The View Shake-Up: Sherri Shepherd, Jenny McCarthy Out

Sherri Shepherd The View

After seven years on ABC’s The View, co-host Sherri Shepherd is officially vacating her seat at the table. Additionally, a source confirms to TVLine that Jenny McCarthy is also not returning next season.

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“It’s been seven wonderful years on The View and after careful consideration it is time for me to move on,” Shepherd said in a statement. “I am extremely grateful to Barbara Walters and Bill Gedde for giving me the opportunity. I look forward to the business opportunities that lay ahead for me and I am incredibly grateful to my View family and my fans for supporting me on this journey.”

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The View will be moving in an exciting new direction next season and ABC has made decisions to evolve the show creatively,” ABC said its own statement.

View-ers, are you surprised by Shepherd and McCarthy’s seemingly sudden exits? Any suggestions for their replacements? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Josh says:

    My guess this has something to do with her custody battle, which is a shame. She’s basically being blamed for being a working mother, which is hilarious because they’re also trying to get her to pay spousal support

    • delfiteblu says:

      Or it could be that she is obnoxious and loud and one of the reasons I quit watching The View a couple of years ago. Has NOTHING to do with her being a working mother – she’s just too LOUD. I don’t care one way or the other about Jenny McCarthy. One reason is probably that “The Talk” is doing well on CBS and they can’t catch up.

      • Mary Ann Dal Porto says:

        I agree since Barbara left she became louder and would not let anyone else talk….

        • Donna says:

          I agree! She knows everything!

          • E.F. Coleman says:

            Except if the world is round. McCarthy tried too hard, and Shepherd talked too much and is dumb on most subjects.
            And for them to suggest that leaving is their idea is ludicrous, trying to save face looks like down right lying.
            Both were let go, it has happened before and will happen again, nice try girls. Not another big doomed wedding on TV. Yeah!!!

          • Kristoffer says:

            Ummmmm… as much as I like Whoopi, if anyone talks like they know EVERYTHING, it would be her. There is not one single topic lately where Whoopi wants to disagree (or voice her opinion depending on how you look at it) with everyone and basically say her way is the right way.

        • Kathryn says:

          She’s an idiot!

          • Judi says:

            So good to see Sherri & Jenny leaving and would be even better to know Whoopie was leaving as well… Racism bigtime.. Whoopie is the Ms know it all. The View needs to be cancelled.

          • J. Lavison says:

            Hopefully, the show will go into a more positive direction with less emphasis on politics. I quit watching the show 2 years ago because the outrageous political views and the women being so rude by trying to out-talk each other. I would get interested in something one was saying and then one of them would interrupt and off they would go trying to out shout each other. I’ve seen a particular co-host cut off a guest in the middle of a sentence and go on a rant of her own about whatever was on her mind at that time — very rude and immature.

            It would be a good idea to start anew with all new people host and co-hosts.

        • tgr says:

          Racism rears it’s ugly head ever day on the View. Also the filth is escalating to an alarming rate and the general public is tiring of it on both cases. I for one think the show should have been canceled years ago……

          • Laura Markl says:

            I agree.

          • Elizabeth Healy says:

            I haven’t enjoyed The View since Rosie O’Donnel was canned; yes, she was controversial, but she was also bright and funny as well. Whoopi bores me to tears, Jenny never stood a chance, and I had never heard of Sheri Sheperd before The View…and will be fine if I don’t hear of her in the future.

          • ntamms says:

            Rosie O’Donnell is not bright with her 911 allegations of a conspiracy!! Also, remember the play she tried to sink money into “Boy George”..Donald Trump laughed his butt off on this one!! It was like Epic Failure!!

          • gabj says:

            Applaud…applaud…applaud. Those cackling hens have no brain and a mouth that would scare a marine sergeant. Cancel the show and flush down the toilet before it stinks anymore~~

        • debra says:

          She knew she was being canned so let out the —— in her ! jenny Also not being signed again so this “sherri go I go” is B.S. she’s just trying to act like she calls the shots. She got canned !

        • Nina Bianco says:

          I agree! I think that Sherry should have said good bye years ago… And why Barbara hired Jenny is well she wasn’t thinking ! I think Woops can handle the show with out any of them… Just have a guess host weekly.

        • helen says:

          I couldn’t agree with you more. Same goes for the other loud mouth. Just get married and shut the f**** up.

      • Photodiva says:

        That’s bull! She is not too loud. If that was the case, she would’ve been gone. If loud is the issue, why is the Talk still on at all?

        • Belle says:

          Yeah, she is pretty loud. Interrupting guests regularly (like she did) is pretty bad…you keep your comment in your head until there is a slight pause, she did jump in with her random thoughts a lot now that I think about it. Hmmm

        • debra says:

          Talk is still on because they don’t have screaming idiots, they have Cheryl that will make you scream w/laughter SHE’S FUNNY ! There is NO hardcore Blacks had it bad attitude operating there.Basically they have a good balance of culture,intelligence and humanity. Sharon O. is the only one I would erase from that picture. I personally DON’T like her.

        • jules bryant says:


          • says:

            Their is a possessive pronoun. There means in a place. They’re, which is the one you should have used, is a contraction meaning “they are”.
            I support any show that gives women a voice, especially in light of the fact that every single republican voted against equal pay for women.
            That said, I don’t feel that Sherri, and Jenny in particular are the most intelligent voices.
            And, in my view, The View has really gotten away from focusing on important women’s issues and has become a show with a lot of “fluff”. Shows, such as The Factor, no longer reference The View. It has become irrelevant and needs to get back on track.

          • re-read your post and tell us again who is st**id

        • Jeanie D says:

          They are still on because THOSE ladies have it together…..

          • abba dabba says:

            I think both shows stink…overbareing …. self absorbed…no variety in opinions…..maybe if they gave a moments thought to the average person who struggles because the make to little…yet to much….to much to qualify for financial help but not enought to afford to do things… like school…medical…
            I always heard that the talk was still on because the host husband was a network big wig.. dont know if its true…

      • Kim says:

        I so agree

      • Yo says:

        Totally agree. She also seems far more materialistic than she needs to be, not to mention Jeffrey must be ready for college right now, so the working mother schtick is very stale. It is rare that I actively dislike a television personality (except for Jennifer Lopez), but I dislike Sheri. She drives me bats.

        • Annette Fields says:

          Ready for college? Jeffrey is nine years old.

          • Martina Ramirez says:

            Here is a thought to the recipe: We still need a blond, an Asian and a Hispanic and they must all be females!! My suggestion similar to this is: Daisy Funtes, very pleasant and smart. Courtney Cox, the all around genuine funny woman and has it together and lastly the almost winner from “Dancing with the Stars”: Candace Cameron, not quite a blond (dirty blond) or Asian, but she is wholesome, humble family woman and is great with the camera with her beautiful smile, and sparkling eyes that would make instant connection with “The View” and the soon to be fans. Although, I will miss Jenny….she tried, well at least she gets to spend more time with Donnie.

        • aws says:

          Me too!

      • Kathryn says:

        I agree

      • JT says:

        It’s long overdue – sherri is embarrassing – I’ve watched the View forever – even setting my alarm clock! I adore Whoopie Goldberg – her facial expressions are fabulous and her thinking a breath of fresh air. Sherri’s buddy Jenny is annoying and missing brains almost as much as Sherri, who is so incredibly ignorant and unaware I’ve almost quit watching.

        • Mary Poole says:

          I agree

        • Jane says:

          I agree – hate watching how she likes to upstage everyone – thinks she can dance – that’s why she didn’t win on Dancing with the Stars, She is NOT an actress, maybe she and her teeth and wigs are a comedienne – but – she is too loud – not funny and Jenni can go too – because she has nothing really to contribute to the show.

        • Sandy says:

          So true!

        • Ken Fenton says:

          I agree,Sheri is a loud mouth and acts like she’s the only one that has anything to say. And that has gotten worse. So has the fake smile.I’m sorry for her personal life but we all have problems. But I LOVE Whoopie. Smartest one of the bunch.

          • aws says:

            I agree 100%!!

          • helen says:

            I definitely agree. Whoopie has been around and has helped a lot of people. She gets more genuine hugs than anyone . Sherri IS a loud mouth and I really don’t care to hear about her son. I’ve raised my kids .Talk about something else already. Jenny, quit telling the world YOU were ALWAYS faithful. “Thou does protest too much”

        • Chet says:

          To me, Whoopi is the whole show.

      • Sandy says:

        I agree about her being loud and obnoxious. I record the show and had started fast-forwarding when she started talking.

      • Suz says:

        Totally agree! She was loud and obnoxious and the whole show just talks over each other now and you can’t understand anyone. Good riddance to both. Whoopie is the only one with any sense on the show now anyway. Everyone else just says stupid stuff.

      • Nancy Downs says:

        Sherri thinks she knows everything. She won’t let anyone else get a word in at all. She interupts and is very rude. Glad to see her go.

        • aws says:

          Even Barbara had to ask Sherrie countless times to let her finish what she was about to say, because Sherrie would cut her off after the first 3 words!

          • Bird says:

            I think that Sherri was coached in the beginning to jump into the conversation just to be heard, but somewhere down the line she became too loud and rude. I agree with most of the comments with the exception that she wasn’t funny. Some of her one liners were hilarious and she did bring some good things to the show. I wish both Sherri and Jenny well and hope to see them do other projects together.

          • judy says:

            I agree. She is so rude and loud.

          • Cyndi Jones says:

            I so aree!! I’mo glad Sherri is leaving. She doesn’t do the black ladies any justice, she bops her head around and makes a fool of herself. Very sad, I don’t like talking smack about people, but she has just GOT TO GO.

        • Sue says:

          I think Sherrie and Elizabeth were pretty close. I also think Sherrie got her cues from Elizabeth. I celebrated when Elizabeth left because even now, I think she’s the most rude, interruptive, spoiled brat the show ever had. I can stomach Sherrie but I think since her Newlywed game started airing, and then the scandals, she’s become more and more off-kilter. I like Whoopie, miss both Joy and Barbara and I’m glad Rosie will be a comeback.

      • mmsolis1106 says:

        The Talk? That format and show was copies from The View and would not be on the air,unless Moonves, head honcho over at CBS,didn’t have his wife Jule Chen running The Talk…That’s the only reason that lame show is on the air…

        • dkenney142 says:

          I don’t agree. I love the Talk. They don’t talk politics they just gossip about celebrities etc. Sharon is opinionated, Cheryl and Aisha are funny although I think Cheryl is a tad racist and Julie Chen is smart, funny and insightful. The Talk couldn’t stay on if the ratings weren’t there regardless Julie being married to the head honcho!

          • Bird says:

            Sheryl is a tad racist? I’ve never heard her say that would imply she was racist. In fact, she made demeaning statements about her own race that she later apologized for, and most of her comments are silly and meant to generate laughter. People are so sensitive about everything and find fault with things that don’t even matter.

          • ntamms says:

            Julie Chen isn’t all that. I really think The View with Jenny McCarthy and Sheri was better than The Talk. Sheryl Underwood is so funny however. But what is more boring than Julie Chen sending the goofballs at her table into the Big Brother house each season. I didn’t even watch..what a drag. It’s like, really Julie, are you that limited for show ideas??

          • Deidri Heniff says:

            It is Sara Gilbert’s show, she is the producer. There is no husband calling the shots. In fact Sara just married her girl friend.

        • 5150Judy says:

          I agree! Didn’t even know who Julie Chen was until Big Brother (Wiped Out & Big Brother are the most ridiculous reality shows ever aired). I do not mean to offend people who are fans of these shows …..but ….really?? The Talk did not even try to make their show somewhat different from the View right down to sitting in a semi arc. Jenny McCarthy (IMHO) should never have been added – she is too crude. When Sherri was added she was somewhat humble (and obviously not the brightest light bulb in the pack) but over time she has become obnoxious and turns everything into a racist issue and makes it sound like she didn’t pay attention during class when the Civil War was taught. Yes, Whoopi does support the “black side” of topics but, generally, she also tries to make sure all sides of the topic are discussed. I hope this show can be revamped and be successful again but they are going to have to be smarter about who they select. I think one way to keep it interesting would be to have 2 or 3 “regular” hosts and have guest co-hosts for the other positions on a weekly basis. I think this would keep it fresh. If fans wrote in because they really wanted to see a guest routinely – the network could rotate the guest co-host into one of the slots for a longer period of time.

        • That’s the same conclusion I have reached. The Talk would be better without Chen

      • A. Whyte says:

        I agree. Sherri was bad enough. Then came Jenny and the two of them were always “heh-heh-hehing” (gigling) about the stupidest things. They were like 45 going on 12. I stopped watching when Joy and Elizabeth left. Didn’t always agree with them—but at least they had intelligent remarks.

        • Totally agree. Was a big fan of the show, even though Elizabeth’s non-stop talking irritated me and would have to ff, but loved Joy. There needs to be some control when hosts keep interrupting each other, it’s annoying and when they really get into it I switch channels. Would like to see Katie Couric as one of the hosts, she’s bright and would add class to the show. I like Whoopie, she’s smart, not wild about her outfits, but that’s her thing.

          • Dorothy Bearden says:

            I agree, the show lost something when Joy and Elizabeth left. Loved Joy, I could relate to her. Elizabeth gave the show balance. She is intelligent and had something interesting to say.

        • ntamms says:

          There were no tears shed when Joy left. It was about the same as Sheri Shepherd is getting now..but people did respect her years of contribution on the show. But before she left Joy was insufferable!! Her time on the View had over expired! She was like a rotten tomato!!

      • Joanne says:

        I agree but keep whoopi please. I don’t think the talk is much better.

      • trish says:

        I agree with all your comments. I couldn’t take Sherri any longer. Maybe I will watch the new season..I like Whoopi.

      • ntamms says:

        The Talk probably isn’t doing that well..that old lady from England can be a yawn fest!! Actually, the View was more exciting in the month of May and perhaps April than The Talk. Julie Chen isn’t all that!!

      • London blue says:

        And she always has the dumbest most ignorant comments.

      • Kate says:

        And rude, even interrupted Barbara walters quite a few times. And constantly talking about sex, as if there is nothing else going on. Good riddance.

        • Carol Hingle says:

          I totally agree with this comment and this is how I felt about all three….again love Barbara Walters…one classy lady…love Whoopi…she tells it like it is…and with class as well…and I love Rosie…the rest good riddens…

      • garyb49 says:

        Agree 100%

    • Nikki says:

      I heard they couldnt agree on her contract

    • Bubsy says:

      We’re suppose to be equal in this society, why shouldn’t she pay spousal support?

      • Jewels says:

        Well, for starters, the first husband cheated on her while she was pregnant with Jeffrey and then married the home wrecker. Sherri wasn’t working on the View yet. She shouldn’t have to pay spousal support to him for his adultery. Yet she has been paying it all these years.

        And the new marriage has been short term, so there should be no spousal support there because the marriage wasn’t long enough to warrant it. Also, there was a prenup agreement where he gets none. Gimmie a break.

      • Patty Beavers says:

        Because it sounds like she married two bums. The first one a womanizer and the second after her money. She is better off without both. Now the first one all of a sudden is interested in his son. Following on the coat tails of the current husband coming after her money also. I do believe that Sherry is very hard worker and loves her son.

    • pony says:

      Man lose there kids for being working man so why not woman.

      • Patty Beavers says:

        Because neither are working men. Look at how much the last one made since they married. Thought he married a gold mine. Tried to get her to change the pre-nupt. after they married. I believe if a woman can work and is capable, no spousal support. Same thing goes for men. They have no pride taking money from a woman.

      • What? Do you speak English?

    • I agree that I also think it is because of her divorce. Ms. Walter’s plan is to use men. It seems in 2014 that everything on TV must reflect the Modern Family scenario. Sherri saw she was eventually going to be replaced so I don’t blame her for leaving on her own terms. She is getting ready to have a surrogate baby in a couple of weeks. Good Luck Sherri, I will miss you.

    • I agree that I also think it is because of her divorce. Sherri saw she was eventually going to be replaced so I don’t blame her for leaving on her own terms. She is getting ready to have a surrogate baby in a couple of weeks. Good Luck Sherri, I will miss you.

    • Karen says:

      I agree Josh. Between her first husband taking her back to court for custody of her son & her soon to be ex husband wanting full custody of their surrogate baby, alimony & child support she probably decided to take time off and not have these deadbeat guys bleed her dry.

    • What I don’t understand is did they get fired or quit? I like Sherri and thought she added a lot to the show, but Jenny just nothing, Josh you’re right, they are trying to cash in on Sherri’s success using the children to get paid, and spousal support? she really picked some true winners, these guys need to get jobs and quit trying to live off of a Sherri’s money!

    • Kevin PIngpong says:

      She got fired because the View wants to have smart people on the show in some kind of reinvention of itself. Shepard and McCarthy are supposedly funny, but obviously idiots.

  2. harry says:

    Perhaps more intelligent discourse, will boost the ratings. Prattle seems to have failed.

    • Lori says:

      Intelligent discourse and Whoopi Goldberg in the same context? It seems like someone is getting her own talk show, since she’s the Executive Producer too (aka Whoopi)

      • Yo says:

        I disagree with Whoopi on occasion, but she is smart and pays attention to the issues. Her view is well worth listening to.

    • Susan says:

      Agree – Whoopi tries, but even her formidable skills are not enough to keep Jenny on point.

  3. dj says:

    Time for the View to go away….

  4. Rob says:

    I guess they’re changing the name to The Whoopi Goldberg Show or “My View: Starring Whoopi Goldberg”

    • Deb says:


    • Kim says:

      Hilarious–and so TRUE!

    • Linda says:

      Exactly what I was thinking today.. I stopped watching full episodes and mute it or just fast forward until I find the segment I want and even that’s only a day or two per week. I can hear them talking over each other from the other room and just yell at the tv to please shut up because you cannot hear anyone. If there’s something I need to hear, I’ve had to try re-playing over and over to try and catch it and give up in frustration. I don’t think any of the shows that have this format work well.

      Bring in people who are not so dogmatic and opinionated, but have a ‘view’ with intelligent reason and make it a ‘rule’ that they don’t talk over each other geez!…

      • Nancy says:

        Sort of the way the show used to be. I stopped watching a few years ago when they just started yelling over one another. No one kept any kind of order.

    • Sherry says:

      You hit the Button right on!

  5. Nick says:

    Barbara is supposed to be a guest tomorrow to promote her new special…but they usually pre-tape Friday shows on Thursday so it will be interesting to see if this comes up. Jenny kept her son in Chicago all year and commuted back and forth. She just moved him to New York over the summer. Watch her move him and then she gets fired.

  6. steven says:

    WHAT THE DAMN HELL????!!!!!

  7. Paulo says:

    Think it’s time for Rosie to come back!!!

  8. Beth says:

    Please God make Jenny go away. Not that I was a huge fan before, but now I can barely tolerate it with her around.

    • I know Jenny is as bad if not worse that Joy

    • ii totally agree that they both need to be gone…….Jenny is sophomoric and Sherry flaunts her breasts when she attempts to dance in her chair or whatever those movements are that she is doing to the opening song……Whoopie is the glue that needs new voices to hold together…Rosie and Joy should return….

      • Sue says:

        Yes, I loved Joy, wish she would return. I’m looking forward to Rosie again and Whoopi is fun to watch. I don’t always agree with her, but she’s amusing!

  9. webly3 says:

    Wait wait wait, who is left besides Whoopi/Jenny?

  10. Kenneth says:

    I have been watching the years I ne something was changing and and continue to change

  11. gigi says:

    Both Sherri and Jennie needed to move on out. Their shallow thinking and shouting voices irritated me. Seems a guy is moving up to the table.

    • I hope they put a guy at the table that can talk over them women

      • headdr23 says:

        I definitely don’t want to see a male host on the view. This was initially the idea of a table of WOMEN to provide their various views Not a man. You are entitled to your opinion. There are plenty of male hosted shows & if desperately looking for that then watch one of those shows. I first heard this rumor on Wendy Williams & thought that was lame to shake it up & put a man at the table. I don’t watch the show religiously but putting a man on the show changes the shows original dynamics & premise altogether.

        • Tess says:

          it seems like they got away from their premise a while ago though – it used to be not only just a panel of women but women of different demographics with different points of view – in more recent years though there hasn’t been a woman under 35 or one without kids or a lesbian or Asian and never have they had a Latina to my recollection… so it’s been far less about showing different women from different perspectives than it used to be. At this point though, with all the recent talk about adding a male to the panel and so many male guest co-hosts, it’d be more shocking if their “new direction” for the show doesn’t involve at least one man on the panel. I don’t think it’s the wisest decision but it doesn’t hurt to have Sherri and Jenny go since neither have added much value to the show.

          • Linda says:

            They’re considering Jesse Palmer – he’s been a guest host and I quite like him there, BUT as pointed out, what about the female perspective getting lost, which was the original premise?

          • Willie says:

            Linda, what do you think about Mario?

        • vinnie smith says:

          TIME FOR CHANGE😃😃😃😃😃😃

        • Kay Santner says:

          I started watching the show because it was females giving their opinions of current events and at first Sherri was funny and you could hear her but then when Jenny came on board it seems like Sherri and Jenny think their salary is connected to who says the most words even thro it ends up being a lot of yelling. Whopi carefully puts in her two cents and I like the way she thinks and she is slow but usually not long. However I rarely watch any more it is a waste of my time. LOUD and UNPLEASANT

  12. I do hope they keep Jenny. She is an asset even though the critics don’t like some of her views…but that is the purpose of the show…to show different views. Something in Sherry has changed in the past year…and I have been thru a divorce so I can understand somewhat…but she has that Elizabeth tendency…shoving her point of view across……Whoopie is the brightest light on the show…she was raised like I was…Catholic with the ability to see both sides of a situation….they should bring Rosie back…

    • Oh my goodness if you thing that Sherry has tendency like Elizabeth than you are so wrong other. Everyone of them women think that they are right on everyone else is wrong. Elizabeth would speak Gods word and ways and everyone hated her for that. They don’t have a God fearing person at that table anymore. Not even Sherry.

    • Angela says:

      Except that there’s different views and then there’s flat out ignorance, and too often the women on this show seem to focus on the latter. Jenny keeps harping on about the anti-vaccine nonsense, which has been debunked, and didn’t Sherri once question whether or not the earth was round, or claimed Christians were the first people on earth, or something along that line?
      Lisa Ling was one of the most intelligent people on that panel, if not the most intelligent. I’d watch the show a lot more often if people like her were sitting at that roundtable instead.

      • jj says:

        here here! Jenny Mccarthy is so ignorant and uninformed, it bothers me that ANYONE would think that her ‘opinions’ (re: made up facts) have enough validity to give her a platform

        • Angela says:

          It disturbs me, too. Very much. She’s taken more seriously than the scientific community by some people…*Shakes head*. I do not get it.

          • Christy says:

            It makes me glad that other people see it too. It terrifies me how many children in my area are unvaccinated because the moms are doing all their “research” via Jenny McCarthy and anecdotal evidence on websites. They think they’re smarter than peer reviewed research & think scientists are all liars with agendas. It’s bonkers.

          • Angela says:

            I’d just love those parents to come talk to me. I had all the typical vaccines when I was a kid and…I’m totally fine! No ill effects. Be interested how they could explain that one.

    • delfiteblu says:

      Absolutely right about Sherri. I’m sorry about her marriage as I would be anyone, but she DID change and became unwatchable.

    • Kathy Bever says:

      oh goodness, bring Rosie back?? I would hope not!

    • Babs says:

      For the most part, I agree with you. I can watch Jenny and think Whoopie has smart common sense. Sherry is a royal pain in the backside. Interrupts and talks over everyone. I loved it when Barbara or Whoopie would stop her so that they could finish their thought.

      • Sharron says:

        Frankly, I CAN’T STAND Whoopie. She ALWAYS has to get in the last word and talks like she is the ONLY ONE who knows what is right. If they brng back Rosie they will constsntly butt heats. I was so glad to see Barbara go. I seemed like this last year she had to have the last word and was ALWAYS interupting everyone. Even the guests. It got to the point where I could not stand to watch. Sheri is another story. I think that it is a shame that she has opinions for everyone else but can’t be real and share what is going on with her. At least acknowledge it. I am sure she is going thru alot and it sounds like her lazy ass husband wants a free ride. My guess is she will move back to California so that her son can be near his dad and she can fight Sal better. He sounds like a lazy excuse for a real man. But I am most upset to see Jenny go and really like and admire her so much. I hope she and Donnie have a wonderful life together. I really hope she ends up on another show real soon. GOOD LUCK, JENNY. I WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!

        • vp44 says:

          I’m sorry but I know Donnie can do much, much better then that fake!

          • Mnp says:

            God Bless you. For some reason, Blockheads think it’s blasphemy to say that. I don’t know what Donnie is thinking.

            Her father accosted me on the New Kid cruise this last month….like her, he assumed everyone just wanted his attention….

        • Sherry says:

          Your right on about whoopi! I feel so sad for Sherri as she is a sweet women that’s been dumped on by her ex, Sal and the whoopi view! Stay strong Sherri and Jenny good for you for being her friend. Whoopi and Barbara are adulteress’s and that’s why she can’;t get along with decent women.

        • whoopie has her own class at least she is honest about what she says love u whoopie

        • Janice says:

          So glad to see that I’m not the only one that would NOT miss Whoopie. Ever since she’s been on the show, I’ve hardly ever watched. I had the opportunity to be in the audience when the panel was Meredith, Joy, Lisa, Star & Barbara. In fact, they were taping an afternoon show to air at a later date & I got the opportunity to get a make-over when Sarah Michelle Gellar first started to represent a one-step foundation/powder – think it was cover girl. ALL 5 hosts were approachable, down-to-earth and engaging. I think this was the best ensemble – however, I did like when Rosie was on also. Guess I’m one of the few who has enjoyed Sherri…… Maybe I haven’t watched enough recently but I haven’t seen her “irritating” side…….

        • Whoopie talks like she is the only one who is right because in this Mensa-challenged group she usually is!

  13. Ben Kabak says:

    I love them! Noooo

  14. dude says:

    I’ll take THAT with cheese.

  15. qj201 says:


  16. David says:

    A new View? Thank goodness Whoopi is not going anywhere. I am sure ABC and Barbara Walters have new people in mind … Jenny was ok, but was not a Joy Behar. Sherry was fun, but she has lost her edge and does a lot of whining lately. Hopefully they are building a team that will work well with Whoopi … Diane Sawyer needs a new show !! Ali Wentworth anyone?

    • Peggy says:

      I didn’t watch the show very often because I didn’t care for Elizabeth practically shoving her way of thinking down everyone’s throat!! But I had no idea Joy was gone. She was amazing! I don’t know if she was let go or quit but it would be nice to see her back. Sherry is just too polite to talk over anyone! Will miss her too.

    • They need more intelligent and educated women. Sherri and Jenny are good for slapstick comedy and pop culture. Diane Sawyer is a good idea. Not feeling the idea of a man much. Not big on the men they have brought. Not one impressed me. Bill Rancic has no charisma. They also need someone with a more international perspective. Times are changing.

      • Ditto to above comment. It should be called “The Bimbo Show” or ” Who can Shout The Loudest. I stopped watching shortly after Jenny came on. Was only watching a couple times a week before that. I thought there was not anything interesting on. I was very wrong. Absolutely anything is better than watching ignorant people shouting at each other. Actually, they could win an award if they had a category for them!

      • Sandra says:

        Yes, educated intelligent women would be refreshing. That was how the show started when I looked forward to watching it with real thought out opinions. Can’t stand Sherri and could barely tolerate Jenny. Joy did have thought provoking perspectives, don’t miss Lizzie loved Lisa Ling.

    • Em says:

      This. Both Diane and Ali.

    • Victoria says:

      Whoopi is great and sums up arguments nicely when it is time to go to a break or the debates are going on too long. I agree Ali Wentworth and Diane Sawyer would be great additions. So would Katie Couric. It would be ok to add a man, but it could be hard to find just the right one to complement the feminine viewpoints.

      • Sue says:

        Yes to all 3: Ali, Diane and Katie. Carson C would be okay with me too! And bring back Joy. —- So does anybody know how many will be hired? Will they replace Barbara’s spot too?

    • annie says:


    • Kay Santner says:

      When Joy Behar dropped out the show started going down hill for me. I like Whoopi and the way she measured her words and sentences so as to say what she thinks but not to get into trouble legally.

  17. Katherine Boyd says:

    I think Vivaca Fox would bring an edge to the view and Ru Paul would be aweson/Fierce

    • vbakathy says:

      Those are two very good selections. I would like to see an Asian, Hispanic and male on the show as well.

    • Ree says:

      Hell NO! would NOT want to see Vivica and her generic “SASS” Plz leave her over there on that cougar showoff hers. Wait that was cancelled oh yeah nobody watched that either. What do I care tho I honestly don’t watch the show.

  18. dbarkley says:

    good riddance sherri…i had a feeling once barbara walters left you would bail anyway because you’re not getting the attention you think you deserve…i felt there was a struggle for power and attention and that you were jealous of whoppi being dubbed the host long before barbara left…and since you got married, you act more like a hoochie anyway…you have become vulgar and i’m not surprised your marriage is ending…you showed so much promise at one time…and take jenny with you…the entire show is suffering since barbara retired…and what’s up with whoppi and all those ugly ass shoes…

  19. Carol says:

    Sheri was getting annoying. Jenni was ok but the View has really changed boring

  20. fannefer says:

    Both were too controversial. Im looking for Ross Matthews and Bill Rancic to be on. And a few more women.

  21. brandy says:

    So is this the Whoopi show or will the “exciting new direction” be that men will be on it?

    • Sherry says:

      Let whoopi roll her eyes like a child when she disagrees and brags about being a whore. She knew that she couldn’t handle being around the nice decent women, that she’d sleep with their men and other women’s hubby’s if she had the chance so just get them fired. They only keep her as the Black person for acting like its a non racist show, its not racist just cheaters and Braggers. They are bigots when it comes to faithful decent people. She acts like she is the queen and everyone should kiss her ass! I actually liked her til she slept with married men while in her acting career. The title of the new VIEW should be “What does the Whore’s and Annoying Mario C. say?” Let Shaon Osbourne Join the View as she is the White Whoopi! I will also stop watching nthe talk if she doesn’t leave soon! I skip the shows when she’s on as I have morals and hate snobs.

  22. Audrey says:

    Sherri you will be fine, please take this time to get your personal life together. You are handling all of your adversities with such grace. God bless you.

  23. brandy says:

    Hire Kathy Griffin and Candace Cameron! Two opposite personalities, but I love both of them.

    • David4 says:

      Candace Cameron would be great for the show. She has a different view but doesn’t come across as rude, stupid, ignorant, loud. ext. Great idea!

      • Tess says:

        It would not surprise me if they did ask her since she was recently on as a guest co-host. It’s clear the show misses the controversy they used to generate with Elisabeth vs. everyone else and they would likely think Candace would be less polarizing and more accepted since she had a pretty successful run on “Dancing with the Stars” (so they’d figure she’s got people who would watch her and support her on their show). I think the only thing that might prevent her being added as a permanent co-host would be that she lives in LA (I think) so she might not be willing to uproot her family or regularly fly back and forth or what have you.

        • Linda says:

          Well – there’s (Candace) your ‘God’ factor someone referred to earlier – please, no more religion being shoved down our throats.

        • C says:

          Candace might be good or maybe a intelligent conservative. It was never Elizabeth’s conservatism that was the problem but her blind defense of all things conservative. Never could they do wrong, it was always the liberals etc. What she was was a spin doctor for the republicans not an intelligent conservative voice. I quite liked her when she wasn’t talking about politics but that pretty much meant I didn’t watch the view for several months before any major election. She and Joy were both too annoying.

          • Angela says:

            Exactly. I’m more than willing to listen to (or debate) someone whose political views I don’t agree with, but they need to not recycle the same old talking points for their side. I’m liberal, but I know full well we’re not a perfect bunch by any means, and it’d be great to find a conservative out there who’s wiling to say the same about their side every once in a while (and I know there’s some out there! Hire them!).

      • Shirley says:

        Yes would so love to see and hear Candace Cameron….Jenny and Sherry take Whoppie with you…on the way out the door..Talk about boring…and loud…

        Bring back Elizabeth….and sanity….and decent subjects….No more yelling over one another….Plus surprise folks we are not all card carrying liberals….We might even….like to hear unedited intelligent views…that are not slanted to suit the networks!!! How refreshing that would be. Maybe even not P.C. Try that for a change of pace…

        • watch fox fantasy news – get your one sided “refreshing” your own repoints view. elizabeth argued disrespectfully with everyone talking over them….were you not watching?

          • Jean Madison says:

            I was appalled the way Elizabeth treated President Obama when he came on the View. She snapped her snarky comments and rolled her eyes. He was very respectful of her and acknowledged he knew she wasn’t a fan. She acted like a 12 year old brat.

          • Kay Santner says:

            Elizabeth needs some more life experiences and maturity.

    • Sue says:

      Candace, yes. Kathy, no. She’s too mouthy for me…

  24. Sandy Kicinski says:

    This announcement made my day. Sherri and Jenny have made the show a battle of who can talk the loudest. It used to be a show with class but now just a chance to talk about sex. Whoopie is so great but you can often see her frustration. Please bring back some intelligence to the show.

  25. Yolanda Arias says:

    Get rid of The View and bring back some scripted shows. Talk shows proliferate the airwaves like cockroaches.

  26. Mark says:

    I watched the View for many years. I stopped once they added Jenny. I do not care for her at all. If she goes, I’ll come back. I would also like to see Joy return.

  27. DavidSask says:

    Smart decision but why do a firing of one with another coming press release?, stupid!!!

  28. David4 says:

    Maybe they can hire some conservatives that actually have a brain. Which one f the woman from years ago didn’t know the planet was round and not flat?

  29. JudybGsul says:

    Ally Wentworth would be great at the table.

  30. James says:

    That’s horrible. I never watched the View, but I was very comforted by the idea that I could turn it on, hit the mute button, and watch Jenny McCarthy’s lips move.

  31. Diana says:

    Sherrie was getting too full of herself lately, I think the show will better without her. Sherrie seems to always bring up the racial issue on most topics. Get over it!!!

  32. terry king says:

    I’m in shock at how long this inane show has been on the air. Why would anyone care what Sherri Shepard thinks about anything? Am I supposed to become pro-choice because Whoopie Goldberg says so? These so-called “talk shows” that flood the air are senseless.

  33. Sophie says:

    Seriously? If Sherri leaves Jenny is going to leave? What the crap is that all about? Grow up! You are not in grammar school. If Suzy can’t play I am not going to play either. Give me a break! Get some real women on this show.

    • cindy jobe says:

      I agree. Thought that was so stupid of JM to say that but happy to see them both leave. The sooner the better. Never liked SS at all. I really enjoyed watching the show before those two came on there. You can’t understand anything they are saying anyway but what you can, it’s always about sex. The show has been going down hill for a long time. Every conversation SS has is always about race. She will throw that up in a minute and I was sick of hearing it. I hope the show does better but will have to wait to see. Tape it every day but some days I can’t watch it b/c of the loud and rude talking of SS & JM. Can’t believe Barbara & Bill have put up with it this long. Let’s see how long it will take them to talk about them leaving…

  34. BlueNote says:

    The sooner this over the hill show is off the air, the better. God….it SUCKS.

  35. Jay jay says:

    Diane Sawyer to replace Barbara Walters.

  36. RT says:

    Shocking about sherri wow and jenny I think The View will not be as good when joy barbara were there.

  37. Pat Snyder says:

    I won’t miss Sherri Shepard at all, but I really like Jenny McCarthy.

  38. Ayisha Mustafah says:

    As long as the View replace Sherrie and Jennie with people who can identify with the unequal advances giving to certain people in America, it will be ok. No one is looking for a hand out, people are looking for fair opportunities to better their lives. The people being considered to take these seats can’t be biased, they need to just speak the TRUTH…

  39. Lysh says:

    They need more points of view, tbh. It’s pretty much all liberal, and I usually vote democrat, but I appreciate hearing the other sides’ opinion, if they can do it without yelling at each other. Kind of hoping for Jenna Bush.

  40. They are adding MEN to the panel next year!

  41. Illena says:

    Miss Joy will miss Sheri….done watching when Sheri leaves

  42. Deena says:

    I can deal with Sherri. Sometimes she makes me laugh. Jenny is absolutely intolerable. Whoopi is the reason I watch. If they’re going to bring men on I hope they consider Mario Cantone. He is so funny when it’s needed and can also be serious with informed opinions.

    • Rose McCreary says:

      I agree Ali Wentworth, but to (I LOVE you dearly) Mario Cantone, it’s a NO for me. It is true the VIEW has seem to have lost their “edge”, but they don’t need all that babbling & whinning, they need 3 hosts & a weekly guest host (yes, even men) to have intelligent conversations & NOT the screaming matches to see who can over talk who at the same time. Yes, many time you could see Whoopi & Barbara’s frustration in their face & SS should have been gone long ago & JM NEVER been brought on.

  43. Rose says:

    Ali Wentworth is intelligent funny and would be a great addition to the view. She has insights politically from the experiences she had when her mother worked in Washington DC. and she has is current on America politically and socially in part due to her husband the brilliant George Stephanopolous. She is an author, educated, well read and can hold her own in any discussion and she has the ability to listen. Please consider her I haven’t been watching recently..Jenny and Sherri just don’t do it for me and my friends. Also, someone a little older like in their sixties would bring alot of us boomers back in.

  44. Gary la mere says:

    Thank God! I thought Sherri and Jenny dumbed down the show. Both constantly giggling about the most irrelevant pop culture things going on. The needs to have 4 other intellectually curious women like whoopi on the show!

  45. Karen Robbins says:

    I am very saddened by the news of Sheri and Jennie leaving the show. In my opinion they ARE the show and I am getting angrier by the minute. What are the producers thinking????

  46. Ann McKee says:

    I think with Barbara gone they are going for a younger age group. I quit watching when Elizbeth was on there. They need someone who can see the good in all and not just people like them!

  47. Willie says:

    Jeffery; Jeffery, Jeffery–great she is out!!! it was just too much talk about her son…Jeffery this; Jeffery that–she talked about her son Jeffery more than she did her husband or anyone else.

    • Sue says:

      Yeah, but that’s easy for women to do after they have children!

      • Willie says:

        Sue, S.Shepherd made it the Jeffery, Jeffery show. Sue, in all due respect to you, your response is applicable for family & friends, not for the View.

  48. Janet says:

    I think it is time for the the Ladies to move on to new venues and adventures , It’s always room for growth, and learn something new. God Bless them .
    . Sheri U R a peach and Jenny U R really a C O O L person.

  49. Lawanda Prater says:

    The View need to take a page from from the other ladies on the other
    talk show, they do not holler and scream to get their point across to the viewers. I’m sorry Sherri but you talked too loud and too much over the invited guest who never had a chance sitting next to you.

    • TV Gord says:

      That other show (The Talk) is so rehearsed, it’s too predictable. I like a freer exchange of thoughts and ideas (which was sorely lacking from The View this season). Also, all they talk about on The Talk is tabloid nonsense. It’s funny, in past years, they used to complain about having to talk about The Kardashians or Bieber or Miley…now that’s all they do!

  50. Karen says:

    The View seems to have lost it’s way. Have not watched in a very long time. Boring, boring, boring.

    • Norma says:

      Whoopi is the one I would most like to see replaced. I enjoy her in acting/movies but she seems to think she should have the last word in discussions.

      • Nancy Downs says:

        Whoopi needs not to swear so much. You don’t hear of other talk shows swearing.

        • whoopie always says sorry she is one person i don’t mind the swearing by her u go whoopie

          • Jean Fetterman says:

            I’m not sorry to see Sherry leave, everytime she opens her mouth and waves her hands I have to mute the tv. She is loud and rude and interrupts everyone. Jenny is ok and foolish to leave just because Sherry is gone. There’s more to this story than what we know from the media

    • Ann says:

      I agree it should be cancelled. Can’t understand a thing for everyone talking at the same time. Could not stand Joy.