Is TVD Forgetting Fatalities? New Homes for CW Castoffs? Did Castle Botch Tape? And More Qs!

Hawaii Five-0We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Hannibal, Castle, Person of Interest and The Vampire Diaries!

1 | Should NCIS: LA send flowers to Hawaii Five-0, for making its own “Hey, Let’s Zip Over to Afghanistan and Fight the Taliban” storyline seem utterly realistic? And here’s a Q from McGarrett himself, to Rollins: “Let me get this right — you spent thousands of taxpayer dollars to get a [soccer] ball?”

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2 | How cool – and interestingly/hotly/somewhat disturbingly depicted – was Hannibal‘s two-sex-scenes-become-one montage?

3 | We know Grimm‘s Trubel is still getting used to this Wesen-killing thing, but how hard would it have been for her to keep her mouth shut while at the crime scene with Nick, Hank and Wu?

4 | As controversial as Saturday Night Live‘s Leslie Jones was for her skit about slavery, was she not an extremely welcome break from the monotony of Weekend Update “guests” that rotate on a three-week cycle?

5 | Flashiest Kentucky Derby look: Johnny Weir’s white feathered Pegasus hat or winner California Chrome’s dazzling white blaze and “socks”?

Once Upon a Time6 | Wait, Once Upon a Time‘s Storybrooke has a restaurant other than Granny’s, per the classifieds Henry was browsing? Is that where Season 4 will be set?

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7 | Did the pile of dead bugs in Resurrection‘s season finale give anyone else a distinctly apocalyptic feeling? And now that it’s renewed for Season 2, how long will it take for us to start getting answers on… well, just about every plot point?

Mad Men8 | Has Mad Men‘s Ginsberg been out-puffy shirting Once Upon a Time‘s Charming? And applying real-world physics, Don’s hurled typewriter goes through that office window, right?

9 | Has there ever been a more awkwardly hilarious bit of dinner-party dialogue than Veep press sec Mike’s “So, everybody knows I was in there masturbating into a cup?”?

10 | Why would Castle‘s Johanna Beckett have had in her possession — and hidden — an audiotape of Bracken plotting to kill her? Wouldn’t she have done something with the tape to, y’know, keep from getting murdered?

the-voice-adam-levine-blonde-hair11 | What was he thinking?!

12 | For a moment there on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., did you think Garrett had one of the glowy Once Upon a Time hearts amid his biomechanics? And what did you think of the choice to cast a different actor as Younger Ward? Could Brett Dalton have not pulled it off?

13 | If NCIS: New Orleans somehow isn’t a go, can CBS instead say, “Mais oui!” to NCIS: Marseilles, starring Meg Steedle’s Amanda? What a first impression!

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14 | How did Person of Interest film a scene in a blacked-out Times Square? (Or did they?)

15 | On Glee, how is it that Santana — whose biggest post-grad achievement was a yeast infection commercial — was suddenly the most well-connected woman on Earth the minute she became Rachel’s publicist?

16 | If the cast of The Originals wasn’t supernaturally good-looking, would we be forced to realize they’re kind of gross? (E.g. Elijah is totally going after a teenager who’s nine-months pregnant with his brother’s child.)

Arrow17 | TVLine reader Luis must wonder: “Exactly who, other than Team Arrow and the homeless, will still be living in Starling City when [Slade’s plan] is over? After the last two seasons, anyone with the sense G-d gave them will be beating the fastest path possible out of town!”

18 | “Hillary had a pair like yours.” Had? Did Revolution just establish that Hillary Clinton didn’t survive the blackout, etc.?

19 | Nashville fans, on a scale of 1 to Watching Scarlett Break Down on Stage, how awkward was it to watch Deacon play with Rayna, Maddie and Daphne while Luke and Teddy watched? And did Deacon let Rayna off the hook a little too easily for keeping Maddie from him all these years? We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Though she probably did the right thing at that moment, didn’t she have plenty of opportunities to come clean once Deacon had been sober for years?

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20 | Which best describes your response to Lisa and Malik’s wedding on Suburgatory?
A) WHAT?! These kids are still in high school, for cryin’ out loud!
B) AWWW! Tessa really did pull off one heckuva romantic ceremony for her friends!
C) SNIFFLE — Sheila finally showing affection for Lisa hit me harder than I’d expected

Superhero21 | So, which CW series is going to snatch up The Tomorrow People‘s Luke Mitchell? Or perhaps Tomorrow EP Greg Berlanti needs a younger boyfriend for Debra Messing on his new NBC drama The Mysteries of Laura? And while we’re playing casting director…

22 | With the delightful Carrie Diaries officially cancelled by The CW, which existing show should make a play for the immensely talented AnnaSophia Robb? (Does anyone second our idea of making her a love interest for The Good Wife‘s Zach?)

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23 | Weren’t The Vampire Diaries‘ Matt and Jeremy also saved by magic rings? Wouldn’t the Travelers’ plan affect them, too?

24 | Seriously, what is with Nostradamus’ whispering on Reign? Is he just committed to seeming mysterious, or does he need a Ricola?

25 | Does this mean we may never find out why so few of the Mixology characters seem at all drunk after, what, six hours in a bar? And why did ABC never once this season try to air Trophy Wife after the much more compatible Modern Family — as TVLine had suggested back in July.

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!