Sneak Peek: What If You Vanished a Car From The Carbonaro Effect...?

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In truTV’s hidden-camera series The Carbonaro Effect, (Thursdays at 10/9c), host Michael Carbonaro performs baffling tricks on unsuspecting people in everyday situations — such as making a 3-ton automobile vanish without a trace?!

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In this sneak peek from Thursday’s episode, Michael goes to claim a car he won in a “raffle,” but just as he runs off to retrieve his lucky ticket, the shiny four-wheeled prize disappears just feet away from the security guard who’s watching it. What’s your knee-jerk theory? Was the car never there to begin with?

Elsewhere in this week’s episode, Michael convinces adults to buy toys that couldn’t possibly exist, and as a personal trainer he makes a client believe he sweat enough to fill a bucket. 1) Ewww. 2) I’m pretty sure that client works out at my gym. Blech.