Revolution's Tracy Spiridakos Talks Charlie and Monroe 'Weirdness,' Evolving Future With Connor

Revolution Season 2 SpoilersIs Revolution home to one of TV’s strangest, possibly unintentional love triangles?

Over the course of Season 2, heroine Charlie has been casually hooking up with Connor — but some viewers are also seeing sparks between her and Connor’s father, Monroe.

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Although the gal is still hurting from having had to kill Jason when the drama returns with a new episode this Wednesday (NBC, 8/7c), TVLine couldn’t help but press her portrayer Tracy Spiridakos about the future of “Charloe” and her relationship with Connor.

TVLINE | Following Jason’s death, does Charlie want to keep her distance from Connor? Or does she seek comfort in him?
There are a lot of different moments that happen between her and Connor going forward. You see their relationship evolve in a different way based on what’s happened, and I won’t say which way it goes. But you see, throughout the rest of the season, how it unfolds and why.

TVLINE | There’s a contingent of fans shipping Charlie/Monroe in a romantic sense – or maybe just strictly sexually. Were you aware, and what do you think of that pairing?
I was aware. I get some tweets about; I believe it’s “Charloe.” [Laughs] It’s really interesting that combination of [him being] the person that she’s hated her whole life… At the beginning of this season, it’s a mixed bag with him. He’s good, he’s bad, what’s happening? I’m not saying which side of it I’m on. I just think that it’s interesting that people picked up on the weirdness of that relationship. There’s a lot of emotions involved there, especially for Charlie. She’s got a lot of anger toward him and then it evolves into so many different things. It’s an interesting combination of people.

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TVLINE | Once you became aware of it, did you and David [Lyons] think, “Oh, this is something we could really mine. Maybe we should start playing up those scenes?”
We just went based on what we’ve been doing on our own and what’s come forward with the scripts. We never talked it out and played it any particular way. It just unfolds how it unfolds.

Revolution Season 2 SpoilersTVLINE | Monroe has expressed some emotions about Charlie and Connor that could be construed as jealousy. Does he continue to make his feelings known about them?
I’ll let you watch. I don’t know which side it falls on. He definitely has an opinion about it, doesn’t he?

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TVLINE | Charlie’s had an interesting arc this year. They’ve really toughened and hardened the character. Have you enjoyed that aspect of it?
It’s been so much fun for me to play. Everything that happened last year had to happen to get her to where she is right now. She experienced so much so quickly, getting out of her protective shell that she was in for her whole life, and then she got thrown into all this craziness. She is harder. She’s tougher. She’s also a lot more confident than she was in the beginning, being completely unaware and thrown into this world and relying on Miles to tell her how to do what and where to do it. Now, she stands behind what she does, and she doesn’t apologize for who she is and what she’s doing. She just is. I love that about her. That’s a great trait for her to have. She doesn’t take any sh-t, you know?

TVLINE | I love that moment when she gets that army, and she looks so happy.
I could not not smile. I remember them saying, “Do one just straight.” I was like, “I just don’t know how!” [Laughs] It’s a very exciting moment getting to watch where she’s come from to where she’s getting her own army and having the upper hand above Monroe after everything that they’ve been through. It was such a moment of validation for her. She’s definitely got the wits and the strength to lead an army and somebody else saw that in her as well, which was really cool.

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