Witches of East End's Mädchen Amick Talks Nudity, 'Danger' and More

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When it comes to life in East End, Mädchen Amick‘s Wendy Beauchamp has always taken a clothing-optional approach — and that’s not changing anytime soon.

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TVLine has an exclusive clip from Witches of East End‘s Season 1 DVD — on sale June 24 — in which Amick discusses the finer points of playing Wendy, including how she really feels about being “clothes challenged.”

(Also, the DVD features a “Cat Blooper Reel,” which is just as wonderfully absurd as it sounds.)

And how about a little Season 2 scoop while we’re at it? During a recent visit to the show’s Vancouver set, Amick told TVLine that we’ll be seeing more of Wendy in cat-form this season. In fact, we’ll even get to see her transform for the first time.

Hit PLAY on the clip above, then drop a comment below: What do you hope to see happen in Season 2?

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