Was Bones Shootout Too 'Quiet'? Dixie Baby on the Way? Chicago Timeline Glitch? And More Qs!

Hannibal - Season 2We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Mentalist, Bones, The Good Wife, Supernatural and Chicago P.D.!

1 | How many times during that Hannibal scene did you ask yourself, “Is Mason Verger doing what I think he’s doing…?!” Yet given the exquisite subtlety of the show’s main cast, wasn’t Michael Pitt’s Heather Ledger-as-Joker-channeling turn as the nasty meat-packing titan just a bit over-the-top?

2 | How would you like to see Hart of Dixie handle this news (assuming it’s true)? In wacky Bluebell fashion with town events that hide Bilson’s expanding belly? Or should Zoe and Wade settle down with kids? (He did eventually win over Vivian’s kid.)

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3 | Best music cue ever: Orphan Black‘s Felix getting ready for his big date to Tear for Fears’ “Head Over Heels”?

The Good Wife4 | Anyone notice anything unusual about Cary’s left nipple in Sunday’s Good Wife finale? And where can one purchase the airborne bed linens that Cary and Kalinda were fornicating on/in/under/over?

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5 | The flight attendant pulling closed the curtains on the latest Mad Men: just a cool transition, or a visual hint at Megan’s (or someone’s) imminent demise? Discuss.

6 | On Game of Thrones, at what point is Arya’s willingness to kill going to get worrisome?

7 | If NBC had to dust off and air an old Women of SNL special, couldn’t it have recut it to open with something better than the too-long, unfunny Real Housewives spoof that kicked off the show?

8 | TVLine reader DarkDefender asks: “How is it that The Mentalist‘s Lisbon changed to flip-flops for that walk on the beach when she seemed to have underpacked, requiring Jane to buy her dresses and shoes for their dinner date?” Also, can the Season 6 DVD set include the scene where Abbott explains “Jisbon” to a disbelieving Cho?

9 | After Devious Maids‘ Lucinda revealed she has a long-lost daughter, did anyone else suspect said kid might be Didi (Lucinda’s father’s new bride)? Or would that be too messed up even for this show?

10 | Why hasn’t ABC built some kind of franchise — scripted, reality or a combo of the two — around Dancing With the Stars‘ ridiculously dashing Maksim Chmerkovskiy?Bones Season 9 Finale

11 | Was the Bones finale’s shootout at Booth and Brennan’s house one of the most gripping action sequences on TV this year? That said, did not one of their neighbors call the police upon hearing minutes upon minutes of automatic weapons fire?! We didn’t even hear sirens nearing as the dust settled! And is it wrong that we were slightly more concerned about the destruction of his and Brennan’s lovely home than Booth’s life?

12 | How is it that one of TV’s most entertaining reality series, RuPaul’s Drag Race, continues to produce such terrible reunion shows/finales? (As the Real Housewives franchise has proven, all you need is a couch and some good lighting.)

13 | Did the suggestive, Schweddy Balls-y “Dee’s Nuts” sketch feel out of step with the rest of The Maya Rudolph Show‘s rather tame debut? And could NBC please look into a spin-off based on that daft sketch of Rudolph and Fred Armisen as obscenely rich, exceedingly out-of-touch socialites and Sean Hayes as their long-suffering butler?

I Wanna Marry Harry14 | On I Wanna Marry ‘Harry,’ could reciting that he was in the “Britisah” army be the thing that gives the fake prince away? #CheatSheetFail

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15 | Are you surprised it took Supernatural nine seasons to play the one-of-the-Winchesters-turns-into-a-demon card? (Not to be confused with the one-of-the-Winchesters-gets-possessed-by-a-demon card.)

16 | What if Netflix simply titled its upcoming series The Psychological Thriller from the Damages Creators? Too meta?

17 | Now that Revolution is over (and with Lost before that), do you think Elizabeth Mitchell hopes to next play a properly showered person who gets to wear pretty dresses and such? And given the finale’s final tease, are you suddenly pretty OK with the show getting powered down?

18 | What was ABC’s least brazen piece of corporate synergy this past TV season: the S.H.I.E.L.D./Captain America 2 tie-in, the Once Upon a Time/Frozen crossover or The Middle’s Everything Turned Out Totally Awesome trip to Disney World?

19 | How sweet was Mike’s admission on The Middle that he wanted to go to Epcot to give Frankie the “Paris” vacation she deserves? (The Heck kids “reluctantly” having a blast together only added to the awww factor!)

Chicago P.D./Chicago Fire Crossover Spoilers20 | Are the timeline discrepancies on Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire starting to get in the way of your enjoyment of the shows? Like, shouldn’t Severide have been there to support Lindsay this week? And if he wasn’t there because he’s injured (or dead) as a result of last week’s explosive Fire finale, shouldn’t Lindsay have shown some concern for him in the P.D. season ender?

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21 | Don’t you wish Modern Family would edit together and release all of Alex’s cell-phone footage of Luke and Manny’s “marriage”? And just how conveniently close was that cafe to the second wedding venue that Haley could quickly flit back and forth to see Andy? Speaking of which, anyone else surprised that the season ended without those two crazy kids sharing a first kiss?

22 | Whose rendition of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” this week did you prefer: American Idol‘s Jena Irene or The Voice‘s Christina Grimmie? (Mark this as one vote for Jena!)

23 | From betsy boo via Twitter: “Is Judy Greer too good for the Framily commercials?”

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!