate after last night’s performance. I am absolutely loving this season of 24 and am dreading the fact that there may only be 2 (14) hours left in the series. I really hope it gets another run like this because for me, this is the show at it’s best since season 3. I really don’t know why the ratings aren’t higher because the quality has been phenomenal. I wish more people would have stuck with it after the premiere. I can hope it has jam packed people’s DVRs and that it counts for something.

  12. Lorelei says:

    I don’t know if any of you watch The Blacklist, but they have a female agent (Lizzie played by Megan Boone) who is played with a similar personality as Kate Morgan. I noticed the similarities right away, however, Yvonne Srahovski plays the character so much better. Too bad they didn’t get Yvonne for that part. Most of the viewer complaints for the show have to do with Megan Boone’s portrayal of Lizzie.

    • **Yeah I agree with that about Lizzie. But it has to play into the mindset of the lost, lonely, and all but forgotten past from whence she came. That’s the only back story we have been shown.

      **With, now more coming in season two, let’s see if she gets tougher. Certainly not the type to be calling herself an FBI Field Agent, more like an analyst or psychologist. Somewhere at the desk, but certainly not in the field.

      **Kate Morgan would be much safer to go out in the field with. Your gritty, and gutsy – Kate Morgan, Notice how she hung up there being interrogated by those two guys, and took em out…bloody, bruised and all, while Lizzie got flipped over in her own apt, always a victim, an eyesore, and not someone to be seen “ready” for action!

  13. C says:

    I really never wanted to see Cheng again. And, I think your theory about where the “time jump” will come is correct–kind of a cheap way to do it, frankly. But I’ve enjoyed this season more than I can say, and I hope with all my heart that there will be another 12 (or 24!) episode season again next year.

  14. I’m glad they’ve sustained the real time format this long.

  15. Overthinking says:

    Given this is happening in real time and with all the running Jack has done all over London streets, he should totally sign up for the marathon. I love Jack running…………….

  16. katedfw says:

    For the time jump, my guess is they take Air Force One (with Jack) and bring him back to the states as a hero! Until the next bad day that is….

  17. sasksleddog says:

    I just hope that Jack and Kate do not have sex together. Very bad things happen to women who have sex with Jack Bauer. Sort of like what happens with women who have sex in a slasher film!

  18. Leah says:

    Did anyone else find the whole “it was an accident, I found documentation” thing ridiculous? I’ve got a mental image of Cross looking at a piece of paper that has “IT WAS AN ACCIDENT, NOT A CONSPIRACY” written on it.

  19. Faye says:

    The pace is great, the effects are terrific, the acting is strong. I love the show and Jack. Kate has really proven herself worthy of working along side Jack. That one-two punch by them on Navarro was awesome.
    My only complaint is the writers constantly recapping past events through the characters. I don’t need to be told repeatedly “who, how, what and why” the scene in front of me is significant. That gets tiresome.

  20. James Delora says:

    The 12 hour jump will be………next seasons 12 part series….I hope.

  21. michael weiner says:

    24 should be 24!

  22. Trikker says:

    Looking forward for future 24 episodes next year,. Fox knows when they have a winner, or they should.

  23. Rich Abey says:

    12 Hours Later…Jack on a beach with umbrella drink” epilogue? Giggling in picturing Jack on a beach in his trunks with an umbrella drink…nope still can’t picture it. He would rather be scowling at everybody on the beach while assessing their potential threat!
    I really like where 24 is heading. Totally loved Cheng’s entrance (I should be imprisoned for enjoying his return given his murderous dealings) but comon he is on the top scale of 24 villains. The Russians aren’t my worry though…just pests to be swatted away. The implications of that attack on the Chinese carrier are going to be huge. China vs U.S war? Given that Jack has prevented this sort of large scale war outbreak before how exactly is he gonna stop it this time?

  24. No way for all this to be solved in 2 episodes. At the end of the last scene we all saw the freighter, well it looked more like an LVN or an LHA, blow up right before our very eyes. Jack has to find out how the Russians found him, and of course we know that scary Mark, is gonna soil his underwear after Jack figures it out, and then Audrey, as confused as she always looks will not know what to do.

    Jack’s back, Mark’s a traitor, and President Heller in the back room mumbling to himself. Mark, Mark… smh: I mean, who forges the President Heller’s signature and gets away with it?

    Then there’s President Heller, who can’t remember that he just remembered that he didn’t remember what he just forgot to remember that he didn’t forget to say – again! Pop another one of those pills sir! Jack is on the way! By the way, give Jack everything he wants! I’m sure the British want him out of the UK, but just won’t say, “You have overstayed your welcome!”

    I Think that as sure as Jack gets that twitch in his face to “snap” back to wherever he just went, that he’s gonna deal with the Russian’s once and for all, but not until He get’s Cheng Zi, because if he doesn’t get that over-ride device, somebody else is gonna get bombed and the Chinese will just point to the United States. But since Cheng is rouge anyway, and is answering to no Government, but just has a personal vendetta with Jack and Chloe, who else are the Chinese gonna blame?

    As far as Kate, omg, this Yvonne, was a knock out in Chuck, and has the eyes, very slicing convincing, but is just as deadly. And she can fight too! I’d like to see her just once use a bazooka or a grenade launcher, that would be just too cool for a chick! Go Kate!, Maybe stretch it and maybe, just maybe Jack may consider, to wanna do some “agent frustration relief” and then say it was a mistake,….nahhh, never mind, Since season one, Jack is NOT good with relationships. All his women either end up dead or wishing they were dead! I just don’t think that Audrey is his type! Jack needs a Kate woman, back to back, babe who can take it as well as dish it.

    Best meeting of the minds moment between Jack and Kate > Jack “headbutts” kate on the first escape…Betcha she didn’t forget that one on the noggin!

    Prediction: We go in to over time….Jack may retire, but somewhere in there, there’s a replacement and 24 lives on….much too good a show for the adrenaline heads who watch and appreciate, a living TV Legend in – Jack Bauer!