It's Official: General Hospital Nabs Former Young and the Restless Star Michelle Stafford

General Hospital Michelle Stafford CastAfter saying adios to Genoa City last year, Young and The Restless vet Michelle Stafford made her return to daytime with a surprise entrance on Thursday’s General Hospital.

Stafford’s long-rumored addition to the cast was made official when her character Nina, the presumed-dead wife of Michael Easton’s Silas, suddenly appeared at the very end of the episode.

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GH headwriter Ron Carlivati told Daytime Confidential that executive producer Frank Valentini snuck Stafford on set to tape the secret scene in the hopes that fans wouldn’t see it coming.

“We’ve been sweating it out ever since that it would stay under wraps!” the scribe said.

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In addition to Silas, Stafford’s new role connects her to several already well-established GH characters, including Madeline Reeves (her mom) and Dr. Obrecht (her aunt).

Stafford, a multiple Daytime Emmy Award winner, played Y&R‘s Phyllis on and off from 1994-2013. Since leaving the sudser, she starred in The Stafford Project, a comedic Web series loosely based on her life as an actress and single mother.



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  1. Eric7740 says:

    So excited about this news!!! Love Michelle Stafford! What a powerhouse actress!!! I literally jumped for joy at the end of GH today! I cannot wait for more!!!

  2. alistaircrane says:

    My apologies to GH fans. You have no idea what you’re in for. :-/

    • MC says:

      Oh we know. This new character already has more family on the show than most of the characters who have been on the show for decades. I really like Michelle Stafford, but I like my core GH families more. This is one more example of something GH doesn’t need – more new (female) characters. The show already has more new/recast/soras’d characters than they have vets on the show. This is not my GH and I’m not alone. There is a reason GH wasn’t nominated for best show – it’s a mess.

      • shaw says:

        That’s one thing port Charles does not need is another woman, there is already a shortage of men on here, bring back JASON AND A NEW LUCKY. I won’t give up on general hospital YET,but I pretty much fast forward tho it now anyways.

      • Kay says:

        Agree! Too much yr infusion. No chemistry, although the actress playing. Lulu is working out well…

        • rachybaby says:

          “Too much ‘Y&R infusion\”?? What the heck does that mean. Out of the two Y&R alum, one is playing a core GH character. Wanna talk about “infusion”? Take a gander at all the GHers who have infiltrated Y&R as new characters.

          And this obsession with preserving “core characters” is getting silly. More than that, I care about a good story line — no matter if the character has been around for two decades or two seconds. Although, I will concede that GH does seem to be obliterating old favourites for no good reason.

          • Sue Cassidy Wilson says:

            Actually, there’s more than 2. Michelle of course. LuLu (Y&R’s former Abby) and Ava (she played Diane, Jack’s wife on Y&R). I did the Michael Muhney Walk on Jan.31 (left Y&R after decades), and came to GH which I watched WAY back when Rachel & Steve Hardy were mainstays, Howie & the beautiful blonde nurse who was his wife (?), and Jesse. GOOD GH days! Luke & Laura & Scotty. Bobbie. The original Quartermaines. What a show! SO…I am glad to see my Y&R actors resurrected on GH. Next? How about Billy Miller and Michael Muhney…?? GH fans would LOVE them as much as I DO!!!!

    • I LOVE MICHELLE STAFFORD I dont usually watch it but I will now!!!!

      • rachybaby says:

        Actually, I’ve been a GH & Y&R watcher for years (with Y&R being #1 for me, but I’m digressing) and I know exactly what I’m in for: Great acting from a great actress.

    • KT says:

      What the hell is that suppose to mean?? She is one talented lady….no matter WHO gets her!!

    • Joan says:

      I so agree with allstaircrane! Good Riddance for Y&R fans.

    • Abbie Gann says:

      I know it is crazy

    • Abbie Gann says:

      I know it is crazy but she rocks

  3. kimmyldavis says:

    I am thrilled she’s come to GH but the comment that she’s connected to well established characters is laughable. She’s connected to all newbies…I mean, a case can be made that Obrecht is established and possibly Silas who’s not mentioned but Madeline Reeves?

    • kath says:

      Yes, all the connections are the characters who came on within the last months.

      Meanwhile, legacy characters like AJ are being got rid of. The show has become really boring.

      Well, good luck to her. Since she’s been brought on by the new management, she’ll probably have a good run. Hopefully she’ll be able to make the Sam/Silas thing a bit interesting.

      • Maxine Kelly says:

        As much as I wish she’d make the Sam/Silas pairing more interesting, she’s such a major actress that I only see her hurting Kelly Monaco’s career on the show- which at this point is once every two weeks? God, I miss when Sam had storylines.

        She should be a fun addition, however I wish she was going to take away screen time from someone like Ava(She’s on SO much & I’m SO bored/Creeped out) rather than someone who is barely on as it is.

        • Mouse says:

          Yeah, I really miss when Sam was nothing more than Jason’s prop and would stand at the police station starring through the glass at him. Those were really the days.

  4. C says:

    Um, I love Dr. Obrecht (LOVE!), but I wouldn’t call her or Madeline well-established or core characters or anything.

  5. MattArmando says:

    GH now has CBSDaytime’s 2 BEST Soap actresses! Well done–NICE steals, GH!

  6. MattArmando says:

    Maura West & Michelle Stafford on the SAME series? WHAT!

    • Iakovos says:

      I know. AWESOME! Now let’s streamline and focus the craziness that has become Port Charles and get on with some tight storytelling. Yeah!

    • The Mangina Monolgues says:

      Maura West? One of daytime’s best? I don’t know how GH can afford to keep her around…they eventually have to replace all the scenery she chews up.

    • Ava says:

      Maura West, Michelle Stafford AND Donna Mills. Excellent casting! GH is a great show with some seriously talented actors and actresses. I can’t wait to see how this plays out with Kelly Monaco and Michael Easton’s characters.

    • Todd says:

      I don’t think Maura West is long for the show myself

    • Katherine Leann Ladd says:

      They were both on Y&R – Maura West was Diane (Kyle’s Mother) – she was killed off on the bridge, supposedly by Nikki!!!!

  7. Jason Francis says:

    I knew Michelle was coming on, but I was wondering when if ever. Y&R took one of GH’s most popular stars in Steve Burton from us, well GH took one of Y&R’s most popular stars in Michelle Stafford. What comes around, goes around.

    I’m excited to see her and I wonder how she will be on GH. Welcome aboard Michelle Stafford!

    • rachybaby says:

      Lol. We didn’t “take” anyone from you and GH didn’t “take” Michelle Stafford from Y&R. Both left their respective shows and were doing their own things eons before appearing on other shows. In fact, Michelle’s web series was the thing that was going on in her foreseeable future…

    • kim says:

      Can we switch? You can have Steve Burton back and we’ll take Michelle Stafford back :) Miss her SO much.

      • Lauren says:

        Please. Steve Burton is worth watching as Jason <3, but boring as dirt as Dylan. And Michelle is the only acceptable Phyllis. Switch back. It was all just a dream, right? [You've made a huge mistake.]

      • Loretta says:

        I miss her, too.

      • Loretta says:

        On Y & R, Phyllis is in a coma. Now that she has awaken from her coma on GH, send her back to Genoa City. Her daughter, Summer, would be so happy. And so would all the viewers of Y & R who really miss Phyllis and Michelle Stafford – such a great actress.

  8. Meg says:

    I was hoping against hope that the whole Nina story was over. *sigh*

  9. wrstlgirl says:

    Must be todays episode which is just now airing here in my area. Guess I know how it ends, hahahaha :-)

  10. Tran says:

    Talk about another Y&R/GH casting switcheroo.

  11. LuLu says:

    The storyline is a snore fest. She’s connect to all newbies & now GH has an insta new family to hog screen time.

    • The Mangina Monolgues says:

      So now she is connected to a bunch of characters that most GH fans hate. Why are these people trying to ruin this show?

  12. Kathy says:

    I have been trying for months to get into watching General Hospital. I have been a long time Y&R fan, and loved AMC when it was on. I agree with the previous poster that GH is a mess. So many of the characters I have seen are totally off the wall -Fazon, Obrect, Spinelli, and now Maxie’s weirdo boyfriend. The story lines are strange. They bring back Robin and send her off again. I honestly just don’t care anymore. I can’t believe this nutty stuff is on the air when AMC was cancelled.

  13. Robert says:

    I love that she joing what I call the ghoul family of General Hospital. Michelle is a dynamic actress and any scenes she will have with other characters will be on fire, can’t wait for Nina to meet her Aunt and cousin plus the first scens with Ava are going to be a blast!

  14. dj says:

    Darn..I thought when she left Y&R I wouldn’t have to see her again. Hopefully, she isn’t as annoying on GH as she was on Y&R. I hope she doesn’t repeat every other sentence she says twice. That drove me CRAZY on Y&R

    • T says:

      ITA. Unless the director teaches her how to let go of all her crutches, she will certainly be repeating and threepeating and fourpeating lines. If people watched even one episode of her online series, they saw just another version of Phyllis Summers. Same old schtick.

    • Dissalusioned Fan says:

      Like Sonny! He repeats his storyline over and over, verbally and taping, time for some new dialogue, or get rid of him. He is really getting BORING!

  15. Janice Harder says:

    Oh know I wanted her back on young and the restless not fare

  16. T says:

    What’s the big deal? She’s so average. And should be paired up with someone who looks closer to her age–she’s long past her ingenue days and maybe GH will give her a much more believable kind of role than as a middle-aged woman who pretends she’s not one. She was so over-the-top on YR, and in any other role I’ve seen her in she has always come across as the same bored, macho-sounding flapping freak. She’s goes between slapstick and embarrassing melodramatics. Her miscarriage scene was unfortunately very funny. Now if only Laura Wright would join YR and Michael Muhney would stay away from GH–the thought of having to see MS in order to see MM is such a bummer.

    • rachybaby says:

      “Long past her ingenue days”??? Uh Michelle iss playing Nina Clay who has been in a coma for TWENTY years. If she were married at 25, she’d be 45, which is well within the ballpark of Michelle Stafford’s age. Matter of fact, she’d be more ‘age appropriate’ for Silas than Sam.

      • T says:

        I hear you, but if you watched her on Y&R and read the show’s forums, you’d know what I meant. She’s almost 50 but acted like she was thirty years younger and Phyllis’s most diehard fans couldn’t even admit to her or MS’s actual age. i don’t care how old someone is in real life. I believe what I see. She looks her years and was not some hot vixen but was still being given that job to do and it got to be embarrassing. For some reason there was this need to deny that she is just not some young hot thing. Michael Easton with her just doesn’t look believable to me. I’m glad Silas has moved on and I hope there’s no attempt to reunite the couple.

        • rachybaby says:

          I’ve watched Michelle Stafford on Y&R since her first appearance/day on Y&R… and as for reading “the show’s forums”, what does that prove? That group think is alive & well? Lol. I don’t need others to tell me how to think.

          And exactly what does acting “thirty years younger” look like (btw, that would make her a teenager)?? I’m in my 40s so I’m curious about your definition.

          Initially, Robin and Patrick didn’t look believable to me because Robin “looked” younger. I got over it because I knew they were literally in the same age group – on the show and in real life. Michael Easton and Michelle Stafford are literally two years apart. And Michelle looks nothing like her age and also looks great (and like I said, I’m in that age group so I know )….Silas/Michael and Nina’s/Michelle’s match up is believable to me.

        • rachybaby says:

          Part 2 – And again, I think, for some, this tiny little fact needs to be (strongly) emphasized: Michelle Stafford would be playing a woman (Nina) who is actually IN Michelle’s age group – not older, not younger, but her age. So it’s all good to me…. :-D

          • T says:

            I’m glad she will finally be playing her age or close to it and not be trying to pretend she’s much younger. The fact is, some people age well and others don’t. And even if they age well, they can’t play a certain age range forever. She and Jack on Y&R fit. When she was with anyone else it was unbelievable. I can’t see her opposite the sexy Michael Easton, but that aside, yeah, how nice it will be to have it acknowledged that she is almost fifty. Then again, the de-SORASing habit of Y&R may come to Port Charles. And who knows, they may even go with another late-in-life pregnancy that gets absolutely no serious addressing. This actor, for some reason, is still talked about on the Y&R forum as if she just joined Y&R. It’s like listening to people talk about Paul McCartney as if he just came over from Liverpool.

        • rachybaby says:

          Um, I still don’t get what the issue is?? I’ll only address the part of your post that I initially — and only — responded to:
          On the Y&R it was understood that she was older than Nicholas and younger than Jack, she was in between the two men (Jack wasn’t old enough to be her father, Nick wasn’t old enough to her son…). She’s basically the same age as at Danny Sr. and Michael Baldwin; all that matters is that Ronan was of (much) age to have a fling with…; and if I can think of anyone else I’ll let you know; so, by my calculations, Michelle has ALWAYS played her age and Phyllis has ALWAYS been Michelle’s age.
          BUT even if that weren’t the case, you can hardly blame the actress for “acting younger” because she didn’t exactly cast herself in the role…

          • bsota says:

            Phyliss looked old enough to be Nick’s mother.

          • rachybaby says:

            Actually, Phyllis (with two L’s, and one S) didn’t look old enough to be Nick’s mother and Michelle, in reality, is also not old enough to be Joshua’s mother.

            But even if they were true (which it’s not), so what??…ONE character she dated that was younger – oooh scandal, film at eleven. Anyway the “problems” posted here from many of you are that A) the actress “acts young” or B) all of her leading men are younger — both are flat out false.

            So I guess you also have a problem with all of the older leading men paired up with women who could pass for their daughters?? Yeah, I”m sure you do…

          • rachybaby says:

            Part 2: Or more to the point: You also have a problem with leading men who just look older than their leading woman, not necessarily ‘father’ old, right?

          • rachybaby says:

            Part 3…last one, I promise (unless you respond):
            Lol! I just rechecked Joshua (Nick) and Michelle’s (Phyllis) ages and they are NINE years apart (btw, one of my siblings is 11 years older than I)….yeah, suuuurrrreeee she looks/is old enough to be his mother. LOL!

        • rachybaby says:

          Lol. And one last thing: I don’t really care, but you can only be “almost 50” for a couple years, because before then you’d be ‘almost 45’, then ‘almost 30’ etc. etc.
          I’m sure you get my point but I’ll just spell it out –this leads to my OFT repeated point that she has always played her age, so I really, sincerely, head-scratchingly don’t understand what all the kerfuffle is all about (oh, yeah I do…group think).

        • rachybaby says:

          Actually, this is my last point (that I forgot to make). It’s very telling that, even though Michelle Stafford is in her 40’s, you just felt compelled to write “almost 50” (to further your erroneous point), like she was 49, which she isn’t. Michelle isn’t “old”.
          When I was literally 12 years old I thought people who were 30 were literally over the hill…but now that I’m older I know better. The only people who think people in their 40s are old are those who are in their 20s and younger; or those who are in some kind of time warp and equate our great grandparents 40 — when, back then, that was considered nearing the end of a life span — with what 40 is today.

    • rachybaby says:

      Part 2 of the Post, “Um, I still don’t get what the issue is??”:

      And just to clarify, those aged men I rattled off my previous post were the people she’s had relationships with…not including the fling, out of all of those men she’s been with only one younger man.

  17. lululime says:

    GH has some great actors, but I can’t get into it because there are so many characters. And a lot of new ones that I can’t get casually invested. I mean, I didn’t like it when it was Sonny/Carly/Jason, Sonny/Carly/Jason at all hours, but I’m not into this either. But I love Finola Hughes so I always keep my eye on it.

    GH and YR’s casting tug-of-war is tiresome. I know Brandon Barash will pop up on YR eventually, and Billy Miller on GH i’m waiting for the announcement.

    • umyah says:

      Why on earth would Billy Miller go to GH when he is actively working on Primetime? It’s what all soap stars WISH they could do with their careers. I doubt he will show up on GH, seriously.

  18. Mike (@Boofofmichaeld) says:

    Well, I guess I’m watching GH now.

  19. Abe Froman says:

    Yeah, I’m guessing those web series don’t pay that much.

  20. DavidSask says:

    I think the character they gave her is not a smart move as all the new characters on show no one is liking, connecting her character to veteran characters would have been smarter. I agree with those who say MS will now take away major screen time from veterans and those we want to see, unless MS is woven into those actors story-lines fast! Maxie and that awful Aussie excuse of actor can leave canvas now, and Nathan needs to take some more acting lessons as well!!!

  21. velma adams says:

    I love michelle stafford she will be missed just like I miss jason on G/H what am I going to do?!!!!!

  22. jr. says:

    Never heard of this lady. Was hoping they were going to cast the actress who portrayed Blair on OLTL as Nina! HUGE disapointment!

  23. Caro says:

    Sick of all the new characters on GH while the vets are ignored! Ron Carlivati seems determined to change GH into his image of the show I think his image is terrible! No detail, no romance, too much lag time between storylines… I am not happy to see Stafford plus she looks too old to have been married to Silas!

  24. Bella says:

    I am beyond thrilled that MS is joining GH, so disappointed when she left Y&R that I haven’t watched it since. I can see GH becoming my new favourite soap.

  25. TL says:

    Can everyone please stop complaining about “newbies”? Every character was a newbie at one time or another, so get over it! If it means keeping established and beloved actors in the medium/genre, then let’s all deal. This is good news people…enjoy it!

    • rachybaby says:

      The “newbie” line/mantra is the ‘group think’ I was referring to earlier. A few people say it and then they ALL start to spout it. Ridiculous really.

  26. sher says:

    For all you haters i think michell is a great actress i wish she’d stay at young talk about freaky actress’s that sunken eye sockets faith billys child delia was such a sweet child i would have loved to see her ass splattered on the road and what happens to the dogs on the show

  27. tealeyes says:

    I’m a huge fan of Michelle Stafford. Many thousandths of fans will truly miss her on ” The Young & Restless “. She was such a multi faceted actress. Comedically she was so funny, witty and still a sexy, woman. Michelle I wish you well on your new soap. But no one will ever play Phyllis like you did on “Y&R”. I’m sad that you left the show. I thought you were only on a extended hiatus from “Y&R”. Oh well.

  28. KKGator says:

    This is not good news.

  29. teenangel says:

    i agree i like her on young and restless, wonder who will play her now, or if they’ll bring back PHYLLIS at all

  30. M . Sears says:

    want Phillis back on Y & R, Also want Billy back

  31. Katie Maniaci says:

    Nina Clay woke up four days ago, and they haven’t shown her since. Get on with it already.

  32. Iva M Felton says:

    We need Phillis, back Nick needs her back we don’t need Eric to go down like thing are going. Prove everyone wrong about whats going on Nick needs to wakeup Sharon does not deserve Nick Please hurry and bring Our girl back.

  33. B Spellmeier says:

    I’m not sure we need yet another new character either but I think they really need to let the truth come out about who killed A. J. and Connie and send Sonny & Ava to Pentinville. Oh and get rid of this Luke impersonator too. Sonny is same song 600th verse. Always lies, does what he wants and loves no one but himself despite all his ravings about loving his family. I get so mad at Carly for covering for him. How can she not see he has done nothing but harm to her children? Oh while I’m at it dumbest thing the shows done is have Robin leave her family again. Good grief get a new Robin. A mother like Robin wouldn’t leave her daughter again indefinitely after missing 2 years of her life. Just like Lucky wouldn’t leave town after finally having a son of his own. If you have to bring new people to the show get new actors to play these characters. And I thought they were bringing a new Jason in well get him here NOW. jmo

  34. Jean says:

    Nina V Ava !!!! Gonna be classic

  35. Heather Tom is boring! So is her brother.Billy Miller was much better. As for Michelle Stafford any soap would be lucky to have her!!!! I just wish it was Y&R! Ieneral Hospital is boring but for MS I will try to watch it.

  36. wanda says:

    I am very disappointed that Y & R didnt seek out Michelle Stafford to come back as Phyllis!
    It is going to be very hard to find someone to fill her shoes! Whoever they get, better have red hair and can act as well as Michelle or they are going to have ANOTHER big mistake on their hands, like Billy Miller who left Y & R to be replaced by the “original” Billy, who isnt doing as well as Billy Miller! The new Phyllis will have some big shoes to fill!
    Very disappointed! :-(

  37. Jeanir says:

    She will always be the best Phyllis. I feel sorry for someone stepping into that role. How ironic that Phyllis is in a coma and Nina just woke up from one! I’m a dy hard Y& R fan. Michelle, you are missed . Your character was the best

  38. john payton says:

    my name is john payton, i met michelle and had a picture snaped with her at georgetown mall in halton hills in canada. i don’t use any of the social networking sites because i prefer to see who i’m talking to, and i don’t type well. but i just heard that michelle might be back on the Y&R, and i hope so because i miss phylis

    • jdc0621 says:

      She can stay at GH. She is not a good actress. I hope she doesn’t come back to YR! She only slept with everyone else’s man or was stirring up trouble with other women.

  39. Brenda says:

    Wish Michelle had not left Y&R. She was such a huge presence on the show. I think it was a huge mistake.

  40. LaTeia Reese-Taylor says:

    I want her back on y&r maybe she got confused and went to the wrong set

  41. Elaine says:

    Yep, saw it and she is horrible in this role. It doesn’t suit her personality and she looks uncomfortable in the role. Michelle is a much better actress than this and I think she will regret this decision and how it affects her acting career.

  42. mmsolis1106 says:

    Old news..I could care less,as I don’t watch GH…

  43. Vick says:

    And She’s awful send her back, send her back please….

  44. Kelly says:

    She is a whacked out scientologist and left Y&R because she didn’t want to work with an ex-member of the cult who spoke out against it.

  45. Murphy says:

    And they can take her back. She sucks as a actress & has NO chemistry with Michael Easton. Worst casting EVER! Even worse than Maxie’s idiot!

  46. j metcalf says:

    I saw her first GH show and she was terrible…..TERRIBLE…bad move

  47. McKay says:

    She should have stayed in a coma………..

  48. McKay says:

    Phyllis should have stayed in a coma.. Not a fan!!!!!!!!!!

  49. I watched “General Hospital” yesterday, and I was not happy with what I saw. Michelle Stafford didn’t look like herself, and the part she is playing is a wife in a wheel chair, who can’t really be a wife to her husband. She looks like she really had been injured and needed a year to get well again, and I can’t imagine her new role having the impact that her character Phylis had on “The Young and the Restless”. I will continue to watch the show, because I am a fan of hers, but I hope her character gets the hell out of that damn wheel chair.

  50. This new lady who will be playing Phylis on “The Young and the Restless”, had better be as good as Michelle was, and she must have red hair, that was Phylis’ trade mark. Jack always called her red. I don’t like the character she is playing on “General Hospital”, but what’s done is done. I never watched GH before yesterday, and I am too far behind in the Story line, to know what it is all about, but I can’t imagine Michelle having the impact on this show that she had on TYATR, sorry, my opinion. She is in a wheel chair for God’s sake. This is a woman who has been use to strutting her stuff. I hope this change is worth it for Michelle Stafford. As for me, I’d rather be Phylis…………