Believe Sneak Peek: As Bo Practices Floating, Winter's World Comes Crashing Down

On this Sunday, May the 4th, it’s only fitting that Believe‘s Tate basically has this message for Bo: “Do. Or do not. There is no ‘try.'”

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As seen in this sneak peek from the NBC drama (airing Sunday, 9/8c), Tate (played by Jake McLaughlin) is urging his padawan to strengthen and better control her abilities — but Bo (Johnny Sequoyah) is distracted by a premonition she has had, of young musical prodigy dying in a car crash.

Then, just as Tate begins to get Bo back on track, a frantic phone call from Winter (Delroy Lindo) uncorks a new wrinkle. (Meanwhile in the episode, Skouras tests the powers of Dani, a newly discovered telepath.)