Mindy Project Finale Preview: Morgan? Ray Ron? Xosha Roquemore Dishes on Tamra's Dilemma

Xosha 325The sassiest nurse on The Mindy Project has been the object of two suitors’ affections this season, but her awkward (and hilarious!) love triangle can’t go on forever.

Mindy’s Xosha Roquemore tells TVLine that as fun as the battle for Tamra’s heart has been, the May 6 season finale will give a clear indication of whether she chooses fellow nurse Morgan or longtime suitor Ray Ron.

Will Tamra pick her romantic gazebo-building, ex-con co-worker or the deadbeat boyfriend who will take her to “menu restaurants?” Read on as Roquemore previews the choice Tamra has ahead of her.

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TVLINE | At the end of “Think Like a Peter,” Ray Ron seemed OK with Tamra also kissing and seeing Morgan –as long as there’s no “‘tration,”of course.
[Laughs] I think he will be OK with it. Especially because Ray Ron, he kisses girls all the time. But I think that if Tamra got really committed to Morgan, like emotionally, I don’t think Ray Ron would be into that. I think he’d get jealous then.

TVLINE | What can you tease about the finale?
I don’t think we see Ray Ron in the finale, but there will be some indication of which way Tamra’s going to go in terms of the Morgan/Ray Ron battle. There will be a huge indicator of who she chooses. It’s a little more solid than we ended off from the [April 15 episode].

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TVLINE | Have you had any discussions about what will happen to Tamra next season?
I have no idea… I’m excited to find out though. That’s the most fun thing about being on a show like this – the script is so great and the writing’s so good. My favorite moments are at the table reads, because that’s when you find out what’s happening next and how your character’s going to progress.

TVLINE | Will we see Tamra outside of the office?
I hope so, next season. I think maybe with Tamra and Morgan’s involvement, they might develop some out-of-work storylines.

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TVLINE | What is it like working with Mindy Kaling?
It’s such a good time. I love when Mindy does physical comedy, like how she’ll come up with an idea on the spot –like in the “Mindy Lahiri Is a Racist” episode. Remember how it started at the top, with Tamra shaving her legs in the bathroom? And then Mindy comes in and says “Tamra, don’t shave your legs in the bathroom” or whatever the line was? Mindy came up with that idea on the spot. And then she just flipped and fell… It just made it so much funnier, and it was just so fun watching her fall out on the bathroom floor.