The Originals' Charles Michael Davis Previews Family Secrets, New Alliances in Final Episodes

The Originals Season FinaleWith only three episodes left in The Originals‘ freshman season, the battle for New Orleans is so close, we can taste it — it tastes like Sophie’s famous gumbo, if you’re wondering — and Charles Michael Davis agrees, “It’s time for everyone to choose sides.”

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TVLine spoke with Davis about what to expect as we enter Season 1’s home stretch, which he describes as “a three-week finale,” including who else Marcel will align himself with, and how recent deaths will shift the ongoing war.

TVLINE | First of all, is it true you guys are already filming Season 2?
Yeah, isn’t that crazy? We’re getting a jump on things by shooting the first three episodes of the new season before we wrap for the summer.

TVLINE | When we last saw Cami, she was weeping in Marcel’s arms. How will Kieran’s death affect them both?
It’s definitely going to open things up in their relationship. It’s nice to see how much they care for each other without Cami being under Klaus’ control. It’s her own free will now.

TVLINE | I understand there’s a key of sorts that comes into play?
Ah, yes. It’s the key to Cami’s heart.

TVLINE | Oh, wow.
[Laughs] Right? Marcel’s a romantic.

The Originals Season FinaleTVLINE | But, seriously, what’s the key?
It’s a key that was held by Kieran, and it relates to the human faction and what gives them their power. It’s part of the O’Connell family and I’m not sure Cami’s ready for it, but it’ll come into play in the next few episodes leading up to the finale.

TVLINE | Another death that hit me hard was Thierry’s. How was that for Marcel, and for you?
It’s tough. Thierry was a part of the show from the beginning and was [mostly] reliable. He was Marcel’s right-hand man. It’s always tough, but Callard’s a good guy and he’s got a family and stuff. So I’m happy, for him, that he’s back in LA. It was a good run for him and that character.

TVLINE | I feel like Callard gets killed off every show he’s on, so think he’s used to it.
He’ll live to die another day.

TVLINE | Back to the war, it sounds like Cami and Davina might be joining Team Marcel?
Everyone’s going to have to choose a side, and Davina and Cami — given the strength of their relationships with each other and with Marcel — are going to work together in some capacity, whether it be a coordinated effort or attack. I can’t really say. But they’ll definitely work with each other’s interests in mind.

TVLINE | Speaking of things you can’t say, what can we expect from the finale?
New information, deaths and explosions. I feel like the last three episodes are a three-week finale. Viewers will be satisfied with everything that happens.

TVLINE | Lastly, I have to ask: If Rebekah were to suddenly return tomorrow, what would her relationship with Marcel be like?
There would be probably be some small talk, like, “Hey, where ya been?” And she’d be like, “Bora Bora.” “How was the weather?” “Eh, it was cool.” I don’t think they’d jump into a relationship again.

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