Orphan Black Recap: Monster Guardian Angel

Orphan Black Season 2 RecapOn this Saturday’s Orphan Black, clones finally collide as Sarah’s quest to get to the truth leads her into the lion’s den — and it’s up to her sestra to save her!

But before we get to the rescue, let’s review how Sarah got herself into quite the bloody bind.

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SARAH | After waking from the crash and finding out that Cal caused it in a desperate attempt to save her, Sarah and her ex are once again on the run. He wants to know what’s going on – “Whatever this is, I’m in it,” he says – so Sarah finally opens up just a little bit. She tells him that Daniel belonged to “a very serious” – a pause as she considers the right word for Rachel – “bitch and a very powerful corporation.” That leads to this bit of clever dialogue:

Cal: “You must have really gotten under their skin.”

Sarah: “They sort of got under mine first.”

They collect Kira and set off on their new family adventure in a camper, which is surprisingly hi-tech thanks to Cal’s skills. He gets Sarah online so she can Skype about the Project Leda photo with Cosima, who brings up the mythology surrounding Leda and the swan (well done, commenters, who mentioned it last week). Cosima also points out the scary guy with the gun in the background of the picture. Could the military have created Sarah and Co.? All Sarah knows is that Mrs. S is “the key to all of this stuff,” so she leaves Kira with Cal and heads back home to track down answers. It pays off when Sarah discovers that the man and woman in the photo are Rachel’s adoptive parents. A visit to the proclone’s suite “straight of Cold Bitch Digest” is a gold mine. Cosima notes that Rachel grew up totally self-aware, so she would  have a “profound sense of narcissism” and was raised to make strategic business decisions sans feelings. But Sarah’s not buying Cosima’s all-business-no-emotions theory. After all, there are men’s clothes in the suite, meaning Rachel’s got a boy toy, so maybe she’s not completely a cold fish. Plus, those are some heartwarming home videos she’s got.

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The snooping gets interrupted when Daniel enters – hello, not-so-dead boy toy/monitor! – assuring Leekie over the phone that Rachel will not find out he lost Sarah. He promises to find out what she knows “gently,” but restraint is nowhere to be found when Daniel ties Sarah to the shower and begins to cut into her. For once, Sarah seems completely helpless and terrified. But don’t fret, she’s got a “guardian angel,” Kira tells Cal. (Did you have a Nashville flashback as he strummed that guitar during their chat?)

HELENA |  Everyone keeps telling Helena she’s part of the family now, but one person isn’t so welcoming. Helena’s nightmare on the prairie continues as Gracie tries to snuff her. “Go back to Hell where you belong,” she says. But if a bullet wasn’t going to kill Helena, a pillow sure as hell isn’t going to do it. Helena gets the upperhand on Gracie and hightails it out of the compound, right past Art, who’s hot on the Proletheans’ trail, but not before some disturbing flashbacks of a creepy procedure performed on her by Henrik.

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Orphan Black Season 2 RecapHelena secretly follows Sarah from Mrs. S’ house and arrives at Rachel’s suite just in time to take out Daniel. Sarah looks horrified and shocked as a bloody Helena emerges from around the corner, looking like the definition of twisted sister. Clearly, Sarah wasn’t expecting Helena to have survived that gunshot, and she must be wondering if her sister wants payback. “It’s a miracle,” says Helena. “We were meant to be together. Always. Sestra. I need your help. I was married. I think he took something from inside of me.” But instead of hurting her, Helena leans into Sarah, who continues to cry uncontrollably. It’s equal parts touching and troubling.

As for what Henrik took, it looks to be an egg. (How great was the foreshadowing in the season premiere’s opening diner scene?) “Just when the night is darkest, he shines a light. And a new life begins,” he declares.

ALISON | After a disastrous opening night, Alison wakes up in a strange room with her arm in a sling – she didn’t break a leg, but close enough – and demands to talk to Dr. Leekie. But she’s not at the Dyad; she’s in rehab! She’s convinced that Donnie committed her, but Felix reminds her that rehab requires some sort of consent and convinces her to stay a week. (Lyrics from Alison’s next musical performance: “They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said, ‘No, no, no.’”)

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MRS. S | Sarah’s foster mom finds out that Carlton, the man who asked her to hide Sarah in the black, is in town. Their encounter is interesting to say, the least. It’s clear they have a complicated relationship. After attacking each other with weapons, they attack each other with their mouths and start going at it in the bar’s hallway. (Mrs. S, you’re making us blush!) Then it’s down to the other kind of business as Mrs. S asks Carlton for help. He claims to know even less than she does about Sarah, so she asks him to put her in touch with yet another mysterious figure. If Sarah digs any deeper, “a whole world of shit is going to unravel,” warns Mrs. S.

Orphan Black fans, what did you think of Helena and Sarah’s big reunion? Wasn’t it great to see the clones interacting again? If I have one complaint about this season, it’s that the clones have been too separate. I’ve been missing the clone-on-clone action so much that even the little Skype session between Sarah and Cosima was a welcome treat.

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