Face Off: First Look at the Cast and Challenges for 'Life and Death' Season

Face Off Season 7

Syfy’s Face Off this summer will literally be a matter of “Life and Death,” as in the official theme for Season 7 — and TVLine has your exclusive first look at the new cycle’s cast and challenges.

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In fact, Season 7’s death element comes into play in the Tuesday, July 22 opener, when 16 special effects make-up artists are thrust into a Sudden Death challenge where they must create a character that represents either aspect of this season’s theme (as seen in the exclusive photos below; click to zoom).

Face Off Season 7Face Off Season 7

McKenzie Westmore is back for Season 7 as host, alongside judges Glenn Hetrick (The Hunger Games, Heroes) and Neville Page (Avatar, Prometheus). Ve Neill will judge three episodes amidst her latest Hunger Games commitments; otherwise Academy Award winner Lois Burwell (Braveheart) will complete the panel. Michael Westmore resumes his role as contestant mentor.

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Click here for a full-size cast photo. Below are the names of each artist, along with age, city of residence and Twitter handle.
Barry Mahoney, 33 (Southborough, Mass.) — @Shut_Up_Barry
Cig Neutron, 25 (Los Angeles) — @cigneutron
Damien Zimmerman, 25 (Junction City, Kan.) — @ol_dirtyzombie
David O’Connell, 26 (Orlando, Fla.) — No Twitter
Dina Cimarusti, 28 (Chicago) — @dinarosecima
Drew Talbot, 29 (Pittsburgh) — @handsandhead
Gabby Leithsceal, 42 (Loveland, Ohio) — @GabLei
George Troester III, 27 (Panorama City, Calif.) — @GeorgeTroester
Gwen Crew, 25 (Swissvale, Pa.) — @Gw3n7
Jason Hodges, 27 (Atlanta) — @undeadforest
Keaghlan Ashley, 24 (Oxnard, Calif.) — @KeaghlanAshley
Rachael Wagner, 24 (Los Angeles) — No Twitter
Sasha Glasser, 22 (Los Angeles) — @sashyluv
Scott Mitchell, 48 (Chicago) — @SMCreativDesign
Stella Sensel, 34 (Brooklyn, N.Y.) — @stellasensel
Vince Niebla, 42 (San Diego) — @vniebla3D