Exclusive Rosemary's Baby Sneak Peek: Zoe Saldana Receives Some Très Mauvaises News

Zoe Saldana‘s character isn’t even visibly pregnant in the following exclusive sneak peek of NBC’s Rosemary’s Baby miniseries, and yet, evil has already begun its slow creep into her life.

The Peacock Net’s remake of the classic 1968 horror film moves the action to France, where mother-to-be Rosemary (Star Trek‘s Saldana) and husband Guy (SuitsPatrick J. Adams) move into an apartment with a very dark history. Soon after, Rosemary becomes convinced that her husband and neighbors have evil plans for her unborn baby.

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In the video below, Rosemary learns that a terrible fate has befallen a priest from whom she’s been receiving “spiritual guidance”… and that’s just the start of the disturbing news.

Rosemary’s Baby will air in two parts — starting this Sunday and wrapping up next Thursday — from 9-11 ET both nights.

Press PLAY to get creeped out.

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