Community's 'Hypothetical' Season 6 on Another Network? Dan Harmon 'Won't Stand in the Way'

community-cancelled-season-6-moving-networks-dan-harmon-speaksDon’t retire that #SixSeasonsAndAMovie hashtag just yet, Community fans.

While series creator Dan Harmon initially felt “eh” about the prospect of shopping the comedy to othert networks in the wake of its cancellation by NBC on Friday, he promised fans in a blog post on Sunday night that he “won’t be lukewarm” about the idea if/when discussions with Sony Pictures TV resume this week. “I’m not going to be the guy that recancels cancelled Community,” he promised.

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That said, Harmon warned “There are lots of reasons a Community resurrection could be difficult” and that “I’m scared to tell you how little a difference I think my enthusiasm will make.”

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That knowledge, he said, made him initially reluctant to back a Community renewal campaign, especially with “the unsettling thought of your passion for campaigns being once again exploited by this rather unfair, somewhat backward system, one that now treats you like it’s your responsibility to keep a show alive, like a corporation is doing you a favor by feeding you low grade opiate through a regulated tube. Like you owe them an apology when they can’t measure or monetize you to their satisfaction. You deserve better. I love you guys, and at its best, Community is me saying that over and over again, saying let’s get less mad at ourselves and each other and more mad at the inhuman systems that keep us down and divided.”

Harmon then reiterated he “will not be standing in the way” of a hypothetical Season 6, but encouraged fans to “sit back and treat yourself to some New Girl and Parks [and Recreation] and Mindy [Project] and Brooklyn 99 and Eagleheart and Portlandia,” as well as Matt Berry’s Toast of London and his own Adult Swim series Rick and Morty.

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“Let TV be the needy clown that it’s still very overpaid to be, and let the suits deal with the suits and see what possibilities exist,” Harmon concluded. “That’s the best we can do for now. Ninety-seven episodes. Over eighty pretty good ones. Mission accomplished.”

Read Harmon’s entire freewheeling blog post here.

What do you think of the prospect of Community moving to a new network? Would you follow the show anywhere, or was the Season 5 finale the right place to end the story? Sound off below!

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