Exclusive Grimm Finale Video: Monrosalee's Future Is So Bright, Nick's Gotta Wear...

Grimm‘s big wedding is nearly here, and as you’ll see in the following exclusive clip from Friday’s season finale (NBC, 9/8c), Nick fully intends to make good on his plan to wear sunglasses to Monroe and Rosalee’s ceremony — no matter how many weird looks he gets.

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As the rehearsal unfolds, the officiant wonders why Monroe’s best man is trying to look too cool for school. The Grimm can’t really respond, “Well, most of the attendees will be fairy-tale monsters who can tell I’m their sworn enemy by looking into my eyes,” can he? So the bridal party spins a complicated yarn instead.

Do you think the officiant is fooled? Press PLAY on the video below to see for yourself.

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