Hannibal Exclusive Video: Hugh Dancy Gets Grilled (Not Literally!) by Co-Star Scott Thompson

To call NBC’s Hannibal one of the best-acted shows on television would be a mild understatement at best.

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And the way that series star Hugh Dancy, who plays deeply addled profiler Will Graham, goes about crafting his performance is fodder for the latest episode of the network’s companion Web series, Post-Mortem, hosted by co-star Scott Thompson.

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How is Will’s pack of canines so important to making him relatable to the audience? Why does Dancy relish his scenes in Hannibal Lecter’s office? What is the reason Will has adopted “a whole load of behaviors” that make him appear to be on the Autistic spectrum? The actor tackles all these subjects and more in his interview with Thompson.

Press PLAY below for the full Q&A — and keep in mind Hannibal’s Season 2 finale airs this Friday, 10/9c, on NBC.

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