Watch New Trailers for Hemlock Grove Season 2, HBO's The Leftovers

How do you take your summertime thrills — in the form of bloodthirsty supernatural beings or an inexplicable calamity? Pick your pulse-pounding poison now, with new trailers for Netflix’s Hemlock Grove and HBO’s The Leftovers.

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The entire 10-episode Season 2 of Hemlock Grove drops Friday, July 11, overseen by new showrunner Charles “Chic” Eglee (The Walking Dead, Dexter). It promises a fresh set of mysteries as well as the introduction of “new evil forces and characters.” And judging by the trailer above, you can also count on leeches, undulating pelvises (pelveese?), animalistic snacking and (earmuffs, kids!) a full-frontal mermaid-type lass.

For its freshman run, Hemlock Grove earned Emmy nominations for Visual Effects (see the closing image, eep!) and Main Title Theme Music.

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Meanwhile, you can find below the latest full-length trailer for HBO’s increasingly buzzy The Leftovers, from onetime Lost boss Damon Lindelof. Set three years after 2 percent of the world’s population suddenly and mysteriously disappears, the series follows police chief Kevin Garvey (played by Justin Theroux) and the 98 percent of the population that is, for better or worse, “still here.” The Leftovers debuts June 29 at 10/9c.