Did CBS Skimp on Cliffhangers? Did Once Tease T-1000? Arrow Dodges a Bullet? And More TV Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Mad Men, Arrow, Criminal Minds and The Big Bang Theory!

1 | Hannibal spoiler alert: How relieved were you that Will hadn’t actually killed Freddie Lounds? Did you find Hannibal and Will feasting on drowned, flambéed songbirds to be as disturbing as any human murder on the show? And (don’t shoot the messenger for asking!) was there something slightly homoerotic about the way said meal came together on screen?

2 | Orphan Black‘s Art doesn’t stop the crazy blonde SarahOnce Upon a Time Elsa look-alike from running away from the farm and across a field…? Why, exactly?

3 | Did any Once Upon a Time fans for a moment there think the Season 4 villain emerging from the shiny goo was going to be Terminator T-1000? Or were you thinking Aladdin‘s Genie? Also, as well-versed on Back to the Future as Emma is, wouldn’t she have known it was unwise to not only rescue a stranger in the past but bring her to our realm circa 2014?

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4 | Does Mad Men feel to be unspooling as if it has 90 episodes left versus nine? And what was the bigger shock on this week’s episode: that Ginsberg cut off his nipple or that Don seemed stymied by the three-way unfolding on his lap?

5 | If the Rosemary’s Baby miniseries warranted two nights and four hours of screen time, why did virtually nothing happen during Sunday’s entire first installment?

6 | Did ABC learn nothing from the ratings struggles of polarizingly titled comedies Cougar Town and Trophy Wife, now that it’s added Selfie and Black-ish to its fall schedule?

7 | On Castle, how could the Hamptons police possibly have 1) deduced that Kate Beckett was the one to call and 2) tracked down her cell number fast enough that she arrives on the scene while the flames are still going full gusto?

about-a-boy8 | Did this prospective tenant on About a Boy know he was only supposed to rip off the bottom part of the apartment ad, instead of swiping the whole thing? Also, can we petition NBC for a downloadable version of “What Makes You Beautiful,” as performed by David Walton and Minnie Driver in the finale?

9 | Was there a more welcome sight than The Originals‘ Rebekah stepping out of that car?

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10 | Dear Supernatural: Can you please stop killing off all our favorite female characters? (RIP, Tessa.)

Demons11 | When’s the last time that neither NCIS, CSI nor Criminal Minds ended the season with a life-and-death cliffhanger? (And is that even allowed by CBS law? Did only NCIS: LA get the memo this year?)

12 | Did Person of Interest give you a little chuckle when Control (played by Camryn Manheim) began arguing in “court” not much unlike The Practice‘s Ellenor Frutt?

13 | If you’re NCIS: LA‘s Deeks, you probably don’t mind getting playfully punched by women who look like Daniela Ruah and Mercedes Masohn, right?

14 | Are you hoping Chicago Fire‘s explosive finale spared all its characters? Or could the ensemble use some trimming?

15 | Did Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s May/Ward beatdown forever redefine the phrase, “Hell hath no fury like a woman (personally and professionally) scorned”?

16 | About the ring Deacon gave Rayna on Nashville, TVLine reader MA notes: “He totally threw it away! He tossed it into the memorial pile at the crash site [at the beginning of the season]. Arrow Barrowman Series RegularI guess we’re supposed to assume he went back and fished it out?”

17 | How lucky is Arrow‘s Malcolm that daughter Thea didn’t go for a head shot? (John Barrowman actually answered this one for us: “She thought she’d go for the heart; thank God for Kevlar!”) And does the idea of more Oliver flashbacks in Season 3 make you happy or ugh? Lastly, now that we’ve had time to calm down, can we agree that the bait-and-switch “I love you” was actually kind of savvy? It opened up a door in the storytelling and left room for there being some truth to Oliver’s faux-fession.

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18 | Why, why, why did Suburgatory leave its ‘shippable adult couple — George and Dallas — in heartbreaking limbo while (sexily) reuniting star-crossed teenagers Tessa and Ryan, when there was no guarantee of a Season 4 to tie up loose ends?

19 | Did The Americans‘ Paige eavesdropping on her parents’ phone conversation via an upstairs line – and especially the skill with which she surreptitiously hung up — make any of you children of the ’80s nostalgic for your own teenage snooping?

20 | Show of hands: How many of you were convinced that American Idol‘s Alex Preston was headed home this week after three-quarters of his hometown visit was shown in split-screen with a close-up of Jennifer Lopez?

21 | When Today‘s Al Roker asked Suits‘ Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht, “What have you learned about suits?” on Thursday, wasn’t he lucky that both actors handled the asinine question with the grace they did?

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22 | What’s Vampire Diaries‘ Matt going to do now that there isn’t even a Mystic Grill for him to work at?!

Big Bang Theory Engagement23 | Now that it’s super-official, does the Big Bang Theory engagement mean we might one day hear Penny’s last name uttered at the ceremony? And although we were happy to see Sheldon spreading his wings, are we really to believe he was comfortable getting on public transportation and spontaneously traveling to a new city?

24 | We love Elementary, and we know it can do “big” episodes — see: Moriarty’s return earlier this year — so why was the Season 2 finale such a snoozefest?

25 | Now that John Legend’s “All of Me” has been performed on Glee, American Idol and The Voice, can we officially retire that song from TV?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!